Friday, 15 February 2008

Why Targets Are Not Guilty Of Some “Unknown” Crime

There is no crime anybody can commit within a rule of law society that cannot be dealt with using the system set up for the purpose, the judiciary. Every civilized society looking out for the best interests of the land has a legal system whose duty it is to enforce the law, and a Secret Service whose job it is to protect people within from internal and external foes. It is the ultimate function that these, including the citizenry, catch and bring people who have committed crimes before judge and jury, to be tried, and then sentenced.

These organs are not made up of psychics, whose capacity to detect and isolate problems cannot be explained using words. These organs are not peopled with the esoteric, who could not be understood, no matter how hard they tried to explain their convictions. The people looking out for our best interests, whatever land we reside in, are men and women just like you and me, who speak our language, who see what we see, and reason just like we do. They are just human, but then in view of their function for society, more than anybody else, we deem it essential that they have more moral fortitude than the average citizen. Most important is that they stand up for what they believe, and do not, like some depraved criminals, shy away from revealing their true selves. If they have deemed an individual an enemy of the state or order, they can very easily and openly inform the rest just why they came to this conclusion, and there would be no question of endangering national security given crime is crime wherever you are.

Obviously, somebody is hiding something when it becomes necessary to use covert means to bring some individuals to justice. Plainly, somewhere along the line somebody knows if they revealed the details of the situation, then people will realize that the target is neither guilty of a crime nor a danger to society, revealing the reality the ones who are actually guilty and hiding something are the ones doing the covert prosecution, the people standing on “the wrong side of the law”.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see sense in this.

There can be no other logical explanation as to why the system itself, equipped with everything it needs to transparently prosecute people who break laws, especially those that threaten society, should resort to covert means of protecting the same society. There is either something that a few people in this society are doing that they do not want exposed to people who are not in the know, who should be kept that way, sleeping, otherwise, if the practise has become institutionalised, then the entire society is hiding something from other societies. This means the society is not presenting its real face to some insiders, and definitely to a lot of outsiders.

A society is judged by how it treats its weakest members. Wherever we live, if our country claims to be civilized, we are all equal before the law, but if some people can be punished by the system in ways not prescribed within the very law of the land, then the unwritten but strictly enforced rule of the ruling elite is that some people are in fact more equal than others under that law, period.