Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Making Some Facts About My Life Very Clear Before Moving On

I was involved in a number of encounters with total strangers today who asked the same or similar questions, otherwise they made statements that left me feeling a number of things about me and the people I associate with or I am close to are still unclear to many, at a point in time when they should be.

The following is my attempt to clarify these facts.

It is impossible to know what is going on in my life and why, let alone discover how it could have come to what appearances suggest it has come to, or what I myself say it has come to, by asking me questions designed to unravel my mind, questions attempting to find out how good I can reason my way around real life, everyday issues such as business or day to day politics or, worse still, by trying to give me an idea of why people are reacting the way they are to me with the objective of making me alter my behavior as a way of making things better for myself, without consideration of the activities and influence on all of the mentalities involved by a third party.

If it is my wisdom that is under scrutiny by way of my business acumen, then it must be made clear that, because I am average to below that at business, and this is very clear from my attempt to live as a self employed business person, the results will not be a reliable indicator of my intelligence given business acumen isn't something all people are born with.

As for the day to day politics of the culture that determines behaviors, I am no good at it and cannot possibly be a politician, as a result. This is also clear to see from the results of the application of my personal politics to my life.

I have a paucity of friends and no position of influence in any organization I am a member of even when, given the attention my pieces draw from the powers-that-be, attention that has BTW been verified by third parties, some of whom are powerful or highly placed in their countries, I should by now have had an abundance of both.

Again, it is futile to paint a black and white picture of why this is the state of affairs in my life because there is the perpetual presence of a powerful other, keen on seeing to it that I fail, to take into account.

If the desire is to know who I really am and how I came to be this way, as such influence my behavior successfully, then the surest way is to find out what my talent is, or know what I excel at, as this will explain the presence in my life of the third party ... why I attracted the attention and wrath of the powerful in this system, which is through reading pieces such as the article found at the link pasted below, that is an adaptation of an essay in my book "Africa's Lost Generations and other Essays", hosted at the blog in the same link:

Pan-Africa Now Or Perish

This, is what I am about, to put it bluntly. This is the reason it came to that which you see in my life.

I have personally identified a number of other articles I wrote in the past that can be as useful in this process because they exemplify me at my best. I do not just know this because they caused me to get attacked intensely right after they became public, drawing in much interest wherever they were published to the point they were considered worthy of featuring for lengthy periods of time on these websites (and sometimes it was clear that they were central to hacking attacks the sites that published them became victims of), but also because of wisdom within me that makes me know how much ahead of their time they were upon their release.

These pieces, that I advise you to read and comprehend, include the following articles:

The Harm Using Foreign Languages in the Education System is Doing to both the African's Intelligence and African Communities
The Cycle of Civilization and the Emperor's New Clothes

And so, if it is knowing just why I am what I am you want, and why the possibility cannot be discounted that people important to my life are being influenced in how they perceive me, then it is to these articles that you must look for the cause, and the statements I shall put in the passages that follow you must use as a guide.

Understand that I became a target of covert warfare before I had even written anything worth reading because the capacity for focussed and highly intellectual thought was foreseen in me by people already in the process of looking out for such, after which efforts were made to see to it that the capacity to blossom to the point I became renouned as a writer, orator, etc., or became a leader in one or other cause was pre-empted.

And make no mistake about this ... what we are dealing with here is a program of monstrous proportions created in the past by a highly determined group of sick people who were leaders within this system. They have become versed in applying advanced and systematic methods to discover people with certain propensities or talents. Where the group to which I belong is concerned, the program is connected to a desire of the imperialist to keep the third world in the past.

They have been doing this for a long time, and have eliminated many of those they discovered, and found ways to silence the rest.

This is to say the capacity foreseen in me has been recognized in many others before and after me. Also, and trust me on this, the age at which people are being discovered without the use of lineage or DNA has progressively dropped to levels you will find unbelievable.

Let us get one thing very strait here: it is all in keeping with a wish expressed in a statement made by J. Edgar Hoover, that the most important task after the likes of Malcolm X and Martin Luthery king made their appearances was the prevention of "the rise of a black messiah", and this, as an expression of a systemic desire, didn't just have African Americans in mind. They meant for the show to go global.

Therefore, people going through my experience represent targets of an international COINTELPRO like program who are "turned in", by the powers-that-be, to those routinely conducting worldwide scale hi-tech experimentation on the unwitting as a way of assuring their elimination, given the experiments cannot be survived.

Understand this truth so that you never get fooled about the reason people like me are going through what we are going through.

It is not our fault.

Also know where people like me fit in this jigsaw by the ever increasing number of reports getting to the public's attention concerning mind control that tend to lump all into the same bracket by giving the impression the perfection of mind control techniques is the sole objective.

Remember always that while it is not fiction that there are many people out there being abused in mind control experiments, there are a good number among them who have become unwitting guinea pigs because of the imperialist motive, just as there are those on this program who were turned in because they are whistle-blowers, or because their level of understanding is such that they effectively play a role similar to whistleblowing when they communicate with the public, and so on.

Know when you see me that there is almost no moment in time when I am out in public that I am not under attack with directed energies, and, I assure you, I discern them clearly. They affect my gait, my thoughts, with this my capacity to communicate properly, and my appearance.

This war is very real, and the ravages being visited on some tell of what is happening or lies in store for all. Surviving this war would be a cinch if you only took seriously what grown men and women who still have their wits about them, with nothing to gain by lying, are telling you is happening to them.

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