Thursday, 1 May 2008

Barbarism Masquerading as a Civilization

Take a look at the following video clip...

The camcorder is not really in tip top condition. It is brand new, but it came with a major flaw, which is that the auto focus doesn’t always work as it should. The videos I take with it are not always properly focused. There seems to be a mood with this that is independent of the other settings, such as light, zoom, etc. Other than that, apart from those moments when I know (and feel) I am being doused in microwaves; the camcorder’s recordings are within the norm.

I know what you are thinking. I should return the camera if it was bought new. It has a guarantee, but then I have had so much bad luck with shipped camcorders I do not think it will come back with the original bits and pieces. I fear there will be some other thing wrong with it. It is not worth the trouble. I really need to stop ordering things from abroad, and buy directly from the nearest shop.

A year ago, I ordered a camcorder from Hong Kong, the same place I ordered this new device from. It arrived after about two weeks, while online tracking revealed it had been scanned as having arrived in the country a week and a half before it found its way to my door. When I finally had it in my hands, it turned out it was transmitting a signal that disturbed the display on my TV from as far away as 5 meters… without exaggeration. This distance was too much for a device that could fit in the palm of my hands. It could still take descent videos, however, but the fact every time I turned it on, the television developed patterns on its screen, there was an immediate cease to suspicious, footage worthy activity, EMF detectors that had previously been showing high readings went dead, and everything else that was worth filming, the proof of my harassment and torture, stopped, made me suspect it had been fitted with a transmitter to protect the valuable psychopaths who lived around me.

I hate to sound paranoid, but I do not believe in coincidence. I admit that I am overly paranoid, but then believe I am pretty much in control of the induced kind of paranoia. Fact of the matter is I need/require to be paranoid to survive this situation, or fare better. I cannot ignore all the reality that has been said to me, what I have to go through on a daily basis. I am tired of this game, and I realize even writing such articles feeds absurd appetites, and takes away from the time I should really be putting into another cause, the one I was targeted for in the first place.

I see more than most people would believe, hear more than most people would accept or like to hear. I know that those behind my stalking, harassment and torture are very eager to keep the torment they put me through away from those who cannot be allowed to know the truth of what is happening, and they will go to any lengths to make this possible, including sabotage of material that I could use to expose the activities of the zombies they set upon me, if not limit their activities.

I think that this is exactly what they did with this device. Oh yes! Of course, they could merely have not delivered it, or they could even have completely ruined it. But then I guess they did precisely that which would make detecting where the fault happened difficult, so that the blame could only be placed on the senders, whose techies standing by the conveyer belt will be accused of not checking some minor details.

I received damaged goods, period, and it is not the first time. But not to worry. This time I feel the footage I made with this device more than fulfils the intended purpose. I feel that an intent to foil has not been completely successful.

The reason successive clips in the movie are so different qualitatively is very simple. As you already noticed, included in the recordings are readings made with the help of an EMF detector (Cell Sensor) meant to make this clear (electronic equipment with dials doesn't lie). There is little room left to doubt what is causing the disturbance to the fine electronic currents flowing through the conductors in the camcorder, as such disturbing the flow of digital data on which the sensing and rendering of light frequencies depends, are microwaves.

The merged clips in the movie were shot at different locations. Some were taken in my sleeping quarters, while others were taken while I was out and about, at a dining room some 5 miles down the road, libraries, and various other locations. The difference in smoothness is conclusive, at least as far as I am concerned.

For the doubters, those who do not trust my judgment and others who would rather learn the hard way, I deliberately and repeatedly swayed the camera back and forth, never in a jerky manner, but smoothly, causing perpetual movement of images in the distance across the lens, in order to clearly show respective phenomenon repeated, and confirmed, at different locations.

None of the alternate situations shows the kind of interference that distorts the rendering of the frames in the same manner seen in the clips taken at the place where I live.

Let's cut to the chase here. Let us stop beating about the bush: the real cause for the differences in quality is precisely the "detected" presence of very high electromagnetic fields and frequencies in the place where I live. It is these that are interfering with the camera's own internal electronics. It is these that are causing the auto focussing, and other features, to become sluggish.

I have had the sensor, and other detecting devices, for a while now, and I carry them with me everywhere I go and, apart from the rare moments when I get abnormal readings in places with a lot of high voltage transformers, high power cables, electric trains whizzing by at high speeds, and those moments when I hole myself up in an internet cafe and opportunistic perps take to cars bypassing the location, firing the invisible bullets into the building as they drive by, causing sudden traffic congestion, the phenomenon is always transient in these alternate locations. Only in the houses I reside, and especially only in the bedroom are these readings permanent. Only here are they higher than the hazardous 2 milligauss, hitting 5 a lot of times. Only in my room(s), the places I call my home, do mobile phones malfunction, only here do cameras malfunction, televisions and radio sets make unheard of noises and display weird patterns. Only here do thermometers show tropical readings, while the temperature outside is close to zero.

