Thursday, 18 September 2008

A Day In The Life Of A Legitimate Stalker (AKA Perp)

This account was found on Craigslist at the url listed below. The authenticity of this account cannot be verified but it matches personal experience I have had of stalker personalities right down to the dot, through eavesdropping on their conversations, hearing them talk to each other and at me as they go about their "intelligent" little procedures. I hope that this account sheds some light on the thought processes of those who stalk and torment us, and also enable us to approximate the personalities of their handlers that could not possibly be that far off considering the motivation, the company they keep and trust.

The Gang-Stalker's Diary
On Sunday, I hid in some guy's attic (and, then, his basement) and derided his every move. I did it for hours and hours and hours. I'm so worthwhile.

The guy makes fun of me for doing this; but, it's better than whatever he's doing, to be sure. I mean, c'mon! That thing he does when he does it—I, like, hate that! Everybody does! We're always talking about it how much we hate it, too—like, constantly! (Especially, when "she's" within earshot...tee-hee!)

Did you know purple is my favorite color?

By the way, tonight, a bunch of us are going to climb trees and stare at him as he walks down the street. We're just bad-ass like that.

Ack! I need to read up on my "creepy and kooky" things to say to him later, like, "A room with a view," and stuff like that. Are we, like, even legal with this shit? Hahahaha!

On Saturday, I boffed the clerk of the court to try and get a bench warrant pushed through. We're so stupid that way. Like, she would totally do it, even if I didn't fuck her; but, it's, like, cooler, if it gets done that way.

Speaking of which: did you read his federal complaint? Apparently, "arbitrary arrests," when combined with other, specific kinds of "tortious conduct," constitutes torture?
Ooh! I'm so mad at myself. The other day, I walked past that guy, and forgot to lunge at him and then start talking really loud into my cellphone. DAMN! That stupid automated telephone banking system is so complicated, it distracted me, and I couldn't concentrate on all the things I'm supposed to do whenever I see him (we're now up to 42!).
Oh! And, he simply must be punished! He got a refill on his medication yesterday! How dare him! Like, who the fuck is he, trying to, like, all live and shit?

It's Friday, and I just realized I've been on this one guy now for, like, two years! The plotting, the planning, the organizing, etc... Nothing but this one project! But, it is so worth it. I mean, don't you think? I asked one of my friends, "How is it exactly worth it? I can't hold down a job, and I do nothing but sit in trees all night."
She said, "Oh, it is so worth it."

Then, I thought about it, and decided, "Yeah, it is so worth it...because of why you just said." Then, we sat in a tree, stared at that guy walking—all nervous and annoyed, and shit—and thought about how worth it it really was.

On Thursday, I found Reason #456, which was of the category: "why I'm better than him." I can't remember, specifically, what it was now. I fell out of one of the trees last night.
Oh,! That's not the right category. It's, "why he shouldn't do something good for himself because of something bad he did for himself."

On Wednesday, we rounded over 300 volunteers for our latest "skit." It cost nearly $10,000, and we spent about 150 man hours putting it together; but, once that guy wondered through our maze of terror and awesome power, he looked kinda irked. So, it really paid off.

The hard part was getting all the damn street bums out of the way for the big show. Hungry bastards!

Oh, speaking of which, that night, that guy makes some stupid ass remark like, "Gee, with all that money and work, you could have fed, clothed and housed all the indigents you just swept into the sewer."

I'm, like, thinking, "Um, we're totally going to let them out of there when we're done, you shit-eating, shrivel-dicked faggot with AIDS! We're compassionate people."


Mukazo Vunda said...

Replace the monkey climbing a tree routine with perps sitting in their cars for the sole purpose of surveillance or to block traffic to slow a target down, perps perched in the driver's seat out to observe or stare down a TI butu looking like idiots, and the rest is just the same here in England.

The problem, as I see it, is the mind. Each and everyone of us has a mind that's just sufficient to see what it can see, and no more. The group mentality perps display affects an intellectual level in society that basically knows no better.

Poor sods, though, poor miserable creatures that would never be able to get a life themselves unless someone gives them one. I would kill myself if I woke up one day and was either one of them or their handlers... seriously.

