Monday, 15 August 2011

For Those Having Trouble Purchasing The Book

I have received a number of emails from people who failed to purchase the book "Coherent Madness: Effective Defense against Covert Warfare", or any other books I have on, because it was either not available at or there was only one purchase format. Most people wanted to buy the paperback version, also called the print, but only found the download version or the ebook.

Let the fact be very clear that this book, or any other book I have at, is published on a Print on Demand (POD) basis. It should always be available for download unless I personally take it down. In that case I will promptly inform visitors to and post a message on this blog. So far, I have altered the synopsis a number of times, and edited the book cover, but I have not tampered with any of the saved settings at that would make this book unavailable for purchase. It has always been available to the public everytime I have logged on at, ever since it was published.

The only reason my book would temporarily (or intermittently) not be available for purchase is that there was a momentary error with the script at, a glitch in the system. Should this happen to you then please contact me so that I can take the issue up with staff.

Keep in mind that my book is also available at But do not just go to purchase the book at, or some other retail outlet, without first letting me know of the issue at I want to keep this store open for reasons best known to me. It is also in the best interests of buyers to get a fresh copy from because the prices are the lowest on the web, and the books are sold in the latest layout. They are always fresh off the press. Further more, you know you are buying a legitimate copy when you shop at

Another issue that has been brought to my attention is lack of a preview. This problem also appears to be intermittent. All my books at have previews that are a minimum of 15 pages long. If you want to sample the book before buying and cannot find a preview then please do not hesitate to get in touch with me. You can use the email address provided on the contact page. The link is in the right hand column.

Give me a few hours to confirm receipt of your email. If there is no reply then try Yahoo Messenger, otherwise simply post your message as a comment to this post.

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