Saturday, 29 December 2007

Bulletin: They Are Shutting Us Down

Nothing new, anyway, but one of our most resourceful contributors to the cause, Marshal Thomas, has posted a message on his youtube homepage that says his videos are being removed, one by one. Marshal Thomas himself must be going through hell at this moment.

They are shutting him down.

The only way to take the upper hand away from those waging this war against him is to make the collection common. This ensures that, whatever happens, these really priceless works are perpetuated, so copy the videos at youtube, especially the Monarch II videos. If you have not done so already, then watch Monarch: The New Phoenix Program on this author's play list on the above link. His books can be bought at, or his storefront at, or downloaded for free at

As for me... I got evicted from the property I rented for 2 and a half years from a private landlord on the 27th December 2007, two days ago from today. The landlord broke every rule in the book to do this, and seeing as he has so many properties and has been in the trade for a long time, he knows better. This was done deliberately. One of the reasons I have come up with is the need to remove me from the safety of the protection I have built over time, and deliver me to the mercies of perps. The timing of this event points to this reality.

I was dissuaded from calling the police on the day of the event when a loud echo was heard every time I tried to make a call, and my messages to voicemails were interrupted and cut short. My calls were being monitored. I realized more was involved than a few powerful individuals, that I was not going to get very far with the law.

I shall write about the ordeal in full next time around.

Saturday, 8 December 2007

Latest Project: "Unspeakable Truth"

This book debunks the generally held belief a fringe group that has infiltrated key social positions - is hidden, powerful, beyond the law, has an agenda – runs the affairs of the western world, and silences or eliminates whistleblowers, activists, political dissidents and others who pose a threat to the order using a gang of endless, recruited perpetrators, suggesting instead that the people pulling the strings and those who carry out the dirty work are quasi licensed harassers and executioners in the system, hence the known fact they are aided, and even protected by society, including the police. The covert warfare targeted individuals fall prey to in the west isn't as covert as it is misleadingly defined. It is in fact institutionalized, meaning it has of necessity been made a part of the system. It is functional for society at large inasmuch as it provides a safe outlet for appetites generated in the masses by the western cultural orientation, that would otherwise destroy society from within.

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