Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Definitions, Shortcuts and Abbreviations

Gangstalking: ... a form of community mobbing and organised stalking combined. Just like you have workplace mobbing, and online mobbing, which are both fully recognised (as legitimate), this is the community form.
Gang stalking is organised harassment at it's best. It is the targeting of an individual for revenge, jealousy, sport, or to keep them quite, etc.
It's a psychological attack that can completely destroy a persons life, while leaving little or no evidence to incriminate the perpetrators.
Brackets are mine. The full article at source is shaky but should be taken seriously: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=gang+stalking
TI: Targeted Individual
Target: Target of Covert warfare
DEW : Directed Energy Weapons
Perp : Used in especially the USA as short for perpetrator, meaning an individual involved in criminal activities. In Gang Stalking it signifies members of the stalking group.
EHF: Extremely high frequency
ELF: Extremely low frequency

Alleviating Effects of DEW Attacks

The subject of how to obstruct DEW is dealt with in detail in the book. Partial and near comprehensive methods of protection are given.

It is not always easy getting all of the good obstructions against DEW. If you do not have any defenses against DEW, then it is of paramount importance that you put up some kind of shield, no matter how rudimentary. Some protection is always better than no protection. If you cannot put up the better obstructions, then keep looking for them. Know that in the meantime there are a few things you can do to ameliorate some effects of microwave attacks that make daily living, especially that involving mingling with other people, better. There are also things you can do to make life that much harder for attacks to happen.

Ensure Electric Supply is not Tapped.

Leaving room accommodation and moving into a flat meant I was now responsible for my own electricity. The new flat had a pay as you go meter installed. This is a good thing when you are on a low budget, but not a very good thing if you are a target because records of amounts used are not kept with some authority. I could still know how much I was spending and reference this with what I was actually using, and how much similar sized households were using in the same period of time.

It soon transpired that I was using too much electricity. Even the vendor where I took my card for reloading was of this opinion. My electricity usage was also very erratic and did not reflect the appliances connected and the duration of use. Confounding this was the concomitant gigantic drainage even at times when I was not at home and no appliances were turned on.

Soon enough, in order to be sure, I started turning the main light switch off as soon as I left the property, but even then I would come back and discover as much electricity used as when I was home for 24 hours and had used the washing machine.

I called the electricity company about this, and was told this was unheard of. I was given the option of an electrician coming along to check, but, because I was new with this company, was told this could only happen after I had been properly entered into the registry. I have not called again for that electrician, but I noticed that since making that call the extraordinary drainage problems have stopped, but only when I am not within the property.

To date, the usage remains high and erratic, even though I do not connect appliances most people do, for example, due to the fact my flat was getting private visitors, I do not use the fridge and only heat the water when I need it. I still spend close to £30 every month, which is a pound every day (24 hour). This figure is way too much, and has not increased or decreased during the period I have lived at the property even though the number of appliances I use has slowly increased to include a TV, VCR and DVD that are almost always on standby or camera recording when I am not home.

These problems are not unique to me. I have heard and read of similar accounts, one in particular posted on the web by a female target who would also wake to find complete strangers standing in her bedroom.

I posit here that the electricity supply of targets who are bombarded with DEW’s is tapped in order not to incriminate the perp. I can only guess that prolonged use of a microwave requires a lot of electricity, in which case the household using exorbitant amounts would become the chief suspect. Tapping of the target’s power supply, in effect having the target fund their own disposal is then procedural. It is a very easy thing to do with the proper instruments. It is a question of simply detecting the electric cables, then drilling a hole.

If you were a target of DEW attacks at a previous address then you should consider the possibility your search for new accommodation has been followed through. You could even have been manipulated into a location where you are that much more vulnerable to attacks. DEW attacks require electricity, a lot of it. Disabling this capacity for perps deprives them of such attacks, in which case they have to look elsewhere.

It is important that when you move into new accommodation you get a qualified electrician to check, and if possible replace your existing electricity cables in such a manner as to make tapping of your electricity impossible, if not easy to detect. Keep records of electricity use so that you know or have an idea of how much you are using at any given time. Sudden surges in use will provide the evidence you need of tapping, after which you will be able to take action that will most probably stop the attacks.


Prevent or Deal With Odors Caused by DEW's

Microwave attacks can cause body odors. Consult an expert for confirmation of this.

