Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Rampant Strokes: Side Effects Of Specific DEW Attacks And Attempts To Induce Social Malaise

My mother had a stroke early this year. She survived, and is recovering.

As a target of covert warfare, I couldn't help but get paranoid at the thought what I am aware Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) can easily cause had struck so close to home. I wondered whether the stroke was natural or induced, my fears leaning towards the latter cause. It was plausible, as far as my experience of the man's need was concerned, that some person or organization had long since decided to extend the campaign of terror I had been a victim of to members of my family as well, meaning my mom had been set up. Giving weight to this position is the fact I am aware of similar events in the lives of other targets.

As I have said in a number of articles already, western perps comprise as much autochthonous as ethnic minorities. The minorities in particular are extensively used in harassment and elimination campaigns against as much locals as foreigners. I have known the lives of some of these shady characters. I noticed the timing and nature of their transfers back to their lands of origin, including the job offers they were taking up, strongly suggested they were not on a ressetlement mission, but going back to serve in the same capacity, also suggesting this posting had been the objective of their entire perp training. Assessing the need to maintain oppression in a neo-colonial setup and the limitations of other methods, taking into account reports made by travelling TI's of continued harassment with electronic weapons while abroad, it is sensible to conclude this method is the manner by which the "third world" is kept under performing and dilapidated.

I travelled to Africa in May this year and, armed with all manner of radiation detectors, conducted swoops at my mother's appartment. The readings I made were disturbing and, sure my electronic equipment wasn't malfunctioning, very conclusive.

I regularly use household gadgets (television sets, chargers, computers, etc.) to test the detecting devices for defects. As I checked the cathode ray tube Phillips at my mother's, all my detectors picked up dangerous Radio Frequency (RF) densities, not around the tube itself, but at the base where the set's controls are located. The RF emanations were intermitent and not in sync with either the sound or image changes.

I did my best to alert family members to the fact, and also to the dangers this posed to their health, trying to sound as sane as was possible, but was dismissed. I have since then decided the best option is to find a way of getting rid of the TV. I have yet to find a ruse for this, have not plucked up the courage to sabotage the thing, and have also failed to inspect the insides because there is always somebody in the house.

I now know that the TV is the tip of the iceberg where this phenomenon is concerned. Adjoining rooms also get flooded with dangerous levels of radiation that also affect light bulbs at night, leaving the occupants, especially my mother who seldom changes places in the flat, struggling with their eyesight and overly drowsy. Everyone, including the kids, has hints of cataracts.

After discounting the possibility of satellite based attacks due to the corrugated iron roofs that are common here, I made a makeshift shield, placed it under my bed and discovered that attacks are not general bombardment meant at causing long-term discomforts, but carefully aimed at vital organs, especially the heart, brains and gut. Without a shield in place, discomforts include linear pains that correspond in alignment to the night's favourite sleeping position. If I spent the night largely on my back, then the line stretches from the back, through the region where the heart is located, to the front of the chest. When the shielding material only partly covers the torso, then the lines start at the edges and travel in the general direction of the heart. This finding discounts pathological processes.

Attacks are launched from below and, unless the DEW device(s) can be controlled remotely and is/are embedded in the very structure of the building, my downstairs neighbour, or other renting tenants in the same flat, are definitely perps. Someone must have a trail leading back to the place where the practice originates.

There are other less regular, less intense attacks aimed from an international hotel that stands about 100 meters from the home. Emanations from this location are of the general bombardment type, possibly aimed at the local population.

I went to Mother's regular rehab sessions at the local hospital and discovered after observing and talking to staff and patients that strokes are very common here. It is not just the old getting struck down, but teenagers too. There are no official statistics on strokes that I could find but I am sure the rate is abnormal, and it isn't awareness brought on by my mom's condition. It is a big problem that locals unfortunately put down to diet.


Anonymous said...

Helpful details - how often do you post. I don't see when this article was posted. Are you still on line?

Anonymous said...

I hate to say this, because I am also a TI and do believe in OS/EH, but your assumptions about the TV set and subsequent fears, and thinking of ways to get rid of it, were based upon ignorance. (nothing personal)
It is quite normal for electrical and electronic devices to emit all kinds of random RF energy.
It's almost comical to imagine a layman equipped with some entry level test equipment running around their home picking up hits from all manner of appliances and declaring they are under attack by DEW.
It's not at all funny when you think that should we get this heard in court someday, the hired experts of the defendents will have a field day discrediting us with our own silly claims.
So just remember everything we post on the internet can be used to inform the public... or used against us as a liability to our credibility.
As I always say, "we can never improve our situations as individuals until we progress as a group, so let's keep it real."
Overall your writings have merit. Thanks for your activism.
John in San Diego

Toloane said...

good of you to retain the sceptic in you, but the issue of incompetent methods, entry level apparatus reliability, induced or latent paranoia, has been dealt with in detail in articles on this blog, or my book. the one thing I can say to you is read further, otherwise consider this: what are the odds that such entry level devices record such unhealthy readings almost exclusively in the places I live? The documented evidence on this blog is done in at least 4 of my previous addresses. Do you think I am emitting those signals myself or faking them, which equates to exposing myself to dangerous emf?