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How to Prevent Hearing Loss By Directed Energies and Restore Some of the Hearing Lost as Well as Cope Under Constant Ultrasound Fire

Hearing aid

Yesterday I came across a post by a lady purporting to be a TI under intense attack. She said she had been experiencing what sounded like sonic assaults that she nonetheless described as microwave attacks, which is a common mistake TIs make because it is almost impossible to know the difference, unless one has detection equipment that allows for such ascertaining.

The lady made it clear her hearing had been impaired. She had purchased a $5000 hearing aid to be able to hear at all.

In her post to a TI group, she describes the experience as akin to perps turning her head into a punching bag.

I made a response to her post in which I advised her to do a number of things to protect herself from the various attacks she may have been under with the capacity to cause the symptoms she was experiencing and possibly restore some (not all) of the hearing she had lost.

The response was pretty well formulated but, because her post got deleted, which is not unusual when the content of a post or a response to it is too informative for the likes of the people who run the hate crime program to allow targets to be exposed to, I cannot share it below. What I will do instead is to try to paraphrase it as much as is possible because I feel the info I relayed in the response is something targets are better off knowing about. I suspect that this is the main reason the post was deleted. Keeping targets doing the wrong things is part of how we are kept under.

I have added to the text details that I did not in the original as I see fit:

I think you need to start protecting yourself from attacks first otherwise you will eventually become deaf, and maybe even blind because your eyes are also in the line of fire. As long as they know and maybe have been ordered to destroy you, they will not stop until that is achieved. Forget running. They will follow you wherever you go or hand the task over to others where you go.

Faraday cage available at Holland Shielding. Click on image to go there ...

The first thing you need to do is buy yourself an effective faraday cage. This should significantly reduce the radio frequency attack you are exposed to.

Note: stay away from people trying to convince you faraday cages do not work. They are either disinfo agents or perps, which is the same. There are others who are honestly attempting to figure out how to get the best out of faraday cages by doing away with some vulnerabilities. These people are your friends. Follow proper use guidelines that you can get at Holland Shielding if you pose as a scientist trying to protect radio equipment from RF exposure.

Considering the fact you are able to afford a hearing aid costing in the region of $5000, hopefully not via insurance but a statement on your financial state, then you can purchase a good faraday cage online. A good source for faraday cages of desired configurations would be Holland Shielding (google).

Rubber mats sold online. Click on image to go to the Amazon shop.

Next you will need to circle the outside of the cage with sound absorbent material. Good sound absorbent material can be bought at local stores especially those selling mats. Rubber mats suitable for wet environments are good sound absorbers and not costly.

Then you will need to invest in ear plugs that you use every time you get into the cage at night. Try to take a break from straining to hear with the aids ... for silence is what your ears really need to repair. Wear the ear plugs as much as possible, even outside the cage ... 24/7 if possible.

The advise I give is a reversal of your current striving to hear as much as possible and this is for a good reason. Apart from the ear drum, your ears have tiny sensors in the form of minute hairs inside that can be damaged by the energy beams but in most probability they are wholesome in you. What you are suffering might be nerve damage or can best be explained by looking at what another sense of the body does when overburdened with feedback from the element it is designed to perceive.

The human eye copes with an over-abundance of light by reducing the aperture of the iris. The ear also does the same albeit in relation to sound using a different mechanism. When the environment gets quieter, the ear should increase sensitivity so that it can hear more. What I believe you are doing is worsening the situation because, instead of allowing the ear to increase sensitivity to sound, you are forcing it to decrease it by forcing more sound into it.

I reach this conclusion out of a conviction what you are experiencing are sonic assaults as only those have the capacity to both damage tissue (the blows to your head effect you describe) as well as overload the ears with sound and impair or cause hearing loss.

What it Takes to Break Free of a Pre-Approved, Media Disseminated Script Reality

Image of the shooting of the Russian ambassador to Turkey showing what are evidently crisis actors making unnatural reactions to a shooting dead incident

I don't live in America but I know ladies there, have known ladies there for a long time reporting finding foreign stuff in their homes, hearing people walking through their home at night, finding total strangers standing by their bed when they wake up, getting raped in their own home by intruders ... and I got word some of these victims of what are clearly psychopaths are going or took part in the AR 15 protest?

