Friday, 23 January 2015

A Futile Mission

Training Day
Denzil Washington plays the role of a corrupt cop by the name of Alonzo Harris in this must-see movie "Training Day" by Producer Bobby Newmyer. After a complex array of events on the day Detective Alonzo is evaluating rookie Detective Jake Hoyte (played by Ethan Hawke), he decides the best thing to do is get rid of Hoyte by paying a buch of emotional, no-good Mexican criminals to murder him. Though there are many paralles between some events in this movie and real life situations, for instance the act of paying someone to carry out a murder as seen in the fates of covert targets of powerful countries who live in weaker countries ruled by rogue or corrupt regimes, it should not be assumed that the regime in power is always involved. I definitely do not want people concluding I am comparing my fate to that of Detective Hoyte in the hands of the Mexicans whom I am in turn equating to authority figures here. Situations vary from country to country. In some cases, the regime in power may not be calling all the shots in the land. They may even be unaware of the existence in their country of an international cause-stalking network . You can speak of a foreign infiltration of local ranks so extensive the country is effectively run according to the wishes or interests of a foreign power. I have to make this very clear before I delve into the article to avoid people getting the wrong impression. 
Operatives on my case or, as I prefer to call them, my prison wardens in this third world country I live, the persons who see to it that I do not get a chance to break free, the ones constantly strengthening the walls of my prison, are evidently on higher than normal alert where my surveillance is concerned. Campaigns designed to pariah me in the community have increased. There is an urgency to these activities that I have not seen for a long time. I am seeing more and more strangers in strange places suddenly appear to know intimate parts of my life, revealing with this that they are there for nothing better than to wait for me to show up where many people gather in order to tune perceptions.

The situation is similar online where the usual group of wardens has wormed its way to my corner ... as I make a definite cyberspace reappearence. Note-worthy is how these online wardens make remarks that do not justify the concerns they raise in response to opinions I post. They are obviously just following instructions, responding as they are told to by handlers who have turned to dirty-his-name tactics like never before. Assuming I am operating on an empty brain and will not notice or make an apt response to a campaign that tries not to be too obvious or direct, a reality I believe belongs by the territory (those attacking a man's brains are bound to assume at some point in this procedure that he is no longer thinking strait, even as they check for signs this is indeed the case), they are again at pains to surreptitiously pin on me the lable of either racist or supporter of such like Boku Haram, Isis or whatever else they feel will do the trick. It has not been a long period since I started writing voluminously again, a mere month at most, but already I have attracted much perp/operative activity, been called many things ... They are still at it, changing tact as soon as they realize the strategy they are using to discredit me is full of holes.

Previously, they had the nerve to pin the "mentally challenged" label on me after a post I made on a subject that is really obscure and little understood. Technically, that sticker failed to hold, and the idea was abandoned, dropped so quick the act became suspect.

I think it is that time again when I should place a question directly to the handlers of the persons (called perps by most people) in whose mercies I have been placed: Do you ever learn? Do you need help with thought because ... well, people are not as foolish as you think, you know? May be a good idea that you vet the intellects of those persons you are crowding my life with.

Do not get this wrong: I am not trying to show you how to do your job, or trying by this to make you stop your attacks on me. Just want you to know why I find what you are doing to be dumb, a waste of time, gratuitous and futile. You may have the technology and are good with the hi-tech lynching bit, but that, trust me, is the easy part. I know much of the attacks you make on me and surroundings, suh as animals, insects, plant life, etc., are actually intended to impress your hi-tech prowess, my isolation, helplessness, yet, for all this show, you are still going to hear me say you are dumb. This just happens to be truth from my standpoint. Nothing you have done to date has changed my view, and it isn't mere pertinacity. I find you and your operatives/perps laughable and, based on this judgement, I can tell you you cannot succeed in this mission. You do not have what it takes. You do not have the umf to see the whole picture. In this, you are your worst enemy and the upper hand you enjoy is temporary as a result.