When I would sleep with improper or no protection, it was usual that I would get back into my bedroom and literary smell burning flesh where I had lain through the night. This in itself told of the intensity of the attacks, simultaneously discounting the possibility I was overly sensitive to normal radiation. During the day, I would have serious odor problems, not only emanating from the odor hotspots, but from other areas as well.

The thing about microwave attacks is some frequencies interfere with the sense of smell. During the period I had not been sufficiently protected, a terrible odor had enveloped my living quarters that I only discovered when I had improved obstruction. These defenses were not foolproof, so that by either turning the power up or changing frequency the perp could get some beams leveled on my body.

The fact the perps could still get through meant the protection was insufficient, but I still kept my sense of smell after that. I noticed then that odors start as soon as attacks are felt, and each odor corresponds to the contents of the targeted region. If I had just eaten toast and felt an attack in the stomach region, then the smell of the particular food would fill the room, whereas attacks to the genitalia would produce strong semen smells.

No sense in speculation, for instance thinking bad hygiene, unnoticed disease, flatulence or masturbation as the cause for these symptoms, because all else has been checked. The misinformation spread by perps includes making people believe there are those walking around with body parts turned green, who are too embarrassed to go for checkups. Though it is true such people exist and they are spreading diseases, where most targets of covert warfare are concerned these fears are unfounded, even though the possibility exists the victim will indeed eventually become sick from such assaults. Remember that these propaganda campaigns involve the stimulation of projection within the imaginations of most people.

The point of such warfare is to leave no stones unturned, to leave the targets no honest place to stand. Real signs of health such as only the target may know, even outward signs of strength and health, for example visible excellent musculature, is brushed off as the product of stealth, for example steroid use and such. Some of these campaigns to vilify and isolate some members of society have been carried out by the leading media itself. This is a blatant play on common sense since sick people are hardly likely to benefit from the use of performance enhancing drugs when, by vice of their condition, they cannot perform in the first place.

For targets, evidence of attack to the genitalia is very common, and the most likely to be the sole evidence even where the bombardment has been general because of the sensitivity of the area. Tests on people exposed to microwave beams show that the most affected regions of the body are the eyes and genitalia, inducing blurred vision and temporary sterility in males. There is a story a target posted on the Internet in which he tells of a cover story circulated around the neighborhood by the perps of an individual who really just needed a sexual partner, which is very easy to believe if one is exposed to the aura of one under this kind of attack.

A pair lives in the property above my flat. I have made positive identification of these two as my major perps by virtue of accessibility. This last is the reason they were placed here. It is a very strategic position because I can hardly hide from them. Their attack methods are as obvious as they are vicious. There is a round the clock obsessive following through of the victim, from room to room, round the clock presence within the flat, the one occupant only leaving to attend to business when the other has arrived. I have noticed that each perp has a characteristic attack method. The male is much more concerned with the major organs, while the female interests herself with genitalia, especially when there has been actual visual contact between us, in which case I have shown outright revulsion (who wouldn’t). Maybe because the individual feels scorned, as soon as I am in a compromised position, she proceeds to electrocute the nether regions.

Fancy a married murderous woman with such tastes.

There are serious ego problems involved here, and this exposure to the fragile sensibilities of most perps has made me wonder about some events in the west that we hear of, that sound strange or suspicious, that we never really can put a finger on. I am thinking here of, for example, the numerous incidences of breast cancer in many a female star. In a society where sexual attraction is media driven, where a female can become every wino’s dream woman by virtue of such exposure, a society where numerous perps and other secret operatives are armed with DEW’s, stationed at various strategic locations to chip away at those considered a danger to something; from the many denizen perps at international hotels, to those next to conference halls, on major streets, in mobile vans, etc. Picture a perp who feels above the law but is nonetheless ousted, put in his place by the playboy types who surround such stars, left to watch from behind the walls. Without actual access to the female, I argue perps take to remote fondling that the technology allows. I find that such a culmination is inevitable given the personality profile of the types chosen for such lowly activities.

The effects of these regional attacks mean for example that shoes end up smelling tremendously. In my own life it came to the point I took the hint to use remedies against athlete's foot and such, but to no avail. It was only when I connected the incidences of attack in separate locations to specific regions of my body and the distinct smell that would immediately emanate/fume up that I realized the microwave attacks themselves were responsible for the odor problems.

