Monday, 18 March 2013

Gassing Me Out Now

I would not have believed the lengths to which the people waging this covert war of elimination against me could go to get me. I have been up and down this country, running away, and they have followed me each time around, using anybody they can lay their hands upon to remind me they are near.

I went to Zambezi and, gradually, they made their presence felt. They became so present locals started referring to me as Osama Bin Laden. Strange people came from the cities and talked of me as a man who was on the wanted list, a man who had done something wrong and was running from justice.

As soon as I came back to the cities, they were there and took every opportunity they got to rain their destruction on me, as if making up for the time I had been away in a remote area, not reachable all of the time. Where I lived in Miseshi Kitwe, they used all the failures they could get, empowered with Directed Energy Weapons (DEW's), who took every opportunity to burn, if they could. Neighbors were elicited, including some childhood friends like one Kalenga, chief perp, now an operative, and even a first cousin taking HIV/AIDS medications or ARV (AntiRetroViral) treatment.

What I discovered, to my dismay, is the reality they are using very desperate people for this kind of work. Most of those who were attacking me were HIV/AIDS positive and on ARV's. I once wrote to a friend that they are abusing ARV "junkies" in much the same way drug addicts and recidivists are abused in developed countries to snitch, and so on. The weakness that is exploited here is obvious, and detestable.

Though the perps here understood their posting differently from most western perps, as a means to getting their bread (or staying on pills), as a means to a car or house, as a means to entry into the higher echelons of the local agency, and made me aware, as though gathering points among locals, that they were there for one thing only, their MO is the same as that of perps in the west. They brag about their weapons, and show them off, each one trying to prove his is the better. Like western perps, they work hard to isolate their target, for the same reasons. They demonized me to the natives so as to isolate me, and got ever so angry when I made defenses that worked as this made what they said about me become questionable. They put my survival down to strength, and took every opportunity to make me aware of this.

There is a great lesson to be learnt from my life for people across the planet, especially Africans. If you do believe this is all not make-believe, then within what is happening to me can be gleaned the place reserved in this system for Africans. Make no mistake about this: this is not because of something I did, but because of what I represent in this system. This is about potential, intellectual potential. This is about being able to see the truth. Unfortunately, it is Africans who are doing the wrong acting in this part of the story. It is Africans themselves being used to attack me. This means Africans themselves are so ignorant of what is going on, or their position in the system they are destroying those among their kind whom the system has marked for elimination, meaning Africans are helping their own elimination along by so doing.

I have moved from Kitwe and am now resident on a farm in rural Lusaka. The one thing that is different this time around is that there are no shields in my farm cabin. I have not had the time to erect any. Attacks are happening, opportunistic for the most part, usually at night. The attacks include those that are impossible to make in crowded neighborhoods, namely heavy gas attacks that start off around the midnight hour, and end around two in the morning, giving enough time for the gasses to become undetectable at dawn. The intelligence officials on their part have made every effort to isolate me by spreading stories in the area that make locals wary of my character. Unfortunately for them, the very same things that happened in the other areas are also beginning to happen here.

The battle intensifies. This will not end well for many, especially for boot licking banana republic colonized intellects. Sad to note, sad to say this country is being used as a testing ground for DEW's. The guinea pigs are the targets as well as the perps, underdogs and enemies of the order, and others being trained upon, bound together in one fate.

Will keep you posted...


Mukazo Vunda said...
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Mukazo Vunda said...

gasses most likely a result of my own flesh burning.