I understand how difficult it is for most Americans under fire to cope with such terrorism or hate crimes. Everyone has their breaking point when it gets too much and, eventually, they are led to believe a confrontational attitude to such intrusions is the worst thing they can do.

A Stockholm syndrome of sorts develops as well.

The opponent appears too mighty for them, but then the deterrent to such psychopathic acts happens to be doing the very reverse of cowering away or thinking co-operating let alone thinking the responsible fiend has their best interests at heart.

Grabbing a gun and standing firm by it, saying out loud "over my dead body!" is actually the only language such psychopaths understand, otherwise they don't go away. They may seem to have nothing better to do until the realisation is made you are the better thing they have to do.

The intruder does not have to rape someone before they see the truth in this. Or will these women/men always forgive and turn the other cheek as well?

Evidently, the Disarm America Movement is being run by psychopaths, the very same ones making false flags that are killing innocent people, that they are organizing for the same purpose ... the very same vermin raping women and children in their own homes. They are admittedly formidably mighty, but dealing a blow to their agenda is not impossible if it happens piecemeal, if it is taken as a sacrifice each and every man and woman in America needs to take ... meant to benefit those to come, the ones Americans love enough to have and fend for.

The best Americans can do if they are getting their homes regularly invaded, if they cannot stomach the idea of shooting an intruder dead, is have them know they gain nothing by doing to them what they want to do to them. Their gain by terrorizing a hapless somebody is nihil. Let them savor that truth.

But that would hardly make the fiends go away now, would it?

Obviously, sleeping with a weapon (gun) under the pillow and protecting their right to own the weapon is the only language criminals who prey on them will understand. And if what prevents the average American under attack from thinking this is deterrent enough are all those lies telling them their foe has the technology to put them to sleep and do what they want with them anyway, then they should know this is all trickery.

The mere fact they have that weapon under their pillow makes intruders think twice before intruding. This is all because of the unpredictable element, the fact intruders are never assured their victim will stay asleep during their act of trespassing.

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There are now a total of 170 articles on this blog, posted within the span of 10 years. The rate at which I post new articles has not been constant, with lows that have lasted for a year when I posted nothing, to highs when I have posted three to four good articles per week. The rate at which I post new pieces is rising. This means we will cross 200 articles posted in a very short period of time.

This, plus the fact some of the very first articles have been removed from the menu by third parties (but still remain on the blog), means the blog will be a maze hard to navigate at most, which just means visitors missing out on a lot of good stuff.

But if this blog is treated like a normal inbox, it remains possible to read every single post of interest or at least browse them all, bookmark or save the entire pages for offline reading. At the very bottom of each article, if you start from the home page, are links to older posts. By clicking through these you can view every single article ever posted here and pick out those you would like to read, bookmark or save.

Friday, 23 March 2018

Somebody Please Push The Fool Over. He Has Already Been Knocked Out!

A Long Cock!

By accident, I found out it was not wholly me to blame. Prior to this, I thought, I believed I was ill. Seriously ill.

I made the experience several times but never put one and one together the same way I did when the same event involved another then repeated involving a similar substance ... Male sperm.

The first time it happened in another, was when a friend of mine with a plastic bag full of dried fish approached. The bag was tiny and could fit in his pocket. In fact it was stashed in his pocket as he walked towards me. He was about 50 meters removed from me when the stench of fish assaulted my nose. I asked whether he was carrying fish and he showed me the pack.

The second time this happened, the time I made connections that explained a lot, involved chickens. I was at the carpentry table working and noticed the hens I kept run towards me, then get right under my feet. About three of the total of about 23 free range chickens in my keep.

It was not rare for the chickens to search through the saw dust for food given it resembles food but they had already been there that day. They had ascertained there were no crumbs under the table and, looking around, I realised they sought my protection. They were fleeing the advances of a new cock. An extra persistent long neighbour's cock.

