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In Defense Of My Book “Unspeakable Truth: The Role Covert Warfare Plays In Western Culture”

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There is a lot I have realized about being an Extra Targeted Individual and I confess I am now quite at a loss about it on a lot of levels. Where I figured discretion abounds about what to do next, I now realize there could be insufficient imagination to cope with all that could be thrown at me next.

Now, this statement may seem to contradict my original position regarding how much I know about “effective defense against covert warfare”, because it sounds like an acceptance of defeat, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure if you cannot impact positively on a situation within the time period it would take you or any average human being to be adversely affected by it all, yet you have survived longer than most do under the circumstances, then your method works, but in the end all you are doing is prolonging the suffering if some of the harm directed your way is getting through. You may be better than another who is completely unprotected, meaning your method is indeed effective inasmuch as it convincingly keeps the desired fate at bay, but then if the beast’s wiles are gaining on you then, soon enough, one has to face facts and admit the repertoire required to do what is best in the situation, which is get away, is lacking from the method, and the feeling of being above the situation is revealed for the optimism that it is.

I have definitely been able to make it difficult for my attackers, of that there is no doubt, though it takes but one look at the level of organization of the system pitted against one individual, and the chaotic state of mind attacks are designed to induce in my particular case to realize just why I have made little headway in my fight to free myself from the clutches of the beast. Paranoid, unable to either trust enough, or trust those I trust to know the extents to which the devil can go to get at them both for merely being with me and avoid them witnessing stuff the devil would rather is kept secret, on top of this trust them to be able to survive attacks I routinely dodge or fail to make acquaintances due to a feeling of responsibility towards the well being of another; I could not take advantage of numbers to protect and further my cause. I had to rely on myself, do things one man is advised never to do alone, least of all not when surrounded, out-equipped and outnumbered.

As such, for the duration of this ordeal, any semblance of organization I put together was soon cast asunder, and I was forced to go back to the drawing board. True to the word, I am the author of a book that advises on “effective” coping against covert warfare who may not seem to be doing well himself, but then, at the risk of taking from the dynamics of my book, I should say, apart from the reasons already put forth, there are a myriad of other reasons why the road has been this long and winding, why I have yet to organize enough to be able to beat a foe as systematic as I was confronted with in particularly the covert warfare I was up against. This need not be the case with every Targeted Individual as I obviously fall into a special category what with my never ending stream of articles.

So I am stuck in one position, unable to move ahead. This is because, considering the encumbering circumstances, the attacks have ensured things come to a point where maintaining or keeping pace with the demands of everyday life remain difficult, and days are passing by ever more rapidly while I stand in one place, the trying to cope, to survive, to find the room I need to recollect my thoughts, to think as hard and as well as is required to organize above and beyond the capacities and advantages of my foe in order to advance and stay ahead helping none.

What I am talking about here is what becomes of any target considering the odds piled up against them when they are completely surrounded in a country that has all but embraced this form of terrorism-based social control and elimination process. What should be made clear from the get go is the reality we all become targets for different reasons. Like many Targeted Individuals from the third world living in the west (I know quite a lot of targets who either know they are this or do not and, from statistics gathered online, would estimate the total numbers to be well in the tens of thousands), I am a target of a covert warfare that does not select because one doesn't fit into the system. This may sometimes become an attempt to socialize, in order to make institutionalization easy, but the fact I have to be pummeled out of my self and senses to fit the new role makes it a totally different issue. I am not a target of covert warfare because some people in positions of power want to punish me for revealing some nasty secrets to the populace at large whose wellbeing is at issue, in which case I would be what is also known as a whistleblower. Mine is a covert warfare that neither aims to institutionalize, acts out of pure malice and vengeance, nor is it of the carrot and stick variety that hopes that, at the end of the day, the target will be themselves the only difference being they have had a change of heart about the power that be. Mine is connected to colonialism and imperialism, to the maintenance of western economic hegemony, and its sole purpose is control of the masses of Africans wherever we may be, control of our potentialities so we do not become a danger to the order. This war doesn’t aim to change, but solely to eliminate, and it makes a lot of sense why it is done covertly, and why it is done at all.

When the issue is about disempowerment of a group of people, in this case Africans, I, and any others engaged in activities with the potential to impact positively on the fate of African people, become undesirables in the system because we are a threat to it and have to be made to fit that label so we become expendable. We have to be eliminated because, standing for the African team, playing for the African team, the continent’s fight for freedom is given more potency what with superior players in our ranks. It is precisely these players being detected before they grow to levels where their contributions can have a real impact on the state of this continent. It becomes necessary as a result to isolate us from the rest as surreptitiously as is possible so it doesn’t appear obvious what is really happening to us, which also means as early as is possible, meaning some are actually taken out before they are even adults, eliminated or merely encumbered so we are in no position to take part in the game, leaving our people without crucial players. The point is to make Africans incapable of standing up for their interests, keeping Africans so weak they have to do things on the terms of these others.

