Thursday, 29 May 2008


I admit I’ve had the feeling that this is what the high rate of gun and knife crime, especially in black communities, is partly about, the other being the need to get Africans to kill each other off. The Satanists are merely using violence to send a subtle message of fear, of their power over the lives of everybody.

Shock or scare people into obedience is what this is about, and the fact Africans are the most featured in gun and knife crimes in the news nowadays suggests they are considered the least obedient, a fact that is not hard to ascertain. Africans keep defiant, fighting back with what they have left even when a lot keep getting taken out brutally in what are recognizable as executions and assassinations, by unknown thugs on the loose, most probably "legit" perps on the Satanists’ pay, or the other known fact the African population is disproportionately represented in prisons in western climes.

I was also thinking about the victimization and targeting of dissidents, whistleblowers, activists, etc., that I believe is called covert warfare to mislead, but is in fact overt when looked at in the context of the shock into obedience method of control. There are certain kinds of homeless and mad people you will meet and, just looking at a lot of them, you get the impression not only did they use to be somebody important, but that their condition, the whole story of what happened to them is on display. People are getting maimed, crippled, their sanity taken, in plain view of everybody else, to scare everybody else. At some point it becomes apparent this destruction of select individuals, who are purposely left to wander the streets as insane spectacles or whatever, is another way of shocking the target population into obedience.

They moan and whinge, you get a few to go crazy, brutally maim or murder a few of their most known or prized types on the streets. They moan some more in response and you show them how it looks like to be butchered with knives (under the pretext of wanting to achieve the opposite), and so on until you achieve the objective.

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