Thursday, 28 December 2017

Patrick Flanagan's Achilles' Heel Exposed as a Systemic Problem

A Parakeet

I once kept parakeets. This was a long time ago, two decades to be exact ... but it still bothers me to this day to think I participated in a barbaric act such as imprisoning a sentient, autonomous being.

The fact it was already too late for the birds does not exonerate me. True, their fate was sealed the moment they were either captured in their natural habitat or hatched in captivity. But then I gave the trade my money. I supported it, and even though my input was 3 birds worth of cash, it is the small amounts that add up to amounts that lure the greedy into the business.

The only good thing to come from this is this, that the birds helped me understand a part of human nature I would otherwise not have known had I not identified it in them.

The birds never forgot or let go, contrary to what scientists tell us about the intellects and memories of so called lower creatures. If a mouse passed through the room, they would seek a hiding place and if they did not find one, they would bury their heads in the sand, so to speak. They would thus get their bird selves into the most constricted of positions that were definitely not healthy for them.

What's worse is they could remain like this for what seemed like an eternity if nothing was done to free them from the spell.

Giving them treats they liked didn't help. Only fooling them into believing the fiend had been destroyed did the trick.

And so it was that on such occasions I would take a black or grey sock rolled into a ball, hold it out of sight of the birds as I took a stick and went to the corner I felt was the preferred escape route of the mouse, started beating at the earth and then, throwing the rolled sock down, I would pick it up then make it visible to the parrots, throw it on the sofa in plain sight of the birds and go at it with the stick, then pick it up a last time to show the birds it was done for, then throw it onto the floor at the entrance to the room where it would lie motionless.

Looking up at the birds, the relief I would see was palpable. Soon, they would be their cheery selves, dancing to their own whistling, teasing each other and feasting on the treats I spoilt them with.

All people are like the birds in that, some, like me, moreso than others.

When I see something that bothers me, I never let go until the issue has been resolved, and if it is an argument, it does not matter whether I have won or not. Both results equal resolution.

I can relax and go on to some other concern.

And so it is that today I have set aside a whole valuable day to deal with an issue that has been bothering me for weeks. It pertains to technology I am convinced does not exist and if it does then it does not do what they say it does but makes a semblance of this.

Simply put, I do not think it is what they say it is.

I have not had anyone bring forth arguments that have convinced me that the technology I have in mind does indeed exist and yesterday a friend who knew I remained unconvinced went off on a web search to bring to me what they felt was the most convincing proof of the existence of the technology.

I read the text and found it preposterous, and I knew I just had to take time off and debunk the belief otherwise it would not go away and I will find no peace.

My friend had found a piece that actually used as examples some of what I said would be proof positive the technology in question exists, for example the widespread use of V2K to help deaf people hear and an application of the same method to help blind people see.

My argument was that if the technology already existed then we would have seen a proliferation of gadgets that helped blind people see and deaf people hear. Given there was no such devices in circulation, the conclusion can easily be drawn no such devices exist.

Dr. Patrick Flanagan

The device that was supposedly there already to prove me wrong is called the neurophone and it was invented by Dr. Gills Patrick Flanagan when he was but a teenager. It was principally a "Nervous System Excitation Device" and he patented it on July 16, 1968 (Patent 3393,279).

The article that I read concerning said device is located here, and you are advised to check it out for yourselves so that what I state further down can be verified ...

I will cut a long story short, cut to the chase in fact I will make it very very short because it does not need lengthy treatment to prove it is fraudulent.

According to the linked article, Patrick calls the process by which his neurophone device operates "neuroception". This is the process by which electrical messages identical to those sounds generate are ferried via the body's nervous system to the point in the brain at which they are "heard".

Problem is Patrick used the scientific method to develop the device and in fact used himself as the guinea pig that helped him make the final breakthrough. But then he has no firm knowledge of why his device works which is odd.

In science, "why" a device works is not a requirement to know when it is known "how" it works. The explanation to one is found in the other and vice versa. The calculations, formulas that get us the answer, etc., are found in both and used interchangeably. And if knowledge of why a device works is not firm then it is not known how that device works.

But this story gets weirder because, along the way, knowledge of how the device works is mysteriously discovered and explained in detail at the patent link here ... and surprise surprise ... The US Airforce owns the patent now.

Talk about putting carts before horses and the system's subordinates taking charge ... or so it seems.

