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A simplistic but viable explanation of why the illuminati torture their own

Example of a Youtube video exposing the ways of the illuminati

You have probably heard of the sex rituals that characterise the lives of such like the illuminati, and if you have not, then a simple search on Youtube using the "illuminati" and "sex ritual" as the main search terms will lead you to a wealth of resources on this issue.

The question that will linger on your mind when the verity of the accounts becomes obvious is ... Why? What do they do it for?

Here's what I think ...

It is a fact that the #illuminati routinely rape their own children, or give them over to their pets to sexually molest. This ... is kind of like instilling a camp mentality in them, the brutal way, making them stand outside the flow of time of the rest of us ... At an advantage ...

You would know what I mean if you have joined a #brigade group, the #army, #cadets, #scouts, and been isolated from society for a while then put back into it.

It is that feeling of being at a vantage point that develops upon reentry into civilised society that the #illuminati want to instill in their group by treating each other unlike the rest of us do that keeps them ahead on everyone, and there's more.

By intense abuse that normally also entails isolation, the illuminati ensure that their members see what the rest of us do not when they get back into normal sodiety and, because it is extreme and permanent, they ensure that their members keep the mentality for life, unlike is the case with cadets and the like.

This way, they can keep control over the rest of us because, they are like a different species in our midst, like aliens who see what we do not, and this that they see that we do not is a factor crucial to our enslavement.

What I Think The Battle Of The Principles Theme Is Refering To

Artistic depiction of a battle in full swing

The battle of the principles is, to me, a reference to a battle that must ensue within a species such as ours, as a consequence of an attained evolutionary level.

It is, in this, a reference to an inevitable state of war within a single species that must ensue once a balance between the good within the species and the bad is reached.

Friction has always been the norm between these two camps, and we can confidently say that evidence of it is clear in the lesser species we share an origin with.

Basically, when we talk of a human being as being good or bad we are in fact talking of the preponderance of the act of either doing good or bad in them, the balance of the scale within that one person.

Given both "modes" or choices can be effective at assuring survival, the issue central to the battle of the principles theme is the fact the option of whether to take one or the other as viable alternatives is always there and the choice, made within the moment of whether to be bad or good, the choice of which state presents the better coping strategy is, in this battle, a sign of higher evolution, a marker of the capacity to utilise good to sort out any challenge that may arise.

Living side by side, being born of the same womb, and so on, through time, the evolutionary model of which we are products has ample evidence of the fact the bad have always outnumbered the good, but as the species evolved and improved, more and more people joined the ranks of the good.

They gained, by evolution, the capacity to know how to use good to further their survival, the capacity to see that bad wasn't always the best option to take.

At the point in our collective history when mention begins to be made of this war in various cultures around our planet, the balance must have shifted as much as would make the good consider themselves the better evolved and start asserting this belief, their way of being ... calling for a world in which they reign supreme.

The war that started, then, is a war unique for any species in that its manifestation in humankind has the potential to destroy the species.

Also, there is here the issue of testing. It may seem clear that bad, as a way of being, has been tested through time. It is to their ways that we have clear evidence to thank for our survival in primeval times.

Without ruthlessness, without being exacting to the point of absolute coldness, many situations could not have been survived.

But good, too, has contributed as much to our survival, even in the most "primitive" of developmental stages of the species, albeit in ways too subtle to impinge sufficiently on our imaginations.

For, if we took a bird today, as closer to what our primeval ancestors would have been like, and observed it pick bits and pieces of food to take back to the nest of its hatchlings, we must understand that it cannot be mere genetic programming controlling its actions.

Something much more than this, something we could say it hungers for in the same manner we hunger for food, sex, as the means the species lives on. This hunger, that may itself be hardwired into the being, genetic, as all the other hungers are, a programmed hunger strong enough to take the being into its grips, posses it, may just manifest as love, and with this there may develop the desire to see it as the best justification for most ends.

And so it may be that we are on a journey, and the battle of the principles is a mere phase in it, a phase our ancestors may have recognised as soon as they gained the wisdom to think as well, and the battle theme they preserved for posterity may just be a big ".Calm Down" call from the past. "don't do anything stupid", they seem to be saying. "it will soon come to pass. Good will triumph over evil. That's just evolution ... The way it has to flow". Lol.

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Effective Method of Detecting and Destroying RFID Tags in Your Body

X-Ray Showing Microchip Implant

You cannot run if you are implanted, that's a fact, but you can find and disable the tag in your body. Here's how ...

You will need a steel pin or a mesh wire and a microwave emitting directed energy weapon.

Find a low watt microwave gun at some spyshop online, or convert a domestic microwave oven into a directed energy weapon using the instructions given here

Can't do it yourself? Then have someone do it for you.

Put the steel needle into a flame to disinfect it. When cold, prick yourself with its tip and break it off. Push it under your skin leaving a tip that you can grip with a pincers. Alternatively, do the same with the mesh wire.

Turn the microwave on and, ensuring that the beam from the microwave spreads so that the density decreases with distance, stand with your back towards the device where you can feel the beam but it is tolerable.

You should start feeling needle like prick sensations on your skin, and if the intensity is right, the millimeter long tip of the steel needle should start causing discomfort..

Study then use this sensation as a guide to finding metal objects in your body. Wherever you feel the sensation, there's a hidden metal object there. Blasting the area with a microwave blast should destroy any electronic chips hidden there.

Contine with this routine untill a strong odor of smelly shoes overwhelms you. Then, it is time to stop.

This procedure should be very effective at detecting and destroying metal objects under your skin on the side of the beam. You can turn around and do the front, but be warned that your eyes, and in the case of males the testicles should be protected. Place a wet facetowel over your eyes, and a metal object in front of your genitals, preferably one made of lead such as that used by phone tower repair men.

And we are done.

Follow the procedure outlined in this ( article to see whether you evade their beams and surveillance, otherwise repeat the procedure again within a month or two, first allowing your tissue to mend. And, watch your environment so that you do not get tagged again, fool.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

For TI's who are not yet tagged: here is a way to evade the surveillance technologies and find relief from directed energy assaults

They got me under surveillance
That's what somebody be telling
Know there's dope being sold
But I ain't the one selling

TI Tupac Amaru Shakur - Picture Me Rollin'

Listed on Ebay as the OBD II Car Vehicle Truck GPS Realtime Tracker Mini Spy Tracking Device GSM GPRS

There are many ways of finding out whether you are tagged or not, the best being the discovery they are trying to pin GPS devices on your mobile property, such as your car. This is the clearest indication you will get that you are not tagged, yet.

You, unlike moi, can escape the net, and find relief from especially the directed energy torture routine to a TI's daily life.

Here's how you do it.

There are a number of surveillance technologies you will be foiling with the method of evading outlined below that include: thought reading technologies, tracking devices such as RFID chips, satellite tracking, through the wall viewing technologies, facial recognition technologies, body heat sig technologies.

Prepare for your departure ... Think of a destination. Make the process of thinking and making a choice as brief as possible. Avoid selecting places you frequent, or those where your relatives live as these are the places they will look for you first. Again, make this process as brief as possible and then put it out of your mind, to be thought of at a point in time when you are in the clear. You do this because, if they have gained access to your mind, and can decipher your thoughts, they'll know something's about to go down, but not where it will lead because you did not dwell long enough on the thought for it to register completely.

As an alternative, you can start thinking of where you will go when you are in the clear.

Otherwise just wear a radio frequency (RF) shield on your scalp (for sale online) and, if the metal in it is properly insulated from your body, it will cut the communication to the mind reader, and you do not have to worry about your thoughts giving you away.

Wash the clothes you will wear, ensuring you select non that have metal buttons, metal zippers, or any other metal on or in them. When they are dry, fold them flat, and place them on a microwave tray.

To prevent the microwave from catching fire, place a bowl of water on top to absorb the energies, and into the microwave. You may have to repeat the procedure if what you are taking doesn't fit at once into the oven.

Turn on for a minute to burn any RFID chips that may have been placed in the lining. Now, this is very important. Don't want to be sued for getting someone's clothes destroyed. A minute should suffice, as the high temperature steam from the water, still being hit by microwaves, may ruin some garments.

Take nothing with you that has not been processed in this way.

Leave your car behind, take public transportation and head for a very busy station in town, preferably one where everything happens inside a large building. Once you arrive, go inside, then out another entrance if you have to, and jump on another bus.

Perps may have accessed a satellite and followed the first bus, but, even with the help of through the wall viewing technologies, they will lose you in the crowd and will not know you have exited and boarded another bus.

They may be able to find you in tape reviews, but chamber of this are slim.

You may, thus, have evaded "line of sight" surveillance by satellite and other surveillance and recognition technologies. It may be necessary to repeat the procedure, but you can also skip this and go seek that lodge where you will spend the next days.

They will eventually find you as you walk the streets of your hiding place using the self same technologies you evaded, usually placed on local neighbourhood surveillance cameras. You will know when they have found you, but, good thing about not being tagged is this, that you can dodge again, and again.

Oh btw! Don't forget to keep your cell phone off during the whole procedure, with the battery removed. You can get online, just avoid logging into any account you keep here.

One last thing ... The process of gaining advanced knowledge by experimentation on the unwitting, is expensive. It is as such vital that the investment be tagged in a manner that ensures they cannot escape, otherwise all that money and time is at risk of being wasted.

Therefore, avoid, as much as possible, being in a position where you can be tagged, outside or in your home. Watch the people you mix with, lest you invite the devil into your bed. Get informed, and remember, people don't just get tagged in strange hotel rooms they have been lured into, but in their very homes, as well.

