Friday, 27 July 2007

Video Recordings Showing Effect of Actual DEW Attack on a TV and Mobile Phone

The videos are shaky, but they show something that has become normal at my house, in a cat and mouse routine that sees me put up more and more defenses as the existing ones become useless when the perpetrator upgrades to a new weapon or frequency.

Let me start off by giving a few answers to some questions these clips may raise:

How do I know these are microwaves?

It came to me eventually, what with the same thing happening to various mobile phones from different providers, TV's and radio sets at various addresses, and also the reality when the sounds are heard, there are real physical effects felt too.

Also, I worked for a company that had a microwave device in the canteen that would disturb the radio with a similar sound whenever it was turned on. Ignorance is bliss? It became obvious to me years later, after I had endured a lot of DEW attacks on my person within the privacy of my home, that we all had been exposed to a leaking device in that office. Non of the workers made anything of the sounds accompanying the use of the microwave on the radio because we didn't know how to identify microwave leaks by such disturbance.

I should not forget to include expert advise that I sought and found, online or otherwise, that helped remove any shadow of doubt about what I was and keep observing.

How come I stay in the premises when under attack?

I have left my accommodation for a life of homelessness before due to such attacks, but that is no longer an option for me. I have seen too much and know that despite the truth my health improved significantly despite the rough outdoor conditions, apart from parks and other places where there aren't too many buildings, I am much safer in a faraday cage indoors, especially if this place is all mine.

I have learnt the hard way that perps do not just attack the neighbor they are assigned to, meaning attacks are not restricted to rooms, or launched from a room into another room. Individuals with DEW devices are also called upon to direct their deadly beams at passers-by, as soon as a target is spotted walking through the area.

Dumb that it took much too long for this realization to dawn on me, but then it is the logical culmination of such warfare, given the need and that DEW can go through almost anything. Targets are attacked when they are most exposed, and someone like me who has taken the effort to erect protection within their home is most likely going to be attacked when they are exposed, out there on the streets.

As I've intimated, I am now sensitized enough to microwave attacks that I can know when I am under attack, and I can tell you that there are a lot of these devices on almost every major road in the city.

At my home they tend to be situated along the road I use most going in and out, so I have taken to avoiding routes where I experience the most attacks. I have taken to wearing a vest made up of foil secured in adhesive to prevent tearing and insulate my body from the metal in case the attack switches to ELF, and have noticed that the attacks now concentrate on my legs. At given spots along my route to and from home, I notice sudden warming accompanied by weakening of my leg muscles and joints in the affected area.

My experience of attacks while out and about tells me there are a number of locations within the city to look out for. In western countries the number of people used to harass others is immense, and on the increase. Naturally, many of them are equipped with these weapons, otherwise they can be supplied as need be. These people live within the community, and may even be your neighbors, despite appearances. Densely populated corridor like streets lined with terraced houses have their stock of murderous perps, and it would not be far fetched to assume every street has these people, maybe dormant, maybe actively engaged in murdering somebody near. They can be activated as soon as a target passes through the area.

I hate to say this, but I have found that social buildings, such as Libraries, police stations, and other similar locations, almost always have a powerful device in some room somewhere. I have noticed increased microwave alarm frequency and, in case these can be brushed off as coming from the many masts in the city, have also experienced classic symptoms of attack while near or within such buildings, especially the two named above. I am not surprised that libraries house such devices seeing as these cultural centers are the traditional anti-spy battlegrounds, but to enter a police station and feel a linear, dull burning sensation tear through the body is really disappointing. This is the last place one would expect something like this.

At the end of it all, I have to come back home at some time to get some rest and prepare for my next day, which I was doing in all of the videos posted here. Attacks commence as soon as I return, and will not stop even when my microwave detector starts beeping, when the sounds on the radio or TV become heavier than the heaviest bass line. The perps simply ignore these sounds until I am forced to turn the device off. Other devices in the household that operate on magnets, especially electromagnets, malfunction when bombarded with microwaves.

I once had door and window alarms installed, all utilizing the magnet technology, that would go off, from room to room, usually following my movements. Even the high intensity alarm tones didn't faze the perps. They just kept up with the bombardment, probably amused by it all, until either the batteries in the device (new when installed) run out. These devices would also soon break down completely so that replacing the battery would be useless.

As I’ve said already, parks and sparsely populated residential areas are OK, as long as I remember to turn my mobile phone off here. They will use your own mobile to harass you by making it send a constant stream of microwaves (GSM). I discovered this when I once left the phone next to the radio and heard through the speakers not the sound we usually hear a mobile make, but a much louder and lasting noise that completely drowned out other reception signals. Since then I have been deliberately leaving the mobile near the radio or TV and have noticed that such attacks are real, especially because they are timed to coincide with specific activities.