I am not saying this in mere reaction to what I am going through, hitting back the only way I can. I will give you an example so that you see for yourself some of what drives me to conclude you are just dumbing around, that you are in fact walking into a wall. A good thing for the world, good riddance if the result of the collision is your elimination. Thus here, for your benefit, are a few instances that show how you are missing the point, how you are all over the place, too noisy in the bushes and easily getting noticed by predators.
Out on the streets, comments by my wardens are being made in public places as I pass, there for all to hear, alluding to the same thing now. I have become an extremist, a foaming-at-the-mouth terrorist, but then this is only on account of the hat I wear. Do you see how ridiculous this is? I mean, if I was really so keen and unabashed, not afraid to advertise my fundamentalism, inclination or admiration for whoever the bad guy is through this oh so public display atop my scalp, then I definitely would not be held back from being a live wire in a mosque, would I? I would not be held back from practicing the convictions that I display so openly using my hat. Why would I leave it at wearing a hat alone? Advertizing? How effective can a victim of a COINTELPRO war be at getting recruits?

What ever happened to the other names you called me beforehand? You instructed your operatives to call me thief, remember? When I started writing again, I became mad, and so on. I wonder what you will want people to consider me as if I grew a long beard? Osama? What if I took to a baseball hat, or started wearing an Irish skirt? You have called me so many things to date that include ascribed conditions and mental states you should know it is not possible that I can be all of these things at once, not even one at a time, in the eyes of a wary public.

You have persistently done the same in cyberspace. The latest operations see you instructing my wardens to insinuate, in the cheapest of ways, that I am a racist. It is to wonder really who you are actually trying to convince of this. Is it people who do not understand the things I write, or others who are blind to color. The content I place on my blog, and on social media such as FaceBook, makes it abundantly clear what I think of race, moreso in where I choose to get my inspiration. If being racist results from not having a very developed capacity to rationalize, and if this can be equated to being color blind or seeing the world in black and white, then those visitors you manage to convince of my racist credentials are missing a lot when they browse my blog. If they are able to believe the drivel emanating from the mouths of your puppets on a string then they are the stuff of which racists are made and I cannot care less if you win their hearts and minds.

Monday, 12 January 2015

Major Casualties

society is holistic. This means we are an organism. The individual is an organism that is part of a greater being, similar to how a cell is part of a body. If this were not so then there would be no need for the unity of male and female to bring forth a new life. Human sex is organ specialization. The design of each individual is limited. Each can only be good at a few things. It is not everyone who can become a carpenter, a rocket scientist, a musician. It is only when these talents combine in a community that the magic happens ... the whole can do much more. If, due to one thing or another, a type of individual in a community is lost, then the community becomes lame. There are some things it cannot do. If we look at our lives today, at the tools and implements we use that have revolutionized the way we live, we discover that those who made the inventions and discoveries were a mere handful. It is not all Europeans who had the brains to think up the light bulb. Yet, because there were a few with the brains for this, the talent to do this, we have all benefited.
society is holistic. This means we are an organism. The individual is an organism that is part of a greater being, similar to how a cell is part of a body. If this were not so then there would be no need for the unity of male and female to bring forth a new life. Human sex is organ specialization. The design of each individual is limited. Each can only be good at a few things. It is not everyone who can become a carpenter, a rocket scientist, a musician. It is only when these talents combine in a community that the magic happens ... the whole can do much more. If, due to one thing or another, a type of individual in a community is lost, then the community becomes lame. There are some things it cannot do.
If we look at our lives today, at the tools and implements we use that have revolutionized the way we live, we discover that those who made the inventions and discoveries were a mere handful. It is not all Europeans who had the brains to think up the light bulb. Yet, because there were a few with the brains for this, the talent to do this, we have all benefited.
Dedicated to Charles Taylor, the former Liberian president/CIA spy (enjoying a pampered retirement in Holland) who, in an indirect reaction to an article I wrote, published by The Perspective, an Online Liberian Journal, correctly predicted I would not be able to hide from "them", not even in my own mother's womb ... and his ilk among Africans worldwide.

Have you ever wondered just why African Americans, Caribbeans and other diaspora Africans are so much better than continental Africans at specific athletic sports? This is the case even where the two are brought up under similar circumstances, on similar diets, lifestyles and so on. Recently, a scientist who spent a considerable amount of time researching the issue of why Jamaicans are such good sprinters concluded that it had to do with knee symetry. In this system we live in, it is prudent for me to first dispel racist or colonialistic propaganda before commenting on such a find.

