Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Small Subtle Facts that Reveal the Fact Yanez Was an Assassin

Transcript from the video

Me: Philando was stopped because he fit the description of a robber. But when you listen to what Yanez says when he is greeted by Philando, you realize he is making an unnecessary distraction.

Philando: How are you?

Yanez: I am good. You have one breaklight out. One activator here behind the top light? That's gonna be out ...

Me: Yanez is obviously trying to lower the guard of especially Philando ... and the reason for this will become clear later on in this narrative. Diamond, Philando's girlfriend, appeared to have been convinced by this distraction. She clearly states in her video that this is the reason they became unlucky.

Diamond: Stay with me ... We got pulled over for a broken brake light in the back.

Yanez: (barks inaudibly)

Diamond: etc.

Me: Her boyfriend Philando, however, fell for it completely. It is clear he believed nothing untowardly would occur until the first shot was fired.

Philando: Sir, I have to tell you I have a firearm on me.

Yanez: Ok, okay. Don't pull it out!

Philando: A . Absolutely not.

Diamond: No!

Yanez: (Reaches into car with left hand) Don't pull it out!

Me: But then ... hold on. Is that Diamond we hear yelling at the end of the next clip? She is not psychic. She could not have seen what was coming. Listen to the audio.

Philando: Sir, I have to tell you I have a firearm on me.

Yanez: Ok, okay. Don't pull it out!

Philando: A . Absolutely not.

Diamond: No!

Yanez: (Reaches into car with left hand) Don't pull it out!

Diamond: Noooo!

Me: It is clear when Diamond is the first one to scream, right before Yanez reaches into the car with his left, weaker hand, a fraction of a second before he fires the first of seven shots, that she was not fooled by the distraction after all. Her guard was still raised. Now watch as Yanez goes into shell shock and he repeats a command an incapacitated man cannot comply with.

Yanez: Don't pull it out!

Diamond: He wasn't!

Yanez: Don't Move!

Me: Yanez can clearly see Diamond. He knows she is recording and also that she doesn't buy the idea he was reaching for his gun. This is the main reason his jammed mind doesn't let go the idea he can still kill her. We know this because he asks her too, to keep her hands where they are. Now why does a man who depends entirely upon the word from the mouth of his target worry so? She didn't say she had a gun in her bag, did she?

Yanez: Madam keep your hands where they are!

Me: It must have dawned on her that he knew his tail light approach had not fooled her as he shot away. This is the reason why seemingly obedient Diamond is rather smooth getting out of the car when Yanez commands a cop with amazing mental alacrity for a complex crime scene sporting a shotgun to take her out of the car.

2nd cop: Madam exit the car right now. Walk backwards etc.

Me: Diamond was freed from captivity by a man who could have shot her at any point during the siege because she made nonsense of his justification for shooting Philando dead. Nobody else but Diamond caused Yanez to go into shell shock, and it is the reaction she made right before he fired the first shots that did this. Yanez was rescued by his colleagues.. The only thing left to expose the fact he was what the average fellow considers an assassin looking to leave no stones unturned or no comebacks, was Diamond.

One last thing that upgrades Yanez' status from assassin to terminator ... something I have talked at length about that I think you need to pay more attention to before it is too late. When you assassinate people who have done nothing wrong, it is usually a seen potential in them that you eliminate them for. This means you are eliminating a threat identifiable as a gene.

Philando Castille himself was not a threat to anybody. The best he had done was a job at a cafeteria. But he was sexually active, meaning he could breed.

Was Diamond the future mother of a threat?

There are a lot of things about Philando that suggest he was special. He remembered the names of all the kids at the cafeteria and their specific meal requirements, for example. Few among us can do this, yet it was hardly something that could be threatening to somebody else ... but then such traits just need to be expressed properly to become useful.

In my opinion, Yanez is a terminator, and he acted in much the same way the fictional character in the movie "Terminator" did when he was passed into the past to terminate Connor's mother after whatever was special in her or the father of her son had found proper expression in Connor and put him beyond the point where he could be destroyed by the machines.

