Friday, 23 January 2015

A Futile Mission

Training Day
Denzil Washington plays the role of a corrupt cop by the name of Alonzo Harris in this must-see movie "Training Day" by Producer Bobby Newmyer. After a complex array of events on the day Detective Alonzo is evaluating rookie Detective Jake Hoyte (played by Ethan Hawke), he decides the best thing to do is get rid of Hoyte by paying a buch of emotional, no-good Mexican criminals to murder him. Though there are many paralles between some events in this movie and real life situations, for instance the act of paying someone to carry out a murder as seen in the fates of covert targets of powerful countries who live in weaker countries ruled by rogue or corrupt regimes, it should not be assumed that the regime in power is always involved. I definitely do not want people concluding I am comparing my fate to that of Detective Hoyte in the hands of the Mexicans whom I am in turn equating to authority figures here. Situations vary from country to country. In some cases, the regime in power may not be calling all the shots in the land. They may even be unaware of the existence in their country of an international cause-stalking network . You can speak of a foreign infiltration of local ranks so extensive the country is effectively run according to the wishes or interests of a foreign power. I have to make this very clear before I delve into the article to avoid people getting the wrong impression. 
Operatives on my case or, as I prefer to call them, my prison wardens in this third world country I live, the persons who see to it that I do not get a chance to break free, the ones constantly strengthening the walls of my prison, are evidently on higher than normal alert where my surveillance is concerned. Campaigns designed to pariah me in the community have increased. There is an urgency to these activities that I have not seen for a long time. I am seeing more and more strangers in strange places suddenly appear to know intimate parts of my life, revealing with this that they are there for nothing better than to wait for me to show up where many people gather in order to tune perceptions.

The situation is similar online where the usual group of wardens has wormed its way to my corner ... as I make a definite cyberspace reappearence. Note-worthy is how these online wardens make remarks that do not justify the concerns they raise in response to opinions I post. They are obviously just following instructions, responding as they are told to by handlers who have turned to dirty-his-name tactics like never before. Assuming I am operating on an empty brain and will not notice or make an apt response to a campaign that tries not to be too obvious or direct, a reality I believe belongs by the territory (those attacking a man's brains are bound to assume at some point in this procedure that he is no longer thinking strait, even as they check for signs this is indeed the case), they are again at pains to surreptitiously pin on me the lable of either racist or supporter of such like Boku Haram, Isis or whatever else they feel will do the trick. It has not been a long period since I started writing voluminously again, a mere month at most, but already I have attracted much perp/operative activity, been called many things ... They are still at it, changing tact as soon as they realize the strategy they are using to discredit me is full of holes.

Previously, they had the nerve to pin the "mentally challenged" label on me after a post I made on a subject that is really obscure and little understood. Technically, that sticker failed to hold, and the idea was abandoned, dropped so quick the act became suspect.

I think it is that time again when I should place a question directly to the handlers of the persons (called perps by most people) in whose mercies I have been placed: Do you ever learn? Do you need help with thought because ... well, people are not as foolish as you think, you know? May be a good idea that you vet the intellects of those persons you are crowding my life with.

Do not get this wrong: I am not trying to show you how to do your job, or trying by this to make you stop your attacks on me. Just want you to know why I find what you are doing to be dumb, a waste of time, gratuitous and futile. You may have the technology and are good with the hi-tech lynching bit, but that, trust me, is the easy part. I know much of the attacks you make on me and surroundings, suh as animals, insects, plant life, etc., are actually intended to impress your hi-tech prowess, my isolation, helplessness, yet, for all this show, you are still going to hear me say you are dumb. This just happens to be truth from my standpoint. Nothing you have done to date has changed my view, and it isn't mere pertinacity. I find you and your operatives/perps laughable and, based on this judgement, I can tell you you cannot succeed in this mission. You do not have what it takes. You do not have the umf to see the whole picture. In this, you are your worst enemy and the upper hand you enjoy is temporary as a result.

I am not saying this in mere reaction to what I am going through, hitting back the only way I can. I will give you an example so that you see for yourself some of what drives me to conclude you are just dumbing around, that you are in fact walking into a wall. A good thing for the world, good riddance if the result of the collision is your elimination. Thus here, for your benefit, are a few instances that show how you are missing the point, how you are all over the place, too noisy in the bushes and easily getting noticed by predators.
Out on the streets, comments by my wardens are being made in public places as I pass, there for all to hear, alluding to the same thing now. I have become an extremist, a foaming-at-the-mouth terrorist, but then this is only on account of the hat I wear. Do you see how ridiculous this is? I mean, if I was really so keen and unabashed, not afraid to advertise my fundamentalism, inclination or admiration for whoever the bad guy is through this oh so public display atop my scalp, then I definitely would not be held back from being a live wire in a mosque, would I? I would not be held back from practicing the convictions that I display so openly using my hat. Why would I leave it at wearing a hat alone? Advertizing? How effective can a victim of a COINTELPRO war be at getting recruits?

What ever happened to the other names you called me beforehand? You instructed your operatives to call me thief, remember? When I started writing again, I became mad, and so on. I wonder what you will want people to consider me as if I grew a long beard? Osama? What if I took to a baseball hat, or started wearing an Irish skirt? You have called me so many things to date that include ascribed conditions and mental states you should know it is not possible that I can be all of these things at once, not even one at a time, in the eyes of a wary public.

You have persistently done the same in cyberspace. The latest operations see you instructing my wardens to insinuate, in the cheapest of ways, that I am a racist. It is to wonder really who you are actually trying to convince of this. Is it people who do not understand the things I write, or others who are blind to color. The content I place on my blog, and on social media such as FaceBook, makes it abundantly clear what I think of race, moreso in where I choose to get my inspiration. If being racist results from not having a very developed capacity to rationalize, and if this can be equated to being color blind or seeing the world in black and white, then those visitors you manage to convince of my racist credentials are missing a lot when they browse my blog. If they are able to believe the drivel emanating from the mouths of your puppets on a string then they are the stuff of which racists are made and I cannot care less if you win their hearts and minds.

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Anonymous said...

I do not think you are a racist, and I used to be one. I told people about your site a little while ago, and I am a TI in Los Alamos NM, so they might be targetting you after I used a free smaller copy of your pdf book to figure out my car problem was someone spraying my front grill with imidacloprid, and later snuggles, both of which were washed off, and one appears to be back. I used windshield wiper fluid to wash off the air intake near the windshield, and that proved to me and I used your boo kto prove to others it happens. Thank you! BTW, highlight the ip addy of anyone who posts you are racist, and point out they are just trying to mirror you, after you pointed out about mentacide.