There can be no accident to this...

For the technical minded, especially those who doubt readings made with a static EMF detector combined with a cell-phone sensor calibrated at around 835 MHz, know that there is an advantage in using a static EMF sensor over one that senses dynamic EMF over a wide band, such as the Zap Checker, especially in situations where normal, everyday appliances and currents are used. It is with the help of these currents that a lot of successful attacks are possible, even when the target has holed themselves up in metal shielding. These are the circumstances when using such a device works out the same. When one understands how EMF's behave, how they are attenuated when they encounter conductive materials or dielectrics, one discovers that a given sensor of the static can do the job of another, unless the purpose is to know the exact frequencies involved.

When dynamic radiation interacts with a conducting material, unless the material is properly grounded, static EMF's are emitted. This is because a current is created within the metal. Because the planet is constantly doused in electromagnetic frequencies, every piece of metal lying about has a current flowing through it. This is however a very low voltage, therefore the EMF produced is minimal. It cannot be in the 2 milligauss, 50/60 hertz range. It is therefore possible to know whether one is under attack by just picking up a lot of static electricity off surrounding metals, especially in places where it cannot naturally be a given intensity, such as the centre of a bedroom without high power electrical appliances, not even in surrounding rooms, that are turned on 24/7.

Obviously, it is useful to know which home appliances emit EMF, such as televisions, chargers, mobile phones, and other EMF based technologies. Their range or the hotspots they create are limited in width and depth. What I was measuring in my room covered a whole 8 by 8 meter space, with a steady measurement throughout. It is very possible I was being followed around the place, hence the constant reading wherever I went, otherwise the explanation given by Tim Rifat in his article 'Microwave Mind Control', available at, makes a lot of sense. It is with the help of our electricity supply, flowing through cables and machinery in our households, that such attacks are possible.

There is an alarm installation below the sleeping room that lets out high EMF readings, but then these do not extend beyond a meter or two, as is usual with such fields, and cannot be to blame for this phenomenon.

These unnaturally high readings are things I have had to cope with everywhere I have lived in the west, observed through the interference of these waves on various electronic equipment and metals around me, and documented too. A few of the recordings are available at It is not even the case that my body may be the cause, because the reality doesn’t follow me everywhere I go, but remains, like a haunting ghost, where I reside, welcoming me back each time I return. When I am not properly protected, it is very usual to experience heat surges, especially when I am falling asleep, exercising, or doing anything positive for body and mind.

Lately, at night when playing Tetris on my mobile phone, the rendering on the screen tends to get similar to the video shown before, making it impossible to play the game since reaction speed is vital to success. The ability to see where a block is and manoeuvre it around in time is impeded.

Every device is being affected in the very same way, but only when I am indoors.

My eyesight is also blurry whenever I am at this location, most of all during moments of intense attack when my good eyesight becomes only good enough to read large text, and with a squint at that.

As I lay down to sleep, regions of my body will be engulfed in total heat throughout the night, and will be numb and painful the next day.

What is depicted here is obvious, the intent of these attacks clear. Death by some cancerous growth, or something else, is always a possibility. Thankfully, throughout the period these heinous crimes have been perpetrated against me, I have apparently afforded myself sufficient defence so that my immune system has remained intact (knock wood), because HIV/AIDS appears to be the ultimate aim, seen in the fact the attackers are trying too hard to make states stick, while attempting to give unfitting names to unrelated states of health, weirdly attempting to make pin the meaning on the psyche of one and all, desperately twisting definitions and denotations.

That stuff needs to be seen to be believed.

What we have here is a clear case of Electromagnetic Violence being applied without cease by a state apparatus out to surreptitiously eliminate threats to some grand, international plan, selecting to attack the targets at locations where they are most vulnerable; violence against individuals considered enemies of the state using criteria that cannot be exposed to the common folk without causing revulsion. The point of such beat-about-the-bush tactics is that the devils behind the scenes keep their moronic agenda going, full speed ahead, without creating the slightest of hints in the minds of the populace that matters, of the level from which the battle is being fought, without letting slip the true nature and personality of those considered at loggerheads with the order, which would reveal the true colours of the ones pulling the strings, those steering the ship towards an order that befits their lousy personalities.

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