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Global Covert Warfare is Doing Well Because it is Big Business

Radio Frequency (RF) Capture Demo

When an individual becomes a target of covert warfare, they are put under the strangest and most intense activity one can imagine, an activity that closely resembles the most intense surveillance in that it does not stop when the target puts their pyjamas on and turns the lights off, but continues throughout the night, till the break of dawn, throughout the day, then night again.

There are targeted individuals who go through the entire or much of their ordeal knowing, by anomalies alone, that this invasion is real. But according to what others report, the life invaders are at pains to let them know they are constantly there, meaning this sometimes forms the psychological warfare aspect of it. In such cases, the invaders will do the most outlandish things to a target, as long as they remain secure in the knowledge people will not believe the story when told, and if they did believe it, then there would be little that they could do about it..

Those who wage this kind of covert warfare are obviously doing something they know is despicable ... as they invade a life on a continuous basis, during which time they monitor and manipulate their target's mind and body in operations that include sending sounds to their inner ear that bypass the outer ears (V2K) ... ensuring the target is kept under mental and physical duress using directed energies, etc.

It is all weird, and it cannot be anything other than some kind of scientific investigation or experiment by a powerful body in society that is allowed to do this, that still has to take the care needed to avoid exposure. Conducting research in this weird manner cannot be simple or easy, and the last thing that it can be is cheap.

The expenses start to add up as soon as the factor of time alone is considered, without the concurrent activities. Within this are the wages of operatives who sit in front of computer screens controlling directed energy weapons on satellites, for example. Aside from wages is the cost of equipment they use, the software, hardware, up to the satellites. Add this up and the rough estimation of cost already looks like much.

The method that uses what are called gang-stalkers (also called cause-stalkers), comprising perpetrators (perps) may seem like a cheaper alternative given the known fact they cost but handouts and favours. The handouts are given out in cash, and the amounts dished out to a single perp in a given period of time cannot equal salaries gainfully employed operatives in the same "profession" get. But the amounts perps earn do stack up when one considers the fact they do not work alone on a single case.

It is not possible for a single perp to keep watching a target while maintaining attacks with directed energies, V2K, poisons, etc. (some designed to keep a target in one place in order to simplify the task of affecting their abuse in experiments), at the same time rushing ahead of a target during their time out and about in order to know exactly what they are doing ... to make them know they are being watched, and keep other psychological wars ongoing. More than just one person is needed for this to be done properly.

Two to three perps living very close to a target, taking shifts recording brain signals, attacking, observing, alerting superiors to new developments, taking orders and supplies from them, etc., while others take turns following the target around town to continue the program, is how it is done. More perps are needed in instances where a target is in the habit of moving around a lot. Each one of these persons expects to get something for their efforts.

Sometimes, as they attempt to keep up with their target, perps may find that they are required to do things that need to be paid for, and it cannot be the case that the money comes out of their own pockets.

To the cost of perp activity, operative salaries and equipment can be added the payments made to specialists, scientists leading the experiments, and other professional staff. Then there are the other technologies used in the process, such as directed energy weapons (some of which have been introduced to the public as non-lethal weapons). Furthermore, there are the contaminants (poisons), transportation, rented accommodation (strategically placed with regards a target's abode), etc.

Multiply all of these costs (and more that can be added), by the sum total of the numbers who are targets at any given moment in western countries reached by a survey, which is 1 out of every 100, then add to this the result of multiplying the average cost per target by the number of targets of the same power abroad, and you begin to get an idea of the cost of keeping the program up and running worldwide.

But then the expenses for operations that span the globe and are expanding as we speak are being met. What is clearly revealed by this is there is a massive need for covert warfare, and part of the need is found in the fact the capacity to harness mind control techniques has become one of the main areas of interest for western intelligence services and the military. This interest can be traced back to the initial objectives of MKULTRA.

Sid Gottlieb
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The birth of the MKULTRA program was on April 3, 1953, when the then Director of the CIA, Allen Dules, set up a program under Sid Gottlieb for "covert use biological and chemical materials ... to use in present and future clandestine operations". According to Gottlieb, the purpose of these programs was "to investigate whether and how it was possible to modify an individual's behaviour by covert means".

When we trace this objective forwards in time, we find investigations and techniques devised by a Dr. Jose Delgado at the Yale University in the 60's and 70's. He was pre-eminent in the field of neuroscience research, and though his work is well documented, records of the techniques he developed that are pertinent to the face of modern day covert warfare are hard to come by.

When we proceed again through time into the present, we find ourselves in an era where, globally, thousands of people are being used as guinea pigs in large scale experiments with the aim of checking and bettering the effectiveness of mind control techniques.

We know we are joining the dots correctly because the symptoms a good number of people who say they are targets of covert warfare are reporting correspond with what is known happens when techniques that are known to have been investigated and developed by the line of scientists to which Dr. Jose Delgado belongs, are applied. We know that this scientific research is currently underway, or has been carried out in recent years. Many of the patents which have been derived from these investigations are known to be part of the list of the so called "black patents", restricted by their strategic interest, and not accessible to the public.

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Neuroscience labs and research centres at some of the leading universities in the United States are known to be involved in the development of these techniques, and it has been established that many of the trials that are protected by military secrecy, have been funded by the Agency of Advanced Research for America's Defence (DARPA).

