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Are They Really Acting Like They Want To Part With The Victim?

As one who has been a target for the longest of times, the most frequently asked question, that usually comes in the form of a straight statement, is why I don't just leave the country? The belief then is that I have been rejected in this country because of one or other serious shortcoming, which is the reason I am getting attacked. The thing to do is take the hint, and leave the country, after which everything will turn out just fine.

This is as far from the truth as it gets, but I will leave for later delving into just why this is an ignorant position to hold. I believe it is important that I first give my own view regarding, by getting into the issues that prevent me from doing the right thing in the situation, then eventually do the rationalizing that will afford a proper understanding of what is really happening and also what is interfering with the judgment of those who are not involved, those prone to pass the erroneous judgment.

Though I am naturalized here in Europe, meaning I have to find my own way in this society just like everybody else; meaning I can’t just walk into any police station or immigration and ask to be deported (in which case any citizen of the country can use this trick to get free travel paid to their destination of choice), I have never ever entertained the thought of settling permanently here. I have wanted out since this whole nightmare began, and, truthfully, out of it is what has been denied me.

Because of a lot of factors, unfortunately including personal habits, I have found it impossible to run. In fact, twice, I almost made distance with my nationality so that I could become illegal and get deported, but then who does something like that? Making myself illegal before I have attained another nationality is a step into worse madness. Who knows what rights I will forfeit, and the depths to which I will be pushed? It all remains up to me, and for this I can only rely on luck and strength and, so far, it has not been possible for me to leave.

The statements I make above should in no way be seen as agreement with the unwanted status, and the state this refers to. If you have watched the video clips showing the effect of microwaves on a TV and other radio equipment and believe these are indeed microwaves then you will realize how impossible it is for me, the one experiencing these distinctly electric attacks on my body, to even start believing I am the one at fault. I mean, in what mental or physical state do you think an individual exposed to the intensity of attacks the sounds in the video clips indicate will be? Here, you have to acknowledge that maybe whatever is being used as reason to discredit or vilify me and give me a lousy status is actually being forced on me, no?

There is much more involved.

If you have not walked the path, then you are better off not being judgmental. It is better to get as much information as you can on the issue before passing a remark, unless this is intended to gain information. What you might be witnessing may just be a modern day high-tech prison in which an individual is given no left, right, or centre.

The first place to start is indeed freeing self from the misinformation that prevents objective thought. The most persuasive positions taken by those who are within the camp of the wagers of covert warfare, especially within western countries, are that of certain countries as being not only the place where everyone wants to be, but the place where everyone is perfect. There is this belief held by both locals as well as immigrants that those who do not fit the mould are surreptitiously removed, or not given a chance to progress, meaning they are driven into the ground and eliminated. With this thinking in place, perpetrators can very easily pose as those who want to get rid of these terrible, unwanted persons ruining it for everyone else. Everyone who is under attack will eventually be paraded into this category.

When an immigrant becomes a target of attacks, the perps will not have too much trouble convincing the immigrant community of the necessity of removal what with this belief and the reality immigrants in the west have more or less internalised beliefs of inferiority and spend more time than is healthy avoiding stereotypes. The autochthonous are of the opposite belief, so will welcome this visible manifestation of their worst fears about immigration. They too will be more than willing to believe the victim deserves whatever they get.

The stage is then set for the kill, and the debilitations wrought on the victim will keep them in place, and if they are an immigrant and have a country of birth, everyone will be wondering just why they simply do not relocate. Conclusions will then be drawn about foreigners who do not want to walk away.

In western countries, it is very rare to come upon information that reveals there are a lot of people who actually want to get out rather than that they are clinging on. The reality of these people’s situation is usually that there is one difficulty or another preventing them from acting on this desire. This means they have postponed their departure until they have solved the perceived problem.

Most of the information given by the leading media about the west is of a world troubled by third world people clamouring to enter the land of gold and honey, and those on the inside so eager to stay they could commit suicide if the real prospect of deportation presents itself.

While these incidences are in fact quite common, they do not do justice to what is really involved, that it is not really connected to wanting to stay because it is heavenly here. The reasons for the suicides may be connected to known fates on the other side of the border, and in other cases to unfulfilled dreams. If we could turn back the hands of time and prevent the tragic episode, then we probably would be surprised where the suicide case would be after a certain period of time has elapsed.

This need to create a wrongful view of impressions about the west that in itself encourages immigration is best exemplified in a case of a British girl, born of a Pakistani and English mother, who was taken by her father to his land of birth. The story was carried by the media as a case of kidnapping, but this seemed not to be the case when the girl was interviewed. Along with the belief of a place nobody wants to leave, the presenters of the programs that featured the story, including those that interviewed her, constantly posed the question to the girl of just why she would want to stay in Pakistan, in part intimating she had been brainwashed by her father because of this entrenched belief everybody, with no exception, should be of a fixed mindset regarding immigration to the west, otherwise they are in some mental state.