I liked the thing and would have wanted his seed to fertilize the eggs within my hens but, they had asked for protection from me, a male, of the wrong species no less, but my response was typical of my sex. The cock was smaller than I was ... so I started and chased the thing away.

The bird gave out noises that sounded too much like "mind your species" ... and I obeyed. So embarrassed was I, I forgot about the protective aspirations that mark out males of all but cowardly specie types.

And the cock, sensing he had won the war, approached, to the dismay of the hens, one of which was too tame it sometimes wandered into my home. And that ... was the one it wanted.

As the cock approached, this hen crouched right under me, between my legs, but ... the cock got its way quickly and I could get back to cutting wood again without worrying about stepping on some living thing. What happened next startled as much me as the hens, including the cock itself.

We all started choking!

The place suddenly smelt like a prostitute had just had 100 clients and thrown the condoms carelessly into a bin in a corner.

Now, this phenomenon is a constant wherever I go to live, and it persists whether I have just clambered over a bounding body or not. It just depends on the mood of somebody somewhere with command over some crafts circling the globe with energy weapons attached to one end.

Neighbours wherever I have gone to live, including visitors, get tired of cursing and cussing. It never stops ... and soon, because of the weird nature of the occurrence, they choose to act like it is not there.

They choose to ignore it and accept me that way, albeit with reservations.

Too strange to make sense of because even if the worst was happening, how can something so small in quantity colonise an entire neighbourhood in fumigants?

It looks too much like my seed seems to be too much of a threat to some powerful entity out there. Something along the lines of the "Super Sperm" Ice Cube mentions in a song I decline to name here, that I no longer have the urge to listen to with peace of mind even when I have his "Lethal Injection" album.

Would have ditched him already for such like Xhibit and his "Paparazzi" had it not been for the fact he was sought after by Hollywood itself. Now, I know about the pedo rumours that would make some think Hollywood is not relevant to this assessment of character, and some of them are true, but they are kept secret. There is on the other hand nothing hidden about Ice Cube's song on that album.

Let me not get distracted.

As I was saying it is either fear of the "Super Sperm" or there is something about the stuff in the nuts that aids or enables whatever it is they are doing that makes them raze my manhood more when there is a slight sign the tools are being engaged, causing stenches from the contents of nuts about the size of the average hazelnut to spread across an entire town.

But the chicken too? They may be insane but why would they want to enhance communication of sorts with a chicken? Or is this something only somebody mad the same way they are can understand?

The other thing to think about is the fishy smell that raced ahead of the bearer. This too shifts the issue from "Super Sperm" and connection or contact with an AI female because ... well ... fishy smell is not sperm.

And then again there is this possibility I am under fire every where I am. But why are people approaching me with fish in pockets also coming under fire? Is it to check whether they are not bringing me something that could help me escape a sperm stench filled existence?

Difficult to comprehend but then all madness is hard to follow. Cannot help something about this setup telling me we are dealing here with a man that's been knocked out cold but is still standing, probably in the state by their own hand, and all it will take to remove their menace is a push.

Thursday, 22 March 2018

Assad is the man that will show you how to evade their BS tech

Bashar Al Assad of Syria

The Syrian so called civil war has been ongoing for a good 7 years now, with casualties numbering in the millions. The numbers of those displaced are much more than that.

And Assad is still in power, defying with this all predictions, including those made by that geriatric Kissinger.

If anything, what the world has learnt is this ... that this man is a David of sorts.

First thing to do to understand why I say this is get realistic. The Syria war is not a civil war but a war to unseat Assad's regime. It started out as an attempt at regime change that degenerated into the next aim on scorned Goliath's agenda ... which is the total and complete destruction of a nation.

This war is far from over and, the situation could change any which way. Assad could get caught, and maybe like Saddam Hussein of Iraq, get fished out of a hole and hanged by rent a terrorists, or caught out fleeing in a desert like Ghadafi then killed by jerky terrorists.

In the meantime however, Assad has shown like no other, that the world bully CIA and MOSSAD combo is far from invincible, to a larger extent than Saddam of Iraq did. He has lasted long enough for that truth to be stencilled in stone.

