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How Useful is a Microwave Detector/Sensor (For Targets Of Covert Warfare)?

There are quite a number of microwave detectors on the market. They are handy because they enable a target to know whether and when they are under attack, and even give the type and intensity of beams involved. They will give you some needed peace of mind. They should however never be depended on as a deterrent against DEW attacks.

DEW attacks meant to cause injury or disease are usually launched when the target is least able to know they are being attacked, for example when sleeping, when engaging in activities that raise body temperature; the warmth serving to camouflage the heating effect of an attack, etc. In such circumstances, a microwave detector is of limited use, especially when the attackers know of its presence.

Attacks can also be launched at incremental rates in order not to alert the target of the attack, so that they do not scan their surroundings. The target is first bombarded with low level beams, the intensity of which is gradually increased to desired, mostly dangerous levels. The effect on the target is the boiling-frog allegory.

There are cases when attacks are launched even when the target can know they are under attack. This is usually done in those instances where the perp is certain the target will not retaliate in any way whatsoever. This is especially true in cases where the victim of abuse is a woman.

There are other times when the fear of retaliation exists, but the need for attack is so high within commanding ranks the perps have no choice but to stick their necks out. These then are high priority cases and usually involve targets who require immediate silencing because their next act cannot be tolerated; and still those who have not yet had their personalities destroyed or completely surrounded so that an opportunity for the next attack isn't certain. They can be high profile cases that require to be kept firmly in place by any means necessary, in which case the perp would have been offered up as expendable bait in the possible case of retaliation. This is playing the game by pieces, in which case the threat is exchanged for some worthless zombie-like person.

A detector is absolutely useless as a deterrent in such cases, however comprehensive or complex it is. If it gives out an audio signal then chances are that the target will eventually be forced to turn it off because the perp wont be bothered by this.

Whatever situation you are in, the detector will only perform the function of deterrent to a limited extent, unless you combine it with something perps are always afraid of, which is a camcorder. Keeping it handy, ready to shoot, besides your detector, at home or while out and about, is your best bet of curtailing overall attacks.

Be ready to record instances when the detector shows dangerous levels of radiation. It would be a good idea to keep a recording of the device during routine testing. For example, if your detector is capable of picking up static as well as dynamic radiation, then keep some recordings of such detection, before and after an event, which will serve as evidence your device wasn't malfunctioning at the time you recorded high levels of attack.

Depending on how intensely you are being watched, perps will know that you have purchased a detector, and will also know whether you are keeping a camera at hand with a view to recording instances of attack. They will attempt to launch attacks when your guard is down, when they are certain no evidence of this can be collected.

If you become overly vigilant then they will resort to taking quick and intense shots at you when your back is turned, turning the microwave device off as soon as your attention is not distracted. These attacks will be less than what you have normally become accustomed to, otherwise the perps will switch frequencies if they know the detection range of your sensor, which will in most cases be to a frequency that does much less damage than the alternative, otherwise it would already have been in use.

All in all, possession of a detector/sensor will spare a target a good deal of the torture planned for them. In cases where attacks cannot stop even when the target has detected and is locating the bombardment, the detector still does the job of warning of the attack and sometimes also of the kind and intensity. This can be useful for a number of reasons, including directed remedies against the damage done to the system such as medication or exercise.

Detectors with audio signals offer the best protection compared to those that either only have a gauge or a led indicator. They can serve well even at times when you fall asleep, given the sleep is not DEW induced, so that the audio signal isn't easily registered by the senses. Such a device can easily be pocketed, out of view, and still be able to alert you when radiation is detected.

