Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Dubious Winner Retards All

I wake up to the sound of children playing outside and know from this that I should not be in bed at this time of day. But then there is very little I can do about waking up late. You see, I am suffering sleep deprivation, deliberately induced by way of directed energies, which is why I am waking up later than is normal or advisable for a man with as much work to do as I have to put food on his table.

This situation has been a constant in my life since I became a target of covert warfare, and it has virtually put my life on hold, so to speak ... preventing me from making any meaningful advances in my life. For starters, it has robbed me of the time I would have spent doing useful stuff by forcing me to spend much time in bed and, by making it hard for me to rest and be timely, has prevented me from gaining or holding on to that which brings financial independence, security, etc., for example gainfull employment.

It is because of this that I have taken the decision to go it alone where making money is concerned. I have been hoarding tools ... electrical and manual, grinders and drills to work wood and metal. I want to own the means of production rather than go out there looking for an employer who owns them. I figure it should all work out better when I am my own boss. Self employment is the way out for me from here on out, and I have resolved to stick to this path even when I know this too has its pitfalls, even when they hit me hard. This all belongs by the territory. I have to be prepared for panick in the ranks of my assailants that will lead to heavier attacks. I have to expect electronic gadgets and electric tools to break down unexpectedly and for no good reason. I have to be ready for times when I have to work harder to make up for the times I wake up late as a result of the assaults, and so on ...

Sleep deprivation is the biggest problem I face right now, and the easiest thing for the fiends to cause. Each night I go to bed, I am assailed with frequencies that prevent me from falling asleep. Given I enter a protective enclosure that is quite effective with the RF variant of directed energies, ultrasonics become the mainstay of attacks. Bounced about every crevice, they rise in intensity to the point the entire cage resonates with them. A monaural beat comprising two high pitched alternating tones becomes discernible. This will keep on until the wee morning hours when the fiends let go this approach. Then, an overpowering need for sleep takes hold from which escape is not easy.

I have at times successfully forced myself out of the grips of the influence, only to find myself in a room that progressively gets so cold the tips of my fingers freeze and lose all feeling, a chill unusual for the climatic region. Getting a move-on is not easy unless I have planned and prepared for the exit.

There is indeed no limit to the extent they will go to keep me down, and out.

As I get up out of bed, out of the energy weapon protection zone that has seen better days, and proceed to my chair in the middle of the room, I start taking stock. Of concern to me is how my body is faring. I feel weary, my back hurts, my face feels like a mask, I am feeling dizzy ... effects of an entire night of energy attacks that have escalated since I started working for myself. Am I better than yesterday? Better than last week? Last year? The realization dawns yet again that my mind has more or less been reset. Plans, ideas I got the previous day, are vague, the bulk of them forgotten. This is just the norm. Then again, as is also almost always the norm, I go over why it all came to this.

Obama On my mind this morning is a news item I know is connected to what is happening to me, and many others worldwide. About two weeks ago, the President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, did something that may seem unconnected to covert warfare and cause stalking. He issued an executive order calling for his country to build the world's most powerful supercomputer by 2025, a decade from now.

Now, I would have thought necessity was driving the ambition. America needs a faster supercomputer, period. But the wording above, my summation of major media headlines and articles on this issue, gives the strong impression this is not just about building a powerful supercomputer that the U.S. is in urgent need of, but about being ahead, for the sake of it. Another thing to note is the fact the words those reporting on this issue carefully selected evoke the idea mention of intent makes the lead a fact. What I mean here is explained by an online comment posted to an article on this issue that states: "China was ahead, but now no more."

In the context of our current culture, what America says it will do can be considered done, and dusted.

It will not be fair of me to put it all at the need to be the best. American scientists working in the research and development of supercomputers talk at length about the hurdles that the executive order puts out of the way of R&D . What they all fail to do, however, is mention specific projects that will be better served by this need for speed. Being nerdy, one easily suspects they want speed for the sake of it.

Jack Dongarra, a supercomputing expert at the university of Tennessee, Knoxville, says something more pallatable. He states: "the new U.S. plans come partially as a response to concern over China's surge in high performance computing".

You see. The Chinese have had the most powerful supercomputer on the planet since June 2013. China's Tianhe-2 is nearly twice as powerful as the second placed machine in the U.S.

James Lewis, director of the Strategic Technologies Program at the Washington based Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), and the former Cyber Security advisor to Obama are not of the feeling it has anything to do with strategy. They tell us the race for the fastest supercomputer is just about prestige given that it is the number of supercomputers a country has and the way they are used that really matters. America has almost half of the 500 top machines worldwide, while China has a mere 37.

When all is taken into consideration, it becomes crystal clear that it is indeed all just about prestige. The question we should be asking here is: "What is in this prestige that is being sought?" In answer, I would first like to direct you to previous articles I posted to this blog that deal with the issue of cultural primacy, for example "Different Strokes for Different Folks", "Ancient Greeks in Planet of the Apes" where I define cultural primacy and outline the advantages the culture considered primary gets. This is what is at stake here. Currently, it cannot be disputed that many of the very best minds in science and other groups looking to learn more on/using supercomputers or conduct R&D will beat a path to China as opposed to America or the west in general for the simple reason the most powerful supercomputer is there. China can only reap benefits from this flux of minds and ideas.

Let me get one thing clear here. There is nothing wrong with a culture being primary. In fact, at any epoch, era in history, one or other culture was considered primary. Things only go wrong when instead of this primacy happening naturally, as is currently occurring with China, it is forced. This is the issue with today's leading culture. Its striving is to ensure the culture stays on top ... primary, this is how you get people like me going through horrendous experiences on a daily basis. It's just the cabal leading the west clearing out threats to the order.

China has apparently escaped the evil clutches of today's leading culture. The Chinese are free to be their best. With missiles that can knock satellites out of the sky, phenomenal responses to outbreaks of wierd diseases, chances the west could control China the way it controls Africa are slim. The west will not catch up with China's advancements. There will not be a western supercomputer that will be better than what the busy Chinese will develop tomorrow.

The problem with the west is that it wants to win, and get acknowledgement for a deserved victory, using underhanded tactics. This means that the best the west will develop is inferior to what the best could have been had the west not cleared out a rival. China is in this sense a breath of much needed fresh air. It is to hope that this wind will grow and blow across the planet, that China will get more free and this freedom will spread like wildfire, into an era where all human beings are free to be their best.

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