Anonymous said...

they deliberately keep these people stupid in order to abuse them. part of the stupidity is genetic, no doubt, the rest is pure manipulation. they are kept incompetent so that they can always be available to be used for such missions. the street bums are not helped out of their situation, but driven deeper into neediness, while the others lucky enough to have homes and lead close to normal lives are deliberately prevented from succeeding.

Anonymous said...

They deliberately keep these people stupid in order to abuse them. Part of the stupidity is genetic; no doubt, the rest is pure manipulation on the art of the handlers. The street bums are not helped out of their destitute situation, but driven deeper into neediness using any trick possible, including enticing them into dependency on drugs and supplying them with cheap ones, while the others who are lucky enough to have homes and lead close to normal lives are led by the nose on account of pervasions, rather than helped to integrate into normal society. The guy who wrote this has unusual appetites the likes of which only a psychopath can have. Let’s face it, it does make him a better operative. Who else in their normal minds would engage in those activities? The fact remains in that state of mind he would under normal circumstances be considered a danger to society. He is in need of serious psychiatric help.

Anonymous said...

This sounds like one of my perps. They've wrote stuff like this aimed at me before. Looks like more psych harassment.

Is it typical of them to cyberstalk TI's using this style of crazy speech? I get lots of email attacking me and letting me know what I'm doing at particular times during the day. The cops seem to be involved. This looks like a huge operation, but I'm probably one of many TI's they have lumped together.

Nutinlft2lose said...

Here's where I'm at! I am a middle aged ex con drug addict. That being said I've been through seen and was involved in more than most Iraqi vets..not most but a great many. I've also been in a Battle with the weirdest most unbelievable event in my life..!!!! Now I am very much crazy! But I know what's real and wshats not most of the time! I have always been one that notices everything In my view. Part of being a white kid in Southwest San Diego! I am hypersensitive PTSD and well I am clinically nuts! But I do know what telling a single soul what I absolutely know is organized harassment. U hear other names..but when I was first realizing that something really fucking odd was taking I would tell my gf that there's the same car that I keep seeing everywhere I go..and wow so many white cars on and on..well it ruined the love of my life and me her because I was just trying to get people to see wit I saw..bad move bad move! Now just the little bit I know is a stuff I mentioned sounds absolutely rediculous! But the minute I leave my house an alRm goes off evertytime..I am talking about so n so then guess who shows up! Time after time! Things I've talked about repeated by a so called friend! Now I had no idea what was going on but my life was just getting a taste of hell..I could go on and sound ebven crazier.but if you ain't been there you'd never understand!!!! Period this shit is as real as are govt is fake! Who why no idea..but its no joke..I don't care what a monster you are you will be affected some to the point of suicide!now I have had both balls enough to slaughter everyone I thought might be a part..and I've also buckled like a baby and his from life! Now I play it see they have an end game in sight! They will set you up for a crime turn everyone dear to u against you take you from house to curb on and on...why? Me I personally can't make a bit of sense out of y me! I hope every mother fucking piece of shit who denies this is real dies of rectal cancer that spreads to they're genitals!I get y people! Don't believe it! That's howit was designed!! Now for any T.Is that happen to be addicted to any substance mind altering! Do yourself a favor try to get a head check..because ur dead I'm serious..I will probably not gonnna heed my own advice..but I am ready to go back I side for this!they are cowards followers no self esteem impotent perverts. that literally have video taped me doi g all kinds of persona! Shit..they do get into your house they do watch you every second.u wonder why I'm so important so do I..they will have to kill me sleeping hope it comes to that. I have myself alone against too many but I got something they will love in motion..counter surveillance is Nearly impossible but I have gotten stuff passed the best and they see hear stuff that I let them hear. They can watch me In bed the shower so what no dif.than being locked up! It kinda get me excited!lol so why are all you bad ass thugs not just co ming up to me and take care of out number me by gaggles! I will say this they are well trained! My name is Scott! I reside in adelanto ca. And please come look me up and try and finish this game. I fear myself more than all you! I won't fall for your mind fuck meant to kill!!!!!!.!FUCK EVERYSINGLE one of you g.s! Bitches

Anonymous said...

Hey Scott, are you still alive? I hope you are ok. Your comment made me sad. I can relate to alot of what you said. I think it's all demonic, and I ain't a religious type at all. But Jesus is real. And so is satan but Jesus is the only way out man.