There are such scientists as so called magicians who get answers in ways many would not understand but ask them how they got the result and they will give an explanation, even when it (the explanation) will be hard to understand by other scientists and non scientists alike.

How Patrick's device worked should have been the first thing he knew before even making the gadget. This is what was supposed to have guided him to its creation. The hit and run process hinted at in this example is almost impossible because of the complexity of what was being undertaken. Dr. Flanagan's middle name was high organisation otherwise he would not have made anything worth looking at so it is strange to picture him making something he doesn't know exactly how it works.

The answer to what Patrick's device really does lies in analysing a term that is used frequently in the first linked article, and it is from this that we can also find the term that represents what scientists working on this issue really wanted to do, and the fraud Flanagan perpetrated becomes obvious. This term is "induce".

What the scientists want to do is open a direct path to the inner ear and communicate with it in real time but the best they have managed to do is induction and there is a big difference between the two processes as I will explain.

Radio waves come in frequencies. The frequencies that are produced to cause sleep have a specific value and this varies from individual to individual. There is a mean frequency that when beamed to a group will cause the most to fall asleep.

These frequencies have to be known beforehand and a device capable of producing them has to be made for the purpose. Though these devices can cause someone to fall asleep almost immediately the communication is not real time even if the immediacy of effect is there. There is pre-programing involved. The frequency has to be set first.

This is the basis of induction.

What Flanagan did can also be considered induction. He caused perception of sound to occur then lied about the method. You see, in order to be useful as a hearing or sight aid, a device has to be able to transmit what is being heard on the fly, as someone is speaking. It cannot cause side effects such as brain damage. Such a device would act like a microphone that converts sound into electric signals similar to those that are produced between the ears and the point where the signals are made into audible sound within the brains.

Transmitting actual audio on the back of a radio frequency that gets picked up because it is of such an intensity it cannot but vibrate organs within the body, including the whole entire head, to create actual audible sound on the rebound is real time but forced hearing.

There is actually a scientific name for this ... and it is not Tinnitus.

It is not just radio frequencies that can cause sounds to be heard this way but ultrasound as well.

Instead of coming clean on this hazardous method, Patrick said something that made people conclude the technology had become classified and he was under instructions not to reveal how it worked. We can deduce thusly because, obviously, the conclusion had already been made he had invented a chip that converted sounds to electronic signals similar or identical to those created between the ears and brains.

Here is how we prove this assertion.

People calling themselves targets of covert warfare are complaining of their thoughts being read. The technology required to do this would simply need to reverse the order of transcription that occurs in flanagan's device provided it could pick the bodily or thought transmissions, which is hard because thought occurs in almost all brain communications with tissue. It is attenuated in all but the part that generates conscious. And, to make matters or communication worse, the conscious part lies within these other organs.

If we conclude this technology does not exist, we would have to look to induction as the way this is being done and we find that, because the technology exists to blank or disrupt the mind using radio frequencies or ultrasound, and the method exists to force voices into the head of someone, people capable of maintaining a lucid voice within their heads can have thoughts implanted into their heads and, with the help of another reality, this thought can seem to be their own.

This reality is called memory which is, unlike most people believe, not stores of information but information reconstructed. How do we prove this?

Well ... People have been known to lose and regain memory even when the retrieval mechanism is intact. If memory is destroyed then it cannot be retrieved but if the mechanism that reconstructs memory suffers damage and fails in its function, memory is restored when it is fully operational again ...

Stay with me on this one ...

If you get your own thoughts disrupted or blanked out and a thought is implanted, it's reconstruction instructions are immediately noted and once it is reconstructable, it becomes your memory.

Remember or know there is nothing about awareness that is a whole picture and current. What we know are reconstructions based on expectations left by what has just been that we follow on to root our selves in reality as we go on saving reconstruction instructions.

If you see a nude man walking on the streets and point him out to another, his movement from one place to the next will be the expectation and it will be changing with the moment so that the next instant you will not point to where you just saw him but where and how you expect him to be.

If the nude man is lying dead in a pool of blood then the same applies.

It works in much the same way that your television monitor constructs an image from tiny dots but on a much more grander and dynamic scale.

Thoughts once artificially induced are then re-told to the unwary subject who firstly believes they are their own intimate thoughts and is as such liable to fall for the "we can read your thoughts" lie.