Have a professional check that your home is secure from entry using methods such as taking down entire window frames, picking locks, etc.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

The Rights To The Book Hosted Here Are, With Immediate Effect, Up For Grabs

This article will feature here for a month so that AS MANY PEOPLE see it as is POSSIBLE.

This blog has attained a steady 4000 visits per month now. Though this is not the highest number of visitors on record for the period in question, it means that there are around that number browsing the articles posted here each month, on a continuous basis.

It has not been rare in the past to beat that number in a single day, especially those times when there are major global events taking place. An example was the death of Nelson Mandela when a good 7000 visitors passed through in a single day.

They were probably looking for an article on his death with a conspiracy theory twist to it. I had my thoughts about his death, the manner it happened and what it appeared to coincide with or overshadow, but I did not share these thoughts.

I know much more than I did when I published this book 10 years ago, but cannot share that knowledge because I cannot afford it. Now, if each of my 4000 visitors per month dropped a dollar into my paypal donation box in the right hand column, that would be a different matter altogether. The best way to support my efforts, of course, would be to increase the number of the book hosted here's circulation. Buy the book.

This is the point of this blog, and this message is getting overlooked. I have, as such, decided to throw the one thing I have going for me into the ring. The rights to the book are, with immediate effect, up for grabs.

If you are interested, then make your best offer by posting a comment to this post, and if I find your offer worthwhile, then we can proceed to my contact page, and other legal stuff.

Keep in mind the fact the book is doing very well in online sales. It simply needs someone with the funds to take it on the road with the guarantee they'll make a good buck from it.

Covert Warfare by Directed Energies and Electronic Tags is what's Keeping Revolution Away

Man giving speech standing behind rostrum

There is a lot that is wrong with the current dominant system/culture and the mentalities it creates, which is why it should come as no surprise that we witness many taking to writing, giving lectures, activism, etc., in order to both raise awareness and cater to the need being felt by many that system change is imperative.

For some time now, the number of activists and activist organisations has evidently been on the rise, as witness the proliferation in cyberspace of political organisations boasting men and women "on the pulpit/rostrum", giving lectures or speeches about the ways of this system/culture, that can include who really runs it, what they want, the transgressions they have been perpetrating on those they rule, those they oppress, their hidden agenda, what people should be doing to take back control ... to stand a chance of bettering their life circumstances or, ultimately, to stand a chance of surviving the destructive or genocidal intentions the system/culture has in store for them or for kind.

It is to understand from such teachings that they are attempts to de-brainwash the audience in order to make their minds open to truth, after which it is hoped they will see why change is imperative. It is also clear that, generally speaking, intrinsic to the imparted message is the need to make people see why it is important to spread the word, the surest way to increase numbers, as such take advantage of concepts such as Critical Mass, the Revolution of Rising Expectations, etc. At the end of it all, the masses are expected to rebel against a system that holds them in bondage precipitating change or revolution.

The expectation is then that, once the revolution has succeeded, the "conscious" (those versed in the game), will take over from the system's puppets and institute change in cultural revolutions meant to instill in the masses the mentality required to develop a better world or prevent the overthrown system from making a return.

It is often the case that the individuals who busy themselves with the task of de-brainwashing the public in books, on the pulpit, do their homework well. Their writings and the speeches they give, though lacking here and there, simplistic here and there, are truthful and make a lot of sense.

But then, unfortunately, there is no chance any of what these informed individuals ultimately desire will come to pass, nor will those they want to save survive in the end because they are not taking into account a reality about today's world ignored by most people I have encountered with good, positive ideas for communities at odds with the current system/culture, who want to make revolution happen by way of the pulpit or script.

A revolutionary movement or even just one seeking change for an aspect of the world that the system wants to remain the same, or get worse, cannot succeed unless it dares to acknowledge the existence of covert warfare as an important means of control the system uses. Activists have to be prepared to deal openly with this issue. They should not just concentrate on de-brainwashing, but also ensure members learn to prepare for covert warfare, that they learn to recognise and expose and/or effectively counter it. This does not just apply to people willing to take to arms against the system, but to those who want to peacefully better some things that are ailing as a result of systemic transgression, for instance anti violent crime movements, freedom movements, movements looking to rescue institutions under threat of demise in their community, such as marriage or family.

It needs to be understood that the time when the current methods being used to make change or revolution happen worked is long since gone. The system has ensured that this is the case. Today, organisations or their demonstrations can only work if there is no hi-tech interference or they are deliberately created by the system itself. If the system does not want an organisation, its meetings or activities, for instance demonstrations, to succeed, there are more effective ways of destruction than were available to the same system during the days in the distant past when the pulpit as a means to change stood a chance of success.

We live in an era when those who lead have taken fully to hi-tech means of control and domination in the form of energy weapons ... in the hands of operatives or, better yet, on-board satellites. These means, that can be applied to anyone anywhere on our planet, are not just being used in response to situations as they happen, but pre-emptively as well.

It is already a fact these technologies have long since been operational where influencing moods is concerned. They can very easily put an end to any activity those not happy with the culture start, by simply relying on the effects energy weapons can have on the mind's functioning. As such, when the need arises, they can be deployed to destroy people thought capable of starting movements against the system in future or, when the event is just happening, to instill in organising, meeting or demonstrating masses moods that work against their interests. They can instill an overpowering sense of fear in demonstrating masses that makes them feel strongly that dispersing fast is the most reasonable thing to do in the moment. They can instill rage in the gathering that plays into the authority's hands when the masses become aggressive as a result of this influence then go on to take the law into their own hands. They can also simply incapacitate the masses and make what would otherwise be an easy thing to do a feat impossible to achieve, and so on.

And it is not the case that the system has only just recently taken to the use of directed energies to control people. As far back as 1989, according to a claim made by Walter Bowart, the American author of "Operation Mind Control", one group of British females demonstrating against American nuclear weapons or waste in Britain were attacked with a microwave weapon. His claim was given credibility by symptoms presented by the demonstrating females that pointed to microwave exposure. These included anomalies with menstrual cycles, spontaneous abortion, other (unspecified) feminine problems, retinal burning, inner ear problems and rapidly growing tumours.

"Arab Spring" Map

It is with a lot of information at hand that I can state with confidence that I do not believe what has been referred to as the "Arab Spring" was a series of events that were the product of the state in the region of the "Revolution of Rising Expectations". There was, in all the episodes of mass protest, a lot that pointed to the fact moods were being remotely influenced. There we're even statements made that arrogantly pointed this out. The "unfolding chapters after chapters to come" statement the infamous, now fortunately geriatric Henry Kissinger gave on leading media could not possibly have been alluding to natural outcomes, but to contrived events. Henry Kissinger is not a psychic, and there are no precogs in the pentagon, yet his predictions came true.

The Arab Spring was obviously deliberately made ... and guided along, using most probably directed energy technologies in the hands of operatives at the scenes of each uprising, or camped out at different military (maybe even residential) spots around the globe controlling energy weapons on-board satellites.

The events that we witnessed in the middle east are, for me, the evidence the world needs to reference and study in order to know and make known the fact it is today that easy to control masses who are not aware and on the look out for the massive use of directed energy technologies. We can possibly even add some major genocides witnessed in various regions of our planet to the list, especially those that bear clear hallmarks of experimentation with new technologies on a massive scale.

Today, organisations, movements, demonstrations, etc., need not be infiltrated to destroy them from within. Energy weapons can be applied and they will work effectively to that end. The capacities of leaders of these organisations to lead can be interfered with by simply turning them into targets of covert warfare. Their personalities can then be destroyed, their mental health ruined, until they can no longer find it in them to run the organisation they created, and if someone else takes over, then, as long as they do a good job of it, they too will be turned into targets.

What should be clear from all of the evidence gathered to date about remote directed energy manipulation, is the stark reality the old ways of merely taking to the pulpit will no longer do, and this applies not just to demonstrations, organisations, but to freedom fighting outfits that are bound to get created once the need arises. I believe there is enough evidence pointing to the fact that the system has been busy ensuring the failure, by remote manipulation, of any venture with the potential to throw a spanner into the works, and has done all it can to ensure that, as long as people choose to shy away from the covert warfare aspect of today's wars, they will blunder into the same hell-fire that ensures they fail to deliver themselves from evil. The system has been ensuring its longevity and has done a very good job at that. It is currently formidable and one way it gave away this truth was in covert activities that became pronounced with the advent of some technologies, more specifically the capacity to electronically tag living organisms and be able to pin-point their location anywhere on the globe.

RFID chip implant

The advent of RFID chips came with increasing reports of people getting tagged without their knowledge or consent. The question one needs to ask is why there was this need all of a sudden. There are good reasons why a paranoid system will want to tag those they fear, some obvious, others not so obvious. I do believe that we all have unknowingly witnessed instances that tell us clearly why it was suddenly necessary for some party to tag as many people as they did. We have seen the fruits of a program started in the past by western intelligence agencies involved with the mass covert implants that wanted to use RFID chips, and the global coverage combining them with satellites gives, in future global intelligence operations. I believe the main purpose for which many got and continue to be tagged, without their knowledge or consent, locals as well as foreigners alike, is to pre-empt scenarios in which small groups of people opposed to the system go into hiding and fight back, then eventually gain the upper hand.

The regions where this forethought has been massively rewarded are mainly those where the most wars are being fought today, which is the middle east. Here, I am sure that sometimes when we hear of the capture or deaths of fighters important to groups fighting to retake their lands from foreign forces, we are in fact unknowingly witnessing the success of the targeted electronic tagging program. Men, and women, who became disenchanted with the system, or sought to take their country back from invaders, took to ways that, like taking to the pulpit, can no longer work. They went into hiding, in mountain ranges, forests and such but, unbeknownst to them, some among them had been tagged.