There are a lot of cases of people who have been paraded before the media who support this view, most especially Africans from the continent. Indeed, if one restricted getting their information on the issue to major media presentations, one would get a very wrong impression of what is really going through the minds of a lot of immigrants in western countries. I talk to immigrants regarding this issue, and many, in fact the vast majority say in complete confidence that they are only here to get the money, the honey at the centre of the trance. I would not be very wrong to state that close to 99% of immigrants can be considered target workers, and the only thing that keeps them in the country longer than their own initial plans are unfolding plans, offers and promises from the hosts, things life drags into their paths, etc.

I had to get that off my chest, but then let us be realistic here: this should not even be an issue worth considering not only because of my naturalized status, but because there is a lot more going on than meets the eye. Point is we are not dealing with a phenomenon occurring to immigrants alone, but something happening to people who are citizens not only on paper, but by birth. Here we are dealing with experiences suffered by people who are autochthonous by race. What becomes of these others when they land in such a situation? Does the issue of immigration rear its ugly head? Do we become racial and consider them incapable of civilized existence? If it is an issue of standards or quality, then do we forget where everyone is coming from and believe in “space age beings”, even though those who went to communal baths when relieving self on the pavements was too common are still alive? Surely, from this we realize standards are not falling, and that no individual can be held responsible for what isn’t happening.

If it is shaping up that is required of victims, then why pass them through the meat grinder that could potentially see their mental and physical health in tatters? Will an about-turn in personality be worth the damage? If move on they should, then what becomes of an individual who simply moves on whenever someone demands this of them? Moving from region to region, from country to country will be their bane.

What is relevant for us here is that every stalking experience has an origin, a cause, and it is this that is being obscured. Another thing to keep in mind is the defamation that accompanies the victim is designed to serve the particular circumstances, and if the individual is easily perceived as an immigrant then the perpetrators will play on hidden fears within the psyches of the populace, other immigrants included.

There is always a reason people become targets of covert warfare, and this may be anything from picketing, whistle blowing, or informing others where some people would like them to remain ignorant. The reason could be evil intentioned for the community, for example support of regimes or movements that call for the death of a given race or people, and other times it could be good intentioned, for example environmental activism. With stalking, the good and the bad are not given different treatment. They are all placed under one umbrella, and the citizenry has no way of knowing whether the victim is for them or against them, what their allegiances or beliefs are, or how upright or pernicious they are.

In almost all of these situations the victim has been sentenced to die. Their departure from the city or country is what is given as the objective, while in actual fact it is the last thing those who started the war want to happen because it will mean the target will escape demise, hence the contradiction that someone who is not wanted in a given community is attacked into a silly state of mind so that they are incapable of taking the hint, and if they did then they are not capable of, or find it difficult to go away. This point is what most people are missing.

Understand that to prevent people knowing the big issue, it is dressed up in deceiving decorations. Anything convenient is utilized to that end, with ignorance on the part of the public and the perps there to ensure it sticks.

The issue to keep your mind on is what is happening to the target of such attacks in the mean time, which is where thinking people will discover the lack of positive action from the victim. Is he/she getting the room they need to think strait, to see a way out of the situation? Are they getting the finance they need to buy their way out? If they are immigrants and the attacks are racially motivated then can the victim walk back to their land of origin, or do they have to rely on air travel?

Can victims of attack get jobs easily? How intense are the attacks where they happen most, and what activities does the victim have left to them once they have woken up from their bed in the aftermath of a dark, fiery night because, if this is happening every time, then they cannot be expected to do much.

How easy it is to deceive so many people on what is really a very simple issue, how easy it is to convince people wrongly about a given situation when they actually already have the answers.

I once took a loan, and the very first thing I went out and bought was a digital set top box. Now, being a man who's got a little boy following me, there was this man within the shop who wondered aloud just why I would do such a thing. It does actually look very stupid for one in my position to waste money thusly, since anybody in this situation would be better saving every penny they get, but then only by delving into my life would you really get the info necessary to see just why I choose to buy what I buy, drink what I drink, eat what I eat, and sleep as long as I do. Most of what I do is more necessary than meets the eye, much of which has been responsible for the truth I am still standing despite what I have been through, and for such a long time too.

Unknown to onlookers are things like the dim reality of a restricted world where one has to spend most of their time while they are in the situation, not knowing when they would be able to get out and be free, the exercise that needs to be done to see the next day with the needed strength, the pummelling received through vicious attacks, the remedial measures that are countered at every turn, the ruining of the appointment with an employer that could earn me the kind of job that would quickly get my head above water, etc. Unknown to most people is the possibility the victim is stuck in one place. Unknown to most is what really results when a living body has been bombarded with microwaves for a given period of time, whether the person is pleasant or not after this exposure.

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