Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Covert Warfare by Directed Energies and Electronic Tags is what's Keeping Revolution Away

Man giving speech standing behind rostrum

There is a lot that is wrong with the current dominant system/culture and the mentalities it creates, which is why it should come as no surprise that we witness many taking to writing, giving lectures, activism, etc., in order to both raise awareness and cater to the need being felt by many that system change is imperative.

For some time now, the number of activists and activist organisations has evidently been on the rise, as witness the proliferation in cyberspace of political organisations boasting men and women "on the pulpit/rostrum", giving lectures or speeches about the ways of this system/culture, that can include who really runs it, what they want, the transgressions they have been perpetrating on those they rule, those they oppress, their hidden agenda, what people should be doing to take back control ... to stand a chance of bettering their life circumstances or, ultimately, to stand a chance of surviving the destructive or genocidal intentions the system/culture has in store for them or for kind.

It is to understand from such teachings that they are attempts to de-brainwash the audience in order to make their minds open to truth, after which it is hoped they will see why change is imperative. It is also clear that, generally speaking, intrinsic to the imparted message is the need to make people see why it is important to spread the word, the surest way to increase numbers, as such take advantage of concepts such as Critical Mass, the Revolution of Rising Expectations, etc. At the end of it all, the masses are expected to rebel against a system that holds them in bondage precipitating change or revolution.

The expectation is then that, once the revolution has succeeded, the "conscious" (those versed in the game), will take over from the system's puppets and institute change in cultural revolutions meant to instill in the masses the mentality required to develop a better world or prevent the overthrown system from making a return.

It is often the case that the individuals who busy themselves with the task of de-brainwashing the public in books, on the pulpit, do their homework well. Their writings and the speeches they give, though lacking here and there, simplistic here and there, are truthful and make a lot of sense.

But then, unfortunately, there is no chance any of what these informed individuals ultimately desire will come to pass, nor will those they want to save survive in the end because they are not taking into account a reality about today's world ignored by most people I have encountered with good, positive ideas for communities at odds with the current system/culture, who want to make revolution happen by way of the pulpit or script.

A revolutionary movement or even just one seeking change for an aspect of the world that the system wants to remain the same, or get worse, cannot succeed unless it dares to acknowledge the existence of covert warfare as an important means of control the system uses. Activists have to be prepared to deal openly with this issue. They should not just concentrate on de-brainwashing, but also ensure members learn to prepare for covert warfare, that they learn to recognise and expose and/or effectively counter it. This does not just apply to people willing to take to arms against the system, but to those who want to peacefully better some things that are ailing as a result of systemic transgression, for instance anti violent crime movements, freedom movements, movements looking to rescue institutions under threat of demise in their community, such as marriage or family.

It needs to be understood that the time when the current methods being used to make change or revolution happen worked is long since gone. The system has ensured that this is the case. Today, organisations or their demonstrations can only work if there is no hi-tech interference or they are deliberately created by the system itself. If the system does not want an organisation, its meetings or activities, for instance demonstrations, to succeed, there are more effective ways of destruction than were available to the same system during the days in the distant past when the pulpit as a means to change stood a chance of success.

We live in an era when those who lead have taken fully to hi-tech means of control and domination in the form of energy weapons ... in the hands of operatives or, better yet, on-board satellites. These means, that can be applied to anyone anywhere on our planet, are not just being used in response to situations as they happen, but pre-emptively as well.

It is already a fact these technologies have long since been operational where influencing moods is concerned. They can very easily put an end to any activity those not happy with the culture start, by simply relying on the effects energy weapons can have on the mind's functioning. As such, when the need arises, they can be deployed to destroy people thought capable of starting movements against the system in future or, when the event is just happening, to instill in organising, meeting or demonstrating masses moods that work against their interests. They can instill an overpowering sense of fear in demonstrating masses that makes them feel strongly that dispersing fast is the most reasonable thing to do in the moment. They can instill rage in the gathering that plays into the authority's hands when the masses become aggressive as a result of this influence then go on to take the law into their own hands. They can also simply incapacitate the masses and make what would otherwise be an easy thing to do a feat impossible to achieve, and so on.

And it is not the case that the system has only just recently taken to the use of directed energies to control people. As far back as 1989, according to a claim made by Walter Bowart, the American author of "Operation Mind Control", one group of British females demonstrating against American nuclear weapons or waste in Britain were attacked with a microwave weapon. His claim was given credibility by symptoms presented by the demonstrating females that pointed to microwave exposure. These included anomalies with menstrual cycles, spontaneous abortion, other (unspecified) feminine problems, retinal burning, inner ear problems and rapidly growing tumours.