Apart from odors caused by microwave beams, I also noticed that my alimentary canal functions would get slowed down to the point of stopping whenever I stayed for long periods within my house, even when I engaged in strenuous activities, and would only start working again when I went out, despite the fact I would not engage in strenuous activities. This sudden and intense activation of my bowels when outside was a problem that many times stood between me and my friends, colleagues, employers, even family.

Only when I had increased the level of protection and the symptoms had died down somewhat did I cast away cures and decide to concentrate on finding ways to cope even when I didn't have proper defense, and I found that there are a lot of things I could do to make things better.

The most important thing that should be done is to get some kind of microwave protection, after which the following should be observed:

  • Avoid wearing shoes in the home especially when attacks to the feet are noticed. The smell will then come out in sweat and not enter the fabric of your shoes.
  • Try to drink as much water as you possibly can. Water absorbs some of the radiation, as such lessening the amount of damage done to your system.
  • Find some kind of metal cover to wrap around your torso. Try to protect your internal organs as much as possible from direct attacks to prevent decreased speeds of processing of food, which is not good for your health and can cause odors.
  • Try to relieve yourself away from home as often as possible. This process also involves the use of alimentary canal muscles which naturally won’t work properly when under direct microwave attack.
  • Try to eat out as often as you can, and attempt to spend time out after the meal, rather than returning to the areas, streets or home where attacks happen most. This gives the body the needed room to process the food.
  • Engage in physical exercises, and make the training of the torso a priority. At your local gym an instructor can show you how to train the diaphragm, 6 pack, chest, upper and lower back. Training the torso helps remove the build up of toxic substances.

Now and then I still get problems with odors, but it is not as serious as it was before I discovered these facts. It is in fact a low level up and down phenomenon and I am in most part in control, following through with the cat and mouse game in defenses and attacks going on between me and my tormentors.


Monday, 30 July 2007

Are They Really Acting Like They Want To Part With The Victim?

As one who has been a target for the longest of times, the most frequently asked question, that usually comes in the form of a straight statement, is why I don't just leave the country? The belief then is that I have been rejected in this country because of one or other serious shortcoming, which is the reason I am getting attacked. The thing to do is take the hint, and leave the country, after which everything will turn out just fine.

This is as far from the truth as it gets, but I will leave for later delving into just why this is an ignorant position to hold. I believe it is important that I first give my own view regarding, by getting into the issues that prevent me from doing the right thing in the situation, then eventually do the rationalizing that will afford a proper understanding of what is really happening and also what is interfering with the judgment of those who are not involved, those prone to pass the erroneous judgment.

Though I am naturalized here in Europe, meaning I have to find my own way in this society just like everybody else; meaning I can’t just walk into any police station or immigration and ask to be deported (in which case any citizen of the country can use this trick to get free travel paid to their destination of choice), I have never ever entertained the thought of settling permanently here. I have wanted out since this whole nightmare began, and, truthfully, out of it is what has been denied me.

Because of a lot of factors, unfortunately including personal habits, I have found it impossible to run. In fact, twice, I almost made distance with my nationality so that I could become illegal and get deported, but then who does something like that? Making myself illegal before I have attained another nationality is a step into worse madness. Who knows what rights I will forfeit, and the depths to which I will be pushed? It all remains up to me, and for this I can only rely on luck and strength and, so far, it has not been possible for me to leave.

The statements I make above should in no way be seen as agreement with the unwanted status, and the state this refers to. If you have watched the video clips showing the effect of microwaves on a TV and other radio equipment and believe these are indeed microwaves then you will realize how impossible it is for me, the one experiencing these distinctly electric attacks on my body, to even start believing I am the one at fault. I mean, in what mental or physical state do you think an individual exposed to the intensity of attacks the sounds in the video clips indicate will be? Here, you have to acknowledge that maybe whatever is being used as reason to discredit or vilify me and give me a lousy status is actually being forced on me, no?

There is much more involved.

If you have not walked the path, then you are better off not being judgmental. It is better to get as much information as you can on the issue before passing a remark, unless this is intended to gain information. What you might be witnessing may just be a modern day high-tech prison in which an individual is given no left, right, or centre.

The first place to start is indeed freeing self from the misinformation that prevents objective thought. The most persuasive positions taken by those who are within the camp of the wagers of covert warfare, especially within western countries, are that of certain countries as being not only the place where everyone wants to be, but the place where everyone is perfect. There is this belief held by both locals as well as immigrants that those who do not fit the mould are surreptitiously removed, or not given a chance to progress, meaning they are driven into the ground and eliminated. With this thinking in place, perpetrators can very easily pose as those who want to get rid of these terrible, unwanted persons ruining it for everyone else. Everyone who is under attack will eventually be paraded into this category.