Let us agree that, because this talent is not mirrored in other races, its rightful origin is Africa, even when it has become scanty here. It is therefore not correct to allude to the rapes that happened on the cotton fields as the source of the blood when north American Africans are the topic. Descendants of white Americans do not display the trait. The talent cannot be a product of reactions made to slavery in the Caribbean and other parts of the Diaspora. It cannot, for instance, be a product of a heightened need for speed as a necessity for escape from a chained existence (someone I knew in the past actually suggested this). The need to run away is part and parcel of every milleau Africans live in. It is always essential to run away from something in this life, to have speed, the more the better. In the past, speed made one out-run a speeding Black Mamba. It made one outmaneuvre and get away from a clumsy elephant, a warring tribe, slave traders, etc. Today, one might need to run from a fight, a dog, robbers, or, like me on a farm in Africa, from a Black Mamba. The need for speed could not have become more immediate for those who spent months chained on a ship or working to death on a plantation than it would for those left in nothing better than thatched huts to protect them from the wild at night, days spent looking for sustenance in thickly grown bushes and forests where danger always lurked.

The scientist may have correctly pointed at the explanation for the better performance of some where speed on two human legs is concerned, but it cannot be doubted that the physical characteristic that makes it possible has its origin in Africa. The cause of the difference in performance between continental and diaspora Africans, or the lack of the adaptational change to the knees has to be in the slave selection process. While it is true that entire tribes, usually new migrants to an area, were sold off, most of the selection was done within groups. This means that members of tribes and families would often be selected out of many by their physical appearance. The more robust of body and health the more the chances of being sold down river. Surprise raids by slave traders could not have paid off if they were not selective. The fact slave traders knew what they were doing when it came to selection cannot be disputed. The market demanded a quality that they had to meet if they hoped to make profit out of their trade.

In all of this, the only participants who appear not to have known what they were doing and got the shorter end of the stick as a result were African individuals who sold family members, chiefs or kings who engaged in the trade who sold members of their own tribe or others from groups they conquered. They did not see anything wrong with supplying the best human exemplars available. Parents no doubt agreed to let go their healthiest children secure in the knowledge what they got in return, for example guns, would make them get rich quick. Males would have been secure in the assumption they would thus be able to marry many wives and recreate their loss tenfold or so.

They were so wrong, so foolish, so outwitted.

The factor that made for this result is what is known about inheritance and genes. For Africans, while it is known that we are the most genetically diverse, it is also known that we are the most different when related. Though pertinent findings from research on quantified intelligence are contentious, considered culturally biased by some, they are a very relevant example to give here, I think, if the results speak of a system and a state restricted to this. The capacity to cope in the environment should be considered heritable, ie. genetic. The "regression to the mean" phenomenon is pretty well established today. Where adjustment to this system is the measure, we can conclude that high-octane intelligence is barely repeated in more than one sibling among Africans, irrespective of number. Brothers and sisters of high-octane intelligence Africans or even children of high IQ parents will usually gravitate towards other IQ means than will children or siblings of whites.

This is a fact that applies worldwide among Africans.

If an oppressor were to embark on a holistic purge of intelligence among Africans, and indicators are that this has been happening for quite some time, Africans left behind would not be able to quite replace these lost genes. Intelligence would effectively get bred out of the race in a shorter period and with less effort than it would from caucasians or mongoloids given their bright do not stand out like sore thumbs among those they are closest to genetically.

The clear evidence of loss of a gene that the international athletic ability divide among Africans reveals should remind us Africans of this fact. We should also realize that society is holistic. This means we are an organism. The individual is an organism that is part of a greater being, similar to how a cell is part of a body. If this were not so then there would be no need for the unity of male and female to bring forth a new life. This is like organ specialization. In the same vein, talents are conveniently spread out among members to enhance the viability of the whole group. Never will there be an individual who is good at everything. The design of the creature man is limited. Each can only be good at a few things. It is not everyone who can become a carpenter, a rocket scientist, a musician. It is only when these talents combine in a community that the magic happens ... the whole can do much more. If, due to one thing or another, a type in a community is lost, then the community becomes lame, obviously. There will be those things it cannot do.

