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Of HIV, T-Cells, the Immune System, and a Remarkably Gullible Africa

HIV/AIDS destroys the immune system, says UNICEF via a Zambian website they are "proudly" sponsoring on This site provides useful information to the nation on HIV/AIDS, fostering its prevention and helping as much those at risk, as the afflicted, know the best thing to do in whatever situation that may arise where the "status" is concerned. Visitors to this website can learn of life prolonging medications, mainly what are known as ARV regimens that utilize a radical approach to control the virus in the body by inhibiting one of the two enzymes carried in the virus called reverse transcriptase, from "reverse transcribing" the retrovirus' RNA molecules to DNA which would enable the other enzyme, called integrase, to integrate the molecules into the host's genome ... as such hijack the body's reproduction machinery to serve the needs of the virus. The website informs on what HIV/AIDS positive mothers can do to prevent mother to foetus, and later, mother to child transmission ... the time period the mother can breast feed the newborn without the risk of infecting them, what sexually transmitted infections (STI's) are, how they are transmitted, the science of how circumcision prevents infection even when, one might argue, it robs the sexual act of at least half the lubricating potential the presence of the foreskin provides, etc. All very well intentioned unless we focus on the opening sentence of this piece.

Looking closely at the opening line, one should see that this statement is one of the many glaring, misleading lies that has issued forth from the HIV/AIDS establishment and it is clearly tailored to the continent's attainable level of understanding given the circumstances that are restricted to the times, and abuses the general level of attainable linguistic proficiency, also restricted to the times and culture. It would fail to wash anywhere else. Analysed carefully, the whole campaign becomes a disinformation campaign disguised as a good intention.

The fact there is here a taking advantage of both linguistic proficiency, as well as understanding (when professionals such as African doctors are considered) becomes plain when the intelligence and level of understanding of the sponsors of such campaigns is taken into consideration.

Let us get to the root of what I am geting at without too much beating about the bush.

Firstly, the definition of HIV/AIDS that Africans are using, a definition implicit in the name of the disease (AIDS) is misinformed. HIV/AIDS does not destroy the immune system. It has no way of doing this. The HIV virus hijacks the cell production machinery of T-cells only, destroying them in the process, because of the CCR5 gene that only T-cells have that is also known in scientific circles as the HIV/AIDS entryway. Therefore ... it cannot attack the eyes, cause hair to get wavy (the wet-look that is more at home by cancers), make someone lose coordination and balance (sign of mycoplasma fermentans in the body, creating a condition similar to kreutzveld jacobs or mad cow disease in cows, also implicated in other neuro-systemic degenerative disorders as gulf war syndrome, and such), etc., and it cannot attack the immune system. Simply put, the HIV retrovirus cannot attack anything else in the body unless that organ is made up of cells with the entryway that it uses to pass through the cell membrane and enter.

Because the T-cells that the virus attacks are produced by the immune sysem, it can be considered to be "refractory" to the system. The virus causes the immune system to work at fever pitch level replacing the T-cells that are getting destroyed by the virus as it replaces them. This causes all kinds of complications, such as glandular fever and definite enervation given the resource priority that the immune system has. But what about opportunistic infections? Well, the patient will only start getting those when the immune system starts losing the fight, in other words when it starts failing to cope with the workload. This is when we can speak of AIDS. However, this does not mean that the immune system has been destroyed. This is very important to know.

All viruses have a limited natural cell host range in the body. If they can infect two organs, a good example being the mycoplasma based virus that attacks the lateral ventrices of the brain as well as the lower intestines where it causes crohns colitis, then the two organs have cells with identical entryways. The HIV virus, however, is not so lucky. It is stuck with T-cells, and because they are made by the immune system, the virus is only "refractory to the immune system".

There is a treatment for HIV/AIDS by gene-knockout mediated gene therapy that attempts to control HIV infection by taking away (knocking out) HIV's known entryway which is the CCR5 gene in T-cells. Google this therapy and after reading it, you will understand what I am talking about if you only deduce what the correct definition of HIV/AIDS should be from there, and when you wonder how it can be that an entire continent has the definition and symptoms wrong, including medical doctors, come back and read this article from the very beginning.

HIV is a retrovirus, and like the whole lot of them, its geneic info is in the form of RNA molecules. It needs to "reverse transcript" these into DNA molecules in order to integrate them into the host's genome where the damage can be done. For this, it uses an enzyme it carries within called reverse transcriptase. This enzyme is what the medications in ARV regimens inhibit.

