Wednesday, 11 September 2013

The Aid They Give: Seen from a Target's Perspective

What would go through your mind each time you witnessed western donors giving aid to Africa, if you were a target of covert warfare and knew that 1) it was western in import, and 2) it was ultimately against the best interests of Africans that you were under attack? You would not see genuine intent to help but ulterior motive written all over the gesture. Alarm bells would ring in your head at the mere mention of such disbursement, in cash, food or project, if you were a target of covert warfare who knew that those giving the aid have direct connections to the people waging the covert war, when, as is the case with me, the source of the aid, and torment, is establishmentarian.  

Still experiencing torture normally meted out on a daily basis, aid from this particular party, no matter how generous, would not be seen as genuine.  What would come to your mind is the fact the handout is for the sake of propagating an image, a false one at that, in order to control opinions, to lower the guard of recipients, to control a regime since donor interests tend to become primary in impoverished lands, or all of these. 

Aid to Africa can be bad for Africa
You would realize that such donations are bad news for you, and others in your position, a deception that paints good as bad, bad as good. Talk about your status and people will look at this alms giving and conclude you are a liar. The one giving aid could not possibly be that bad. You realize that, ultimately, it is bad news for your people. Believe the gesture and they get bribed into their grave.

I have been a target of covert warfare for over two decades now, and know, without a shadow of doubt, that I am not being attacked because of me, but because of Africans. It is Africans who my tormentors want to get to, and my elimination eradicates one among those many who would make this process difficult. I, and others like me, are like alarm systems that need to be disabled in order to get to the valuable items inside a property. The process of disarming the alarm is not the end, but a necessary step to get to the end.

There are three questions you, dear reader, need to ask in order to be clear that the connection I make between this donor, Africans and me, holds any water. The first is why I became a target in the first place. The second is how I know that those attacking me are connected to the western establishment itself, America, in particular, that here it is policy. Thirdly, you would want to see the evidence I have to present proving I remain under attack.

If, in answer to the first question, I did something wrong that cannot be punished any other way, then the connection I draw would be false. The resultant state, i.e. covert warfare, would be my making and, obviously, the fault of the attacking party for not wishing to use existing legal channels to settle disputes or scores. I did not do anything wrong to an individual or organization. I never broke any oaths made to an entity that has, as a resort, the launching of covert attacks to get even or discourage others from doing the same. As for the second question, a connection to the establishment would exist if, for example, I was a whistle-blower; lets say an ex-CIA agent who exposed an active, malicious anti African agenda. It would even be better if I was an activist for a crucial African cause.  The answer to the second is also provided by knowledge of where attacks began, and also the means employed from the onset to date. I am not a whistle-blower, but can be considered an activist who walked into issues that have been known to attract such wrath. I know why attacks were initiated or, as they say in America, how I ended up on the attack menu, and also know where they started. 

In answer to the third question, an account of what is currently going on in my life is necessary.

If you have watched “The Entity” featuring Barbara Hershey, then you have an idea of what it is like. Do not get me wrong. I am not comparing rape in a fictional, horror movie with assaults using microwave weapons. It is the intrusion, unwarranted, the torment, perpetual most of the time, the tendency to lock off a location, especially the one where the victim recuperates, relaxes, that is identical. If you have not watched the film, then here is a synopsis:

Scene from The Entiry
Oscar®-nominee Barbara Hershey (Black Swan, Insidious) stars as Carla Moran, a hard-working single mother until the night she is raped in her bedroom by someone -- or something -- that she cannot see. Despite skeptical psychiatrists, she is repeatedly attacked in her car, in the bath, and in front of her children. Could this be a case of hysteria, a manifestation of childhood sexual trauma, or something even more horrific? Now with a group of daring parapsychologists, Carla will attempt an unthinkable experiment: to seduce, trap and ultimately capture the depraved spectral fury.

Attacks in my life, and most other targets, are constant, outside, indoors. I sense them by the heat, sometimes cold, that is created in the space, or on the body. The spots on the body cannot be mistaken for anything else. They start suddenly, usually moving onto the spot gradually, from an angle. They follow me through the room. Evasive moves on my part cause more deliberate movements from the spot, the human hand on the other end trying to keep up with the sudden, abrupt movements. This will stay constant, with increments in intensity whenever I do something that raises the temperature. 

It is when I go to bed that there is a change for the worst.