There is absolutely no way any freedom fighting outfit can succeed today unless they include the fight to counter the covert efforts of those who run the current system. Those who will take to the hills, jungles and bush to launch guerilla warfare in a bid to get rid of an invader will only succeed if they make real and deal with the possibility they could have the secrecy of their positions compromised by the presence in their midst of the tagged. Not only will such movements only stand a chance of succeeding if they don't just work extra hard to avoid being spotted by cameras and zapped by weapons on-board spying satellites, but also be up to date with the latest in RFID technologies and have handy the latest chip detection devices to scan their men in order to see if some are giving their global co-ordinates away.

Dubious Winner Retards All

I wake up to the sound of children playing outside and know from this that I should not be in bed at this time of day. But then there is very little I can do about waking up late. You see, I am suffering sleep deprivation, deliberately induced by way of directed energies, which is why I am waking up later than is normal or advisable for a man with as much work to do as I have to put food on his table.

This situation has been a constant in my life since I became a target of covert warfare, and it has virtually put my life on hold, so to speak ... preventing me from making any meaningful advances in my life. For starters, it has robbed me of the time I would have spent doing useful stuff by forcing me to spend much time in bed and, by making it hard for me to rest and be timely, has prevented me from gaining or holding on to that which brings financial independence, security, etc., for example gainfull employment.

It is because of this that I have taken the decision to go it alone where making money is concerned. I have been hoarding tools ... electrical and manual, grinders and drills to work wood and metal. I want to own the means of production rather than go out there looking for an employer who owns them. I figure it should all work out better when I am my own boss. Self employment is the way out for me from here on out, and I have resolved to stick to this path even when I know this too has its pitfalls, even when they hit me hard. This all belongs by the territory. I have to be prepared for panick in the ranks of my assailants that will lead to heavier attacks. I have to expect electronic gadgets and electric tools to break down unexpectedly and for no good reason. I have to be ready for times when I have to work harder to make up for the times I wake up late as a result of the assaults, and so on ...

Sleep deprivation is the biggest problem I face right now, and the easiest thing for the fiends to cause. Each night I go to bed, I am assailed with frequencies that prevent me from falling asleep. Given I enter a protective enclosure that is quite effective with the RF variant of directed energies, ultrasonics become the mainstay of attacks. Bounced about every crevice, they rise in intensity to the point the entire cage resonates with them. A monaural beat comprising two high pitched alternating tones becomes discernible. This will keep on until the wee morning hours when the fiends let go this approach. Then, an overpowering need for sleep takes hold from which escape is not easy.

I have at times successfully forced myself out of the grips of the influence, only to find myself in a room that progressively gets so cold the tips of my fingers freeze and lose all feeling, a chill unusual for the climatic region. Getting a move-on is not easy unless I have planned and prepared for the exit.

There is indeed no limit to the extent they will go to keep me down, and out.

As I get up out of bed, out of the energy weapon protection zone that has seen better days, and proceed to my chair in the middle of the room, I start taking stock. Of concern to me is how my body is faring. I feel weary, my back hurts, my face feels like a mask, I am feeling dizzy ... effects of an entire night of energy attacks that have escalated since I started working for myself. Am I better than yesterday? Better than last week? Last year? The realization dawns yet again that my mind has more or less been reset. Plans, ideas I got the previous day, are vague, the bulk of them forgotten. This is just the norm. Then again, as is also almost always the norm, I go over why it all came to this.

Obama On my mind this morning is a news item I know is connected to what is happening to me, and many others worldwide. About two weeks ago, the President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, did something that may seem unconnected to covert warfare and cause stalking. He issued an executive order calling for his country to build the world's most powerful supercomputer by 2025, a decade from now.

Now, I would have thought necessity was driving the ambition. America needs a faster supercomputer, period. But the wording above, my summation of major media headlines and articles on this issue, gives the strong impression this is not just about building a powerful supercomputer that the U.S. is in urgent need of, but about being ahead, for the sake of it. Another thing to note is the fact the words those reporting on this issue carefully selected evoke the idea mention of intent makes the lead a fact. What I mean here is explained by an online comment posted to an article on this issue that states: "China was ahead, but now no more."

In the context of our current culture, what America says it will do can be considered done, and dusted.

It will not be fair of me to put it all at the need to be the best. American scientists working in the research and development of supercomputers talk at length about the hurdles that the executive order puts out of the way of R&D . What they all fail to do, however, is mention specific projects that will be better served by this need for speed. Being nerdy, one easily suspects they want speed for the sake of it.

Jack Dongarra, a supercomputing expert at the university of Tennessee, Knoxville, says something more pallatable. He states: "the new U.S. plans come partially as a response to concern over China's surge in high performance computing".

You see. The Chinese have had the most powerful supercomputer on the planet since June 2013. China's Tianhe-2 is nearly twice as powerful as the second placed machine in the U.S.

James Lewis, director of the Strategic Technologies Program at the Washington based Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), and the former Cyber Security advisor to Obama are not of the feeling it has anything to do with strategy. They tell us the race for the fastest supercomputer is just about prestige given that it is the number of supercomputers a country has and the way they are used that really matters. America has almost half of the 500 top machines worldwide, while China has a mere 37.

When all is taken into consideration, it becomes crystal clear that it is indeed all just about prestige. The question we should be asking here is: "What is in this prestige that is being sought?" In answer, I would first like to direct you to previous articles I posted to this blog that deal with the issue of cultural primacy, for example "Different Strokes for Different Folks", "Ancient Greeks in Planet of the Apes" where I define cultural primacy and outline the advantages the culture considered primary gets. This is what is at stake here. Currently, it cannot be disputed that many of the very best minds in science and other groups looking to learn more on/using supercomputers or conduct R&D will beat a path to China as opposed to America or the west in general for the simple reason the most powerful supercomputer is there. China can only reap benefits from this flux of minds and ideas.

Let me get one thing clear here. There is nothing wrong with a culture being primary. In fact, at any epoch, era in history, one or other culture was considered primary. Things only go wrong when instead of this primacy happening naturally, as is currently occurring with China, it is forced. This is the issue with today's leading culture. Its striving is to ensure the culture stays on top ... primary, this is how you get people like me going through horrendous experiences on a daily basis. It's just the cabal leading the west clearing out threats to the order.

China has apparently escaped the evil clutches of today's leading culture. The Chinese are free to be their best. With missiles that can knock satellites out of the sky, phenomenal responses to outbreaks of wierd diseases, chances the west could control China the way it controls Africa are slim. The west will not catch up with China's advancements. There will not be a western supercomputer that will be better than what the busy Chinese will develop tomorrow.

The problem with the west is that it wants to win, and get acknowledgement for a deserved victory, using underhanded tactics. This means that the best the west will develop is inferior to what the best could have been had the west not cleared out a rival. China is in this sense a breath of much needed fresh air. It is to hope that this wind will grow and blow across the planet, that China will get more free and this freedom will spread like wildfire, into an era where all human beings are free to be their best.

Some Thoughts about my Directed Energy and Perp Prison

Impression of a directed energy weapon that makes up the entire satellite

I am a long term target of global covert warfare, waged no doubt by powers in the western world that I crossed paths with at some point in the past. I understand the point of these attacks: to put me in a hi-tech prison without visible walls, to keep me out of the game awaiting my elimination, without making it obvious.

Many people around the world are targets of the same covert warfare that I am a target of today, but the reasons they have been placed on this menu differ. Some are whistle-blowers being punished for what they did, which is also a deterrent, a way of discouraging others from doing the same. Some are selected because of their activism, or because they are too critically minded for the likes of the system, while others are being experimented upon in order to improve the very technologies in use to control and destroy other lives.

People like me ended up on the program because it is deemed necessary by western powers-that-be to keep the groups or nations to which we belong powerless, in the dark, in the past. These groups or nations, that comprise much of the third world, cannot be allowed to develop to the point they can meet others on equal terms. They cannot be allowed to reach the point where they become too hard to handle for the dominant culture. Us, the targets, then, are those individuals considered to have the full potentials and capacities required to awaken the mind of our people and, crucially, the knowhow to force their development.

It is now getting to three decades since I got locked away in this jail, three decades ... almost all of my adult life ... such a lengthy period of time I have reached a point where I do not think there are many people out there who have been targets as long.

I am reminded of my status constantly, on a daily basis, 24/7, by energy weapon attacks, clearly discerned as they start and stop, and the all too clear signs telling me I am under serious surveillance.

Not guilty as charged but behind bars

These energy weapon and perp walls that hold me in and keep me out of it, are as real to me as visible, solid walls are to an inmate in a cell block, and I suppose the same, or similar thoughts that go through my mind must be going through the mind of one not guilty as charged, but behind bars nonetheless.

The madness may have started a long time ago but, to this day, I cannot help but feel perplexed each time I am reminded, each time I fully awaken and the reality of my situation comes back to me. It surprises me, again and again, each time I discern an attack that tells me I will get fatigued before I have done anything useful that day, that my capacity to achieve is being checked before I have embarked on any project. It shocks me anew, to realise something like what I am going through exists at all in a world like ours, in a reality the likes of which we exist, in a universe where the only thing that is constant is change.

I wonder at the brains that could think something like this up, and, ghoulishly, I imagine how the person looks. I shake off the ghoul, but still retain the need to get the chance to know more about the person, at least understand the experiences that led to the creation of a person who can think something like this is necessary.