"Arab Spring" Map

It is with a lot of information at hand that I can state with confidence that I do not believe what has been referred to as the "Arab Spring" was a series of events that were the product of the state in the region of the "Revolution of Rising Expectations". There was, in all the episodes of mass protest, a lot that pointed to the fact moods were being remotely influenced. There we're even statements made that arrogantly pointed this out. The "unfolding chapters after chapters to come" statement the infamous, now fortunately geriatric Henry Kissinger gave on leading media could not possibly have been alluding to natural outcomes, but to contrived events. Henry Kissinger is not a psychic, and there are no precogs in the pentagon, yet his predictions came true.

The Arab Spring was obviously deliberately made ... and guided along, using most probably directed energy technologies in the hands of operatives at the scenes of each uprising, or camped out at different military (maybe even residential) spots around the globe controlling energy weapons on-board satellites.

The events that we witnessed in the middle east are, for me, the evidence the world needs to reference and study in order to know and make known the fact it is today that easy to control masses who are not aware and on the look out for the massive use of directed energy technologies. We can possibly even add some major genocides witnessed in various regions of our planet to the list, especially those that bear clear hallmarks of experimentation with new technologies on a massive scale.

Today, organisations, movements, demonstrations, etc., need not be infiltrated to destroy them from within. Energy weapons can be applied and they will work effectively to that end. The capacities of leaders of these organisations to lead can be interfered with by simply turning them into targets of covert warfare. Their personalities can then be destroyed, their mental health ruined, until they can no longer find it in them to run the organisation they created, and if someone else takes over, then, as long as they do a good job of it, they too will be turned into targets.

What should be clear from all of the evidence gathered to date about remote directed energy manipulation, is the stark reality the old ways of merely taking to the pulpit will no longer do, and this applies not just to demonstrations, organisations, but to freedom fighting outfits that are bound to get created once the need arises. I believe there is enough evidence pointing to the fact that the system has been busy ensuring the failure, by remote manipulation, of any venture with the potential to throw a spanner into the works, and has done all it can to ensure that, as long as people choose to shy away from the covert warfare aspect of today's wars, they will blunder into the same hell-fire that ensures they fail to deliver themselves from evil. The system has been ensuring its longevity and has done a very good job at that. It is currently formidable and one way it gave away this truth was in covert activities that became pronounced with the advent of some technologies, more specifically the capacity to electronically tag living organisms and be able to pin-point their location anywhere on the globe.

RFID chip implant

The advent of RFID chips came with increasing reports of people getting tagged without their knowledge or consent. The question one needs to ask is why there was this need all of a sudden. There are good reasons why a paranoid system will want to tag those they fear, some obvious, others not so obvious. I do believe that we all have unknowingly witnessed instances that tell us clearly why it was suddenly necessary for some party to tag as many people as they did. We have seen the fruits of a program started in the past by western intelligence agencies involved with the mass covert implants that wanted to use RFID chips, and the global coverage combining them with satellites gives, in future global intelligence operations. I believe the main purpose for which many got and continue to be tagged, without their knowledge or consent, locals as well as foreigners alike, is to pre-empt scenarios in which small groups of people opposed to the system go into hiding and fight back, then eventually gain the upper hand.

The regions where this forethought has been massively rewarded are mainly those where the most wars are being fought today, which is the middle east. Here, I am sure that sometimes when we hear of the capture or deaths of fighters important to groups fighting to retake their lands from foreign forces, we are in fact unknowingly witnessing the success of the targeted electronic tagging program. Men, and women, who became disenchanted with the system, or sought to take their country back from invaders, took to ways that, like taking to the pulpit, can no longer work. They went into hiding, in mountain ranges, forests and such but, unbeknownst to them, some among them had been tagged.

There is absolutely no way any freedom fighting outfit can succeed today unless they include the fight to counter the covert efforts of those who run the current system. Those who will take to the hills, jungles and bush to launch guerilla warfare in a bid to get rid of an invader will only succeed if they make real and deal with the possibility they could have the secrecy of their positions compromised by the presence in their midst of the tagged. Not only will such movements only stand a chance of succeeding if they don't just work extra hard to avoid being spotted by cameras and zapped by weapons on-board spying satellites, but also be up to date with the latest in RFID technologies and have handy the latest chip detection devices to scan their men in order to see if some are giving their global co-ordinates away.


Mukazo Vunda said...

Another thing that can be done is to zap the implants with EMP generators. They are easy to make and deploy and are almost faultless, provided they are tested and have the power needed for the pulse to reach effectively down into the flesh and electrocute that chip.

Mukazo Vunda said...

Here is an article that gives a step by step guide to making an EMP generator: How to make an EMP generator