It is actually not perfect science. Blasts and internal thought disruptions will be intermittent but the end result can be that the target will think they thought pretty much the same thing that those forcing the voice into their person transmitted, otherwise the rates of transmission and disruption will have to be increased the next time around, including the size of the headache.

Thus a system stubbornly forges ahead with the same need to fake stuff, in this and many similar cases convincing many who matter that it has technology that it does not really have, destroying lives in the most gratuitous of manners if you do not fall for the lie it pays to be seen in a better light than you really are, for such are but vain pursuits, and transient are the rewards.

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Why a Target of Covert Warfare Cannot be Set Free or Given Choices That Enhance His/Her Survivability

A good number of those who pass through here and read the temper in my posts will no doubt think I do not care, that I am willing to sacrifice even loved ones to the fiends who pursue me.

They will get this impression because they will feel I am refusing to stop doing what is making them attack me even with the possibility they might attack loved ones to make me comply. I remember back in London that two perpetrators following me actually told me this ... but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, something other than a willingness to sacrifice is causing me to see no use in stopping with especially activism through writing as I will explain.

Whenever you hear a story in which somebody goes postal you immediately think they became mentally unstable, right? They failed to function normally. They were not their own selves which is why they saw suicide, or the death of others, or destruction of other people's property, as the only way out of their situation.

But there has been something about cases when the actor was a target of covert warfare, usually in the details of their conduct shortly before and sometimes during the act of going postal, that show the person was in fact functioning normally and the only reason they did what is by all standards an outrageous or wrong thing is because they were pushed to do the act ... Let me elaborate on this ...

Image from video footage showing Aaron Alexis entering the Navy Yard complex.

Aaron Alexis, who etched "My ELF Weapon" on his gun before using it at the navy yard where a number of people lost their lives, may have felt he could not do anything else that hit or sent a message to those behind his torture that would stop them torturing him.

Aaron drove a rental into the premises then sneaked into the back corridors to shoot with almost faultless aim at more than a dozen people ... killing all but a handful. He would later get shot himself by swat teams.

Aaron had called the police the night before complaining of ELF attacks that were keeping him from sleeping. He had switched sleeping places in hotels where he said he was followed from one to the next.

He could have been mistaken about any number of things and we can only surmise that his ordeal, whether imagined or real, left him feeling it was more than he needed to take ... which led to the revenge or postal episode.

One thing to note is when news was breaking of the shootings, his family was quick to question the truth in the official version.

Going back further in his life prior to this, we find a religious man described by friends as a very caring person. It is true Aaron had a temper once expressed in a manner many would consider overkill, but then nobody got hurt and the prospects of that episode repeating must have been zero because of how people around him reacted in the aftermath, including his family and the police.

He was a man busy with details many of us would only dream of dealing with ... catching that plane to Japan, getting accommodation there, writing home to family, settling into a new mileau ... and he seems to have done all of it very well.

So what causes a sane individual that makes complex but sane choices in life to suddenly make the worst possible one?

What I think people need to be focussing on is the possibility in the lives of targets who go postal there are realistically no other choices that they can take because something has pushed options out of their reach.

Targeting is at base a game that puts one into such a situation they cannot but come out with guns blazing and here if we are not familiar with what targets go through we need to ask what it is that is done to them that makes some turn into killers sometimes?

For starters, apart from mere test subjects for research and such like whistle blowers, targets of covert warfare are being attacked for what they are or their nature. Keep this in mind otherwise everything else about this war will confuse you.

What this means is it does not matter what they do. It matters not if they are activists or sitting at home doing nothing ... they will get attacked the same. The person they are, the make up, the potential of it, is what is under fire. Those attacking them dread the day when the true potential of the individual will be expressed and cannot care if in the mean time they are useless alcoholics, drug addicts or whores. They will put them under surveillance and attack whatever they have become.

A target of covert warfare can as such not be given choices that enhance your survivability. How could those seeking their elimination allow them to retain choices that allow them to thrive?

Understand that this connects back to many within the community from which the target comes given we are all progeny and we breed or procreate. The genes then become the issue ... and this gene problem finds international or global expansion sometimes.

Most targets of covert warfare are not suicidal and the fact they are being urged to die by their own hand means self termination is one of the choices they have been left. They are tormented to the point they consider committing suicide to be the only way out. But then how can they be expected to take this choice when they are healthy of mind, programed for survival without dire consequences for their community as well?