Inconsequential thoughts.

This operation requires a highly trained team to run. I imagine this team as they go about the business of surveillance, attack, and the coordination of activities that ensure the procedure stays secret. I picture them sitting in their offices, in high-rise buildings, on board military submarines, in homes, drinking their coffee, watching the figure on the monitor, looking for that point they've been told to hit, clicking away at the mouse ... looking at that watch on the wall, yawning, thinking of what they will do after work, getting up as their shift comes to an end, briefing the next person on the job about the day/night's highlights, signing out and knocking off.

It must be a lot of work to make it all work, a lot of organising and agonising, a lot of funding and spending, obviously as important for the leaders of this system to get done, no matter what it takes, or how long it takes, as food is for a living organism.

Then my mind wanders into the petty, and the thought I deserve feeling a sense of honour each time I am sure the attacks are being launched intrudes. Whether the attack is being launched by a perp in the neighbourhood, but especially when it is from a satellite up above, specifically when I know a number of these are in simultaneous operation, it is made clear someone out there with power, someone who deserves and probably gets a lot of respect in their life, someone important to a lot of people, thinks I am important enough to use highly expensive, hi-tech equipment on, that I mean as much as is implied for my people. I would in fact feel honour, if I was not aware the expense was being taken to kill me, and that the power was in fact in the hands of a fool. I would feel honour, if I did not know I am in the worst position anyone can be.

Is it not strange how I am experiencing what only a man who has a country to lead, or a powerful organisation to guide, would be expected to, while I am just a simple man, simpler than the simplest thanks to the ruining effect of covert attacks, left with but the clothes on my back, and the opinions I share in articles I write.

Yet the attacks keep on coming, and each passing day the resources needed to keep the operation going are being increased, the sophistication of the attacks is no doubt improving. But then, this is in fact just another method of murder or assassination, after all.

But what worth is there in those who do this when they have to take out even babies that are born of men or women they are afraid of, when they have to castrate remotely men and women whose genes they fear? What world do these people inhabit? What nightmares are they having that they insist on sharing? What can be predicted of men of a calibre that these activities suggest of them, men who wage wars they believe in but could not come out in the open and admit to ... spell out plainly the fears they harbour and what they are doing about them?

What is it they wish to inherit by all this anyway? And here I am not thinking of those who attack whistle-blowers or conduct research for military purposes, but those who kill in order to prevent something from happening in the future, those convinced they have the power to prevent future events.

If tribal survival is truthfully the motivation, then is it the survivor's trophy, or, better yet, the victor's trophy? But such trophies can never be shown off, enjoyed or celebrated. Also, there can be no such thing as a victor forever. The world around us tells us this very clearly.

That does not mean we have to stop trying to win in order to survive, it just makes us aware there is such a thing as flesh pleasure that is by design illusion and should be avoided for our own good. Those who lose themselves in the pleasures of the flesh might one day lose a battle before it has began but refuse to heed the signs that tell this tale and instead embark on a path to make what they feel should be their victory real, while in reality, logically, they will just become problems for others. They will be gratuitously destructive to other people and, ultimately, maybe thankfully, self-destructive.

And, should they self destruct by their own hand ... that couldn't possibly deserve consideration as "good riddance" considering the mismatch or imbalance of cause and harm done.

Coping with the Madness

I am home alone, doing something that would get me certified as a mental case if done in public. I am making sudden and rapid changes to my position, moving two to three meters from one spot to the next at a time.

When there are heat surges in the room or I start feeling strange sensations on my skin that protrude some depth into my body, and I suddenly and rapidly switch positions, I get one or two seconds of relief from the heat or sensation.

This is hardly enough to bring complete relief, of course. But then, it isn't always relief that I seek when I do this. When it is relief I want from especially attacks that cause heating coupled with profuse sweating, then the position switching activity has to be repeated for as long as the attack lasts. Rather than skipping to and fro in the room, I achieve this by rocking while I sit in a chair at a random, hard to predict pace.

This, in my experience, impacts sufficiently on the effectiveness of the attack that I will stop feeling as hot as I did moments before, and the heating will not reach heights where I become drenched in sweat.

Mobile phone screens showing signal strength bars

This very same observation where change comes to a status after rapid position change is also made with gadgets, especially those that have inbuilt radios. When, for example, I am using a mobile phone to browse the internet, it is a frequent occurrence for the phone to lose the signal midway through an operation, especially when what I am doing online is something I know those who attack me don't want me to do. This includes posting comments, replying to topics that are sensitive, clicking on links to sites with information that is related or pertinent to research I am conducting, etc.

Experts, of which is one, say network data congestion is one of the main reasons cell tower signal strength constantly changes or breaths while the user is in the same place. But this is not what is happening in my case. I am experiencing changes to signal strength that are indicative of conscious tampering. I live in a sparsely populated region where few people have smartphones, and fewer still who access the internet at all.

Suddenly switching position in the room is sure to alleviate the signal strength problem. The signal almost always recovers, but then, after a few seconds, it falls back to zero and will only recover again if I move to another location in the room, or back to the old one, and so on. If I sit down to make a lengthy composition, then I am advised to save it first before posting.

Dashing about from one place to the next may seem like a weird thing for someone my age to be doing, even when it is being done in the privacy of my home, and I suppose many targets will think so too. Some may say that it has all gotten the better of me, or that it has gone to my head, which is not true.

There is a very good reason why I, a target of covert warfare, should not prevent myself from engaging in activities I know help with the maintenance of a mental and physical state that helps me fare better. If the activity is better kept secret, then so be it. It is hard enough going about my daily business, perceiving attacks, but not doing something about them because people will think things of me.

There is a war being waged on me that aims to destroy me slowly. If there are things I can do to save myself, then I am wise doing those things.

The whole position switching activity isn't just reliable at ameliorating the worst of attacks where no shields are available or insufficient, or browsing the net without frustration, deliberate or not, but it also works as an alternative to a directed energy detector, at least for the context in which I use it. It is also useful in verifying my perceptions, and it also helps lead to the discovery of many other factors connected to the logic of attacks.

In the instance of a beam focussed on a hemisphere of my brain, for example, the fact the sensation stops as soon as I rapidly alter where I am positioned in the room makes it clear that I am under fire, and what almost always occurs afterwards confirms this: the sensation tends to move back to the original spot it was focussed on, passing over other parts of my body, the movement is quick but clearly felt, indicating an external conscious action. Because the beam stays on as it moves to where I am standing, I learn that the one operating the energy weapon is using the beam itself as a tracer. I may also learn from the kind of manoeuvres I make that I am transmitting, etc.

I sometimes think it makes more sense dressing like a medieval knight. It is my responsibility to save myself, after all

Rubber and metal are good shields to combine together and if it was all up to me, then I would parade through the streets dressed in armour made of metal and rubber, covering my entire body, looking like a medieval knight.

But society will not let me do this, or at least I will not go very far with such an attitude. Being in the minority, I cannot afford to go against society because I will lose. But because I know they know not, I have to find a way to put shields on without assaulting their sensibilities. I can put them under my clothes, making sure they are good enough to offer sufficient protection and not be noticed by the public.

In so doing, I am doing something that is unusual by normal standards, that is nonetheless in keeping with what I am going through, something that is helping me survive, helping me keep a level head.

The last thing I want to happen while I languish in this jail they have forced me into is get used to the things that are being done to me, that I ignore what is happening to me, act as if everything is just normal. This is what some people who know I am a target of covert warfare suggest I do. This is what these same people believe will bring about relief from attacks, maybe even stop them.

The problem with this position is that when I make a resolve to act as though it is not happening, when I resolve to ignore it, refuse to test my perceptions in order to be sure I am not imagining things, stop protecting myself, etc., it will not be long before I start thinking my life is as normal as the next man's. The attacks will however still continue, and the damage to mind and body will escalate. The next thing you know is I will be right back with accepting medical mis-diagnoses and taking to shrinks to get some idea of just why I am failing to balance things up mentally, to medications when things start happening to my body, etc.

I will then be more likely to land in a straitjacket than anybody else because of the failure to include in every resulting state a factor that is playing an important role in its creation.

My eyesight deteriorated at an alarming rate, without an infectious cause

It is actually already the case that, not so long ago, I stopped protecting myself and immediately suffered the consequences. I became prone to malaria attacks, vomited after meals, lost too much weight in a short period of time, went from perfect sight to wearing +1.5 specs to see, +2 specs to read, in less than half a year, and an eye specialist could not find a cause.

A hard lesson.

If I repeat this mistake, I will be like a man who steps on a thorn and reasons ignoring this fact will change the status, which will not happen. It is senseless for a target of covert warfare to chose to just let the damage caused by directed energy hits be, in the conviction doing so will make everything alright.

And if I cannot tell my shrink or doctor that I am a target of covert warfare and that I am being bombarded with directed energies almost all the time, then I am wasting my time going to them for help with things that are going wrong with me due to the attacks. Medication and psychological counselling can come in handy in dealing with some conditions that energy weapons cause, but given only I can know this cause, I have no choice but to self psycho-analyse and self medicate. I have to become my own shrink and doctor. I have to educate myself sufficiently in order to be competent at these tasks.