Admittedly, Saddam was also a wiley character, who in turn did way better than the man that made Hillary Clinton feel it was safe to blurt out "We came, He died".

Not with Assad.

Kissinger must be feeling like kissing his own behind goodbye could be the next thing he is forced to do for, the wicked have convinced themselves their livelihood as indeed lives depend on the success of this wicked mission.

And it is not going as planned.

What Assad is surviving as we speak, and the means he is using to do this can be thought of as that which many a nation globally need to know if they want to see a way out of their supernumerary states.

I have good reason to state the things I will say below.

Robert Mugabe before ...

Mugabe of Zimbabwe could not have slipped because he was getting too old to think strait. The man is not designed to lose his direction with age and this is very clear to note from his speeches today, even when all that is left is emotion. His emotion remains positive. Admittedly, bias aside, accusations of greed and cruelty to others aside, the man has a big heart, all else notwithstanding.

All one needs to do to realise what happened to him is check the shape or shall I say the deformation that has occurred to his scalp. If anything, this man has had a lot of whacking on that head from western military satellites that fly over the skies here.

Colonel Gahafi as a young man

Gadhafi of Libya gave us the impression he was wiley, and he was a clever guy but the ageing and deformation to his visage also points to the fact satellites, maybe even military drones, that flew about his domain, were out to get him dull and stupid.

He, like Mugabe, was not designed to falter mentally, and it shows from the things he said till the end that, even though emotional, depicted a man grounded ... a man with a big heart.

Micheal Chilufya Sata

Zambia lost two good presidents in the span of a few years and a lot points to the fact both were felled using hi-tech flying ominously overhead. In the case of Michael Chilufya Sata, the weapons used on him when he was in the opposition could have been handheld but soon retreated to the skies when he became head of state.


There was an attempt on Mwanawasa's life that left him with serious injuries, leading to ill health. This bad health was later used to deplete his life force. He could not last unprotected, and he died sooner than he should have, depriving the country of a highly talented though heavily maligned leader.

The weapons used to kill or destroy the people mentioned before in order to keep their groups suffering are Star Wars Weapons. They are fortunately no longer a figment of some mad person's imagination. If you have been paying attention, you might have heard of the Cuban Embassy attacks ... Those are the weapons I am alluding to and they are not just in the hands of mischievous Cubans as the guilty party would have you believe.

Fact of this matter is this that what remains to even out the playing field, to take away the advantage a Star Wars Weapon Network gives the insane, is for intelligence agencies in developing countries to take up the simple methods of self defense Assad and others in more developed countries know of, and are using to keep their heads above water, and also use their own people to harness the capacity to retaliate covertly ... to leave room for plausible deniability even when the explanation you give for what happened is the satellite blew up spontaneously ... because the fiends will always come back until they know it is no longer safe for them to do so.

What people need to know is satellites start off as payloads on board rockets and unless assembled in space, are always going to be smaller than weapons mounted on trains, trailers, trucks and lorries. This is the reason one does not need much foreign expertise to make simple yet bulky energy weapons with the capacity to outperform military satellites and knock them out of the skies. They cannot possibly compete or defend their presence when push comes to bugger off!

Related: Saddam Hussein: How the man who exposed vulnerabilities in western surveillance technologies may have been captured

Covert Warfare by Directed Energies and Electronic Tags is what's Keeping Revolution Away

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Cuba Embassy Staff Directed Energy Attacks a Godsend for Targeted Individuals?

John Hall speaks. A must watch

The Cuban Embassy attack affair is indeed a Godsend for targets of covert warfare ... it should embolden us, make us boldly go where no man has gone with our plight, for the simple reason it can no longer be considered fiction. We cannot be considered insane for so saying and can rightly consider authority's unwillingness to act on our complaints a sign of complicity ...

Take special note here that doing as John advises has been tried by several people before but remember this happened in the days when they would call us nut cases for saying something like "I think my neighbour is assaulting me with a directed energy weapon" and get away with it. Those days are behind us people, thanks to the Cuba Embassy Attacks, thanks more especially to the fumbling about the power that be engaged in attempting to bury the truth that actually caused the truth to stick out like a sore thumb.

