Saturday, 11 March 2017

What Being a Target for Life says about Those Running the Targeting Program

It has been a good ten years now that I have not gone to sleep in a bed that doesn't have around it shielding against directed energies, without wearing metal armour around my torso, and often with a metal cap around my head.

Surprising as it may seem, I am used to sleeping like this now.

From the very first days when I took to shields against directed energies, starting with a period of time when searches online took me to websites meant for those seeking protection from electromagnetic smog, to when I made the realisation the shielding offered here was too flimsy for my needs as a TI, till this very day, I am still busy with searches for better shields and the setting up of shields that I know make a difference.

Only when I sleep outside my home, on visits, do I sleep without shields around the sleeping space and, because my bedroom is a sci-fi area where I don't dare take ordinary women, unless they are also targets of covert warfare, if I am vsiting such a female friend, then I go there without the body armour.

It is a given that I will excuse myself in the middle of the night and head for home where I can be safer.

It is always the case the very next morning following these excursions into the wild, that I find that my sphincter muscles have lost much of their strength, so that I have to ensure I keep near and get to the men's room as fast as possible because I am less able to hold the liquids back. Also, my joints will be weaker than usual, so that my movements become wobbly.

A whole lot of other issues arise starting from the top to the bottom ... with my mind, then body, and I am reminded yet again how right I am to insist on sleeping with protection.

It goes without saying that if I had not been too keen on protecting myself during the vulnerable period of sleep especially, I would in most probability be incontinent and would definitely not be able to walk, let alone run. Worst of all, I would not be able to think as well as I do, and I would then not be able to make sense of what is going on in my life or share the experiences as well as I do.

But as things stand, I am still me, still a thorn in the eyes of those who decided to eliminate me by way of covert means. I am still able to shine, making it very clear as I do this the reason why they picked me out of many, then felt the best thing was to hand me in to the "global non-consensual experimentation project" through which nobody passes unscathed.

I have the health and strength that I enjoy to thank on the shields, moreso on the tirelessness they help me preserve so that I can seek the best out, put them up, improve and maintain them.

I remember nights spent working on my shields even after the day's activities would have dropped any ordinary man flat. I also remember someone I previously didn't think was involved with the project give a remark that gave this fact away. "You just don't know when to quit?" he said at a moment when he could only have been alluding to my tireless efforts to keep myself safe within shields.

"I am programmed to survive," I replied, "I cannot but give it my best shot. Giving up is allowing for my demise. I will eventually die, that's for sure, just like everybody else, but knowledge of this doesn't make me stop trying to live and, it's all automatic. I don't for once think this is what I am doing each time I have breakfast in the morning ... "

He just looked at me without saying a word. A perp.

But today, I find myself turning the question he asked in on those who have been on my case for over three decades now, with a different twist to it, though.

You see, it is a programmed or hardwired reality where I am concerned. Maintaining my life is the foremost religion, as it is every healthy, normal human being ... till my maker calls me back home.

I envisage myself still fighting to stay alive even in this period of the very end.

But what motivates my assailants to keep at it for so long? I know, the experiment goes on ... but there is always ample opportunity and time to call it off if it is not doing what it is supposed to be doing or it is backfiring on those who handed me in and, trust me, it is doing just this in my case, and in the cases of many other targets of covert warfare.

In which case the question that arises is whether my very survival is linked to theirs? Do they fear facing death if I live, alone, apart from them, as it was meant to be, or if I survive?

And here we have to think about nature.

Whatever this thing is that is going on between me and them is not natural, and it's not me living unnaturally, all semblances of this notwithstanding, but we can only leave time to make those living unnaturally realise they have stultified. They have, in the ultimate sense, become but problems for others, huge, human sized parasites weighing other humans down, and all of their actvities regarding, are as gratuitous as it gets.

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