Think about this ...

When I say targets of covert warfare are healthy of mind I mean the programming that sustains them in life is still intact. They eat food to stay alive and look left and right before crossing any road because of this. Now imagine someone putting them in a situation where they feel killing themselves is the only escape?

The choice will seem harsh to a healthy mind precisely because it is contradictory to internal programing but then in covert warfare this choice is pushed ... the target is urged and prodded so that they finally take this choice but then, not surprisingly, it is taken with a lot of indignation and a lengthy complaint letter is attached, addressed to their community in the form of a lot of dead people sometimes ...

So while it may seem that the individual can change their fate if they complied and stopped doing something that's supposedly causing them to get attacked, the truth is the targeted individual cannot do a thing to stop their targeting. I have in fact verified this myself several times in my life as a target. I have gone off for lengthy periods sometimes lasting an entire year, where I did not write a thing or spoke anything political with locals yet I remained under surveillance and attack.

When I was in Holland, I was told by countless operatives to leave the country and my targeting would stop. I believed this and did eventually leave Holland but the targeting followed me where I went. Then I was told I to leave the west altogether ... and I did this too but the targeting continued in the third world where I sought refuge.

It has to get clear at some point that it is not about where I live, what friends I have or what articles I write, etc., etc. It is about me, my identity, how I am made by God or nature ... Given my nature cannot be changed, the targeting cannot stop till I am no longer there to scare some people in power into wanting me dead.

It's that simple ...

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

The Technology That Can Read Your Thoughts Does Not Exist Yet!

Angry small dog with hairs standing on its back making it look bigger or more fierce (bigger neck/biting muscles) than it really is ...

The oldest, most used trick in war is to make yourself look bigger and more fierce than you really are, more formidable an opponent than you can be.

This trick or tactic is also employed by animals in the wild, including our domesticated predators.

Cats and dogs raise the hairs on the back of their heads, and elsewhere, to make them look bigger than they really are when either threatened with or threatening attack.

Men and women often make moves and say things intended to put fear into the mind of the one threatening to physically attack them, challenging them to a fight or one they want to attack.

The variant most used by armies the world over is making the unit appear better armed than it actually is and secrecy is the way this is done. There is a reason technological advances are kept secret and what is revealed is always better than what exists. Often, armies release what they have developed and blow up some capabilities in order to provoke an opponent to also boast what they have or frighten them into submission.

Infiltration of enemy ranks focuses on gauging the actual strength of the enemy as such allowing one side to prognosticate the result of an all out conflagration with the foe if not seek the better way to engage them in order to stand a chance of victory.

Armies of old are known to have used the trick of making their numbers appear more than they actually were, especially in areas of poor visibility. I know of a story of two local groups that went to war in the bush, not far from where I live. The commander of one side ordered his men to take off then hang a garment by the nearest tree ... then stand some distance from it as such doubling or tripling the number of objects resembling human beings in the area, all dependent on how much cloth each man had on him. The result of this was that the enemy fled, afraid to face a foe they felt far outnumbered them.

And so it goes that the global non consensual experimentation project does not flinch to use the very same tactic to get its way and making something look like it is not is one of the many ways that a lot is done that would otherwise not be possible to do.

To this end, disinfo agents are planted in the communities under covert attack and it is their task to deceive the targets about what it is that they are up against so that they do not see a way to escape or defeat the foe. This is done when a war that was initially covert cannot be kept secret anymore and the objective will usually be to mislead the targets so that they go hunting for the foe in the wrong places thus ending up fighting the wrong people, or seek protection where non is available. Ultimately, targets have to be given the impression their enemy is too formidable to stand up against as once internalised, this belief makes them as vulnerable as ensures the objectives of the covert war are achieved.

Don't get me wrong on this. I know there is military technology out there that is advanced beyond what we may suspect, maybe even more formidable than what you would consider the norm.

I know there are people under covert attack out there being treated to stuff so sci-fi they wouldn't even start to mention it without looking like they completely lost their marbles.

But then as with all things out of the ordinary that are kept away from ordinary people, there is a reason why this is so and knowing what this is may just surprise you about the capabilities of the hi-tech gadgets being flaunted as operational.