We can look back into the past, in retrospect, and judge as such this ubiquitous inactivity, provided we know the buck has to stop at the highest echelons of power and these people evidently turned their backs on our cries for help ... look further at every article published over us that was at pains to paint us in a looney light as a sign of the same complicity and demand explanations for this.

We can look at Wikipedia's article on us located here: and ask it be taken down or archived if not updated/corrected, or this article: "United States of Paranoia: They See Gangs of Stalkers" located here, and check the people involved in the publication (the author is on Twitter BTW) of this piece so we can ask them to explain why they colluded with the establishment against us.

I understand that some have seen the end of our torment approach because of the things John says and also because of the truth society can no longer be blinded to the fact people are being zapped, poisoned, raped and mind controlled in their own homes. But then I am not one to fall for false hope because of the inactivity this state brings.

It remains a fact this war is far from over. It would be folly for us to relax now. We have got to keep on fighting even when there does appear to be genuine light at the end of this tunnel ...

Taking care of yourselves, and each other.

Mandela and Winnie on the day of his release

They say behind every great man is a great woman. The understanding is that the woman functions in much the same way a good trainer does in the life of an athlete or athletes in making their partner shine.

I think, in fact I am convinced, that this also applies vice versa. The two of the people in the relationship have a training effect on each other. They make each other better.

They are both great when they go out there, because they have such great sparring partners.

Jonh F. Kennedy with his wife Jacqueline

Greatness can, as such, be considered contagious.

But is the reverse also the case? I mean is being a loser contagious when disguised as greatness?

Yes it is ...

We all know having a good sparring partner is good training for an athlete. Fighting worthy opponents is necessary to maintenance of good reflexes and form overall. Having a string of overkill benefits one less than involvement in duels that are more or less evenly matched. The athlete gains rather than loses. The other truth to this is the fact the better athlete makes the lesser opponent better.

If, for instance, the great man's woman went out and sparred with a loser, or a number of these ... (all disguised/promoted as (a) great(s) to make sparring with them look like a good idea), this partner becomes useless as a sparring partner for their other genuine great partner who will also subsequently lose their status as great out in public if they persist in using this one person as their main sparring partner.

Plus, they would have caught the bug by indirect exposure, if such exposure is prolonged enough.

Dependent on how the fraudulent great who caused the regression in the one person achieves the feat of deceiving people they are sparring with a worthy opponent, the exposed partner will be infected with the very same virus, meaning they would have taken up in full the strategies and tactics the loser applies to achieve the great effect.

The other great will not get the full monty and will only eventually realize they have lost a worthy sparring partner, mainly through external exposure. The training they are supposed to be getting from the one they consider a good trainer will not be getting them the results they are used to get when in a duel with the public out there.

Malcolm X with his wife

Understanding that their under-performance is being caused by their partner will be easy but not strait-forward. They might blunder into illogical thinking such as that the world around them is on to their game or that other people are simply getting better than them, etc.

Eventually, however, the partner will catch their usual sparring partner (or significant other) making unusual mistakes ... This is easy when you have sparred for lengthy periods of time with another. All it takes is a guard raised later than would usually be the case, and such, resulting in an unusual knock down.

Curing the infection is easy, and the cures are manifold.

An increase of the time spent in the company of the genuinely great sparring partner and a reduction of time spent sparring with the loser is one.

Note here that intervention has to be timely for the old order of things to be restored, because there are factors that might intervene to make it too late, for example nature "and" lure or temptation/infatuation (intellectual or otherwise). or maybe the one partner thinks they are better off keeping with the loser ... or the other, less affected thus still conscious person seeks better pastures elsewhere.

Martin Luther King Jr with his wife Coretta

Whatever the outcome, states can persist without this meaning they necessarily become permanent. Issue only is time. One has to move fast in life to be able to catch that bus/flight and being forced into changes that impact on timeliness is not a good idea for most ... which is why the sensible stick to one partner, reduce the sparring they do with others (use condoms), or abstain completely ...

As Jerry Springer would say in conclusion to his "Jerry Springer" show, take care of yourselves, and each other ...