When an individual becomes a target of covert warfare and attacks with directed energies become the main means of their destruction, incremental damage is done to body tissue, starting with brain matter going down to tendons. The damage can become permanent at some point after the attacks if nothing is done to prevent this, and the activity and medication that helps could fall outside the bounds of what everyday people do. Targeted individuals have to accept doing things that other people do not do because they are not going through the same normal experiences that others are. They have to accept doing unusual things if they help them cope with the abnormal.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

The Role Diet and Hygien Can Play in Minimizing Damage from Satellite Directed Energy Attacks

Under normal circumstances, perps are under strict instructions to use every trick in the book to prevent a target from coming to the realization they are under covert attack, as well as prevent the community in which the action transpires from knowing that one of them is under fire. They have to go to any extent necessary to reverse the realization once it has been made by the targetted, or some members of the community.

They will not flinch to turn targets out of those who see things, those they suspect have seen things, and others they feel they need to get out of the way to ensure a smooth, successful mission. They will manipulate the community at large in this venture, involve them in the procedure when necessary and if opportunity gives. They will make the community put as much pressure on awakened as well as suspicious members as ensures they see letting go of their conviction to be in their best interests, and in this they will take advantage of sensibilities, beliefs, propensities, greed, envy ... anything that does the trick. They will strive to make the target at odds with the world they inhabit, and make this world feel this way about the target as well, as much as makes taking some kind of action imperative.

Being under attack with directed energies, targetted individuals will be a physical and mental mess most of the time, and this state can be changed at will by merely increasing, decreasing or changing the kind of directed energies in use, or the kind of attack, so that targets do not just act and look strange or erratic, but they become strange and erratic. Targets will suddenly find they don't just have no honest place to stand, which is trouble enough, but that they have also become visible to a fault. This is all done in order to isolate them from their community, to silence their voice, to keep the truth of what is really going on from seeing the light of day.

Eventually, the targetted individual will be manipulated into a corner from which escape, meaning re-entry into their community or rehab, will be through either a strait jacket, another equally medicated journey, or hearse.

Very few people are capable of coming out of such a war unscathed. This here is a war in which an unsuspecting individual is hit hardest in the initial stages of the process, before they realize what is going on, a strike intended to prevent them from knowing what is happening to them. As a single individual up against a well informed, funded, equipped, and trained military unit, somewhere along the line, something has to give. In order to find peace, the target will, in most probability, do what they are made to believe will bring peace, and fall into the trap. The major mistake will be made, and the mission will be accomplished. You see, those who initiate these covert wars never intend for targets to find peace. They would in most cases rather the target was dead, but stuff happens, and if it turns out that the target ends up in a state similar in effect to death, then they will settle for that. They will be happy if the target ends up under toxic medication in some mental asylum, or they end up with a misdiagnosis, for example an incurable, terminal condition. All of this amounts to incapacitation.

And so it should go that targets of covert warfare who become conscious they are under covert attack only manage to do so because a) a perp makes a mistake, or a number of these, allowing the target to connect the dots, b) the target reaches the conclusion they are a target of covert warfare by merely using their imagination, or c) the target is deliberately made aware they are under attack for reasons best known to the covert warfare network. Here we are talking the worst of psychotic rationalizations, the stuff of sadistic horror movies.

Provided the targetted individual does not live in isolation, discovery of a targetted status should gradually lead to more consciousness. The target should start figuring the system out, learning the tricks of the trade, especially what they are being hit with and what they can do about it. The psychological aspect of the war should get clearer, the manipulations, etc. The technologies in employ should start getting clearer as well.

For targets who have ascertained that they are being attacked from up above, from an energy weapon onboard a hovering satellite, there are a few things about such attacks that I have learned, the hard way of course, that I share below.

Satellites do not attack heavily all the time. It is only when something beneficial to the targetted individual's mental and physical well-being is happening, something that threatens the accomplishment of the objective, that attack intensities can escalate to palpable, sometimes unbearable levels. This can sometimes be done without care for the fact the Targetted Individul knows they are under fire, usually in cases where the gloves have already come off, or other cases where the assailants understand the last thing the targetted individual will suspect is an external source for any discomfort they may feel as a result of the higher intensity. The latter will only be the case in situations where the target is not yet conscious of their status. As already mentioned, high intensity attacks may also occur in instances where the assailants feel it is essential to resort to this "covert stick" approach, if they feel going overt with attacks will deter the particular target from some activity. Otherwise, the attack will take advantage of a cover, such as hot or cold weather, proximity to a heat source or the ingestion of foods that heat the body up, such as hot drinks. Moments of sleep or relaxation when the mind is either switched off or distracted, for example when the target is watching a movie, are also taken advantage of.

This is the norm ... low intensity attacks that are hardly felt but have the potential to result in serious conditions at a later stage in time. These attacks affect biological as well as other objects in the target's immediate surroundings, as well as micro-organisms within the target's body. They may, for example, cause the myriad of parasites and bacteria in the surroundings to become more active and enhance the rate of replication. This increase of microorganisms in the environment will not be conducive to the general health of the Targetted Individual. For example, stored food will decompose faster, which will impact the unwarry target's health. Innocuous micro organisms on the skin and in the body will become virulent, leading to disease like symptoms.

This heightened activity that includes the involvement of the resourse hungry immune system is what does the real damage to the health of a targetted individual, and will eventually prove incapacitating in the long run. It is as such essential to maintain high hygien levels as one way to lessen the impact energies directed at specific areas of the living space or the body itself will have on the body. Living environments should be kept as clean as possible, otherwise measures should be taken that prevent ingestion of microbes such as washing hands before touching food. Food storage should be such that contamination of food with microbes is minimized, or enhancement of replication is checked. Temperature and humidity come to mind here. Food should be cooked to be consumed in the short term. Remember here that directed energies interfere and dull senses, meaning the target can sometimes consume food that has started to decompose without smelling this, for example.

Cook foods thoroughly. Grains such as the staple maize eaten over much of Africa should not have a final phase resulting in a semi cooked pap. There are a lot of microbes in maize meal. Directed energies of specific frequencies on a tummy full of half cooked maize meal will cause havoc to the innards. Boil maize meal in one go, ensuring that the entirety is thoroughly cooked.

Understand that meal combinations are conventions. Eating rice with chicken is a good example. There is no reason why you cannot eat rice with an onion and tomatoe salad. As conventions go, there might even be a culture where this is a perfectly normal meal. Break out of the mould. Experiment with different combinations. If you have an understanding of nutrient content of foods and what effects some foods can have on the digestion of other foods, you can create therapeutic mixes. Try making salads a major part of your diet as these are least susceptible to directed energy manipulation.

Bath using soaps that disinfect the skin to avoid odors. Wash clothes regularly. Change the bedding more regularly. Clean sitting and sleeping environment before settling in to relax/sleep.

Avoid prostrating your body as much as possible. Try to move around your home as much as is possible and avoid sitting in the same position every time.

Where are Africa's Intellectuals?

Are Africans dummies, and if this is the case then "why"? Is it an issue of genetics, playing along the lines of the racist Pioneer Fund funded book "IQ and the Wealth of Nations", or is it the result of mentacide, the sense of this word being that of the term coined by the late African American intellectual Nana Bobby Hemmit? Should the answer to this question be "no", then why is the continent behaving like a gullible dummy?

It is, perhaps, just the triumph of the colonized mentality that Africa is buying into bogus reasoning and living by this false logic intended mostly to ascertain failure, genetic contamination and, ultimately, extinction. The continent is getting deceived to death, and the way this is being done is reminiscent of courtship between an intelligent being and their intellectual inferior where the west and its lies and deceptions are concerned. Africa is being told the reason for the explosive rise in the number of medical conditions is lifestyle change, even when the said changes in lifestyle affect but a small class, and Africa is buying this.

The resurgence of a pre 1975 Bucharest World Population Conference campaign has seen western population control proponents use preconception after another to convince Africa it needs to reduce its population, and there is no doubting the bogus reasoning is finding attentive ears on the continent given a lot of the continent's so called professionals are already cheerleading the genocidal movement on non other than the leading western media. The continent is being told it is overpopulated, and buying into the reasoning even when it still boasts some of the most sparsely peopled countries on the globe. 300 plus people per square kilometer population densities found in Holland or Japan are nowhere to be found on the continent, not even Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa. The continent is getting told there will be food supply shortage and the reason being given for this is overpopulation when, clearly, as with foolish and inept resource management that has seen nary an African country get wealthy and affluent on its resourse abundance, it will be mismanagement that will be to blame, not the rise in population density. If the continent is run properly, then it has the potential to feed itself more times over than any of the other already overpopulated regions of our planet can.

A recent documentary I watched actually even went to the extent of using the increasing traffic congestion in African urban centers to convince its audience things will get worse as more people means more cars. The producers of this particular program showed some respect for the intelligence of Africans because they touched, ever so slightly, though, on road network design, and intimated, or hinted at the fact it could be a minor cause of traffic congestions. You see, so keen were they to deceive they could not bring their selves to the point of stating the obvious ... which is that road network design, coupled with a general paucity of roads, is the real cause of the problem on a continent with low population densities that has yet to catch up with European 70% rates of car ownership. Rates of car ownership in Africa reflect the ridiculous rich poor divide typical of the continent, which is a paltry +-10%, and if Africa is to avert gridlock on its roads, then it needs to work on moving away from the 18th century city design left by the colonizers that include inter-city roads that run through city centers to German road standards introduced by a leadership keen on seeking military advantages in the 1940s. Where this is concerned, rings and broad highways will be the better idea.