The Videos

The first videos were filmed with a mobile phone and are of poor quality. If you ignore this and concentrate on the sound, you will hear noise only a powerful microwave device aimed into the room can make, and in the case of the mobile phone you will see how reception is affected by a much more powerful signal emanating from close by. Do not for once think the phone is receiving its own transmission bouncing off the faraday cage metal within the room because this phenomenon also happens outside the bedroom, when I do something the perp was not expecting. I had a faraday cage at my previous address that was much thicker than the present that didn’t affect the phone’s signal in the same manner it does now.

Searchlight: Effect of Microwave Bombardment on TV 1-3

The videos above offer conclusive evidence of microwave beam attacks/harrassment because nothing else can cause such interference. They show what happens when a DEW (Directed Energy Weapon) meets a TV. This very same effect can be noticed with other radio equipment. Keep in mind here that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the Television set, the aerial and reception. The noise you hear cannot be coming from a misfiring combustion engine, or some other electronic device or rotating machine. These are microwaves. These attacks are clearly discernible to me, the occupant, manifesting as needle like pains in some regions of my body, heating of some parts, especially the major organs, or, in extreme attacks usually timed with events in my life (e.g. meeting with a prospective employer the next day), the entire room will heat up considerably, while the other rooms will remain at normal temperature.

Currently, attacks are persistently aimed at my heart, an obvious attempt to end my life by mimicking a heart attack. These attacks are felt when I am not properly protected within the faraday cage, but because I am constantly updating the security they tend to fade away within the protected space, and start as soon as I move out of the enclosure into other unprotected rooms within my flat. They also cease while I am out and about, as long as I avoid roots and locations where attacks occur, as long as I wear some kind of protection.

It is clear from the intensity of the sound that the device/weapon is really near, right next door, or simply very powerful if it is further than that, in which case a lot more people are getting caught up in this. I actually already have made positive identification of the culprits/perps who seem to have deliberately been selected from extremely obvious types as a way of baiting me into reacting.

The room in which the TV is placed is surrounded by a faraday cage construction that is earthed. This structure is not the cause of the noise, but a measure against attacks noticed before the barrier was set up. I really need to update this level of protection because it has been compromised.

Note: Do not rely on anyone for verification of what you see here. Consult an expert on microwave emissions and their effects on radio equipment.

GSM Bombardment: The Walls Have Eyes 1-2

In these videos you see what happens when my mobile's reception is affected by the presence of much more powerful GSM signals used in spying. The principle is very similar to jamming out enemy radar by sending out a more powerful signal on the same frequency. Observe the GSM reception hits the roof while 3G reception dies out shortly after I enter the Faraday Cage enclosure that is my bedroom. The effect on the 3G may well be because of the Faraday Cage, whereas the GSM reading goes against science. A faraday cage is as good as the thickness of the surrounding metal, in which case mine is blocking out some radiation. It obviously needs more layers because a stronger signal is obviously getting through as seen in the fact the reading on the phone goes off the hook.

This video shows only one instance where reception is lost after I enter the bedroom. This same pattern is the norm in other rooms, given I engage in some activities. This includes exercising, turning my laptop on, hammering a nail into the wall, etc.

My conclusion about this "conscious telephone" phenomenon is it's not so much that they want to see what I am doing for the sake of it, 24/7, or that they are worried I may leave traps for those breaking into my property; even that I may be in the process of creating something dangerous for the perp, but that these instances of increased physical activity provide for better attack moments, when the effects of bombardment with microwaves can be maximized. The perps require to know exactly where my parts are to achieve these results.

There were times in the past, before I purchased the camcorder, when I slept with my phone turned on, close to my head by the bedside chest. On several occasions I noticed that the display would be off when I awoke, given I just opened my eyes, and would turn on as soon as I moved a limb. This happened so many times I could not have been mistaken to conclude there was some kind of movement sensor attached to the device spying on me. It’s simply inconceivable for a perp to have kept their eye on me to the extent they would have known, to the second, that I was awake.

I could not provide much video proof of these incidences because this odd behavior changed as soon as I ordered the camcorder used for the footage. It would not be played out when I had the camcorder on, weird thing that but then again proof of how intensively I am being watched. After playing around with material and electric currents that block out most radio signals, I managed to make a few clips showing this phenomenon, but then because I got rid of the camcorder, I will only be able to upload these as soon as I get another, or a card reader.

Some homework for you: why do you think they are this blatant with me?

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Anonymous said...

Blatant? Well, consider two things:
1) Anonimity: those who believe that you cannot identify them will probably be bolder or more overt in their activities.
2) Impunity: those who believe that they will escape consequences will probably continue or escalate until they get what they want.
These types, per my experiences, ALWAYS have an agenda which includes getting specific things from their victims.
Just remember that honorable people ASK for what they want.
I have experienced a similar tactic: use of false ambient noises coordinated with certain things that I do. For instance, a while ago I would hear a single tap on the wall or ceiling every time I turned a page of the book I was reading. Otherwise the room was fairly silent. After a while I began to laugh when this happened, and the taps went away.
Also consider that the presence of EM phenomena does not prove that it is directed at you; certain agencies (DEA, FBI) might have surveillance on someone near your home and it might be affecting your environment.