Why I Tend to Prod a Lot

In this complex targeted world that I wallow in there is always the possibility someone is blundering because they are getting induced thoughts, their mind has been hacked and re-hacked so that their reason has been hijacked, but then the prodding, which is what my activities under extreme relational circumstances amount to, has to be done.

Think of this as a case of a man in a coma that you think responded by blinking when you called their name. If, after you call their name again, you notice they do not show signs of registering the sound, do you stop calling their name at intervals of time?

No! You keep prodding. You do this until the very end when they are certified dead and carted out to the freezer. You do this because you care ... for them and yourself as well. You do this because you understand the imperative you have been positioned as their helper, and you know if something you can do might make them respond and potentially make them shake their self awake, then you should keep on at that activity, even when in the end it turns out to be one way communication.

In this TI Remote Neuro Monitoring (RNM) reality, there always remains, to the very end, a self within the self under attack that is looking for its way home and this self, that also becomes a focus of interest and research by the psychopaths intruding into the mind, can be seen or reached without the need for complex technology ... and forced to see where real light out of the tunnel is shining through.

It can be shown the way home.

Constant prodding is one of the ways the process can be enhanced.

Let me say one last thing to pre-empt the possibility this might be misinterpreted ... I am not just talking somebody else, but myself as well. I am saying that this can happen to any one of us and be done by anyone of us as well, in other words. It applies to all of us.

Saturday, 3 March 2018

When I Get Free

Tupac Shakur's "When I Get Free" Sound track on Youtube with lyrics

What will happen to me, and the many others involved in the hell happening in my life, if I was to be set free from this prison?

Simple question to ask but its ramifications are wide, as I will demonstrate.

I became a target a long time ago and I mean this in the sense life is short. Things happen in a lifetime that are but instants when other things are placed alongside the events.

People born when my targeting was beginning are grown, most are parents now. Some became leaders in large firms. Others have made names doing what they do best or are forced to do to put bread on their tables.

During this time that babies have been born, learnt how to walk and talk, I have been dealing with grounding that has seen my inherent potentials wither or atrophy for lack of use.

And I have reacted to this intrusion into my life that has wreaked so much carnage in it as well and that too is a long story.

I have developed a lifestyle, a way of coping with it all, that has seen me thrive and prosper, albeit within the confines of the prison set by the fiends. I have become good at some things while neglecting and possibly losing for good capacities and capabilities that were already evident or mere potential.

Despite the short span of time I have had the parasitic pest on my back, which is factually almost half my life, I have coagulated on a manner of coping and now, it is hard to see myself living a normal life when the threatening, vile entity that wandered unannounced and uninvited and was definitely not welcomed into my life, is removed.

I was a very young man when the bell for my life to end was sounded. Studious and energetic, hungry for knowledge, I was already conscious enough in my early twenties comparison with highly conscious and creative types like the amazing Tupac Amaru Shakur would not be far fetched.

I soared higher than many can believe possible and there was even a point when I found myself able to predict thought in others. This means, if conditions were just right, I could know what you were going to say the next moment and even say it for you before you said it.

Must be what frightened the so called "Free" Masons.

My coping strategy was already in the making as soon as I realized they were on my back and that they were never ever going to let go. I went on the run with rug sack on my back containing everything I consumed or that which my skin came in contact with, such as creams or even toilet tissues, and when staying indoors became too risky because my home was being entered when I was away, I forced myself out onto the streets.

I became homeless by choice.

I woke up every morning thereafter conscious of their presence, checking my system for what they could have done to me while I slumbered. I went to bed checking if they were there and whether I had checked all avenues of entry they could use to attack and cause harm, lasting or not.

I sensed their presence through sounds and strange physical manifestations. I heard microwave induced sounds or pure sounds whenever I went to sleep that told me they had arrived. These sounds responded to everything I was doing so it was pretty certain they were causing them.

Knowing it was their presence responsible was not hard to do.

Knowing the ailments I experienced were the effects or result of their activities was also not hard to do.

Almost three decades down the line and sensing, dodging and feeling after effects of their fire has become a way of life for me. Protecting myself from them, knowing they are always there, knowing they will not go away unless forced, checking whether measures to limit the harm they cause are still effective, and so on and so forth, is the beat to which I dance.

