Sunday, 16 October 2016

Come With Me If You Want To Live

America, read NATO, is more dangerous to your security and other basic aspirations when operating in covert mode. Right now this nation is engaged in multiple theatres of war around our globe, and you will not believe who, in some remote village in the third world, their satellites have zeroed in on for control or elimination.

He/she is an important piece in their game, and you have never even heard of him/her.

They are everywhere right now, doing it to thousands, in a bid to get rid of those they feel will stand in the way of their efforts to inherit the earth.

The preemptive thing has surpassed "Minority Report" proportions by far, so know they have people picked for the most bleak of genetic connections.

They are using technology to achieve all this, of which eavesdropping and attack technologies via directed energies are the most important. Right now, their most effective tool is remote neural monitoring.

Cannot stress this enough, guys, gals, the distinguished, everybody else ... You have got to keep your head up. They are destroying our family ties, our communities with this technology and we have to react, asymetrically.

We are at war with a better armed enemy and, with no chance of catching up, the best we can do right now is fight back asymetrically.

This is a theme I will return to, again and again, as we battle to trash their billions spent creating the perfect instrument of control ... The machine that reads minds, and controls behaviour. This is the biggest threat in this war, and our efforts should be directed at neutralizing its influence.

You will get clouted about as the war intensifies, but always remember to keep your head up, and by all means always be spontaneous.

To help you in this endeavour, get you all spontaneous and multitasking. listen to music, sing along and, if possible, break into an expressive dance, you know? The kind where you are telling a story ... Your body parts moving to different beats in the music.

Do this whenever you are feeling beat down, understanding as you do this that computers "no comprende" the human mind and body in musical motion. Thats a human thing.

If you get into expressive dance, then you might as well be multitasking where the machine is concerned.

It gets defeated.

And this is what we want to happen again and again. Have the vermin spend the better part of their time reconfiguring the connection. That should get them off the idea they can conquer man's mind sooner than later.

Depending on how much they need to access your inner thoughts, they might try to beat some of the resistance out of you by way of damage to vital organs using directed energies. The mental routines outlined above or elsewhere on this blog will protect your mind from getting read, and manipulated, but it will not protect you from the damage directed energies can cause to tissue, that will slow you down mentally and eventually leave you too weak to resist control.

Therefore, ensure that you have an area in your home that protects you from the worst of such attacks, an area you can spend the crucial time of sleep in, the time for your body to do the mending that is required in the situation.

Also remember that they make it a point to cause most of the damage to your body they can abuse later on during the night, when you are fast asleep.

It does not matter who you are, or the important work you do, that makes you the important person that you are. You may be walking around with implanted memories without knowing it, causing havoc to your family/community. Follow the program. Get ur butt into that club and keep it off the wall.

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max said...

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