The game the imperialists are playing, the one they have in fact been playing for the duration of imperialism, is very simple. Considering their team the same way a coach would a real sports team (which is the best way to consider a nation state), knowing the opposition is as human as they are and can compete if left to their own devices, they use the extra leverage conquest and subjugation gives the conqueror to either remove key players, or replace them with players so mediocre the morale of the other players on their team is adversely affected (puppet leaders and their henchmen), so the imperialist’s team becomes no match for the opposition, scoring easy victory after another. In real life, such victories translate into the constant and cheap supply of human and raw materials, the spoils of the war of imperialism.

The war of elimination of key opposition players itself may be described as covert, but in reality, out here in the west, it is far from as covert as the attacks a whistleblower may get. The covert aspect of this war only comes in when black communities are involved. The entire western society, or at least mainstream society, which in the long run means everybody since the core culture has ways of indirectly affecting the choices those they rule over make, easily make the whole of their country or block (NATO) work along with their whims through manipulation, especially by using the means they control such as the media. The last thing this ruling class wants to do is alert those whose countries of origin they keep indirectly ruled, whose resources, both human and natural, they have control of, including in this group other minorities also slaving away in their midst, in their own countries, to the methods being used to keep them treading the winepress. The last thing westerners want to happen is to alert Africans as to how they are being kept in the dark, how they are being kept from gaining results when they compete; how they are kept running the colonial system without realizing this is what they are doing.

The point of the elimination campaign I fell victim to can be summed up as the clearing of the playing field of all those among the people considered subjects the system feels will sooner or later make the running of neo-colonialism and imperialism, or the white supremacist structure, that much more costly.

In Europe itself, out here on the streets, for the targeted who belong to an ethnic minority, looking the face of the beast strait in the face, the war is clearly not as covert as it can be in communities where people are not in on the little secret. The fact is soon grasped the average European understands and accepts what is going on, though the reasons they understand vary.

This is the crucial point that must be grasped for the whole I am trying to explain here, for the whole I explain in the short book, to make sense.

Those who are in touch with the system accept the practice as long as they know it is necessary to maintain the advantages they enjoy, while others who, for various reasons, are far removed from the mainstream, will be fed justifications ranging from disease spreading foreigners (remember the movie “The Germans and the Jews WWII”), too many illegal immigrants, too much criminality from immigrant populations, encroachment of immigrants on scarce resources, xenophobe based justifications, etc... anything that will make them participate or turn a blind eye to what is happening, anything that will make them think it is necessary, at the same time assuring them they will not become targets of the beastly practice themselves, and that they must keep the knowledge within the family. Should a white individual become a target, then the system has ruses in place that will get implanted into the minds of the majority to explain why some of their own people or, to use a term befitting of the propaganda, “race” become targets of the same nasty procedure too. It is easy to convince people the target is a traitor, is a deviant, etc., otherwise, if non of this can work, the procedure becomes one deserving of the name covert.

If this part is understood, then it becomes easy to see why I maintain that a significant portion of the native western population plays a direct and indirect role in the elimination process itself, that it is cultural to boot, a fact that becomes glaringly obvious to a target from a minority group who keeps their critical sense throughout the process, ignoring all that “not all white people are the same” talk which is a totally different story. Out on the streets while out and about, I am constantly reminded of this fact, and also of how oblivious the African population is to what is going on. Here and there, white people pass comments that reveal their knowledge of the harassment activity in full swing, whereas blacks will only be aware of the side effects of this activity. They will actually not even be in a position to recognize what is going on from tell-tale signs of unnatural conditions such as vertigo, mental disturbance or disease like states targets may display. This is in part due to lack of knowledge of what is being done to the target, leaving them no option but to judge the end result or effect, and also in part due to ignorance of states and what can cause them. Extreme vertigo in an otherwise strong individual should sound alarm bells in the mind of one who recognizes the state. If one has never heard of it and how it can easily be brought about by microwave attacks, they will believe they are confronted with disease if they were to witness somebody finding it hard to keep their balance. Having very few reference points, this disease will usually be the one in vogue at the time.

Even the author Ralph Ellison noted in the sixties that African populations are some of the most backward human beings out there, this fact in itself a reminder of imperialism's successful efforts to that effect, meant at keeping the group out of it. In this state, our reality, how we should understand what we encounter in our daily lives, is influenced by propaganda, rumors, and even official scientific reports the supremacists conjure up.

This, trust me, is what it has come to, the structure or machine that over the years has been perfected.

To repeat, the western structure of control of especially people from former colonies is a structure in which a ruling class makes their entire culture participate while not letting others in on how they go about maintaining imperialism, without alerting the world of the extents to which they go to achieve what they achieve. The reverse of this is they both revel in the achievements that bequeath them a lot of wealth, while at the same time use the riches to boost their image to others out there, and protect their interests, including their power.


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Here are my experiences as a targeted individual:

albiorix said...

Sadly enough Africa and Latin America are in fact prisons, not countries.

I'm speaking from the point of view of vedic culture. In vedantic literature it's explicitly expressed: the south-western countries of the world are places of torment and enthrallment, not run-of-the-mill countries.