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Spate of Stabbings in London: Tell Tale Signs of Mind Control Experimentation

Periodic government statistics about violent crime are hardly as illuminating as would make them worth relying on. After all, the establishmentarian is weighed down with the task, or duty, of reassuring the public, keeping the public safe and feeling safe, at the same time painting self in a good light, failure of which would lead to demands for accountability. These, and more realities, inevitably weigh in on the final outcome of surveys. The final reports can rightfully be considered self-serving to the extent the average citizen is bound to be left in the dark about what is really going on, if not misled.

As a London resident today, one thing I know for sure is that the atmosphere in the city is getting aggressive in ways I have not known, and I am not alone in these perceptions. More and more people are witnessing and talking unprecedented violent crime rates, especially the fact it is happening at times and in places never before seen. It looks a lot like citizens have ceased playing games, and are going for each other's throats.

People's memories can be short, I realize, but I doubt this is true concerning matters of frequency or location of particularly violent crime, because if memory was that short in this department, then it would also be short in related areas. Many would regularly forget the familiar, such as faces seen before, names, or even where they live.

Judging by how much of this spate of violent crime is being reported by the media, which is a lot, the deduction can be made that it is becoming harder and harder to sweep such crimes under the carpet, considering cultural sensibilities that the media is conscious of.

Perish the suspicion mainstream media is partaking in Disaster Capitalism. Terror by governments on their own citizens meant to keep them in line is orchestrated and meant to reach media outlets. The leaders do their part to scare the citizens senseless by making the media report on all the incidences they create for the purpose, then recede into the background and wait for the medicine to take effect. According to informed sources, there is actually more crime happening in London than is being reported on, pointing out that a lot of it is not orchestrated, unless some of the violence acts as cover for elimination activities.

As already intimated, words exchanged between citizens are logically the better guide to what is really going on regarding violent crime rates, rather than that which is released with an official stamp. Attacks, many of them fatal, using weapons such as guns and knives, have definitely increased sharply, hitting at times and places never before seen. Mainstream media has actually been caught dragging it's feet. They have also been caught attempting to place blame on minorities, absent father communities, and such.

I keep my ear to foreign media sources as well. Seeing as the same thing is happening abroad and, crucially, following the logic, I have come to the conclusion that the same is true here as well.

This spate of violent crime cannot be considered any other way than strange. Apart from the known phenomenon of violence that spins out of control in tit for tat killings, intertribal or even internecine strife situations, it is rare for as many members of a community to become as violent as citizens in these western cities have become, overnight, that is. True to the word, this they have become to such a degree the first thing that comes to mind by some abrasive exchange, and amazingly almost always over something trivial (according to what eyewitnesses and relatives have to say), is murder, specifically murder by shooting or stabbing.

It can definitely be expected in day to day life that once in a while someone will be pushed over the edge, feel insulted, belittled, or threatened, so that attacking another in a manner that could prove fatal is the only option they feel is left. This is all dependent on the state and capacity of the grey matter between individual ears, and the personality this carries with it in the rest of the body. There will inevitably be those who feel pushed against a wall where others may not feel the same, and will feel it appropriate to send out a message by reacting in the manner they know (have been made aware) either solves the problem for one in their position or sends the shivers down the right people's spines, while others may simply be acting out extra punitive urges or defending themselves albeit some probably end up committing overkill, again by resorting to a method that has been popularized. Otherwise they are acting out a role they either see as rewarding, for example a killing as a condition for entry into some kind of criminal enterprise, or the urge to shoot or stab is implanted in their heads by too much exposure to the violence within the culture.

Getting to the point, at issue with the last spate of shootings and stabbings in western cities is that more than that which is bound to happen, more than the normal must be going on for stabbings to become so common and happen at random in areas where they are known to be rare. It is as such correct to state violent crime has reached epidemic levels, because the idea of taking a knife or bullet to someone's chest has undoubtedly been over expressed.

Here in London, a city with a population of 8 million, in a bizarre, if not weird turn of events, 7,248 knife crimes were committed in the last year alone, a figure that equals a third of all the nonfatal offences in England and Wales and a rate of 20 stabbings a day. These stabbings, curiously targeting mostly young black males, have left many sure of a stab mania among teens, even though a lot of police forces are actually reporting a fall in crime rates.

This week, criminologists, a professor at the University of Ottawa, Canada, and the police, were at pains to play down the idea last week's released statistics that showed a drop in crime rate in Toronto, Canada, a city of 2.48 million inhabitants, were false after six people met a violent end within a week, accusing politicians and the public of not looking at the problem in a systematic way. Their argument is that the death of so many people in a short period of time cannot be used as a measure of the actual crime rate because, working with averages, a year has 365 days, or 52 weeks. Obviously, having your senses blasted by sudden and rampant killings in places they had never happened before, even when it's just your memory that says so, can lead to faulty assessments of reality when some factors are not taken into consideration. It is best to wait until the end of the year when percentages put some order to the chaos.

