Tuesday, 10 December 2013

One Dirty Game The Powers-That-Be Play

Reverse racism, like it's cause, is encouraged by the powers that be in the classic divide-and-rule game they play. It does not help any cause inasmuch as it complicates and subsequently obscures ... by adding on to the myriad of created confusions, yet another unnecessary encumbering factor, unnecessary baggage, if you may, for those who want to get their sights clear to easily see the easiest way to a better world. In this system, the creation of factors that obscure the truth, that make it hard for the ruled to easily see how they can throw off the chains of oppression and become their own rulers, is an ongoing process. It is mandated upon those who rule to keep creating causes that confuse rather than illuminate, to mislead the sheep so that getting to target freedom becomes the hardest thing to do, and racism, the idea some races are superior to others, is one of the main games. 

The truth that shall set us all free sooner, the truth I subscribe to, is that exemplified by Carl Jung in his term Collective Unconscious that really means we are all one species, with a collective fund of common experience.

Unfortunately, we are all deliberately conditioned from childhood, whites, blacks, yellows, browns, to view others in racist ways, to overlook truths that point out we are all the same. The propaganda is enormous, and amorphous, adjusting shape depending on who the audience is and what issues are relevant at the time. It works on a significant number, in fact a critical number, but also fails on many. 

There is a world of feedback out there that cannot be falsified or hidden, no matter how much those who want to keep the masses in the dark would like to, no matter how sophisticated the means they develop to control reality get. This info will inevitably be picked up by those with eyes, and it will guide them to consciousness. I have faith that it is this that shall eventually win, and set us all free. I, like others before me, including Martin Luther king, have been to the mountain top and seen the promised land. 

But, logically, first things first. It is foolish to expect this truth to free a Hutu that's witnessed their loved one hacked to death by a Tutsi from the hate that will propagate internecine strife in his country. For that there is the need for a different kind of guidance. Unfortunately in this world, this playground of the powers-that-be, such guidance, if informed,  is destined to step on the toes of those with an interest in the falsification of reality, those who do not want the Hutu to find destination freedom easy to proximate. Those that propose solutions that are different from remedies being pursued with international sponsorship, in earnest, become targets of defamation campaigns and labeling. And we are back to square one. 

I know this game so well I can actually predict the power-that-be's next move before they have even thought of it. I can in fact think for them, a trick I have learnt the hard way.

Here’s my experience, or part of it … I am a Pan-Africanist, and pro much that this stands for. 

Pan-Africanist Kwame Nkrumah
Being pro Pan-Africanist ideals does not make me anti everything else. Yet it is a truth in our world that Pan-Africanists, the people who propose ideas that will get Africa off its knees, out of squalor, off of ethnic, internecine strife by rearranging the political borders so they reflect ethnic realities on the ground,  are directly or indirectly portrayed as anti white, or anti the west. I myself am a target of such labeling. It is said about me, suspected of me. Some misguided people I meet worldwide tend to think this of me before they know me, and are quick to express their disapproval of me to me, and others. 

I am seeing more and more surreptitious attempts to pin the label on my person online. It is draining to fight against such campaigns, and, frankly, impossible to win given the resources at my opponents avail. It is also really quite unnecessary in my case to fight the fiends as I believe I have set the record very strait. I have been writing articles online since it became recognizable as the internet we now take for granted. There are numerous articles out there written by me since 2000. I dare anyone who wants to prove I am a racist at heart to show evidence of this in my articles or books, in my own words.


Mukazo Vunda said...

"Collective fund of common experiences" should read "common fund of general experience". That's more exact.

Anonymous said...

what do you think of Nelson Mandela?