As soon as I hit the deck, so to speak, the beam follows a procedure that varies very little from night to night. First, the intensity increases so that it can clearly be felt. It then focuses on my face, or the part of my head that is exposed, not in the pillow facing downwards. The intensity and blatant shift suggests the assailant wants to make it very clear I am under attack. The assailant wants to make their presence felt. This is a psychological game. As the night progresses, the spot tends to move down to the torso, either to the heart first, or belly. Here it will stay for a while, then move down to the groin, to the genitals, to the knees, the feet, then the whole procedure is repeated again. This sequence lasts for about an hour, sometimes two, other times it will last the entire night, until the pain from the attacks becomes unbearable, until the heart region throbs with a dull pain, the joints throb with a burning sensation. 

Things would be worse if I did not have a fondness for shields.  Walking itself would by now be impossible. I definitely would have suffered from some heart condition. I have damage incurred from days when I slept without shields to remind me of this truth, damage that was largely reversed as soon as I started protecting myself, damage I cannot divulge lest I give clues to my assailants. 

These attacks continue to this day. Their trajectories and timing confirming terrestrial and satellite sources. The majority of attacks nowadays are made from the skies up above. The immediacy and especially timing of satellite attacks appears to put some truth to a reality many have in the past suggested is the case: that I have an RFID chip implant. A lot of things that have happened to me in the past point to this reality. 

Around my room, there are other strange phenomena that confirm the fact I am under attack. There are, for example, no mosquitoes, even during mosquito season. They do sometimes appear, buzz around for a while, then quickly disappear when the heat gets turned back on. This reappearance coincides with moments when the room becomes cool, assumes the normal temperature for the season. In the sleeping space itself it is always degrees warmer than normal, sometimes unbearably hot. I only need to go out to confirm this, usually with a shock to the system when temperatures that are normal are experienced as freezing cold. It gets so hot in my sleeping area water spilled on the floor or wet, thick garments dry as fast at night as when they are hung out to dry in direct sunlight. Shields that have a flammable coating are hit with microwave intensities that cause the release of fumes. Breathing becomes difficult. There is no electricity in my cabin, yet it smells like a radio repair shop. A three volt, two battery torch switches on when attacks are at their zenith, a dim light emanating from it even when the switch is off. It smells like an appliance much larger than it is that has had a short circuit and burnt some parts, an appliance such as a television set.

I have vermin in my home. They are hard to eradicate under the circumstances, a bother. But they are also quite helpful. When attacks begin, they reveal their presence by making the weirdest commotion imaginable from such. They bang into objects and, when attacks are hardest, you can hear them give out sounds that can be construed as screams.

I do not wish to believe that the information I have put down here will be believed and, of course, I grant you, dear reader, your healthy skepticism. This just happens to be the truth as I know it. There is no way I would mistake my observations for an overactive imagination, as some have suggested, or accept something else is wrong with me. The continued attacks are proof enough that they have decided on a path, and they are sticking to it. There is as such no doubt in my mind that when we see seemingly good intentioned missions to Africa, we are merely dealing with western double standards. It is subterfuge all the way. They want to get their way, and they are doing all they can to realize a wish. Those attempting to eliminate me do not want their modus operandi revealed. They do not want it known this is how they do things, how they sort issues out. There is no way I can take goodwill missions from their side seriously.

Because I do not for one moment believe these things are happening to me alone on the continent, I would also find it hard to take them seriously if they stopped attacking me given I believe thousands would still be targets. Only way I would gain confidence in them is if they gained the guts to come out clean on issues such as mine. Ohterwise I shall remain of the opinion they have thousands marked. It could even be millions given the same technologies can be turned on entire communities, and I am convinced they have been used in this manner already. Often, the very best of Africa’s sons and daughters are the targets. I know they are selected when their personality profiles become known, sometimes because they tell it as it is, because they don’t accept to be bribed into their graves, and other times because of their social connections. They are dying as we speak, as the agenda gathers pace, most of them unknowing that they are being taken out.

I am regurgitating and confirming much of the stuff I read about in the past, that I did not take as seriously, or failed to apply to certain situations. The protection I give myself, though not perfect, has played a major role in opening my eyes to many realities about seemingly innocuous satellites hovering above, frequencies they can beam down onto unsuspecting people or communities, and how the negative effects are being used to control or eliminate people. The technologies give a lot of power to those who have them, and they are being used, regularly, on the unsuspecting, helping fiends fulfill agendas covertly. For example,  I have discovered that it is true they can make innocuous bugs virulent. For example, I accidentally discovered that I can heal malaria, a sudden and inexplicable running stomach, etc., by just wearing shields against microwave attacks. These discoveries, that I would hope Africans verify by way of experiment, have made me start to look differently at some diseases and their affinity for African communities. What this continent needs is to wizen up. There are a lot of things we are taking for granted that are in fact caused by what we least suspect.