Perhaps the most clear example of how easily Africa can be deceived is the course the ebola epidemic has taken in west Africa, especially the manner people here have come to understand the affliction. There was a time when a professor left a comment on the late HIV/AIDS activist, Boyd Graves' official website that points out there is nothing about the HIV virus that does not have an analogue in other retroviruses. It is a simple strand of DNA. There is no way it can do all the elaborate things they say it does. Fast forward to 2015 and the same can be said of the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) because it is performing the same feats. People going blind, limbs dropping off, minds losing it, men becoming impotent because of ebola? Might be my exaggerations but get with the action over there and you will be shocked what people are reporting. What would be interesting to know is how it is doing this, whether this is indirectly or directly. The EVD establishment, that we can be sure has been formed to manage this disease, will definitely give a bogus rationalization in response.

And, the virus has made it into people's pants. It has attained the status of a STI. Wow! A disease that is highly infectious, and yes, we already know of the infectivity curves (most infectious after death, etc.), but whatever hapenned to real venereal diseases that ravaged the sexual organ region, like, for instance, cause inflammation of the mucous membrane of sexual organs themselves? Ebola gets into body fluids but so does the cold. Giving someone the cold through intercourse does not elevate the disease to a sexually transmitted infection, does it?

Only in Africa.

The truth of the matter is that ebola is just a simple virus, and like all viruses, it has a limited cell host range. It can only infect a type of cell or organ, not every organ it happens upon. Viruses are severely limited in how many cells they can infect in the body. Viruses that infect a part of the brain can only cause damage in this, or another part of the body with a similar entryway, not every cell at once. Non of that elaborate stuff coming out of west Africa that Africans are buying. The body is complex and not easily overwhelmed. There are guards in many places, within and outside cells. Viruses need codes to enter cells that come in the form of protein envelopes. If they can fool a kind of cell, for example T cells, then the entryway they use is in most cases not found anywhere else, meaning they are restricted to T-cells. Any damage they cause to these cells can only affect the rest of the body in domino, and only when a tipping point has been reached. A man with the HIV virus in his body who starts losing his sight before the immune system has been overwhelmed has to have something else causing the damage to his sight. This can be the only logical explanation and it is so with HIV or EVD.

Strange new diseases, obviously iatrogenic (man made), are only doing rounds on this continent because it is failing to think. Where are our intellectuals to protect us from this fraud. At this rate, chances Africa will ever be prosperous are slim, and the chances of survival even slimer still given those doing the deceiving want destruction only for the people of this continent as this is the only way they can actualise their objectives. What we have in Africa, the reason the continent is so gullible is successful hi-tech mentacide resulting in a dumb predisposition, leading to colonial mindsets and such. the continent appears to have moved to the stage where it is frustrating its own bright into death or flight. This can only be the reason why internal reason is not coming to Africa's rescue.

If Clairvoyance Was True

Vanga died in 1996 but predicted ISIS, 9/11, the Arab Spring, Obama…a 2016 "Muslim War" and a Russian "Superpower". Read about her life and predictions here.

If all that we know about human perception and the reality within which the senses operate is correct, then the future can only be known in precise detail, as opposed to prognosticated or conjectured, from "signs of the times" for example, if it has already happened. It is realistically impossible to know how events will pan out in a future that arises from random events. This would entail following the exact convoluted trajectory of events made out of the acts of free willed individuals and a natural environment that is more random than ordered.

If the future happens "before we get there", then it would have to be similar to the past in definition, the only difference being the biological means used to access each realm. In a reality where past and future flow into the present, the past, accessible by memory, artifact, etc., defined as a period and the events in it that have gone by in time and are no longer existing, would have to substitute the term "non-existent" with "fulfilled" in its definition, while the future would have a similar definition as the past apart from the term "fulfilled" that would have to be substituted with "still to be fulfilled".

The presence in our midst of Clairvoyants aware of future events that are yet to be fulfilled would tell us that our understanding of time as a flow from past to present to future is flawed, and also that the flaw is the result of a deliberate design omittion, meaning the biological entity has overlooked or avoided developing the means with which it can enable the conscious mind of a human being access to this reality. As with so many other abilities the human animal is deprived of that it has the capacity to evolve, they are omitted or not fully developed because they are not necessary or because they would conflict with other features in the creature's design, and consequently hamper the creature's viability in nature. Examples of the latter include a deliberate inability to perceive some light frequencies, particularly those that make too many materials ultravioletly invisible, which would only make navigation of obstacles in the real world difficult given many objects would be invisible ... deliberate aging by an organism capable of living for much longer to accommodate to the reality change is constant in the universe and that the biological entity fares better in such a reality if it deals with it in the young and developing where changes are easier to make rather than the fully developed ... deliberate lack of awareness we are less individuals and more dispensable parts of a bigger organism in order to generate a stronger will to survive in the individual and a tendency to specialize that fosters the viability of the whole, etc.

It is logical to say if human beings can know some facts about their lives before they have happened, then, sometimes, it would deprive them of their willingness to survive. Imagine knowing that your efforts in the present will be wasted because of some event in the future? Would you make that effort? Would you even want to stay alive if that was all that you could do to prevent the very event with a direct bearing on your survival that will occur anyway? Food may be tasty and breeding enjoyable but the mind set upon death can override the programming designed to keep them in life, the species alive.

There is a lot that is deliberate about how we are designed, how we have evolved, that just lends credence to this argument. Consider the clever female/male design differences. Born of the same womb, of the same material but structured differently. Attraction of one sex to another would be an issue without these deliberate differences, and so would procreation and, consequently, survival of the whole of the species itself.

It is then plausible that, in our realm, Clairvoyants become people who have developed the biological organ, sense, or tool that enables an awareness of time as a reality that flows not just forwards from our point in time, but backwards towards us as well. This, would be how there would in fact be destinies that we are all merely fulfilling.

Perps are no Different from Hired Assassins

A Gangstalker Lurks Impression

Of late, major oppressive events around our beautiful home of a planet have roused fear in many who, maybe for the first time, are seeing, very clearly at that, the nature and possible bad intentions for them of elites they have followed in blind faith for much too long. This has in turn made many see what lies ahead if they remain apathetic and do nothing about the system. They may be led over the precipice to their own destruction.

Clearly, more and more people are as a result of this awakening parting with behavior and attitudes previously deemed best for their country, or tribe, or as best for avoiding trouble with the authorities, and taking to proactive roles in their communities.

Now, all of this is welcome change for me, a man who has become convinced talk of the indomitable human spirit is just wishful thinking. I am experiencing a change of mind as a result. I am leaning towards the conviction there does indeed come a time when the masses have just had enough, when they cannot be fooled any more ... A time when they will rise up and fearlessly fight to oust a foe that has them tethered, a foe they know is formidable.

The critical number needed to affect the sought after social change may not have been reached yet. It may lie in the distant future, but the proof human beings living in circumstances as oppressive as they are at the moment do not need to revolt to be conscious, and cannot become conscious unless they revolt, has been amply provided in my view, but it may just be me. George Orwell's diagnosis may just remain a truism.

The signs that speak of restless masses have not gone unnoticed by the leaders. Their response has been to increase their misinformation campaigns. Their operatives have come out en masse, most notably on social media in cyberspace. Their focus is discrediting of alternative sources of information, bullying, making threats and misleading. They have been busy creating groups purporting to be true alternatives to, for instance, the mainstream media, others movements championing popular causes.

Evidently, there are more than the usual number of online bullies. There are more attempts to dissuade people from activism by threats, direct or indirect. Sanctions for those championing liberation causes have increased dramatically. Among those the system has hired to put a lid on the restlessness are persons I, a target of covert warfare, know are what are called perps. Following the target online has always been part of their routine but now, as witness exchanges I happen upon on social networking websites, ingratiation has become very important. A number of perps I happened upon on Facebook were able to make their targets empathize with their perpy existence.

Of all the things that perps most certainly are, they are not persons one can find empathy with, let alone sympathise with. While it is true that most of them are undergoing the same, and in some cases worse torture or other forms of abuse than targets of covert warfare, that they are almost always unaware they are under covert attack designed to keep them as stupid as will make doing the system's dirty work the only thing they can do well and with ease in life, the only way they can assure their survival, they choose for this life.

The ignorance that makes them join a program that destroys them while spitting some semblance of wellbeing their way, creating the illusion their life standard is good enough, is not an excuse.

That they fail to make the realization they are on the wrong side of the fence with regards the one they are attacking is all due to their nature. What we are talking about here are propensities. This happens to be the way they are and it is this that guides their choices in life, which in turn guides where they end up in life. Now, let's face it ... perps are a pimper's paradise in a system like ours.

One cannot afford to see extenuating circumstance in the fact they cannot do a thing to change their propensities given they are killers for hire who will do their all to destroy another human being when opportunity gives, and if stature matters not in the definition of the term "assassin", then they can be defined as hired assassins.

The traditional notion of a hired assassin is of a man, or woman, who takes on a contract to kill a religious or political figure, and if the methods used are separated from the main objective (murder), then we see clearly that there is no difference. Perps work for handouts and favors while the hired assassin gets paid in cash. The hired assassin works alone, usually, while the perp works within a group. The final outcome of the activities of both is elimination.

Make no mistake about this ... Perps understand fully that they are in the game to kill. As a matter of fact they are on record (see David Lawson's book "Terrorist Stalking in America") expressing their disquiet with the slow-kill routine used in covert warfare.

The Global Covert Warfare The Western Elite Wages

"The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists." J. Edgar Hoover giving socialism a description that would have been more appropriate for his COINTELPRO program.

You do not need to be the infamous J. Edgar Hoover to believe a monstrous conspiracy vastly superior to COINTELPRO exists in today's world, or know that its main purpose is to "covertly disable select people within target communities in their capacity to make a difference". These attacks are holistic, meaning it is not the elimination of the target that is the sole objective. Rather, the entirety of the group to which that particular individual belongs is under fire.