Far from a normal life, right? In fact I have lived the latter half of my life as a man in a war zone and it frightens me but does not scare me to think how hard it would be to change.

I know myself. I am one tough nut. Deceptively built to look frail and soft but beneath that layer of a softie lies a man who is as hard as they come.

I will find a manner of coping, even if this will entail getting psychological support or rehab.

As I sit in my home and look at all that I have surrounded myself with, the stuff I use to keep them at bay, I realise some of it will stay till the very end of my life.

They are always there now and always come back once the threat of exposure makes them run away. They always find a loophole that they use to bring their menace back. This mission of theirs is their life. It has in fact become a matter of life and death for them to continue so they might pretend defeat when the time comes, but will slither back to reclaim their lives.

There have been times mentioned above when they have indeed buggered off, when I felt so much relief it was unbelievable. I had more energy, my intellect resurrected ... and I saw everything in a new, clearer light.

But, as always, they thrashed about and saw a manner of getting back, and returned, and it was back to the battle board again.

This sense of improved well being will no doubt be there when they are forced away. But how will it feel to have endless bounding energy and not fear they will be back to destroy it again? How will it feel to have my intellect intact and know the limits to the growth of my mentality are its own parameters as opposed to a parasite returning?

All will be revealed ... when I get free.

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Diana: Tragic End to a Remarkable Life

Portrait of Princess Diana holding Prince Harry as a baby

This ... is not going to be the usual me. I am going to go off on a limb on this one, and for a good reason.

There is a point that has to be made and I see no other option than to risk it all to make it (the point).

That which I am risking is the record I have maintained which is that, technically, I am not mentally challenged.

By technically I mean I am seldom inconsistent, the most reliable indicator of sanity. Mad people find being coherent the hardest thing to do, if they are even trying to make sense deep within that chasm within which they are imprisoned, within which they are lost.

I am going to tell a story about a woman that was special to many. I am going to say things about her, including things I think happened to her, that many will consider other worldly, or delusions.

The woman in question is Diana, Princess of Wales.

Now ... tighten your seatbelts because, this time, this is going to be one bumpy ride with this me at the wheel ...

Before I go any further let me get one thing out of the way. Let me say to those wondering why I, a black man, am not expending energy talking about people of my race who suffered similar fates to Diana's?

Why am I not talking about Franz Fanon, Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Medgar Evers, Sheikh Anta Diop, Kwame Ture, Muhammed Ali, Bob Marley, Thomas Sankara, Patrice Lumumba, Tupac Amaru Shakur, and the rest in this list?

But I have, and I will.

If you do not know I have then you have not been paying attention, not clicking on the article links on my blog enough, and if you do not know I will continue with this and more then ... you do not know me.

So here goes, and this will be brief.

A lot of things happened the night Diana died that are still vague. Some things we can be sure of, like the fact she did not die on the spot.

Picture of the crashed mercedes taken by a first responder

Many of the people among the first responders saw her alive and moving, on a spot.

A doctor who rushed to the scene described some of the movements he saw her making as reminiscent of the same that people finding it hard to breathe and fighting to take in air make.

She was making swimming movements, doggie style.

Hope this doctor is still alive and can still recall and talk about what he saw. He administered first aid to her BTW.

God bless his soul, even when it was all in vain.

What we also know is the fact she died on the ambulance ... on the way to the hospital. Some of us, especially people who live in the area the accident happened, know that the route the ambulance took was not the shortest to the hospital.

Those who know where she is buried know or may have heard of the four black swans that were placed in a pond nearby.

Others who have done some esoteric research, especially of the occult, understand what those swans are supposed to be doing there (if they are still there in that number).

The four Swans were put there and are there to guard her spirit ... not from robbers and what not, but hold it (the spirit) in, meaning prevent it from escaping.

Diana's grave site

There was actually a documentary in which a member of the elite was interviewed about Diana and her burial place in which he unwittingly divulged the fact Diana's spirit had been up to a lot of trouble while her body languished in a mortuary in paris, and this was a way of keeping her in one place so she did not cause as much mayhem, ever again.