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Drones Galore

The pictures were taken and video footage made about three weeks ago. The drones started making tracks as soon as it became clear I was filming and taking photos, which is the usual thing that happens.

Three of the drones in especially the front part of the home were gone only thirty minutes after the first pictures were taken.

Shortly afterwards, the folder containing the images was deleted from my phone, and it would not be far fetched to say the images I use in this video, that were uploaded to, then downloaded from, facebook have been tampered with.

I feel, however, that there is little damage anything they could have done would do to the evidence gathered except validate it even more. It is indeed drones galore outside my home.

Saturday, 17 June 2017

The Perpetual "Decapitation" Of Black Communities is a Systemic Requirement

Decapitation in the bible: Artistic impression of Abraham in the process of moving his knife to his sons neck when an angel stops him.

I heard it mentioned a lot in black communities while I roamed around in the west, a long time ago when I was still a kid, that the search for and elimination of the best in black communities is a constant activity in western countries.

I was well read at the time I was hearing this, hardly the kind you could call naive. I was highly critical of mind and did not take this to be mere hearsay on the part of members of the black community. I knew already why such a structure was necessary in the dominant culture/system, but only the program knocked on my door did I realize the scope of it and how entrenched it was in the system, and that it was not restricted to the west but was global.

I also came to know of the zeal with which the end was sought. If someone had to die, then everything and anything was done to see to it that this was done.

I know that many people reading this will be of the belief it only happens to troublesome black adults, but you will be shocked to learn some of the targets are selected and taken out when they are but babies and have not spoken a word yet.

Tupac Amaru Shakur

Tupac Shakur, who was still very young when he was eliminated, who some of the older among us would consider a kid when he died, is an example of a target of the same program, in this case an instance of the program running into someone who becomes aware of it and gets eliminated "overtly" and in a hurry, in part because of his consciousness of the program ... but mostly because of his fame as this affords him the channel to communicate his experiences regarding the program with a wider audience.

The last thing they want is one of those they select for elimination to be famous and a voice for many as well. That's the surest way the program becomes confirmed in a community.

The program must eliminate in silence to persist, and Tupac exposing it as it attacked him was the worst that could happen to it. The leaders of the program could not tolerate that ... therefore they took opportunity after another to eliminate him.

It should not come as a surprise that in Tupac's short life, they struck twice with gunmen, and we can say they struck many more times if we consider the other times he mentions in his songs and also consider the time he ended up in jail, which is removal from society, as virtual elimination. He survived the first shooting attempt on his life and when they thought to use the east coast west coast rivalry between him and biggie smalls as a good opportunity to make another attempt on his life, they succeeded.

Biggie Smalls

I understand how rare it is for one that's been marked for elimination in this way to become conscious of it. It takes a keen mind ... a highly discerning and critical mind but, mostly, it takes a mind that's awakened already.

I know this because I am also one of those who woke up while they attacked. I realised what was going on and made noise about it.

I tried and continue to try to warn the rest about an ongoing program that has claimed many an innocent life to date, killed because their brain matter happens to be weightier than average, eliminated because of how God made them.

I know for a fact that, right now as we speak, they are plotting to take my life. They have made attempts on my life as well and though I have scars from one they precipitated that almost did the job back in 2012, they have not got me yet.

A word of warning ... Do not be fooled about what they will attempt to say about the cause of a death they will engineer. Don't get fooled even when they pull the opinion of some seeming rocket scientist brained somebody to weigh in on the argument in order to support a theory they probably already have cooked up while I am still alive of what caused me do die.

THEY will have done what they have wanted to do to me for a long time now.

Now, I should tell you what I know usually happens when a black male or female is detected who fulfils the criteria of those they have decided should be eliminated from black communities globally in order to have full, ruinous control on Africans.

Other than times they take people out while they are still babies because they fulfil the criteria by mere heredity or, sometimes by noticed precocious abilities, the norm is for the target to be of school going age because that's where their intellectual capacities or potentials become evident.