The methods in use to this end are vast improvements and refinements upon those COINTELPPRO is infamous for, some of the differences being the use of advanced technologies and, crucially, the kind of organisation that is under fire. COINTELPRO could not take advantage of modern technologies such as eavesdropping and so called non-lethal technologies that make today's war much more immune to exposure, nor could it be as present globally as modern day covert warfare is because of this. COINTELPRO aimed at the destruction of political groups (Socialists, for example) and movements (civil rights movements, the Black Panther Party for Self Defence in particular) by covertly attacking leading figures, while modern day global covert warfare targets local and distant communities by eliminating people already playing or thought to have the potential to play key roles in the future development of the same. It aims to undermine the well-being of the target community, or the collective punch of the tribe or nation by disabling or taking out members believed to be future enabling/empowering factors. The point of these targeted attacks is to make the whole business of control and domination easier given the more advanced a community gets, the more resistant to external control it becomes.

Basically, it is the beheading of a whole group of people. Targets in this war are selected carefully for this to be effective. While it was the case during Hoover's days that an organisation was destroyed by the murder of its leader, and sometimes a few other individuals playing key roles in it, many more people need to be eliminated to impact a community's development. Selection and elimination is an ongoing process, done on a continuous basis, seeing many of those considered to be a plus for the target community, even if potentially so, incapacitated or eliminated as soon as they are recognised, leaving the community as clueless as is desirable.

If these methods of taking communities back to the stone age seem anachronistic, especially to those who know of the tactics used by conquerors of old to subjugate, this is because J. Edgar Hoover did not create methods of control unknown to his predecessors. Hitler, and many of his contemporary tyrants, are known to have used covert attacks that resemble those Hoover used to destroy dissent, etc. The British, French, Portuguese were using very similar tactics to control the masses in territories they overwhelmed after the Berlin Conference. The portuguese are known to have destroyed relics from the past in South America that they replaced with what worked for them where the direction locals genuflected to was concerned. Such destruction was not limited to relics, but to people as well. The ultimate aim of covertly getting rid of anyone locals looked up to was to leave only the Portuguese themselves as the one everyone looked up to. The British are known to have gone on killing sprees that targeted those considered to be royal of lineage. They equalled modern pre-emptive eliminations by not just murdering figures who had actual command of the people, but close relatives, including their children, as well. They are known to have sent the heads of key figures they eliminated back to their leader in England to prove the individual was indeed dead, while orders back in the colony were that the men continue the hunt and murder of blood relatives. There are surviving reports in Africa of individuals not considered leaders by locals seeking refuge hundreds of kilometres away from their homes, fearing for their lives after realising they had been put on a murder list, and only on account they were related to a chief whose head had ended up on a galleon headed for England. Such was the need to replace local authority, to behead the conquered, the British went to lengths that saw them predict futures in a bid to leave no stones unturned.

Hoover often found himself perpetrating overt, violent attacks on his targets that drew attention to his operation, mainly because there was no other way of getting what he wanted to accomplish done. With the aid of technology, COINTELPRO's brutality can be surpassed a hundred fold without signs that tell this tale. With advanced technology at hand, those leading the modern variant of the conspiracy can do more than Hoover, Hitler, the colonial forces before them, etc., would have wanted but could only dream about.

The mainstream media has played its part distorting the image of targets, not just in news reports, but in soaps, series or films, churning out reality that depicts anyone bringing reports of covert warfare as a lunatic or mentally challenged person. Occurring simultaneously with all of this is bullying that involves veiled threats made to a public the powers that be believe has not been fully or sufficiently brainwashed, a public that ever appears at the brink of stirring. Instilling fear into the masses becomes the name of the game. There is an evident need to constantly make them feel a power that they should not dare disobey or question, a power that dishes out very heavy punishment when crossed. To this end, the fate of some targets are surreptitiously opportunely used as examples of this wrath. The power also goes out of its way proving, by giving veiled examples, it can get anybody wherever they are, whenever it pleases. The message is simple: you can run but you cannot hide. Murder also comes into play during such communications. Examples include murders of well known or famous people that seem at times like ritual killings ... They serve as a rite of passage for the target audience. These murders, passed off as natural deaths, have the necessary hallmarks of foul play that is salient enough to be noticed and make the point, but insufficient to prove the case.

Apart from brainwashing or fear mongering that gets the populace at large into a stoical state, those orchestrating the conspiracy blot out any connection the activity could have to the greater community to which the target belongs. They succeed to make it look like it is another person's problem. Nobody from the public trying to uncover the conspiracy will get past the targeting of individuals, and those they will find will be mentally challenged.

All of this is the reason most people will fail or refuse to see truth in the statements I made at the opening of this piece. This is the reason why understanding covert warfare requires what is sometimes referred to as thinking out of the box. It requires debrainwashing done by a radical examination of the logic behind the methods used in covert warfare, and equally radical examination of the information about covert warfare the conspiracy generates that is taken as truth by the general public, for example, information dished out on a regular basis by the leading media regarding the mental health of the average target of covert warfare.

I have uncovered along the way (what many more have mentioned albeit in manners that fall short of having an elucidating or debrainwashing effect) that a significant number of targeted individuals worldwide are above the average intellect, or at least they were before they got blasted with directed energies and/or poisons and pathogenes resulting in the impression of a limited or paranoid intellect, impressions of someone suffering from delusions, or someone who is mentally challenged. I now know that attacks, especially the first series, have as a priority the creation of as much damage to the mind of the unsuspecting target as makes them irrational, or anything else that has the potential to discredit whatever they will say about what they are going through, as much damage as makes them incapable of ever making sense of their ordeal.

But then the fact they were once proper, coherent, highly intelligent human beings can usually be ascertained where the possibility to gain exposure to the target's past exists, whereupon the one thing that becomes crystal clear is the fact the majority of targeted individuals become targets because they have a mind that makes this system's worst nightmares come true, a mind feared by the powers-that-be that require the capacity to detect intellectual fraud to be as rare as makes getting their way easy - a mind so designed it grows and gets more critical even when bereft of that on which normal minds require to feed in order to advance ... growth and advancement that comes even in isolation ... a mind the powers- that-be can only with difficulty defile ... the mind of one who can make a difference.

Only a few communities exist today that do not have targeted individuals, meaning a paucity of communities exist that are not being manipulated covertly. There are in almost every society on our globe unfortunates having their lives destroyed to this end. You do not need to have witnessed Hoover in action to know how the punishment is meted out in our times, its visible effects and also know of the concurrent activities, for instance, covert, under handed behind-the-scenes interventions that frustrate every effort the target undertakes to survive such as the prevention of the capacity to get or keep gainful employment, build or maintain a business, maintain a healthy relationship, the active destruction of the target's image in their community, deliberately caused ill health, etc. People are being attacked on a dumb-founding 24/7 basis, attacks experienced as intermittent overt torture in some cases, as constant torture in other cases (an instance of this can be electrocution of the genitals using directed energies that has been reported by men as well as women, or hearing loud noises, sensations that give the impression the skin is infested with crawling insects, needle like pains on the skin, etc). In addition, targets are having their credibility, their reputations within the communities they live, as well as their very personalities destroyed. This is being done not just by gangs that resemble Hoover's vigilantes, but with technology that both destroys and controls minds.

The modern conspiracy, the logic it uses, its scope, its chosen methods of destroying targets in particular and the extent it will go to achieve this end, is very strange, and monstrous in this sense as well. Putting people on a daily routine of covert attacks aimed at gradually killing them, for doing nothing wrong, only on account they are seen as a potential plus for their community or that they fulfil the profile of one capable of positively influencing their community or, in the case of whistle- blowers, for caring enough about their community, is weird, to say the least. It amounts to killing another for how they are created by the almighty, or for how nature made them, and this by handing them over to some demented scientist or career perp who uses technology to imprison them, then subject them to torturous attacks on a 24/7 basis for the rest of their lives, making them die slowly.

This is just psychopathic.

We have moved on quite a bit from the dawn of the age of reason and yet, in 2016, the world is much too irrational and more dangerous a place to be than it should have been ... as a result of the success of a system that has, on one hand, a belief in the gift of civilisation evidenced by the adoption of such like rule of law societies complete with constitutions and legal systems punishing offenders with penalties considered befitting of the crime and, on the other, a conspiracy by people in positions of power that disregards constitutional rights and has people under covert attack sentences because, as the system would wish the world to believe, they did something so wrong in the past they do not deserve to be heard in a court of law, that they deserve to pay for by way of none other than covert, torturous attacks meant to last as long as they live. The overlooked truth remains this: there are sensible reasons human beings create constitutions and abide by the laws they make. There are credible reasons people punish others, why, in so doing, the penalty given is measured to the gravity of the offence (steal a mobile phone, get twenty lashes. Steal a car, get 100 lashes plus 5 years in jail).

Let us first understand that penalties serve two purposes: they (1) punish, and (2) they serve as deterrents for those looking on, especially those engaged in or contemplating acts of a similar kind, or with the same or similar effects. Those waging covert warfare globally are known to attack their target for years, even decades, 24/7 ... attacks on flesh and bone they want us to believe is guilty of a crime deserving of the punishment, a crime that remains undisclosed or vague, for the duration. Somebody is taking others for fools here. This cannot be seen any other way than ridiculous. A critical analysis of what we know goes on makes it clear the targets cannot be under attack for what those attacking them are claiming they are being attacked for. Fact of the matter is this that, if they are not subjects of one or other experiment that requires to put them under constant attack, experiments meant to elicit a biological reaction useful for those waging the war, feed sadistic appetites or make targeting or covert warfare better, then it is for no other reason than to pre-emptively deprive their community of someone considered to be one of a kind and what the public is made to believe is a distraction. They are under attack because the powers-that- be fear their potential role in their community.