It is a tricky situation in our worldwide TI community because many among us get indoctrinated with info that imprisons us and others we share it with rather than allows us to see how much range we have, and the wary among us may just point the deceived out as perps when in fact they are just brainwashed. These targets become a danger to other targets no doubt, but then we need to know what is going on because lending a helping hand is what we should be doing regarding our deceived friends rather than accusing them of being what they are not then ostracising them.

The one thing we should know is there are ways to know about truths that are hidden and these methods need not be complex to apply. One of those ways is to understand just what those making the weapons that control others want and in this system ... it is money.

We can then go from here and check whether mission is being accomplished with what is being done ...

Picture at NASA's website from a video circulated by NASA of an astronaut supposedly standing on the moon ... only the flag was waving in a wind only possible if there is an atmosphere. Other pictures show the moon he was supposed to be standing on looming above him in the background ...

Let us, for the sake of simplification, go back in time and check out the schemes those behind global covert warfare have engaged in with the potential to make them stinking rich and, in the history of our current culture, it will not take long before we see that missed opportunities actually point to the lack of the means to achieve a goal. And here we are talking an inability to develop on something requiring technological advancement that gives a lot of profit to the one who undertakes the project.

Keeping in mind the fact the very same people busy waging covert warfare were behind the attempt to go to the moon, the question should be asked why they did not make it but instead faked it? There is a lot of money to be made from, for example, making the moon a tourist attraction.

Building an oasis on the moon requires technology and would have been attempted long ago had the means been sufficient because it is lucrative. Here we are talking the alternative lucrative pursuit to developing the technology that can read some person's mind.

Think about this ...

The people busy reading minds and developing technology that can do this better must be going through the very same thought routines that people trying to figure out a way to draw the moon's deep water reserves to flow to a specific area that they can then turn into the oasis to which tourists flock. This place would have to be in an enclosed space of course but then the thought that goes into making such a dream real are the same if not less complex than what would go into making a mind readable, the latter being a more trivial process, to use a euphemism.

Now factor the fact the moon landing was staged into it and you realise there may in fact be too little technology to be afraid of in the hands of the western elite. That thing they talk about, that reading people's minds thing is true. I have seen people control machines with thought. But be aware that this is only to an extent and when certain conditions or code language conditions are met. The victim or, if you may, target, can most often deny these thugs the capacity to read their minds by either going through simple mental and physical routines, taking medications or installing very simple defences against invasive radio frequencies. Otherwise I believe the majority of people are not susceptible to mind reading technology, otherwise it has taken a lot of test subjects and ruined many lives but, to date, it still is not good enough to put into practice and here's why this is simple truth.

It is said of the capacity to make people who are blind see that the technology does manage to make light bypass the defective eyes into the brains but, going by what has been revealed about the touted technology when actually tested on blind people as shown in some documentaries, the image blind people see is hardly what they need to make them independent where sight is concerned, otherwise many blind people would have sight by now.

The source for the above knowledge may be the discovery channel which is always decades behind latest technological breakthroughs but this particular case may infact be current if we just consider the following ...

Stevie wonder has spent a lot of money on operations that promised to give him sight.

We are talking big money because there are a lot of blind people worldwide ... Stevie Wonder millions to billions combined with everybody else even. Yet even when we know the profit motive drives capitalism, we also know non of these people's monies have bought any gadget that has given them full sight.

Think about voice to skull (V2K). Consider All those targets saying they are hearing voices 24/7. Would it not be the case that if this breakthrough technology was indeed as dramatic as described that, because of the profit motive, many deaf people would today sport V2K gadgets transmitting sounds strait to their brains bypassing their ears? And here we are talking people whose hearing issues are caused by faults in the ear.

V2K would no doubt also be one of the many gadgets that help operatives communicate with each other in the field and would long since have become the most sold gadget to secret services and law enforcement worldwide and would by now have become household knowledge had the technologies really been as advanced as they are reported in the TI community.

You have to admit when you look at the many alternative applications of the technologies targets of covert warfare report are operational, and find they do not feature where they would make producers and patent holders of the inventions and discoveries billions ... even when they can be revealed and sold without giving the Millitary Industrial Complex that funds their development a disadvantage, that someone is really being lied to and it can only be the case that the people waging covert warfare (western elite) are blowing their menace to proportions so formidable they paralyse those under attack without actual physical contact.

Clearly, targets are being made to feel anything they may want to undertake to escape or get even is futile, as a way of making them build the prison that holds them in one place themselves.