Friday, 15 February 2008

Why Targets Are Not Guilty Of Some “Unknown” Crime

There is no crime anybody can commit within a rule of law society that cannot be dealt with using the system set up for the purpose, the judiciary. Every civilized society looking out for the best interests of the land has a legal system whose duty it is to enforce the law, and a Secret Service whose job it is to protect people within from internal and external foes. It is the ultimate function that these, including the citizenry, catch and bring people who have committed crimes before judge and jury, to be tried, and then sentenced.

These organs are not made up of psychics, whose capacity to detect and isolate problems cannot be explained using words. These organs are not peopled with the esoteric, who could not be understood, no matter how hard they tried to explain their convictions. The people looking out for our best interests, whatever land we reside in, are men and women just like you and me, who speak our language, who see what we see, and reason just like we do. They are just human, but then in view of their function for society, more than anybody else, we deem it essential that they have more moral fortitude than the average citizen. Most important is that they stand up for what they believe, and do not, like some depraved criminals, shy away from revealing their true selves. If they have deemed an individual an enemy of the state or order, they can very easily and openly inform the rest just why they came to this conclusion, and there would be no question of endangering national security given crime is crime wherever you are.

Obviously, somebody is hiding something when it becomes necessary to use covert means to bring some individuals to justice. Plainly, somewhere along the line somebody knows if they revealed the details of the situation, then people will realize that the target is neither guilty of a crime nor a danger to society, revealing the reality the ones who are actually guilty and hiding something are the ones doing the covert prosecution, the people standing on “the wrong side of the law”.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see sense in this.

There can be no other logical explanation as to why the system itself, equipped with everything it needs to transparently prosecute people who break laws, especially those that threaten society, should resort to covert means of protecting the same society. There is either something that a few people in this society are doing that they do not want exposed to people who are not in the know, who should be kept that way, sleeping, otherwise, if the practise has become institutionalised, then the entire society is hiding something from other societies. This means the society is not presenting its real face to some insiders, and definitely to a lot of outsiders.

A society is judged by how it treats its weakest members. Wherever we live, if our country claims to be civilized, we are all equal before the law, but if some people can be punished by the system in ways not prescribed within the very law of the land, then the unwritten but strictly enforced rule of the ruling elite is that some people are in fact more equal than others under that law, period.


Anonymous said...

let's cosider the probabilities: the target killed somebody in the past but were not caught, and it cannot be proven(?), they are a pedofile but it cannot be proven(?), they are a danger to society in ways that cannot be explained, there is no other way to avert the danger than to watch them 24/7 and attack them in their own home(?).

lets face it. these attacks bear all the hallmarks of revenge/vengeance, and in most cases are designed to hinder progress, then eliminate. most of this is related to economic and political agendas. targets are one or other kind of dissident who stand in the way of the agenda.

Unknown said...

Targets are just people who for whatever reason were not successfully conformed by this controlled society, and at some point the system decided it was going to keep them in line.

This is how the system works. This is how society is.

If you have not had a chance check out

Anonymous said...

That is true, it can be useful to control individuals that probably should be watched. But a lot of it is really uncessary rudeness and stalking/harassment. I've seen a lot of people in control of the harassment, like for example, doing the patrols and watching, that were some pretty serious troublemakers. A small segment were druggies and people that loved to harass everybody. Some of the people doing the watching were dating and having sex with underage girls, and were underage drinkers. I should know because I knew the perps personally.

And this system is designed to make an assumption of guilt until proven innocent.

My philosophy is: go ahead and watch if you must, but there is almost 100% hypocracy among the watchers. They are the ones who, 99% of the time, should be watched.

But that is just how our society operates,

As far as the unecessary stalking, I see a few of these riding around with their headlights off at night just to scare targets. And how is posting stuff about a target's penis pn online websites going to correct the troublemaking target? And all of my underage perps always talking me into buying them things, such as alcohol. There is a big potential for somebody getting killed, just because this person "probably" killed somebody.

Mukazo Vunda said...

Just been to, and I do agree with the author that, in light of the fact they have not completely taken over, seen in the reality they are still concealing their activities, the rapid expansion of the phenomenon reveals a need to reach a critical mass. I however find 1/3 way too small a figure for this, and would argue that in many parts of especially western countries, this level has long since been surpassed without getting close. There are very good reasons why even when the majority have been converted they remain weaker than a minority that has not. If you ask me, also going by the realities expressed by the last poster, whereby even underage kids are being recruited, it must already be more than 1/2.

There are times it can get so much in some locations, irregardless whether there is an attempt to surround or not, that it sometimes feels like a step into "Night of the Living Dead"... me and a few others dodging those throngs, those teeth, afraid to become like them. I am not being delusional here, just stating an objectively observed, and documented fact. I do not dare into some parts of London, and still have fresh memories of how the neighbourhood I lived in turned into some kind of military zone. My estimates, based on counts only a target with the proper equipment and knowledge can make (RF + ELF Detectors, hidden Camcorder, home surveillance equipment + improvised locking devices, etc.), are that more than half the people living in that neighbourhood were involved. It could only take that number to make what was happening possible.

Mukazo Vunda said...

after eviction, i moved into a hostel where i am still resident. as already told about such places, I have already observed a high number of perps already resident here. Attacks commenced as soon as I arrived, mostly centered on imobilization, ie. targetting the feet, knees, thighs and major organs, especially the heart and brains, and of late they have been about the befamed humour of secret agencies sporting the "I" word in their title, that involves inducing dreams of release, sexual or scatological.

Could be one of those tricks about shaming people in high places by making things happen to them. I can almost hear the laughter when they succeed, if they ever do. Nah, man, no way am I giving in to what has turned out to be a laughable Zombie group... That, cannot be the better team.