Covertly Punishing an innocent with attacks experienced as torture on a daily basis for the rest of their life is not a sentence a justice system in the most oppressive country will find reasonable to pass, not even for the most cold blooded of murderers they would sooner execute and forget about, nor is it an idea that will come easily to the most cruel or depraved of hearts within a normal human society because it is evidently overly extreme, as a result gratuitous. Also, covertly handed punishment cannot have a deterrent effect. It can only have a function for those who experience the torture routine, which in the case of a covertly waged war are those on the inside, those conducting research, those being paid to carry out the elimination, or other killers put on the case because they have developed an insatiable appetite for such routines that would otherwise be unleashed on society if they were not given an outlet.

Looking at covert warfare the way those who wage it want us to see it, we see the target as guilty of a really unspeakable crime, the procedure as necessary, the penalty as deserved and a good deterrent for those whose actions have the potential to adversely affect or destroy an entire system/culture. If we understand that the destruction of a system usually brings much suffering to many, for generations, we still will be confronted with the truth punishment meted out as daily torture that lasts for decades involving routines such as those we know targets experience, for instance, arranged scenes where numerous people come out to inconvenience, threaten, ridicule, belittle or affront someone they do not know, is wrong, even for something with consequences as dire as system destruction. There is here the undeniably egregious activity of perpetual mental and physical attacks that questions the sanity of those carrying out the process, and brings to mind the conduct of brainwashed cult members on a leash. On top of that, because attacks are made covertly, there are issues regarding responsibility or association and image. As if the klansman-like masked figure attitude of those behind covert warfare to what they do with relish is not disgusting enough, we become aware that we live in a world where the crime claimed to bring wrath of this kind is unknown and, unbelievably, there are instances of double standards in which leading media outlets are lured into painting the wrong impression about what are in fact crimes that get people targeted. Support for the Palestinian cause is a good example of this today, while support for liberation struggles abroad, of which media outlets no doubt spoke favourably, could get one targeted by COINTELPRO.

The question that comes to mind when one gets beyond disbelief something like this conspiracy exists and persists in a world claiming to live by reason, is whether the purpose madness of this magnitude is meant to serve is being met? Could it be possible that, ultimately, the end is justifying the means?

The Masonic Square and Compasses. (Found with or without the letter G)
The one thing that is very clear about global covert warfare is that it is a problem that the west has brought. It is true that it has made rounds around the globe and been adopted by almost all, but the west itself remains the key player in global covert warfare. This is made clear even when I just use my own life as an example. It is the west that sees a need to wage a covert war on me, a war that has seen the west follow me half way across the globe, to Africa. Several things about global covert warfare are confirmed as a result of this chase. In this case, a lot became clear after I put up heavy wall shields to protect myself from the main method used to attack me (directed energies), that offered near comprehensive protection from energies launched from lateral positions. Soon thereafter, a scenario arose in which it was at once clear vertical or near vertical energies were the only rays causing hell in my home. This new situation made it clear satellites had been the main source of attacks all along. The satellites in question could not have been performing new functions. They could not have been moved so quickly into place because I happened to have turned up. Obviously, this is what they had been there for all along. The most important thing to note is how clear it becomes that I, the target, became a link to a whole community. I cannot be the first or only one that such a fate has befallen in this region. It's the community that's really under fire. Considering the length of time the Star Wars Program has been active, graveyards in Africa must be full to the brim with targets, especially those used to develop the capabilities.

Now, the satellites causing mayham in this sphere could not belong to the Russians, Indians, Chinese or any other nationality outside the west. Only the west had a prior need to attack me. Only the west, that has strategically spread its satellites around the globe and, as a specialist interviewed by a leading news source mentioned, "networked them" in ways other world powers with satellites in orbit have not yet done... in ways that make possible the kind of attacks I get ... only the west could have been able to reach me as easily, and eagerly, as they did and continue to do.

It is clearly the west that is spreading the madness to others in order to weaken then dominate them. It is true that powers outside the west have used satellites and directed energies to eliminate people they feared. The Russians are known to have done this as early as the sixties. These actions, however, are not the same as those the west engages in.

Regimes outside the western block that can be considered third world countries have been quick to adopt the western practice of covert warfare in full, keen to keep rivals out of contention, others in order to stand up against this very kind of new threat. Some have cooperated heavily with western missions in the third world. These regimes have in return been allowed access to western technologies such as those aboard satellites (eavesdropping and directed energy attack technologies) to help them with their quests, but, unbeknownst to the parochial, the interests of the west remain primary in such arrangements. Western interests are what those allowing the west access to selected civilians in exchange for cash and limited access to advanced technologies are in fact serving. The west knows why it wants those people eliminated while the cooperating regimes remain in the dark.

In the west itself, at the very top of the madness are the people who run the western world "in fact". They are the ones giving the commands, selecting the targets, outsourcing the punishment to private contractors abroad with the expertise, equipment and experience, perps, imported or local, research institutions, especially the overly ambitious with links to such like NASA (known to be keen on studying the long term effect of exposure to self perpetuating energies found abundantly in space that are minimised on earth because of the ozone layer), with links to the military industrial complex that would like to develop better energy weapons to use in peace-time (such as directed energies that cause epidemics by causing innocuous pathogens to become virulent that I am aware have been used extensively in Africa), and during times of war, also eager to develop their capacity to remotely tap into the brains of people in order to better control the course that their lives take, etc.

The goal of the western elite in orchestrating this secret plan is to retain the reigns of control they hold, to strengthen this as well as make their present and future safe for their own selves. This, then, is the end. This much we know. Is this end being secured, though?

To answer this question, it is essential to look at the changing state and future prospects of the beneficiary ... the very elite in western countries. Sufficient research on the subject matter should lead to knowledge they comprise a small, masquerading group of men and women who are the actual power behind the visible show of power, the ones who really run the western world, the ones who pull the strings attached to puppets regarded as the actual leaders by the public. These elites are also regularly named by some, for instance as the Illuminati, the Rothschilds, and so on. It is hard to verify this information, but I know from personal experience that the Freemasons, or at least a percentage at the very top, are an important part of the elusive western elite, and this conspiracy too. Tentacles of control stretch out from the same group to their own people, then other parts of the planet ... to those who remain vulnerable to external control, nations that are deliberately kept vulnerable to external control using the same monstrous conspiracy, and tribes that have yet to get wisdom.

The western elite are evidently successfully using the monstrous conspiracy to surreptitiously rule the world. They are clearly succeeding in their efforts to control world events, as witness their many victories worldwide. We can skip providing the examples and simply take note of these victories as occurring there where people are getting forced to make choices that work against their own well being, for instance when the will of the people, expressed in votes, is overturned. Such instances are those where it is abundantly clear the same elites are the ones bringing the issue to the table, the ones who stand to win when others are rendered self-less.

Micro managing world socio- economic affairs in the shadows using improvements upon methods developed during the COINTELPRO heydays is a cinch. With this conspiracy in place, in possession of formidable technology with which to apply it, the western elite have the power to manipulate the reality in which men anywhere exist. They are placing, moving and removing pieces (people) from the board at the micro-level, where it matters most, at will, while they have their unwitting targets either so handicapped they refuse to accept the existence of the conspiracy, or they accept it exists, but fail to find ways to tackle it, otherwise they get distracted because they, like fools, are following the rules in the book handed to them by the same masquerading lot.

The increasing rate at which the western elite are making populations perpetually undermine their own well-being tells us it is working for them. This is the reason they have placed a lot of trust in this conspiracy's capacity to help them retain their dominant position globally. This is why it is expanding and spreading as quickly as it is in our times. Surely, where they are concerned, the end is justifying the means if the fact they are still as much in control today as they ever were in the past is used as the measure. They most certainly cannot stop now, as they cannot imagine things would be the way they are had they not been manipulating reality covertly behind the scenes, all along.

There is only one thing that will help bring this western reign of terror to an end, and this is when all of us, not just individuals who are already fighting back because they are targets, not just blacks or whites, third world citizens or citizens of industrialised countries, get involved in the fight to stop this high-tech terrorism. People have to move away from ignoring this reality, believing it will just go away, or considering it another individual's problem. This is what those who wage the war want. All of us are at risk of either becoming its targets or spending our lives in communities ruined by it. The elite will defile all our lives with their strategic strikes. What we need to get over in order to stand a chance of defeating this evil is fear. It is our greatest enemy in this ... We require to understand that we are at war and behave as befits the situation of people in a war zone, people constantly under lethal attack. We need to stop, if not limit the reach of these people by, among other things, taking target testimony more seriously, watching western activity in our skies using advanced technologies capable of picking up directed energy activity so that we know where they are active and who they are after to get the bigger picture. We require to focus on exposing them, and also channel our efforts into the creation of internationally binding laws that ban the use of technologies such as those being used today to remotely destroy lives, cultures, communities and nations. It is in our best interests to do this, and more, that is necessary, as soon as possible, if we are going to succeed in decreasing the chances future generations will be living in a world where the mentality of using the very tactics in use by the west today to gain social, economic or other advantages, has proliferated. What we can expect is a world where it will not just be the western elite that people have to be fearful of, but anyone who can harness the techniques and technologies the west is using to keep us all in chains.