Saturday, 26 May 2018

Knight Among the Living Dead

Almost all the millions of us in the total number of countries the western elite control globally, are living in an open prison, held here at the whims and mercies of a psychopathic western elite, who evidently use the most depraved of all the depraved methods history has known, to keep us imprisoned in their hell, to retain a stranglehold on power.

Understand that if you have heard of targeting, ie. the isolation, assaulting and persistent torture of select people that results in the destruction of their life, and you are sure you are not targeted, you need to understand that you may be suffering from a mental state known as certitude, a contrast to certainty, a mental state characterised by a quality of propositions.

The truth you should not discount might be that you have in the past undergone or are going through some form of attack but have yet to notice. Difference between you and the other getting round the clock attacks may be that you are not prioritised, yet. But you can very easily become a priority target like me and many others, at any time, because the event that precipitates attacks is unknown to you. You might think you know, but truth is those who have been there know that this fact can never be known with certainty.

You never will know whether what you are doing is the right thing to do to avoid becoming a target of covert warfare. This further means there is nothing you can do to keep from being put on the list ... Unless you accept this non complex, uncomfortable truth.

Read further in order to understand why this is so.

There is another truth to this that you are better off knowing about before proceedng, and if you think I am paraphrasing after reading this then yes I am ... because the point cannot be stressed enough!

The difference between you and a targeted individual is simply the fact his/her suffering is constant and overt for the target. The gloves have come off for that particular individual whereas they have not for you. This does not mean you are exempt from fire because you are doing the right thing. You are not exempt ... your targeting may still be covert and intermittent, occurring in such a manner you are unaware it is happening, occuring when you do not conform to rules, or when hidden figures in authority think you need covert attacks to make you suitable for one thing or another, a kind of panel beating, if you may.

If you are ignorant of this truth, which is really unusual among people worldwide, and believe when told or shown evidence that covert warfare is real, but then, as mentioned before, think you are somewhat or somehow exempt ... then the day will come in your life, as it has in countless others, that you will run into the ugly truth. This will happen when you are made to know there will be serious consequences if you do not obey an order you find heinous, and this can be disobeying an order to prevent someone doing something good for you, other people, and environment. You may be asked to become an accomplice in a crime. You may get forced to commit murder, murder no less of someone close or dear to you.

You might find yourself a priority target simply because you saw what you were not supposed to see or were at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Now, what kind of an existence is this? what are those odds we are supposed to be up against? doesn't nature present enough odds to our well being as things stand?

Think about this ... Human beings pride their own selves in being the most evolved creatures on earth who live better than all other creatures because of this. Should we not be the ones adding less odds to survival of each and every one of us than the others?

If you think targeting is a covert method of making us better at being better than other species or races or better than we currently are then let that fact be explained if indeed it's a fact. let it be told to the beneficiaries. Let is be infered. Why sneak about people when you bring such good tidings to them? Who would not want to stand behind a truth as freeing as this? Who would not want to go tell it on a mountain? Fact of the matter is if it is covert, if it is all hush hush, then somebody is ashamed of association with the idea which means it is not wholesome truth.

Think about the fact you might be a police officer, a judge, or a nurse in a hospital, a homeless bum, etc., and something out of the ordinary happens to you, something you heard happens to other people but never imagined it could happen to you because you do not do anything that is known to bring such wrath. You find you have suddenly, inexplicably attracted wrath to yourself, you are suddenly up against the "they will destroy your life if you interfere or do not do as they say". Then you find yourself doing what they want you to do in an attempt to ward off this prospect. You find yourself killing your wife.

Hopefully the realisation will dawn that you live in a prison that is not worth doing what they command you to do before you have done what they ask, because if it happens after you have already done what they asked, it will be too late. You will be in up to your ears. At that point you can easily get blackmailed for further murders or misdemeanours. This realisation should not come so late in your existence within this culture if only you would acknowledge that right now and rebel.

Accept right now that the reality of life in this culture is this, that ALL of us, targets and so called non targets, are shoved into an environment of harmful substances, including radio wave smog, to become worse with upcoming 5G, and all the rest of that which you hope is not happening to you. This is done for a simple reason: to make us too dumbed down to reject the message projected daily that we must obey psychopaths because they know what they are doing and it is for our own good.

THEY want us to be too thick to think strait so that the best thought we can master is precisely the former, that there is no alternative to this eternal, wonderful, mighty, beautiful, God sent, Jesus blessed, nature friendly system, that to rebel against it or want it altered is folly.

If you accept to live like this, if you accept to take the way things are as normal, then do not say I did not say they could come for you when they come for you.

In the meantime understand my conviction is total, and this conviction stems from a conclusion arrived at by logical deduction so, you will simply waste your time telling me I will be better off if I did not dwell on it, because I know by associated analysis of the options the main players have and don't have, and logical deduction, that I won't be better off. Do not tell me salvation and peace for me lies in not rocking their boat because it does not.

Get it into that head of yours I am what stands between your enslaved state and freedom and YOU are what I need to make conscious to see freedom. I am that stepping stone to our mutual redemption that they deny you by focussing the fire on me first, then you next, because they know you can slip their grasp. You CAN follow me, whoever you are, however rich, famous or renowned you are.

If you do not understand a thing I have said then you really drank up on the stuff they brew, so much so it did not just take the fight out of you, but turned you into the lifeless zombie whose bite turns you into its kind, which makes me a knight among the living dead.

Also remember that the guy that comes up with a real life threat of punishment that is also the biggest fear people can think of controls the masses. He gets their total obedience which is in part what this not so covert so called covert warfare they wage is designed to do. The people Obey HIM and not the other guy with a weaker, more useless punishment.

HE has the ultimate deterrent to disobedience and can only be controlled by defeating his violence with bigger violence. This is how it works, but knowledge of this fact should not bother you and deter you from action because life goes on in the end!

Do not allow them to make you do their dirty work for them. Resist their manipulative control. DISOBEY! See the meaning and truth in what Steve Biko once said, that "The Most Potent Weapon in The Hands of the Oppressor is the Mind of the Oppressed".

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