MicroAlert 2
MicroAlert 2
Minimum sensitivity is .001 milliwatt per cm2, making it much more sensitive than the radio/microwave section of the TriField® Meter (below). Covering the bands between 100MHz and 3GHz, it gives out a loud beep when it detects radio waves higher than the selected setting. Battery life is a good 3 years if it beeps 5 minutes every day. More Specs

The other thing to look out for is the detection range of the device. Some appliances detect all levels of radiation, giving out a signal or light of varying intensity that by itself only slightly tells of level, but hardly whether this is dangerous or not, while others have a gauge reading that will indicate danger levels. This is a good thing in that attacks can sometimes be launched not for the purpose of causing immediate damage, but long term discomforts. For this last, detectors that simply detect without giving the level are good enough, but then it is always a plus to know exactly what you are being hit with.

The Zap Checker 180
The Zap Checker 180
Equipped with a meter that gives level, as well as two green and red led lights for use in the dark, the 180 model has a detection range from 3MHz to 4.5 GHz. With this unit, localizing the source of the RF emissions is easy. More specs

Some detectors are only capable of measuring one frequency. This is especially true of a lot of simple microwave leakage detectors. They are built for one purpose alone, which is to detect EHF. Others are capable of detecting both ELF and EHF bombardment, and can also detect static magnetic fields, which can be useful for some purposes.

TriField Meter
TriField Meter
Depending on where the knob is set, the meter detects either frequency-weighted magnetic fields (two separate scales), or frequency-weighted electric fields in the ELF and VLF range. It has significant sensitivity at 100,000 Hz, well past the 17,000 Hz horizontal scan of video displays. The radio/microwave setting can detect up to 3 GHz. More Specs

Tissue and fluids in the human body absorb microwaves. Always scan around your body when you sense an attack. It makes no sense keeping the detector on the table in front of you when you feel a needle like pain in your back. Attackers will always attempt to move to the side where they know the detector is not placed. Try as much as possible to position yourself in such a way that attacks can only be launched at you from one angle, which is where you will place your detector.

It is a good idea when you carry your detector along to put it in a part of your clothes where your attackers will mostly hit you. This does not mean placing the device on top of your head, but as close to your head as is possible. When you are in motion, attackers will usually have to adjust their aim to cope with up and down, side to side movements, meaning the beam will dance around your body, mostly the upper torso and head. The central location where you could carry the device would be beneath your neck, worn as a necklace or inserted into the upper shirt pocket. You can always turn around and move the detector lower if you suspect a hit below the belt or behind your back.

The best detectors on the market are those that help you trace the beam to its source. They can be particularly helpful in home situations, especially where attacks are constant. You will quickly and easily know who the culprit is, and take steps to deal with the menace. They become even more useful in instances of research done by attackers to determine what you just purchased, because the perp will take extra care not to reveal their whereabouts.

Be very careful that you are not led by the nose into blaming an innocent party of launching attacks. The one thing perps want to do is alienate you from as many people as possible. Launching attacks from a vehicle parked behind a neighbor’s house so that the beams appear to be coming from that direction is a real possibility.

Monday, 17 September 2007

A Must Read: "Monarch: The New Phoenix Program"

Watch Monarch Video On YouTube

Surprised I managed to send a comment to my own blog without logging in and making an entire new post. Looks like a lot of you have been here and experienced the same problem, but then what do you expect when the "JERK" is on your case, day in day out.

I recently put the rights of my book up for auction on EBay and could not get a buyer even when the item was re-listed two times afterwards. I suspected something was going on so I registered a new account with the site and attempted to bid on the item. Everything went according to plan, the bid was confirmed but, come back a few minutes later, there was no visible bid on the item.

I repeated this again and again and the same thing happened. Come back later and it looked as though nobody had ever bid on the item before. I tried playing with the browser, changed configurations, installed java etc. I changed computers and IP addresses but nothing helped. The bid was simply not going through.

Funny I should have thought the man would not be all over the project as soon as he got wind of it. Just did not expect the fool would go to such extents, but then again...

If you are having problems posting comments on this site then please do not hesitate to contact the Google team or send an email directly to me... I hope it arrives. I will attempt to answer all emails with a confirmation, and if you do not get any then try my phone. Send an SMS or something.