To stress this point: it is not everyone who can do everything. If we look at our lives today, at the tools and implements we use that have revolutionized the way we live, we discover that those who made the inventions and discoveries are a mere handful. It is not all Europeans who had the brains to think up the light bulb. Yet, because there were a few with the brains for this, the talent to do this, we have all benefited.
Clearly, we Africans have lost a lot as a result of the many negative episodes we have been through, and it shows. We have lost more than just manpower, as history books insist, or people with more symetrical knees, as modern scientists suggest ... kind of. Talk of chaff may in fact be correct. You see, athletic ability can be seen, but not forms of intelligence, for example musical ability. Can anyone see, just by looking at another, that they have the talent to play the guitar? Another reality exposed by this knowledge is the fact we may have lost qualities that we had, that we will never know about because they did not survive somewhere else as did the symetrical knees. Imagine there had been no Husein Bolts in Jamaica if all Africans shipped abroad during the slave trade had later been wiped out in some kind of final solution. Would Africans have known they had once had people who could run as fast?

What is worrying is that the same ignorance seen in our ancestors that cost the race dearly in terms of genes is still with us today. The same lack of fear or at least thought of an irrevocable alteration to our corporate being still haunts the black world today. Would you believe the people who administered the syphilis to the poor sharecroppers from Macon county in Alabama, USA, in the infamous Tuskegee experiments were hired black people (African Americans) who were not kept ignorant of the objectives of the experiment? In Africa today it is Africans themselves who lead teams that experiment on locals with dangerous and often deliberately contaminated medications with the potential to damage genes on the germ-line level, meaning the defect can be inherited, or they can cause infertility, infect with incurable diseases, and so on.

There are too many Africans who care about nothing more than getting paid, believing, if they are aware of the harm those paying them are doing, that all will work out fine for them and the children they are raising in the end. Evidence from our history and science clearly reveals to us that we are not invincible, especially not genetically. It matters who we lose. It matters because we do not know by merely looking what their role in our organism is and are never guaranteed that their type can be replaced. Whereas guns and other treats and trinkets is the way much backwardness, suffering, tragedies and miseries we see in the present were sown, it is cars, homes, land, and, of course, cash that is going to make the lives of our descendants hard. We could get extinct. All the signs are there. We could go the same way Amerindians went, all because some among them were too keen on 12 dollars to betray their own kind, an amount that may have meant the world to some kinds of people at the time, but is as ridiculous and as much a cheap treat or trinket as cars and such will be to survivors who will look back to today and wonder how someone could be so ignorant to think a car is worth the destruction and suffering that will have been caused by then. These items will be seen to be worth as much as the $12 that got some Indians drooling ... too worthless for the destruction they suffered as a people ... so it was in the day, and so it remains today that nary an oppressor gives the money's worth of what is being exchanged to cheap sellouts. Problem here is the rest of us Africans cannot easily detach ourselves from such stupidity. All of us, not just the sellouts, will be seen as fools, people who cannot see or plan long-term. On top of that, melanated people who will be alive in this future will be actual fools incapable of reaching intellectual heights that could see them maintain a modern country, defend it successfully if attacked, see their way to freedom if oppressed, or avoid accepting freedom at all costs, etc.

We as a people are in dire straits, in need of rescue. We have been places, been to the whale's belly and ... got stuck there. We need to see a way out of where we are. We can not expect what has gone wrong to get right of its own accord. Things fell apart, Chinua Achebe told us. They have fallen further apart as the years have rolled by, I tell you. I also add that the worsening of the state has the initial falling apart to thank. What this means is we can only expect things to get worse, with increasing speed to boot. Only by our artificial input, by for example the re-breading of genetic qualities we identify to be rare, or lost, can we ever hope to correct matters in future.

