Friday, 27 April 2018

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Last Updated on Monday, 27 April 2020 @ 17:15

>>> US Torpedoed the Entire Global Economy to Stop China’s Rise
>>>  Why it is Imperative that Activists for Systemic Change Include Covert Warfare in their Teachings
>>>  An Early and Portentous Cold Season in a Covid19 Context
>>>  An Explanation of why the Freemasons are the Ultimate Power in the West
>>>  Deconstucting David Lawson's Terrorist America
>>>  Online Hogging
>>>  UltraSound Detector Event Log
>>>  InfraSound Detector Event Log
>>>  The Real Face and Purpose of White Nationalism
>>>  Mass experiements in Uganda - Testing diseases in West Nile district in Uganda
>>> Recordings Of An Almost Constant High Density Frequency On Me
>>> How The "Decapitation" That Keeps Black Communities Backwards And Vulnerable Works
>>> Why John Carpenter's "They Live" is A Must Watch For People Trying To Understand The Targeted Individual Experience
>>> Testosterone as a By-product of Higher Holistic Processes
>>> What They Don't Want You To Know: Mcas Did Not Cause The Crash Of Lion Air Flight JT610 Or Ethiopia Airlines Flight E302
>>> Their Biggest Heist Of All Time
>>> Barbarism Masquerading as a Civilization: The Roots of the Destructive Nature of Western Culture
>>> The Book "Coherent Madness" Has Been Defiled
>>> Miscellaneous Posts to my Facebook Profile
>>> The Significance Of The "Military Industrial Complex" Announcing It Wants To Develop Capabilities It Already Has
>>> How the Western Elite are Using Trump to Help Their Mouthpiece Ditch its "Fake News Media" Lable
>>> How to Defeat Social Media Censorship and Manipulation
>>> What You Need to Know About Gangstalking and Covert Warfare in Western Countries
>>>Plausible Explanation for a Continent's Bizzare Soccer Record
>>>The AI Debator: The Next Frontier in an Idea Theft Culture's Quest for World Domination
>>>Freemasons Live: How My Targeting Began and Continues To Date
>>>Knight Among The Living Dead
>>>The Best Man Always Wins
>>>Why I Think the Western Block is Increasingly no Match for Russia
>>>Idea Thieves
>>>Read this if you have Voice to Skull or Voice to Kopf (V2K)
>>>How to Prevent Hearing Loss By Directed Energies and Restore Some of the Hearing Lost as Well as Cope Under Constant Ultrasound Fire
>>>What it Takes to Break Free of a Pre- Approved, Media Disseminated Script Reality
>>>Guides & Tips For getting The Most Out Of This Blog
>>>Somebody Please Push The Fool Over. He Has Already Been Knocked Out!
>>>Assad is the man that will show you how to evade their BS tech
>>>Cuba Embassy Staff Directed Energy Attacks a Godsend for Targeted Individuals?
>>>Taking care of yourselves, and each other
>>>Why I Tend to Prod a Lot
>>>When I Get Free
>>>Diana: Tragic End to a Remarkable Life
>>>Perps Are Far From Cuddly Toys
>>>The Internet: Best Friend and Worst Enemy of the Sharp
>>>The Soaking Wet Foam Mattress That Dried Three Times During a Single Night
>>>One Way Ticket to Idiocracy aka the New World Order
>>>There But For The Grace of God Go I
>>>The More People Know a Secret, the Less Secure That Secret Becomes.
>>>Experimentation In The Third World May Already Have Produced An Improvement on V2K

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