We have, as such, a link with this dark reality to the western taxpayer, that only stands as part of the proof we need of who foots the huge bill of global covert warfare if we take it for granted some of this research utilises unwitting, non-consenting human beings as guinea pigs. As already said, evidence of this is in the similarity of symptoms most targeted individuals are reporting to what has been observed in these investigations.

But, DARPA funds to Delgado-like research efforts do not provide the whole story because covert warfare is not rooted in mind control techniques alone.

To me, the main reason covert warfare is doing as well as it is today can only be the fact torturing, killing or conducting experiments that covertly manipulate people mentally and biologically has opportunely been turned into big business in a war culture led by an elite that is the central organising factor, capable of meeting supply and demand on a local and international market where targets, the know-how and technology for conducting covert warfare are the traded goods. There are currently a lot of people prepared to pay a lot of money to be allowed access to targets to use in their research, while others are prepared to do the same to get the technologies and techniques that have thus far been developed for use in covert warfare, that can also come in handy in conventional warfare.

I also believe that, in the third world especially, entire communities, the more backward and defenceless in particular, have been used in experiments where the need to develop covert warfare has merged with the need to meet a de-population agenda. These covert warfare experiments that are also covert offensives, have combined biological, chemical and technological means, and killed millions of people to date. This truth has been successfully concealed using new diseases as smokescreens, the smokescreens themselves providing cover for covert warfare as it makes targeted incapacitation and elimination strikes designed to prevent its exposure, so that, to this date, the communities that have been under fire remain clueless.

The global capitalist elite who run global covert warfare have created a system by which they ensure the success of their agendas, get rid of their enemies (those they fear), and cater to other mass covert experimentation on the unwitting that advances the know-how. Simplified: the elites supply to those with the need and the means (such as intelligence or the military), segments or whole populations of those they lord over, whom they could care less about, and others in foreign lands they want to commit genocide on, mixed in with their enemies. Those marked are turned in to, for example, the Military Industrial Complex, that then places them as guinea pigs on, for example, a project developing new directed energy weapons, or the Delgado line of research.

Given the elites are the leaders in the west, one would take it for granted they want to be on top of the list of targets of covert warfare globally, or in their society ... that they control the course of such research and ensure that it is with their permission that people become targets. Anyone else requires a manner of legitimately getting their hands on people to murder, torture or conduct experiments on, otherwise it would be chaos or simple anarchy.

The military, NASA, like university research centres, and such, are parts within the system that are subordinate in status to the elite. It cannot be any other way than that they have to get permission, otherwise get sent on missions or given projects or tasks to carry out by the elite, or, when the need arises, they pay the same for access to targets using money they make from their activities, or that which they are allocated within the system for such.

It can also be said of this that many within the system have a function that includes indirectly doing the elite's dirty work.

The similar kinds of attacks targets are reporting on a global scale indicate also that covert warfare, via a single elite, has become the easiest source of targets for institutions with a need for constant operative training routines, such as intelligence. It can also be argued from some encounters targets report that groups such as cults that require ritual sacrifices, and other persons with abnormal appetites for torture and murder, find their targets here.

Covert warfare is at the moment undoubtedly the best means for rogue leaders around the globe to control those they rule. There has to be a good number of them who are already paying for access to satellites packed with the technology used in covert warfare. Many more must be buying the technologies used in the activity. These same leaders have to be paying for the training that their operatives require to undergo in order to be any good at the activity, etc.

The money made is pumped into the system, via the very elites, paying for the upkeep and development of the means of waging covert warfare. One thing we can be sure of is the fact by paying via the very top for access to targets taken from the global populace at large, those conducting covert warfare are guaranteed the secrecy they need in their investigations and offensives and, as long as this system reigns supreme, can expect no comebacks. Anyone looking for answers and solutions to this activity can only hope to get results if they understand that it is big business, it is global, it issues forth from high organisation, and that at the top sit the western elites.

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Mukazo Vunda said...

Covert warfare and experimentation on unwitting and nonconsenting targets is big business. The pedo elite involved in it are not just eliminating perceived threats to the order, but also making sh*tloads of money selling the products of research their Frankenstein scientists bring to global markets.

As business always goes, when a product comes up that can replace an existing one and is cheaper to produce hits a market, trade in more expensive items becomes unatractive and dies. This was the reason chattel slavery or the use of people of color for cotton in the picking fields became endangered and died after a cheaper product that could replace cotton hit the market.

In order to kill covert warfare we are not going to offer a cheaper and more efficient manner of doing the same but need to find alternative ways of organising to cause the same effect. We shall need to:
1) detect and
2) expose products on international markets that were conceived using non consensual experimentation and
3) punish participants in the business as a deterrent to participation and as such
4) make the business unatractive

Participants are those doing the experimentation and/or bringing the products to the market as well as the buyers supporting the business with their money.

Only by going at it with the zeal, ferocity and tenacity shown by animal rights activists as they attacked the trade in animal fur will we see change for the better. Not only did those who fight to stop the trade in fur lambast buyers so that wearing fur became dangerous for their health and careers, they made selling fur a risky venture. This is why today, save for a few isolated cases, animals in the wild can wear their birthday suits without fear they will be killed for them.

What we are dealing with in covert warfare is business that is beyond the transatlantic slave trade in reach and scope but it too, like the trade in animal fur, can be relagated to history by simply crippling the business end of it.

Make covert warfare dangerous for those who choose to engage in it as well as those who buy products it offers from the heinous research.