Wednesday, 3 October 2007

My Watkin's House Ordeal

It started innocently enough as a mere course to polish up on the job-search skills of the unemployed, but what followed at the school revealed the incredible degree even places where those who are not doing well in society end up can be gradually swallowed up with infiltrants, those places where targets are bound to end up what with the state they are in after round the clock torture. In my particular case, what became of what is otherwise an innocent location revealed just how high profile my case is to some kind of hidden force.

I am certain a lot of other targets have been to the location because they are almost denizens at a lot of similar places, and it appears non of them was cause for the kind of changes that were seen while I was there.

As someone who already knows a lot about covert warfare, I am aware of the desperation that reigns in the camps of those who run the putrid show (desperate people never win, no?). I also know targets of covert warfare do not change a thing about their status and attacks when they move around, especially if this is from city to city within the same country, or country to country where the leaders share interests, one country is a virtual colony of another, or the countries belong to one block, for example NATO. This is why moving from one EU country to the next isn’t going to stop attacks, nor is moving from the USA to Mexico going to help.

There are a lot of known instances of targets changing country and, alas, attacks have simply continued at a lower or same intensity.

Unless carefully selected, changing jobs is also the same thing. Jobs where the target works alone or is highly mobile are hard to infiltrate, but office jobs, especially those where a large number of employees, clients or students come and go, are very easy to fill up to the brim with the vermin.

Following through with this rule, the first days calm at Watkin’s House was short-lived. Soon enough, the same thing that had happened everywhere else I had gone started happening here as well. We were supposed to be learning how to be better at looking for jobs, which includes learning a few useful skills, through the internet using a total of about 24 computers on the second floor. On my first two days on the course, there were very few students in the building, meaning there was always a seat or computer terminal free. Soon, however, this number rapidly rose and, as if at once, the whole place was filled to the brim with what outwardly were students but when you listened carefully to their conversations it became plain they were there for something else.

The length of time that the crowding lasted also started to increase. At first, people only stayed until about 11 am, this quickly went up to 12pm then 13pm, and further up to near evening hours.

There were reasons given by the staff about the overpopulation, but non of them washed completely as far as my intelligence was concerned. There is really the remote possibility that this was the case, but then students here are too eager to escape the premises, for a moment if not the entire day, leaving the chance of complete filling up almost nil. Of course, mandating people with various qualifications and backgrounds to sit in front of a computer screen the entire day is not the best way of motivating them to learn or remain within the bounds of the classroom.

The location has been open for about four years, and within that period content on the internet was completely unfiltered. Even this was to change... quickly, and drastically. Suddenly, there was a pressing need to block out a lot of websites, so much so that even those that were innocuous fell prey to the censoring. For example Google Maps, a useful tool for students going for job interviews, was blocked. A rather absurd explanation was of course given for this. It also became impossible to download or upload files, but after students complained, this browser function was restored but then only some files from some websites could be uploaded or downloaded, while a whole lot more remained beyond reach.

This is not to say there was no abuse of the upload, download or other web facilities, nor am I free from blame. But then it is rather suspicious that YouTube, for example, was blocked immediately after I had uploaded videos showing DEW attacks at my flat.

Posting gangstalking videos is not quite polishing up on job-search skills, but then it is still doing something useful, which is in line with the whole Watkin's House project where no particular profession predominates. It is perfectly possible videos form the basis of my chosen means of earning bread, in which case a website where I can display my work can be very useful. Some may argue that rules are rules, but then one has to wonder at the timing of this, especially the fact only those sites I was frequenting were getting affetced.

Downloading programs and other videos is not using the computers for their intended purpose, still one has to ask the hard question of just why the choice is made to block uploading and downloading on a course to which this activity is integral, and also just why web sites with controlled content, for example Google, YouTube or MSN, or even this website, could possibly need blocking.

Soon, after getting all manner of complaints from students, instead of a more reasoned approach, the administration changed all but the appearance of the message that is displayed whenever a website is blocked from a general notice, to this:

The page you requested has been blocked because it contains a banned word. URL =


The page you requested has been blocked because it contains a banned word. URL =

Note that this happens to be the front page of news on Google, and the post page of Blogspot. These and many more pages may not be job related, but they definitely aren't porn sites. In fact, it can be very useful for a job seeker looking for links to jobs, doing some work related research, etc. Imagine the impact this would have if extended to other websites with articles on them.

Google controls its content, and as such seldom, if ever, features on anyone's list of banned sites. It is hard to imagine a banned word appearing on the front page of Google News, and if in someone's mind there is such a thing, it is equally hard guessing what this word can be.

