Sunday, 27 July 2008

The Multiple Layers: Hidden Strategy of Social Control

I am now positively aware, of this there is no doubt, that there are definitely two, maybe even more, intelligence service, judicial or police levels, i.e. a system where two or more are joined together as one, each concerned with the traditional role that intelligence agencies and other organs play in society, in reality each of which operates differently and independently of the other.

By so saying I am not alluding to the well known specialization inherent in such organs whereby one part concerns itself with, for example, internal issues, while the other deals with those of international import, etc. A typical example here would be the United Kingdom's MI5 and MI6 agencies. What I am talking about is the existence of these separate entities within one agency or organ, whereby though they are both tasked and dealing with the same tasks, they have radically different ways of approaching and solving them.

In the case of intelligence services, where the one part is primarily concerned with the identification, prevention and protection of citizens from perceived national threats, the other, latter in this case, is actively involved in as much the creation of problems (either in order to lure potential trouble makers into trouble in a similar manner sting operations do, or simply to get rid of those the system fears by overexposing them to a fault in society so that they become expendable) as their resolution.

For this arrangement to work, the latter has to be cognizant of this arrangement, while the former, comprising everyday, conscientious civilians who can tell the difference between right and wrong, who believe and have to be kept believing in the system for the whole thing to work, for it to be possible that everyday people aspire to run the needed institutions in the first place, are ignorant of this, if not of such subordinate stature within the ranking system as to take orders without question.

In the case of targets of covert warfare, there are those within the intelligence services who ore actively engaged in the target designation process. They know why so and so is a target. They know the interests that are at stake, and are also very aware of a greater agenda.

They are the ones who scour the grounds for those who could be eligible for elimination by ignorant, scumbag perps, who dutifully carry out the harassment and torture without asking any questions. The latter part of the intelligence services will be actively involved in the logistics of the operation while the former believes that the target is indeed guilty as charged and will directly or indirectly aid and abet the harassment, through actively participating, or aiding and protecting perps.

The true story of just why this particular person has been selected, what exactly it is that they did, and what has been done to the particular individual to make them extra-visible to a fault will only be known to a few, those who, to be able to keep this information within their ranks, have to believe they are an organ within the organ, consisting those above the law.

It is hard to see a lot of people aspiring to become lawyers if word is out that this rule of law society is a masquerade, that there are people out there who are "legally" beyond the law. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time as exposure to certain information, or getting clients who bring suit against such powerful people can be lethal. Likewise, it is hard seeing kids harbor ambitions of becoming police officers if it was common knowledge that they will be working for some strange, incomprehensible or inimical agenda. Society cannot function when some truths are exposed to the public. In this sense, a lot of people are actually being played, or, better put, living a lie.

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