Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Facebook Profile Hack Curiously in Line With The Target Isolation Objective

Yesterday, I logged into one of my two Facebook accounts (don't ask why I have two accounts) and happened to get the urge to view my other account while logged into the other, enabling me to view my account as a visitor would.
What I saw displayed on the screen turned out to be a revelation that opened my eyes to yet another sinister reality about my status and the extent those who pursue me will go to do me in.
On my other Facebook account's profile, the account I have tended to use the most out of the two btw, was displayed the wrong phone number, not the one I had recently confirmed and set as the primary number, not the number I had already used to reset my password to regain access to my account after being locked out, not the one to which Facebook has already sent numerous messages, but an old number I once set as primary on this same account.
Scrolling further down the page, I clicked on the link to the list of my family members and lo, it was incomplete. Only 2 out of a total of 5 were displayed and, as if someone at Facebook had realised I had seen this, all the names were there the next time I visited the page.
But then, as if the same someone at Facebook who had just noticed that I had seen the omission was convinced the viewing was done for the day, he/she set the code back to the default for my account, so that the same error was repeated when I visited the page later on.
There were a few other things wrong with other information displayed on my profile that I will not go into here, things with consequences as far-reaching as the two errors I have mentioned.
Now, I already am aware that a lot happens to the material we upload to the internet, especially when we are under surveillance, as is abundantly clear In my case.
It is already known that the pieces we write, for example, can get edited. Mistakes are added with the aim of distorting the message or creating the wrong impression about our mental state, and so on.
It has never occurred to me, till this date, to think that, for those of us who call ourselves "targets of covert warfare", there is an active program to control the image we present to the world on social media that does the exact same thing that the COINTELPRO-like program we are under does, which is foster our isolation, pointing out extensive infiltration of such by the powers-that-be.
It is clear from the alterations done to my account that whoever inserted the kind of code that allowed for the display of a number I no longer use had the frustration of my capacity to communicate offline in mind, and they were thinking of creating distance or mistrust when they made it look like I had removed my own family members from the family member list.
Just think what this can cause a family member to think and do ... the blatant sign their sibling has rejected them as one, even if "just" online, and on Facebook at that, may be taken seriously enough for there to be consequences. One cannot ignore the thoughts that might be prompted in the minds of the other siblings who have not been affected ...
The image presented of me to the world on a social networking website is evidently not secure, and this is wrong. There should not be any covert violations of anyone's fundamental rights as a human being when they sign up and use the services provided by a social networking website online.
What needs to be realised here is the fact what they are doing is very effective, and I, as an individual, can do very little about it save keep away. In this particular case, changing/deleting a description of myself made in jest that was used against me will not help. They can very easily use something else to achieve the same effect. Deleting phone numbers I am not using will not prevent them changing my number to any other they choose when attention is averted and the need arises.
Tinkering with my account is of no use. I simply have to log out and they will be at it again ... living up to the known behavior of the creatures denoted by the epithet I use to describe them: vermin.
If I cannot keep off the internet, then the most I can do is the same or similar to what I do with everything else I have put online, which is check to see that it is the original version, by reading through it again and again.
May just be my imagination but I sometimes think military supercomputers are being used to fetch either the edited (spoilt) or original versions of articles we have posted to the internet to suite who is requesting the resource (in much the same way the list of my family members on Facebook changed when it was noticed that I was checking), and as a preemptive recourse, I sometimes log onto the internet from machines I have not used before then perform the same checks, hopefully doing enough before my real identity is discovered.
It is the law of the jungle out there and one cannot be too careful. It is all highly complicated. One shudders at the mere thought of all the unknowns the fiends are up to.
One can only hope that enough is being done by those who wield power on the net and still know the difference between right and wrong to keep it free. We need people like this working to make it free if it has been taken, or keeping it free if it still is, otherwise it is not worth getting on. All those efforts to raise awareness are then better done in real life where our identities are less easy to alter than they are online.

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