Here’s a post I got through from a visitor to this site that is the subject of this post. It is very informative for those of you under attack. the information is taken from this poster's book, freely downloadable or can be bought at the addresses below.

I should add here that much of what is contained in this excerpt I have experienced or suspected has or is being done to me already; one occasion I am positive of being the present address, and the time I was imprisoned for no reason whatsoever (contained in the book). You have to be afraid when you realize they organize such activities even in prisons. That, my friend, is the last place you want to be caught up in...


Monarch: The New Phoenix Program

Excerpt from page 30 of this book free at (blog) hard copy: $10.

Terry reported to me that one month earlier he was walking on the side of his house and he felt a blast of warm air. A large hose was coming out of his neighbor's attic, down the side of the house, under the fence and into his yard in a concealed manner. The neighbors who moved in all around him shortly before his targeting with microwave weapons began, had planted fast growing trees and hedges that formed an enormous U shaped barrier, 30-60 feet high, on three sides of his home. It was a barrier that contained the air around his house very tightly. The prevailing wind generally pushed the air flow down the cul de sac of his street towards the front of his home and into the open area of the barrier, thus containing the air flow in a pocket around his home. When Terry discovered the concealed hose he mounted very large industrial fans in his backyard and pushed the captive air out of the artificially created air pocket. The school that is less than 100 meters from his back door was immediately evacuated in what was described publically as a gas leak emergency. I witnessed his immediate neighbors often react to a distinctive horn or whistle that when it sounds they enter their houses and shut all doors and windows for approximately 2-3 hours. When the distinctive horn is sounded again these same hostile neighbors emerge from their homes as if they had been given an all clear. Subsequently the suspicious neighbors can be observed washing down their cars, the sides of their houses, and even the sidewalks with a distinctive residue afterwards in evidence on the ground. At night multiple neighbors can be observed using a black light or ultraviolet light inside their homes. I am a microbiologist who has worked in molecular biology to develop bacteriophage drugs to combat antibiotic resistant bacteria that kill 80,000 Americans in hospitals every year. Ultraviolet light is the primary means of destroying virus particles. If I expose virus in the lab to ultraviolet light they literally fall apart in very short order. I personally observed all of the above behaviors with my own eyes, the organized harassment and stalking behaviors of the neighbors, the distinctive warning horns that send the neighbors scurrying inside and the all clear horn that brings them back out into their yards to hose down their cars, sidewalks, and even the sides of their houses. The reason that Terry and his family are all targeted together is that they are in a distinctive category of the experimental microwave weapons program. Terry and his family are being used in an experimental fashion to test the use of small amounts of biological and chemical agents in tandem with the microwave frequencies. The experimental virus and or chemical particles are released from the house next door into the air pocket around his home formed by the enormous hedges and trees that surround his house in a U shape. The horn is sounded and the neighbors quickly enter their homes and shut their doors and windows to prevent exposure. Terry, his wife, and their two daughters are bathed in microwave frequencies that resonate or spin the viral and chemical agents to increase their activity within the human body. The blood brain barrier porosity is altered by the microwave attack and particle sizes that would normally be blocked are allowed to cross the blood brain barrier directly into the brain. The microwave weapon is tuned specifically to the cyclotronic resonance or resonance frequency of the viral or chemical particles and baths all four of their bodies and thus increases the reactivity of the introduced agent millions of times above normal. This functions the same as giving the experimental group a massive dose of the experimental agent. The experimental exposure is continued for well over an hour and then allowed to dissipate at which time the all clear is sounded and the neighbors emerge from their homes and use their garden hoses and high pressure nozzles to wash down the sides of their houses, their cars and their sidewalks. Normally biological warfare agents will deteriorate almost entirely in a matter of a few hours under conditions of intense direct sunlight and heat. Terry and his family are being used as human experimental subjects to perfect the latest technique for using chemical and biological agents in conjunction with microwave weapons. Terry is particularly beset with health problems that have left him unable to work.