Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Some Thoughts about my Directed Energy and Perp Prison

Impression of a directed energy weapon that makes up the entire satellite

I am a long term target of global covert warfare, waged no doubt by powers in the western world that I crossed paths with at some point in the past. I understand the point of these attacks: to put me in a hi-tech prison without visible walls, to keep me out of the game awaiting my elimination, without making it obvious.

Many people around the world are targets of the same covert warfare that I am a target of today, but the reasons they have been placed on this menu differ. Some are whistle-blowers being punished for what they did, which is also a deterrent, a way of discouraging others from doing the same. Some are selected because of their activism, or because they are too critically minded for the likes of the system, while others are being experimented upon in order to improve the very technologies in use to control and destroy other lives.

People like me ended up on the program because it is deemed necessary by western powers-that-be to keep the groups or nations to which we belong powerless, in the dark, in the past. These groups or nations, that comprise much of the third world, cannot be allowed to develop to the point they can meet others on equal terms. They cannot be allowed to reach the point where they become too hard to handle for the dominant culture. Us, the targets, then, are those individuals considered to have the full potentials and capacities required to awaken the mind of our people and, crucially, the knowhow to force their development.

It is now getting to three decades since I got locked away in this jail, three decades ... almost all of my adult life ... such a lengthy period of time I have reached a point where I do not think there are many people out there who have been targets as long.

I am reminded of my status constantly, on a daily basis, 24/7, by energy weapon attacks, clearly discerned as they start and stop, and the all too clear signs telling me I am under serious surveillance.

Not guilty as charged but behind bars

These energy weapon and perp walls that hold me in and keep me out of it, are as real to me as visible, solid walls are to an inmate in a cell block, and I suppose the same, or similar thoughts that go through my mind must be going through the mind of one not guilty as charged, but behind bars nonetheless.

The madness may have started a long time ago but, to this day, I cannot help but feel perplexed each time I am reminded, each time I fully awaken and the reality of my situation comes back to me. It surprises me, again and again, each time I discern an attack that tells me I will get fatigued before I have done anything useful that day, that my capacity to achieve is being checked before I have embarked on any project. It shocks me anew, to realise something like what I am going through exists at all in a world like ours, in a reality the likes of which we exist, in a universe where the only thing that is constant is change.

I wonder at the brains that could think something like this up, and, ghoulishly, I imagine how the person looks. I shake off the ghoul, but still retain the need to get the chance to know more about the person, at least understand the experiences that led to the creation of a person who can think something like this is necessary.

Inconsequential thoughts.

This operation requires a highly trained team to run. I imagine this team as they go about the business of surveillance, attack, and the coordination of activities that ensure the procedure stays secret. I picture them sitting in their offices, in high-rise buildings, on board military submarines, in homes, drinking their coffee, watching the figure on the monitor, looking for that point they've been told to hit, clicking away at the mouse ... looking at that watch on the wall, yawning, thinking of what they will do after work, getting up as their shift comes to an end, briefing the next person on the job about the day/night's highlights, signing out and knocking off.

It must be a lot of work to make it all work, a lot of organising and agonising, a lot of funding and spending, obviously as important for the leaders of this system to get done, no matter what it takes, or how long it takes, as food is for a living organism.

Then my mind wanders into the petty, and the thought I deserve feeling a sense of honour each time I am sure the attacks are being launched intrudes. Whether the attack is being launched by a perp in the neighbourhood, but especially when it is from a satellite up above, specifically when I know a number of these are in simultaneous operation, it is made clear someone out there with power, someone who deserves and probably gets a lot of respect in their life, someone important to a lot of people, thinks I am important enough to use highly expensive, hi-tech equipment on, that I mean as much as is implied for my people. I would in fact feel honour, if I was not aware the expense was being taken to kill me, and that the power was in fact in the hands of a fool. I would feel honour, if I did not know I am in the worst position anyone can be.

Is it not strange how I am experiencing what only a man who has a country to lead, or a powerful organisation to guide, would be expected to, while I am just a simple man, simpler than the simplest thanks to the ruining effect of covert attacks, left with but the clothes on my back, and the opinions I share in articles I write.

Yet the attacks keep on coming, and each passing day the resources needed to keep the operation going are being increased, the sophistication of the attacks is no doubt improving. But then, this is in fact just another method of murder or assassination, after all.

But what worth is there in those who do this when they have to take out even babies that are born of men or women they are afraid of, when they have to castrate remotely men and women whose genes they fear? What world do these people inhabit? What nightmares are they having that they insist on sharing? What can be predicted of men of a calibre that these activities suggest of them, men who wage wars they believe in but could not come out in the open and admit to ... spell out plainly the fears they harbour and what they are doing about them?

What is it they wish to inherit by all this anyway? And here I am not thinking of those who attack whistle-blowers or conduct research for military purposes, but those who kill in order to prevent something from happening in the future, those convinced they have the power to prevent future events.

If tribal survival is truthfully the motivation, then is it the survivor's trophy, or, better yet, the victor's trophy? But such trophies can never be shown off, enjoyed or celebrated. Also, there can be no such thing as a victor forever. The world around us tells us this very clearly.

That does not mean we have to stop trying to win in order to survive, it just makes us aware there is such a thing as flesh pleasure that is by design illusion and should be avoided for our own good. Those who lose themselves in the pleasures of the flesh might one day lose a battle before it has began but refuse to heed the signs that tell this tale and instead embark on a path to make what they feel should be their victory real, while in reality, logically, they will just become problems for others. They will be gratuitously destructive to other people and, ultimately, maybe thankfully, self-destructive.

And, should they self destruct by their own hand ... that couldn't possibly deserve consideration as "good riddance" considering the mismatch or imbalance of cause and harm done.

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