What is obviously going on behind the scenes is that, rather than block out websites with banned, especially adult content, the administration is blocking out content not based on a word filter as the message suggests, but on what they deem to be websites that can be of particular interest to some students. This is a perfect way of killing two birds with one stone. Rather than use a registered filter that would work very well because most are designed with such work/study places in mind, the administration go for a personalized version of their own filter whose purpose only they know, but then they base the blocking message on words rather than content, because they have their eye on something other than adult sites, a fact they wouldn't like to be apparent.

The facility is run by a private company and, according to my observations, the owners have no strange bias towards sites like Google or YouTube, as long as such use is related to looking for work or research. There is actual monitoring of the sites the students visit, and those guilty of extraneous activities are admonished, sometimes expelled. The extra pressure to control what they allow their students to be exposed to is definitely coming from outside, from the usual suspect.

The reason I am a target of covert warfare is because I tend to get listened to. What I write is taken seriously by many people, and used in ways that are uncomfortable for a lot of people. Since my laptop broke down I have had to make do with expensive internet cafes to communicate with the outside world in this regard. Watkin's House offered me the opportunity to not only freely look for work, but also use the internet for especially research and communication with a lot more people than I could before. I was able to set up this blog, for example, and do a number of useful things that I could not previously have done without this costing me a fortune.

It became apparent to me from the very beginning that there were some very powerful people who were very worried about my newfound empowerment, especially the fact I was doing exactly that which had got me sentenced. In fact, this reality was made plain the very first week that I was here.

There is a park on the approach to the building which I cross every morning,, unless the grass is soaking wet. It was my second week on the course. I am not very sure about the exact week date (Tuesday 31st of July 2007 – Wednesday 1st of August 2007 or Wednesday 1st of August 2007 – Thursday 2nd of August 2007), but on two consecutive mornings between 9am and 10am, a chopper rose and flew right above me as I made it to this park, seeming to hover there and then disappear as soon as I had crossed over. I am sure about the last time this happened. It was Friday the 3rd of August 2007 at between 1:30pm and 2:30pm when the chopper rose, and this time hovering isn't all that happened. As I neared the end of the park, I felt a weird shock go through my upper body from head to torso, somewhat resembling cold drops of water rolling down. Suddenly aware what was happening, I immediately bounded over the demarcation of the park, across the road to the only side I knew was safe, where the metal on parked cars could provide cover.

The chopper hovered around the location for a good thirty minutes after that, flying very low around the building.

I have read and heard of targets testifying to helicopters being used in covert attacks, but a lot of people refute this on account of the costs involved in flying the thing. These testimonies seem unbelievable from this perspective, but now I can hardly disagree with what these people say after that experience. Cost appears not to be an issue where this is concerned. The desperation is too high.

I believe what saved me was the fact I always wear a home made, insulated metal under my hat that goes down above the ears, and the same construction vest under my clothes whenever out and about.

I know the hover after the incident was meant to detect the effect of that bombardment than intimidate.

Within the school itself, a lot of people have come and gone who displayed typical stalker behavior, right down to opportunistic statements made to others that are too specific to my life. There have also been ungodly things done to especially employees who showed a bit too much care towards me; for example giving me more breaks than some people thought should be the case.

There are a lot of indications that microwave attacks have been launched. The heating effect they cause is the norm in that office building, even at times when the heating is turned off. I have also noticed effects on my physical being that are in line with direct exposure to harmful beams, for example sudden tissue wasting that I can only associate with visits to the location rather than from attacks within my flat or on the streets. There is also the reality my breath becomes abnormal very quickly within the building compared to any other place, indicating attacks to the torso.

On the first few weeks on the course, I could sense attacks to the lower back of the head and around my belt, causing intense heating of my bum, and pain in my head in the particular location. The attacks indicated logical, linear attacks from the rear, carried out from a room either directly below or removed in the same direction. What’s revealing about this is, just a week after this, a my bank pass got damaged. It could not be read in neither the machine outside or by the counter and had to be replaced.

I carried a gauss meter and microwave detector to the location but found no readings that would make a positive conclusion, but then again there are a lot of ways to attack, and wavelengths that can be used that these devices are not sensitive to, and a gauss meter is very restricted in how much it can tell of such attacks save suggest the presence of a machine with a very high energy field around it, which in most cases happens to be a microwave.

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I have felt those rain like water over me several times. What do you think is it? could be poison or ionic substance - please advise - explain about your metaled protective hat.