As citizens in these cities wait until next year's report to know whether the perceptions that told them something wasn't quite right on the pasture, that the sudden and horrible bleating and bleeding merely indicated a one off occurrence, I believe it is prudent to first consider whether there is a wolf on the loose that is responsible for the terror the sheeples are reacting to. Waiting until the year's end may bring some relief when, by comparison with preceding years, it is discovered that less sheeples actually died, but will not reveal the truth that, at the time they suspected a sudden rise in violent deaths, they had perceived the reality correctly because a wolf had indeed prowled the countryside in the dark hours, picking victims out at will. They will also not know why the creature has kept a low profile since then, and whether it will strike again.

Once, I was sitting in an internet café while a man was being stabbed some 30 meters away from the front door. The sirens alerted me to the incident, and I went out and listened to those who had seen the attack, and asked questions of my own. Another time I was passing through with a bus and saw what looked like children fighting. The scene, witnessed from the top of a bus, looked innocuous enough what with grown men standing idly by. It looked like the kids were play fighting, only the punches the bigger kids were throwing appeared to be hurting. Another thing is the palm was clenched at an angle when the blow struck, rather than flat on the knuckles.

A day later there was a report in the newspaper that two children had suffered multiple stab wounds to the abdomen in a robbery by two older children, only the location released by the media was not on the same road, but about a kilometer down a side road from the point I had observed the incident. The article left me confused, wondering whether children, even those re-enacting a violent crime they had witnessed or heard about, could play as hard, nor would they be such good actors while at it.

Another time I met a woman on a bus who knew a recent victim very well. Unprompted, she switched seats on the bus in order to relate the story to me, and told of how she now realized it had been coming. Her version of events was what can be called a conspiracy theory, though I would not place it in the realm of the delusional, but the probable.

Such close encounters and proximity to the scenes and witnesses has enabled me to form an opinion of what I think is going on. Assessing the data, I have come to the conclusion what we are dealing with in many of these cases is experimentation with mind control technologies.

I know many will see this as a strange conclusion to arrive at, but let me explain.

I am a techie, and it is easy for me to see as such know that these technologies exist. I know how they work through research, and also, as can be seen in the video below, by being a target of especially pulsed microwave attacks of the kind meant at inducing sleep or long term discomforts.

They are doing their best to keep me out of the game.

If you are not familiar with the technologies, then click here, here, or Google "mind control pulsed microwave".

It is already established that western governments have a long history of experimenting new technologies on their own citizens, including those in countries where governments are either too dumb to know or care, or give consent for such research to be carried out. Technologies that can control behavior, by either influencing the state of the being or beaming voices into the skull, including recorded thought patterns carried directly into the cranium so that the target's brain gets entrained, or they gradually come to take the voice intrusions as their own thoughts, have been around since the fifties, which is a long time. In the 1950s, the Russians made the lida machine, which used electromagnetic energy to put Russian psychiatric patients to sleep.

In this post 911 world, for reasons of national security (fighting foaming-at-the-mouth terrorists), these technologies are being relied on more and more not to thwart some would be bombers or hijackers, but to control the masses, which also means that the need to develop the technologies has gone up an edge. The number of people who have to become targets to make such experimentation and research possible is immense, and it shows. The kind of killings we are seeing, especially in England where, out of the blues, the weapon of choice becomes a knife, and killers appear more than adept at finding the heart, bear a lot of the hallmarks of high tech hypnosis. These killings are being committed by people who still have their lives ahead of them, who have everything to lose by going to jail. By all appearances, their minds have undoubtedly been entrained with thought patterns of psychopaths or serial murderers, the fact they find the urge to stab irresistible a telling sign of this.

Some people are more susceptible to mind control using beamed voices or pulsed frequencies than others. Following this logic, recording the frequencies generated by the brain of a maniac while in the process of committing murder by stabbing that is as discernible as it is effective at entraining other people's brains must be a difficult task. The first thing one has to find is an individual who enjoys taking life, who will not hesitate to kill when asked to in a lab situation. That individual will then have to have a brain that generates a signal that is highly discernible as well as highly effective on subjects. These issues have a limiting effect on the number of useful recordings that can be made, with this also the implement used. Because people are resorting to stabbing, I believe there is but one such recording being applied in all cases, hence the fact we are seeing the same kind of attack committed again and again in the case of this one country.

Somewhere, an anomaly has to happen that reveals a truth about something hidden from the masses.

And it is not all experimentation that is going on out there. I do not think it is coincidence that the confessed killer of the Swedish Foreign Minister, Anna Lindh, said at the start of his trial he had not meant to kill, but was unable to resist inner voices urging him to stab.

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