Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Perps are no Different from Hired Assassins

A Gangstalker Lurks Impression

Of late, major oppressive events around our beautiful home of a planet have roused fear in many who, maybe for the first time, are seeing, very clearly at that, the nature and possible bad intentions for them of elites they have followed in blind faith for much too long. This has in turn made many see what lies ahead if they remain apathetic and do nothing about the system. They may be led over the precipice to their own destruction.

Clearly, more and more people are as a result of this awakening parting with behavior and attitudes previously deemed best for their country, or tribe, or as best for avoiding trouble with the authorities, and taking to proactive roles in their communities.

Now, all of this is welcome change for me, a man who has become convinced talk of the indomitable human spirit is just wishful thinking. I am experiencing a change of mind as a result. I am leaning towards the conviction there does indeed come a time when the masses have just had enough, when they cannot be fooled any more ... A time when they will rise up and fearlessly fight to oust a foe that has them tethered, a foe they know is formidable.

The critical number needed to affect the sought after social change may not have been reached yet. It may lie in the distant future, but the proof human beings living in circumstances as oppressive as they are at the moment do not need to revolt to be conscious, and cannot become conscious unless they revolt, has been amply provided in my view, but it may just be me. George Orwell's diagnosis may just remain a truism.

The signs that speak of restless masses have not gone unnoticed by the leaders. Their response has been to increase their misinformation campaigns. Their operatives have come out en masse, most notably on social media in cyberspace. Their focus is discrediting of alternative sources of information, bullying, making threats and misleading. They have been busy creating groups purporting to be true alternatives to, for instance, the mainstream media, others movements championing popular causes.

Evidently, there are more than the usual number of online bullies. There are more attempts to dissuade people from activism by threats, direct or indirect. Sanctions for those championing liberation causes have increased dramatically. Among those the system has hired to put a lid on the restlessness are persons I, a target of covert warfare, know are what are called perps. Following the target online has always been part of their routine but now, as witness exchanges I happen upon on social networking websites, ingratiation has become very important. A number of perps I happened upon on Facebook were able to make their targets empathize with their perpy existence.

Of all the things that perps most certainly are, they are not persons one can find empathy with, let alone sympathise with. While it is true that most of them are undergoing the same, and in some cases worse torture or other forms of abuse than targets of covert warfare, that they are almost always unaware they are under covert attack designed to keep them as stupid as will make doing the system's dirty work the only thing they can do well and with ease in life, the only way they can assure their survival, they choose for this life.

The ignorance that makes them join a program that destroys them while spitting some semblance of wellbeing their way, creating the illusion their life standard is good enough, is not an excuse.

That they fail to make the realization they are on the wrong side of the fence with regards the one they are attacking is all due to their nature. What we are talking about here are propensities. This happens to be the way they are and it is this that guides their choices in life, which in turn guides where they end up in life. Now, let's face it ... perps are a pimper's paradise in a system like ours.

One cannot afford to see extenuating circumstance in the fact they cannot do a thing to change their propensities given they are killers for hire who will do their all to destroy another human being when opportunity gives, and if stature matters not in the definition of the term "assassin", then they can be defined as hired assassins.

The traditional notion of a hired assassin is of a man, or woman, who takes on a contract to kill a religious or political figure, and if the methods used are separated from the main objective (murder), then we see clearly that there is no difference. Perps work for handouts and favors while the hired assassin gets paid in cash. The hired assassin works alone, usually, while the perp works within a group. The final outcome of the activities of both is elimination.

Make no mistake about this ... Perps understand fully that they are in the game to kill. As a matter of fact they are on record (see David Lawson's book "Terrorist Stalking in America") expressing their disquiet with the slow-kill routine used in covert warfare.

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