Good luck to them because I do not see how swans, black or white, well endowed of plumage or highly seductive, can contain a spirit as naughty and powerful as hers ...

Here's what I will tell you I know about this, and many more things, especially what those that transpired that night pointed to, and it might all sound nutty. So I ask you to stick with my mentality on this ... do not, however, cast judgement aside until later, because you need it to see some truths in the narrative.

One thing I know about the circumstances that allowed Diana to survive the crash or spin after the Mercedes slammed into the pillar is she has a spirit powerful beyond belief. Not unique but then you get the point.

This means to me that she was also a very strong woman for powerful spirits do not choose the weak to dwell in.

The one thing her spirit would not have wanted was an end to her body's life, a forced end given her time had not come yet.

Clearly (to me), the spirit saw the accident unfold and created the space her body needed to survive the crash and, when her life was no longer threatened, receded back into her and merged consciousness.

Diana's boyfriend and driver were dead at this point, their spirits freed and roaming.

Dodi's spirit hung around and would later intervene in a manner unexpected to Diana, and saying what way this intervention happened and why, or hinting at it would be getting too far ahead in this narrative.

Ambulance taking Diana to the hospital

The ambulance arrived at the scene and placed Diana on board and headed for the hospital, taking all the care required to ensure the delicate life of the princess onboard was not harmed.

There was in fact no need for the care at this point because, as already intimated, Diana was tough of design.

She was going to make it.

Events on the ground had not gone unnoticed. In fact they had been planned.

The planners got wind and confirmation of what had happened and decided there was no better time to do what they thought needed doing in the event Diana was to get as incapacitated as they had been informed she was.

They deployed their soldiers who already were trained to handel the vicissitudes of the situation.

What they wanted to do to her involved insemination, artificial or otherwise, in order to produce an offspring that would be born of a crime, a hate crime, born of a woman wronged, a child vengeful by nature, a child strong and cunning beyond belief, but controllable by the one that had made it.

Bust of Alexander "The Great"

This offspring of a woman wronged would be used in more or less the same manner Alexander was used but, his mission would be a notch higher and harder to fulfill.

His mother's life would be terminated and he would grow up in a kind of foster care home where he would be prepared for the mission, or she would be poisoned so she became insane, the result blamed on injuries sustained during the accident, making her unfit to keep the child so the same could be done to him.

Whether this child would be the anti-christ, whatever that creature or thing is, or the one who ushers his reign in cannot be known for sure.

What happened after Diana was inseminated is the big surprise I kept for the end.

The fact I believe the announcement was made via leading news outlets that Diana was pregnant with Dodi's child when she died was an announcement that the insemination had in fact been a success. It remains conjecture whether sperm was harvested from Dodi's testicles while he lay dead.

There is the real possibility that somewhere on planet earth her seed lives, born of a surrogate but, with Diana's spirit at bay, chances he is anything worth the trouble the people behind his mother's death went to to have him conceived are slim.

The first plan to have her be the mother of the child had not succeeded. She was dead. There were less risks involved in this plan but now, with Diana dead, he was in danger of termination by her spirit hence the overriding need to keep it (her spirit) caged.

So ... the big surprise. This requires re-winding back to the ambulance scene where we find Diana's all seeing spirit out of her body again and presently conscious when she was being inseminated and ... in desperation, decided to do one thing that definitely ends a spirit's reincarnation cycle as I know it.

It decided to cause Diana to self terminate by making her stop fighting to live.

Dodi Fahed

Dodi's spirit was also present. He saw this and, realizing she would be terminating a powerful spirit's cycle, decided to take matters into his own hands. He did something hurtful to himself because the flesh and bones he did it to was the woman his former vessel loved, and his feelings for her would still have been current.

He killed her.

And the rest is history.

The fact her spirit roamed free after her death has been acknowledged by people connected to her murderer so proof she did not self terminate is not really necessary.

But this is all believable or speculation that is in fact food for thought or rooted in reality if you have studied or understand the way of the occult and the need of this culture for a saviour and the extents it will go to make one.