Friday, 9 January 2015

Man Made Ebola's Role in the Scramble for Africa


The ebola crisis in western Africa continues to present several eyebrow raising instances. The major ones include the west storming stricken nations with troops. We should expect them to do what they know best over there, which is use their training and advanced technology to win a military battle against the ebola virus or, alternately, to shoot the occasional African who shows symptoms of ebola dead. Because these symptoms can resemble any of a number of tropical diseases, and they can also be a product of an electronic, chemical or biological weapon offensive that these military units are capable of, and we know from the many theaters of war they are responsible for that they do not hesitate to use the weapons even on their own people, we can expect the numbers of those who will perish in west Africa to be more than would otherwise have been the case if this pathogen was the sole cause.

Ostensibly, the west feels sending soldiers is the best way of helping reverse the crisis and preventing their own western societies from experiencing disaster unknown before should the virus leap frog accross continents, and so on and so forth.

There have been far too many illogical statements made, and several strange moves that have raised the need to unearth the ulterior motive that is hinted at. The only sensible explanation to these wierd happenings comes when another truth about the region is brought into the picture. This happens to be what the map of the epicenters of the ebola outbreak also almost precisely demarcates. Crude oil deposits, recently discovered, vast reserves of untapped oil. Now this, and only this provides the explanation of why western countries are tripping over their own toes, meeting their own selves around corners, at pains to flood the region with everything but that which it needs most. The humanitarian response that sends soldiers to a pandemic struck region has an ulterior motive. It is in fact a very bold and clever move aimed at basically check-mating competitors in the scramble for a natural resourse in this part of Africa. It has been likened to an occupation of these African countries by the back door.

Everything else that would be puzzling about current events in this region finds its explanation in this reality ... the fast-tracked vaccines, bogus clinical trials given the nod by non other than the World Health Organization (WHO), whose assistant director general Marie-Paule Kieny is known to have made the remark that the vaccines have an "... acceptable safety profile".

Another equally alarming reality explained by this is how Africans in the region are getting dehumanized. Forced to supress their emotions regarding sufferers, made to tell on each other, to witchhunt, to avoid each other over the most general of symptoms, there will be untold negative consequences as a result of wholesale measures that may in fact be very effective at stopping transmission but are being applied without the benefit of professional social-psychological guidance. This is very necesary. There is no way society can be tampered with at the level it is in west Africa without expecting negative mentalities to develop that will be hard to correct, that could destroy the fabric of society. This is a certainty when one realizes what is also getting affected here on a wholescale extent, as witness instances of relatives being forced to hold back on what comes naturally where loved ones are concerned, is repression. Serious consequences are inevitable.

In west Africa today, we are witnessing the deliberate creation of stigma for ebola, now inexplicably renamed a catchier EVD for Ebola Virus Disease. These are lessons or, shall we say, tricks on manipulation gained from experience with HIV. If you doubt this, then change the name of any common tropical killer pathogen into a technical term and see the effect this will have on how you perceive the disease. Rename malaria to Malaria Bug Disease, which will become MBD. It is my view that the ebola name change makes it easier to rhym and say even in inapropriate instances, probably because it leaves the utterer with a sense the senselessness of the utterance is in fact sensible, maybe because the erudite intonations will be there to conceal obtuseness, and/or placing the disease into a technical realm ... beyond the comprehention of a common level of understanding. All in all, the conclusion can be drawn that a psychological game is being played out on west Africans that aims to make dog-eat-dog politics the norm of life, if by this the attention of the people is permanently averted from issues of value to them, in this case proper control of their own resources.

The blatancy and extent this campaign is instilling negativity in response to a crisis far surpasses that witnessed with HIV/AIDS. To me, the blatant moves are the product of nerve gained as a result of the success of the HIV/AIDS venture. This means that it is now a foregone conclusion that Africans are easy to manipulate at this sensitive social level, that all can be fooled all the time or ... trouble makers can be eliminated at will.

Negativity and negative social attitudes were sown in many African countries in the wake of similar campaigns in the past that utilised methods that were similarly deliberately misguided, usually dictated to locals by influential actors in western cultural surroundings who were interested in African sensibilities only to the extent that they could be abused, could not care less if the result was that Africans lost their sense of community, here again ostensibly to control the spread of HIV/AIDS. I was not in Africa at the time of this nefarious campaign ... which put me at an advantage when I returned, when the intended effects had taken hold because, not being the fish in water that gradually gets coloured, I could see clearly how much the mentality of people had been affected. The change was palpable, and shocking. I am not the only one in this. There are many others out there who had also had the advantage of seeing the muddy waters and expressed as much shock as I did. For me, African people had become mean hearted and overly petty. This impression was not the result of having spent too much time in an affluent clime where abundance makes for security and a more humane nature. I attributed the general meanness to projection. With HIV/AIDS, the behavioural norm enforced by a campaign that stigmatized sufferers was to pass for the uninfected and think this is what others were also doing. The message in the campaign to eradicate the disease complicated matters further.

