Tuesday, 6 September 2011

How Mobile Phones are Killing Traditional Weapons of Incapacitation

If you are a targeted individual
(TI), the mobile phone you carry with you wherever you go could be the easiest, most subtle and effective way you can be attacked. This can be on a 24 hour basis if you constantly use your phone with a habit of switching between the battery and mains to keep going.

The technique has been refined, and elevated in importance by those with access to the back-end of mobile phone technology infrastructure, so that, today, it surpasses by far the use of other, well known and documented classified or unclassified devices. The technology that makes it possible to attack people using this channel is simple, and the implements that can control the radio on your phone, especially by increasing the signal strength to dangerous levels, standard issue for a good number of technicians repairing or maintaining phone networks.

A cell phone used as a Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) is more inconspicuous a manner of adversely affecting the health of an individual who has been marked for targeting - a whistle blower, an activist those in positions of power are afraid of, or, as is the case a lot of times, for training of personnel or perpetrators (perps) and testing on unsuspecting people - than any of the other methods combined. Attacks with sound or microwave emiting implements carried by a perp (or a number of these) have to be opportunistic, and, to a large extent, confined to locations the target frequents. To keep up with the incapacitation schedule, dosages have to make up for missed opportunities, recuperation, etc. With a cell phone, however, attacks need not be delivered opportunistically.

The point of attacking a tayget by mobile phone is to induce a stupor that sufficiently disrupts momentum in a life. Taken to extreme lengths, it can cause permanent harm to the mentality of a target or destroy their personality. It can also eventually cause physical ailments, many of which are the same as those observed with traditional DEWs. Though illness is considered a disirable outcome, disrupting a life is the main objective of attacks using a cell phone's radio. Making it impossible for the target to think strait, to go on as they are able to, according to their natural rhythm, is what perps want to do.

The mobile phone is the forced chip implant many of us have refused, but unknowingly accepted in this form for the function it performs in our lives. It is, like a chip, always with us wherever we go. Most of us even place it on our bedside table where it is within easy reach should someone call in the late hours, leaving it plugged into the electricity supply while we slumber,where the potential for harm is not restricted by battery power and life. It comes complete with a personal identification number (imei), and, by the method of cell tower triangulation, plots our position anywhere in town to within a few meters.

Stalkers, or perps, have an easier time figuring out where a target is or, for that matter, where the organs of the target are in relation to the deadly ray emiting device. It is easy to know whether the target is holding the radio near the brain. Perps need only get automatic alert whenever a phone call is made. They need not even wait for the phone to ring before making a move. All they need to do is befriend the target with somebody who will call at odd moments to discuss issues the TI is known to be passionate about, as such engage them in long conversations in which, if the target is not using handsfree or has an outdated earphone that is not insulated for radio waves, the damage to the mind can be done. When this is not possible, when the "friends" cannot call without raising eyebrows, the perps can take advantage of a trend, i.e. the steady decrease in the amount of time desktops and laptops are being used as more and more people take to smartphones.

Smartphones are becoming increasingly popular as they get more versatile and powerful, as they get capabilities that can rival the desktop computer. According to a well researched article titled "How Smartphones are Killing the PC" by Charles Arthur, published by The Guardian Online (guardian.co.uk) in June this year, as of the end of 2010, smartphones were already outselling PCs, beating the prediction they would eventually outsell PCs by a good number of years. The attributes that have caused people to prefer the smartphone over the PC include portability and longer battery life. Apart from those working professionally with their computer, for example using photoshop or similar programs, video editing, programing or writing (all can now be done on smartphones btw) and require a bigger keyboard or are assured of better results when they use as big a screen as is possible, the needs of the majority are pretty much satisfied by smartphones. They are replacing the PC as favoured choices for internet browsing, among many other things. What the last statement points out is the fact the amount of time we are using the radio on the device has increased. The emission is always going to be a clear signal the phone is near enough to the person to do some harm.

I should make it clear that I have gathered this information by research (articles, questions I asked technicians and the gadgets I have been told about), stories I have heard targets tell, whether prompted or not, conscious of the subject matter or not, and a lot of measurements I have made on my own during intervals when I was assailed using my own phone. It leaves me no doubt this has become the chief method of attack, the method by which initiates into the ranks of TIs expecting strange vans to get parked in their vicinity, are currently being felled.

The questions I will deal with in this article are the following:
1) What are the technologies involved and how are perps taking advantage of them?
2) What harm is a mobile phone - with what many are led to believe is a harmless signal strength - capable of causing and what scientific documents proving mobile phones can cause harm to organs exist?
3) Apart from decrease in battery life hinted at before, or encounters with strange "friends" who keep you on the phone for ages, what other ways are there of finding out whether your phone is being used to attack you?

Technologies involved and how perps are taking advantage of them

What makes it all possible is the manner a tower communicates with a mobile phone. The phone never calls the shots, so to speak. Instructions on whether to increase or decrease signal strength are sent out by the tower. It is this relationship that perps take control of using programs that can be installed on computers or special implements available to service men that can mimmick the tower's commands.

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