We are talking here of intellectual potentials and capabilities showing right before the individual becomes conscious, before they raise their guard.

The usual thing that starts happening when the fiends are sure they have found the one they want is they start damming that life in.

The neighbourhood in which the target lives will get infiltrated. Then the fiends ensure every friend the target makes from henceforth is connected to them. The relationships that the target has already built up themselves will be frustrated.

It's at this point that attempts to do the target's mentality in using one of these friends will start. They will utilise any method to achieve this, including making them wayward, and poisoning, with especially the neurotoxin variant or carcinogens, is not exempt. Anything that stops the development of that life and leads to actual elimination or virtual elimination is applied. Should any of this not deliver desired results, then violent death will be the final outcome.

It can be expected of such missions that they will continue even after the target has been defiled of mind because it costs more to leave such people alive due to the manpower required to ensure they remain foolish with no chance this will ever change .... therefore, even when they are no longer functioning normally mentally, the need to lure them into situations where they are incarcerated or killed, whereby it seems like an inevitable outcome of their lifestyle or mentality, will persist.

Inside Rickers Island prison in the USA. A disproportionately large number of Africans languish behind bars in this country

The program I talk about here is not something I have conjured up from the top of my head. It is real. I have personally seen much of it in action in my own life and deduced it was active in the lives of many other people from reports of what they said in their own words, what others said about their life, and such.

When Tupac, for example, says in "Picture me Rolling" that he knows there's dope being sold but he ain't the one selling (so why is he the one being watched)? This is what he is alluding to, for, could there be another reason the system singled him out for intense surveillance other than that he fulfilled some criteria for the kind of black male the system fears and routinely eliminates?

It is beneficial to understand what we have here is a long standing program that pre-dates the transatlantic slave trade and African colonialism or the 1885 Berlin Conference. The program is not only active in African American communities, but is global.

It started off with initial contact between the west and Africans and was used as a tool of subjugation. The group was simply beheaded this way so that what remained of them was clueless and easy to control.

It was actually known about by Africans and there are abundant reports of fugitives running for their lives in African folklore to vouch for this. People run for their lives after heads of kings started being shipped to Europe and they realised they were next. There is a report of a Zulu prince who ended up in the Southern Congo area, thousands of kilometres away from home, and his story was of a target who got conscious as the conqueror attempted to do him in covertly.

Africans knew about this program but somewhere along the way this knowledge was lost, most probably as a direct consequence of the very targeted eliminations.

Suffice to say the group lowered its guard as this awareness was lost and over time it (the group) became easy pickings for the colonial forces but the knowledge has re-emerged and is back with us again big time ... starting out with an American rap artiste, going all the way back to Africa in my semblance, where it was first applied to the group and continues to this date.

Lets understand here that the point of such eliminations is control. It helps to make a conquered group subservient, tame or domesticated without them having the brains to know this is what is happening.

The brains, or head of any group of human beings on planet earth happens to be in the form of their best.

Remember this.

This program is factually the beheading of a group of people.

Such programs were the norm in the old days of imperialist or even non-imperialist wars of conquest and where western enslavement and conquest of African is concerned, it was active way before J. Edgar Hoover made the "no more black messiah unless we make them" statement.

It is still active today, the only hope of it ending being the raising of awareness in black communities worldwide of its existence with the hope the group will find an effective way of countering the program if not a manner of ensuring they are ahead of it where the detection of their best is concerned. Only with such an upper hand can Africans hope to "re-grow" the social head that they were deprived of, the re-growth of which is pending but is constantly being thwarted.

To start off on this journey we will need to stop taking any deaths that occur in our communities as accidents, coincidental or natural outcomes. We will need to start suspecting more at play by default, until we can prove otherwise.

Why did the cop shoot that kid? Why THAT kid and not some other kid among all the rowdy ones he passed on his way to the kid he shot?

Why did that particular village in Africa get ebola?

Why is that educated looking African homeless and living at a train station in a European city?