But there is a problem with HIV/AIDS patients on ARV regimens that causes many to fall seriously ill and end up in hospital, or suddenly die that, like the example above of gene knockout mediated gene therapy, shows us the definition we use is bogus. Follow me carefully here ... The symptoms that most of those who die suddenly display are similar, and point out a condition I will get into in detail later on in the article. This condition highlights the truth the immune system is not destroyed in people with HIV/AIDS, and that not recognizing this truth leads to unnecesary fatalities who most often are the young who have the most robust health. The numbers of those who have suffered this kind of death is high, as we who live in these climes know, yet some doctors estimate the fatality from this condition to be a mere 5%. In the mean time, in the third class, the third world, as people close coffins and lower them into the earth lamenting weak, burnt out, destroyed immune systems, it turns out people who die the sudden death syndrome have in fact the strongest immune systems of all because ... they are killed by their own immune systems ... but first, some real life, personal experiences of such cases.

Mateya Kuyokwa, a friend of mine, one time best friend, was a well built healthy fellow who found himself suffering from enervation. Upon conducting a test for HIV, he was found positive. Given these were the new days of hope when discoveries had been made and medications develped that meant HIV/AIDS was not a death sentence, he immediately opted for an ARV regimen. His health improved greatly but, a few years thereafter, In 2004, he left work complaining of chest pains. He had come into work looking and feeling well, but shortly after reaching home that morning, he was dead.

Ndolo, a first cousin of mine on ARV's, was taken to hospital by his son suffering abdominal discomforts. His skin was stone cold but he was sweating profusely. He walked under his own steam to the hospital, sat down in the waiting room, hung his head down and expired in the sitting position. A postmortem found that his pancreas had long since raptured without him feeling this, and started rotting up the organs around. The rest of his symptoms suggested there was a major complication in his system that had shifted and lowered blood flow, causing the freezing body symptom.

Tina, my niece, on ARVs, shared a deformation affecing the head with her brother, and though what was an indication of a "germ line" level deformity in her mother was not seen to point to a cancer, given "insertional mutagenesis" (the manner cancer is caused when the integrase enzyme shoves genetic material between a single gene and disrupts it) that is caused by a virus cannot strike twice at the same place, but radiation can, African doctors missed this fact in the diagnosis of her mother's symptoms (including in the fact she was hallucinating) and instead showed their ignorance by putting her on an HIV test. She turned out positive and is said to have died from it.

Tina, her daughter, died quite suddenly after complaining of chest pains blamed on a beating she got from her husband, and would ooze black blood from her lungs even as she lay dead. Her case is similar to two friends who lived nearby, also on ARVs, who died rather suddenly. The black blood that came out of the chest of one was blamed on his chainsmoking, while the cold body and profuse sweating of the other was blamed on his drinking habit and poor diet.

All of the individuals above show typical signs of death by cytokin storm. To put it simply, a cytokin storm is death by your own immune system. It signals both a body that has overcome a disease (cured completely) as one with a very healthy immune system, in fact a robust immune system as only this is capable of a deadly assault on its own body.

A cytokin storm happens after the body is cured from an infection when there is a miscommunication that makes the immune system launch a major offensive on the body rather than abate. The soldiers the immune system sends out turn on the body and cause deadly harm. Fortunately, cytokin storms can be cured if intervention is timely, and especially when people have not hung their heads down with thoughts of the straw that breaks the donkey's back.

Here are the symptoms of a cytokin storm, and I advise you Africans reading this, knowing many of us have enough experience of people dying suddenly, to check these items and see how many you recognize in the cases.

- Hypertension (rapidly falling low blood presure)
-Tarchicardia (rapid pulse, more than 100 beats per minute)
- Dyspnia (difficulty breathing)
- Fever (high teperature)
- Ishemnia (restricton of bloodflow especially to the major organs)
- Organ failure (due to lack of oxygen, acidosis, and severe failure of the metabolism)
- Uncontrollable haemorhage (relating to flu, especially lung and airway tissue).

So, very cold body but sweating, on ARVs, definitions that do not wash? I think personally that the time has come for Africans to wake up to what is going on. We are being treated as fools, and are actually proving those doing this right by showing we really do not understand things that are just a bit complex.

Go to the following url, read and follow the instructions the doctor gives on the page (print and show GP), then share my article with the linked document, just in case the recipient fails to make the connection. Ending this pandemic is well within our reach.


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