What was repeated by professionals and normative world institutions such as the WHO is that a negative result on an HIV/AIDS test was not definitive. This caused much anxiety among as much those who regularly went for tests, the other group that did not, and the cross section of those who pretended. People could never be sure of their status and thus were bound to see demons in everyone else with the result they lost it on several planes, most especially on the natural human attitude to disease, (infectious or not, curable or not), experience of disease, and how being sick is regarded in society.

If we consider the fact disease is part of life, then the witch hunt and self-fulfilling prophecy tendecies engendered by foreign born efforts to control the spread of HIV/AIDS in Africa have made this an untruth, encouraged an idiotic culture where people feel it is normal to pretend not to be sick, if only they can avoid getting stigmatized, if only they can be left alone by petrified people whose permanent resort is to chant down anyone they visually diagnose as infected with the virus, and also negatively affected a needed sense of community by creating a battleground in which the well-being of the whole, and as such of self, is constantly getting undermined. To the number of casualties were added people who are intrapunitive or introverted. These, and similar personality profiles, were bound to fare less favourably under such circumstances, especially when they were not yet mature enough to make a healthy analysis of their situation.

The background to all of the activities we see in west Africa is a disease that is not new on the continent, that, according to the linked article below, was introduced the same way all the other strange diseases became more common in Africa than anywhere else on the planet ... by way of biological weapon research. The article is a must read because it is a good introduction to the whole issue of biological weapon research on the continent, and provides a reality worth always keeping in mind when confronted/dealing with the spreading crisis of Ebola in western Africa, a reminder that we here on this continent have not just been found to be easy guinea pigs, but that we are under attack. An undeclared war, the same kind that wiped out the Indians in America, is being waged on us. We are at war. There is a need for us to know not just what we are dying from and why, but what those waging all manner of offensives on us, for all manner of reasons, using anything on us, even that which can cause permanent genetic alteration and/or extinction, are prepared to do to get what they want. We no longer need deceive our own selves about our real relevance in this system when it is crystal clear that those with more power than we have, those with technologies beyond our imaginations, care less what becomes of us as a result of what they do to us on a social and biological level.

The Disclosures that Cost Author Wolfe Geisler His Life

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Freemasons in Planet of the Ancient Greeks

Would Sheikh Anta Diop have conducted the study, research and, in culmination, the gauging of the melanin content of mummies from ancient Egypt in order to establish their race, leading to the discovery they were as melanated as Sub-Saharan Africans of today, had he been a member of the secret society called Freemasons? Would he have shared what he had learnd from his studies and research in books that earned him the title "Champion of African Identity" had he been a Freemason? Think about this ... the title "Champion of African Identity" is a direct reference to what he achieved. By providing scientific proof ancient Egyptian mummies were overwhelmingly black African in race, he also put to doubt a history constructed by a victor in order to lay claim to a legacy. It points out a masquerade because the victor, in this case the Greeks in whose watch the great Egyptian civilization fell to ruins, went to extreme lengths to erase from history all evidence of the race of Egypt's founders and rulers up until the Greeks took over, and that the pillars of Greek civilization were not Greek in origin, but sourced from black Egypt.

Sheikh Anta Diop provided ample proof that the founders and rulers of the mighty Egyptian civilization were not extra-terrestrials or races that came in from the east or north. They were of the same stock as today's supernumerary sub-Saharan Africans. This evidence, backed by science ... would not have been music to the ears of the Greeks, their successors the Romans, who in turn were succeeded by the current, dominant culture that clearly also insists on continuing the movement to obliterate all connections blacks have to Ancient Egypt.