We will learn if we investigate such cases closely whether they were coincidences or not when we discover the kid shot by the cop was special. He had qualities and abilities rare or unusual for the age.

Maybe we will find out a region in Africa that experienced a severe ebola outbreak that decimated an entire village community has exceptionally high IQ scores, that the most accomplished scholars in that land hail from the region.

And we will learn the educated looking homeless African went mad and lost his fortune, that he was once a successful businessman cut down by a system that doesn't want his kind to see as much success as he had.

This culture seldom acts in mysterious ways and it's only that we lost touch and have yet to relearn its ways that we continue to be downtrodden.

Thursday, 15 June 2017


NASA's logo

Woke up early yesterday morning and started working on the bio matter in my shields. It had been there for long and some of the plastic bags showed signs of sagging.

There was no time to do an entire overhaul. The best I could do was replace the parts through which I felt hits were entering the most.""

Emptying the sacks on the trash heap in the yard, I noticed that most of the grass in especially the bags that protected my upper body, were burnt to ashes.

Not something that happens in your regular compost heap.

I reloaded the shields, packed them hermetically in plastic and replaced them.

At night as I lay in bed listening to music through earphones, I noticed the usual sources of heat and the points at which I felt discomfort on my body were no more.

It was pleasantly cool within the enclosure around my bed.

Soon, however, I started feeling heat in my back. The heating was felt along the exterior of my back, running from the top to the middle section. It was not indicative of a direct, 90 degree hit, but a glancing blow as if the directed energy was running parallel to my back.

It soon became obvious the only angle from which this attack could have been coming from was through one of the bags I had not changed. This particular one lay in the top right corner of my head.

All bags around it had been replaced and as such, if this section of the shield was taken advantage of, the ray would only enter and proceed through the interior in the exact same path as the heating along my back.

I shifted in my bed, moving forwards away from the ray and this helped but, progressively, the intensity of the beam was raised so that the heating spread outwards.

To get into the interior of the shield, the beam was passing through first a sheet metal shield, then a sheet of rubber, then another layer of metal, and finally the old (obviously burnt out) bio shield. The intensity of the beam and its heating effect told me anyone viewing the skies with an infrared camera or thermal imaging device could see it from miles away.

I picked up my phone with intent to post what was happening to FaceBook or my blog, in part to tempt someone to come over and get some documentation ... and also because I know from past experiences that as soon as I mentioned an ongoing attack on social media the drone fiends ran off like spotted hyenas. It is, as such, a useful way of ending attacks the only problem being they soon returned.

The need is such ...

I switched the phone on and watched as it booted up then went into the lock screen. I had to wait about a minute or two for the scans to complete ... then another minute or two for the net messages to start pouring in, indicating the device was online, before I could connect. Then I found, not surprisingly, that even when messages from the net were flooding in, my browser was failing to load a single page. Then my phone batteries went from two bars out of five to zero bars in less than five minutes, and the device turned off.

So much for that.

But what was the point of announcing it anyway. This whole thing happening to me is already known about and, I am certain, evidence of attacks have already been abundantly gathered by third parties.

I put the phone back on the bedside and started reflecting on my situation.

The encounters I am having here in Africa with satellites and drones are making me see our world in a totally new light now, with those supposedly leading in development looking ever more backward and inbred.

I mean, what do you think of this. I am obviously not making the mission of these drones and satellites easy. To find the weak spot in my defences the drone would have had to circle and scan for hours, then, when it did find an entry-point, all in could manage was scratch my back???

In the end, I merely rearranged the shields to block the intrusion out. It would also have been enough to simply move out of harm's way.

They have murdered tens of thousands but you have to admit mission "Remote Assassination of the Vunda Fellow" has proven costly, not so covert and outright difficult, right?

You would think somebody in their right minds would have long since turned and buggered off homewards thinking ... "What's the point. We still have our own self to go back to. We still have we" ...

That's what the Chinese would have done, the Russians, maybe even aliens if they existed, but this ...