If the proof Sheikh Anta Diop gave is accepted, then it would also have to be accepted that there has been a wholesale self-serving tampering of history that starts with the Greeks and is maintained by successors. It means the whole line of these succeeding actors are masqueradors. The last thing they would want is for this knowledge to be put in the public domain.

Consider the fate of the late African American George GM James. He was a Freemason. He authored the book "Stolen Legacy", a more direct statement regarding the same issue that motivated Sheikh Anta Diop to carry out the melanin tests. The message imparted in James' book has pretty much the same effect on the system as Sheikh Anta Diop's evidence. There is much speculation about Sheikh Anta Diop's untimely death, but not about James'. He was murdered shortly after his book was published. His murder was done in such a way there was no mistaking who had done it, no getting the details of what had transpired wrong. The Freemasons had murdered him for breaking the Blue Lodge Oath (1st to 3rd degree) that states: "I promise I will not write, print, cut or engrave masonic secrets ... binding myself under no less penalty than to have my throat cut across, my tongue torn out by the roots and my body burned." Because James' book deals with the same subject matter as Sheikh Anta Diop's material, and George GM James was murdered for the facts he put into his book, his murder done in such a way there could be no doubt who had done it and why, we can be sure Sheikh Anta Diop, who indirectly did what another African had done and been murdered for, would also not have been allowed to live, whether he was a Freemason or not. If he had become a member of this secret society, he would in most probability have been dissuaded from a pursuit that could culminate in the revelation of truths that resemble or would have the same effect on the culture as those revealed to him by the society he had joined, truths that he had sworn not to reveal ... the secrets the Freemasons keep, and are prepared to kill to keep.

One should wonder at this Masonic oath and the secrets being referenced. Why should knowledge such as that revealed in Diop and James' books be kept away from the general public unless this culture is a masquerade? What relationship does the leading culture have with Africans given it withholds their history from them, as such denies them their full identity, even going to the extent of murdering those who happen upon snippets of it and then, by way of the book, the principle medium of disseminating information, share it? What place is reserved for Africans within this culture if giving them knowledge that makes them aware of who they are, that is their right to know, is not allowed and punishable by death?

The disturbing thing about this is the fact this knowledge can be arrived at many other ways - not just by exposure to Freemasonic secrets . The best example we have of an individual who arrived at such knowledge through means other than exposure to secret society secrets is Sheikh Anta Diop. If there is a society that actually makes joining members swear an oath, that kills these members once they break the oath, then we are better off realizing they will kill anybody, not just those who are barred by oath, because, logically, the affiliation of the source of the knowledge becomes irrelevant once it is out there for all to see. I use the term "logically" because what the Freemasons fear is the fallout after the knowledge is in the public domain. The extent of their fear is in the inclusion of an oath with a draconian penalty if broken. If we see the sense in this, then we will in turn look with raised eyebrows at the Freemasons and realize what it really is they are here to do. We will understand why they choose for membership the type of individuals that they do. This is to say we will understand the criteria they use to seek members. It should make us look at the Blue Lodge Oath as having no other use than to silence a few, whom we should logically regard as individuals who met the criteria for this secret society's membership, because they ... were seen to have what it takes to see through the lies.

As already shown, it does not matter where the revelation comes from. The point is to keep that given truth away from the public domain. The Freemasons are not going to be murderous about secrets that are in fact not secrets because they are in the public domain. What is the point of this?

We know we are thinking correctly when we draw such conclusions, we know we are not having delusions or making preconceptions ... not only because it makes sense, but also because secret societies are so sure that, over time, they have moved their chess pieces so expertly nobody can know what they are about. As such, they have left abundant evidence of what they are really about everywhere, sure non of the bits and pieces will aid anyone in joining the dots. In fact, the information will mislead rather than guide. Insignia the Freemasons and other powers-that-be players openly and abundantly use happens to be ancient Greek in origin. A good example of such insignia is the Grecian sphinx covering an urn (vase) with its right paw that the Freemasons use. The best definition of the word Sphinx is provided by Webster's dictionary which is "to guard, protect, gatekeeper". When we combine this insignia with what we have learnt beforehand, the oaths, murders, selection criteria that seeks to root out seers, we realize the duty of the Freemasons is to guard ... truths. They are keepers of secrets that the general public should not be privy to. Thus they are awake while the rest of us wallow in a false reality.