NATO's logo

Consider the direct connections of the satellites and drones circling the bush over here to NATO ... then lead on from here to that which they brag by, such as the world famous NASA, known to be heavily involved in satellite and drone strike missions using kinetic weaponry.

That NASA bunch has got to be the most useless crew on earth, albeit disguised as something much more impressive. Just the other day some spokesperson from there announced their plans to land some craft on some moon off a distant planet and I could not help thinking "Rubbish" at the idea.

And who can blame me?

Some guy within the NATO bunch of inbreeds predicted there would be an intelligent robot within ten years and I wondered how a useless outfit like his team could manage that feat considering right now the best their tech can do is be a nuisance to others in the bush.

The CGI protagonist called "Sonny", a sentient humanoid, from the film IRobot featuring Will Smith.

Maybe he hopes for a miracle in which the slew of crapy imitations of conscious life purportedly "sentient to some extent" that can barely fool a baby about this will be transformed into the variant hollywood's CGI has made famous ... like those in IRobot?

How does someone running around the African bush with drones circulating specific addresses ... hoping to be thrown a bone ... obviously, even get beyond dumb voice or face recog technology into an era when it can be incorporated into a conscious electronic being?

So, for now, and I suspect for a long time to come, every statement and image issuing forth from THEIR tech world will simply cause the word "RUBBISH!" to be evoked in my mind immediately, and I can only see the number of people to whom this will start happening increasing.

Doesn't matter what it is ... a conurbation displaying majestic buildings, space shuttles being launched, some gadget that maps out distant galaxies ... RUBBISH! Coming from a party whose dark (so called covert ... Lol!) deeds include looking out for bone throws in the bush.

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Black Community Targeting Awareness Campaign Fundraiser

Just so that you know, this is what I have been doing for over a decade now, the only difference being I am asking for your full participation and taking it global.

Incidentally, this video was posted to my fundraiser page as the latest update but, it did not show. Wondering what happened.

This is why I say some things would not be possible if I was empowered.

Before I forget ... the link to the page

Black Community Targeting Awareness Campaign Fundraiser

Just so that you know, this is what I have been doing for over a decade now, the only difference being I am asking for your full participation and taking it global.

Incidentally, this video was posted to my fundraiser page as the latest update but, it did not show. Wondering what happened.

This is why I say some things would not be possible if I was empowered.

Before I forget ... the link to the page

How Big You Really Are

Image of a woman from the window of an aeroplane

I am 182 cm (about 6ft and no inches) tall, weigh almost 80 (kilograms or about 180 lbs) ... that's a mass of 80 kilos if my memory serves me right. But how big am I really.

Well, the answer to that will surprise you.

I am bigger than galaxies. How? Because of my senses.

I am as big as that which I can savour.

My eyes can see far and in so doing allow me to make that which is perceived through light a part of my being. My ears can hear and know about matter my eyes are not trained on and I can feel what I cannot see or hear and the rest? That's where my intellect comes in.

A Galaxy

I can rationalise my way to that which transcends the parameters of my earthly or physical senses. This is how humankind made its way to the milky way and beyond.

Now, all of what I can know about becomes part of me, the parameters of my being.

To understand this one has to imagine what it would be like if they lost their sight and hearing. The body would still be perceived but would not be the defining parameter of the size of the being. Why?

Holism will not let that be. Though just a single person in this context better referred to as an individual, I am but a part within a larger organism. The partitioning is designed to make the whole more viable but I have to be viable to contribute to this.

Fingers on Piano keys

And one way I increase my viability is growth in size.

I am stitched from the same cloth as the other parts of the larger organism and, as such, the need to perceive more than just the body will still be there after I have lost my capacity to see or hear, and it follows that the senses that remain will develop as much as compensates for the missing ones.

I will be as big as anybody else with all their senses intact and, though the senses I have remaining will enable me to take those things those with all their senses intact have to new heights, for example music, it won't mean I will be bigger than they are but that I developed for example my capacity to discern musical notes better than them in order to compensate ... as already stated.

And that's about it ...