The Freemasons are performing this role for this culture because it is masquerading, ie. pretending to be what it is not in order to deceive people or other cultures.

A masquerading culture would lose its way and fail, catastrophically, if it did not have a structure with a function such as that provided by the Freemasons in place. The insignia used by this secret society is all Grecian, meaning it is a trace, a trail that once followed will lead us to the truth about the society and system as a whole. We have to trace our way back to the height of the Greek culture in order to find the mother of all truths regarding the Freemason phenomenon and this culture. We do not have to search far because this truth is revealed by way of an incongruity that transpires after Greece colonizes Egypt.

It is a fact that a conqueror uses the conquest he has managed to achieve as proof of his superiority over the conquered. Because a significant number of those in the ranks of the conquered find this easy to believe, it makes the process of subjugation, of enforcing his culture on the conquered - religion, ways, names, etc., as a way of cementing the subjugation process - easier. The spoils of war can be reaped, taken, enjoyed with minimal expense, and all because a critical number of the conquered regard the conqueror as superior and as a result feel obliged to obey.

We know from the aftermath of Egypt's conquest and subjugation by Greece that the Greeks were after the Egyptian culture over other material spoils. We can surmise from this that, after centuries of waging wars for spoils and always having to go back to the drawing board broke, the Greeks had figured mighty Egypt's secret of permanent wealth and glory out. They already knew what the sorcerer's magic wand made: wealth ... and now they knew what the magic word was: cultural supremacy. They realized they could also get there if they worked hard at it, but there was no telling how long this would take. They already had a serious competitor where this was concerned, and prospects of them overtaking this culture were there, but slim. The Greeks were impatient. They wanted it all there and then. There was only one way to do this: theft.
To explain, Egypt's advancement, which made it a center to which much of the world flocked, was a product of its advanced level of cultural development. When a culture has visible signs of high advancement, everything good is bound to end up there. The best minds beat a path to that culture, ensuring it stays ahead of all others. The creme de la creme of human genes are bound to end up there once they have heard of this culture, and contribute as only they are capable. When Greece began to understand this, it wanted it all. The Greeks evidently figured they could have the glory if they took the magic wand by force, and this they did when they were able. But then the realization was soon made that taking an advantage that another had gained naturally by force entails using force to retain it. The Greeks had to use lies, murder, brainwashing, falsification of history, etc. to keep the advantage, in the hope, with time, it would all become unnecesary. They saw a time in future when, thanks to brute efforts, the stolen culture would become theirs in full. All they would have to do from henceforth is defend it from others who would have wanted to get it the same way they had, and still others who would have challenged their dubiously acquired status among cultures by natural growth.

As soon as they had taken the culture, truth became an enemy ... as it should when one has to masquerade to make the sorcerer's magic wand work. Believing one's own lies and the risk of blundering massively as a result of much self deception increased with the day. Greeks must have seen early on that they had to part society. It became necessary to have the rulers and their secret societies aware of the truth, and the ruled who had to be kept outside this bracket and made to live a reality created for them by the rulers. The ruled would act out the masquerade. Being a misled lot, they would be as lost as sheep and constantly in need of shepherding.

This arrangement worked. Greece did get cultural or racial supremacy in the end, because it persisted with brute methods. They virtually destroyed all that which could reveal to their people and to melanated people as well the horrible things they had done and had to keep doing to keep the good fortune coming their way. For example, they did not let wide nosed people know what they had done and continued to do to them to force the fact they were inferior by not allowing them to get the smallest of clues they had in fact made and worn the crown the Greeks had now put on their heads. This is seen in, for instance, the breaking off of broad noses on statues from a past the Greeks realized had to be preserved but be painted Greek in color. Freemason like groups, created when it was realized they were necessary, kept up with the task of chipping away at noses, for example doing all they could to ensure when an instance of an "African Computer" was found, they convinced the masses the case was an aberration. They became masters at singing lullabies that sent the masses back to sleep. They also became masters at spotting personality profiles that could get to truths that were better kept secret by rationalization, and thought out ways of keeping them silent.

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