When an immigrant becomes a target of attacks, the perps will not have too much trouble convincing the immigrant community of the necessity of removal what with this belief and the reality immigrants in the west have more or less internalised beliefs of inferiority and spend more time than is healthy avoiding stereotypes. The autochthonous are of the opposite belief, so will welcome this visible manifestation of their worst fears about immigration. They too will be more than willing to believe the victim deserves whatever they get.

The stage is then set for the kill, and the debilitations wrought on the victim will keep them in place, and if they are an immigrant and have a country of birth, everyone will be wondering just why they simply do not relocate. Conclusions will then be drawn about foreigners who do not want to walk away.

In western countries, it is very rare to come upon information that reveals there are a lot of people who actually want to get out rather than that they are clinging on. The reality of these people’s situation is usually that there is one difficulty or another preventing them from acting on this desire. This means they have postponed their departure until they have solved the perceived problem.

Most of the information given by the leading media about the west is of a world troubled by third world people clamouring to enter the land of gold and honey, and those on the inside so eager to stay they could commit suicide if the real prospect of deportation presents itself.

While these incidences are in fact quite common, they do not do justice to what is really involved, that it is not really connected to wanting to stay because it is heavenly here. The reasons for the suicides may be connected to known fates on the other side of the border, and in other cases to unfulfilled dreams. If we could turn back the hands of time and prevent the tragic episode, then we probably would be surprised where the suicide case would be after a certain period of time has elapsed.

This need to create a wrongful view of impressions about the west that in itself encourages immigration is best exemplified in a case of a British girl, born of a Pakistani and English mother, who was taken by her father to his land of birth. The story was carried by the media as a case of kidnapping, but this seemed not to be the case when the girl was interviewed. Along with the belief of a place nobody wants to leave, the presenters of the programs that featured the story, including those that interviewed her, constantly posed the question to the girl of just why she would want to stay in Pakistan, in part intimating she had been brainwashed by her father because of this entrenched belief everybody, with no exception, should be of a fixed mindset regarding immigration to the west, otherwise they are in some mental state.

There are a lot of cases of people who have been paraded before the media who support this view, most especially Africans from the continent. Indeed, if one restricted getting their information on the issue to major media presentations, one would get a very wrong impression of what is really going through the minds of a lot of immigrants in western countries. I talk to immigrants regarding this issue, and many, in fact the vast majority say in complete confidence that they are only here to get the money, the honey at the centre of the trance. I would not be very wrong to state that close to 99% of immigrants can be considered target workers, and the only thing that keeps them in the country longer than their own initial plans are unfolding plans, offers and promises from the hosts, things life drags into their paths, etc.

I had to get that off my chest, but then let us be realistic here: this should not even be an issue worth considering not only because of my naturalized status, but because there is a lot more going on than meets the eye. Point is we are not dealing with a phenomenon occurring to immigrants alone, but something happening to people who are citizens not only on paper, but by birth. Here we are dealing with experiences suffered by people who are autochthonous by race. What becomes of these others when they land in such a situation? Does the issue of immigration rear its ugly head? Do we become racial and consider them incapable of civilized existence? If it is an issue of standards or quality, then do we forget where everyone is coming from and believe in “space age beings”, even though those who went to communal baths when relieving self on the pavements was too common are still alive? Surely, from this we realize standards are not falling, and that no individual can be held responsible for what isn’t happening.

If it is shaping up that is required of victims, then why pass them through the meat grinder that could potentially see their mental and physical health in tatters? Will an about-turn in personality be worth the damage? If move on they should, then what becomes of an individual who simply moves on whenever someone demands this of them? Moving from region to region, from country to country will be their bane.

What is relevant for us here is that every stalking experience has an origin, a cause, and it is this that is being obscured. Another thing to keep in mind is the defamation that accompanies the victim is designed to serve the particular circumstances, and if the individual is easily perceived as an immigrant then the perpetrators will play on hidden fears within the psyches of the populace, other immigrants included.

There is always a reason people become targets of covert warfare, and this may be anything from picketing, whistle blowing, or informing others where some people would like them to remain ignorant. The reason could be evil intentioned for the community, for example support of regimes or movements that call for the death of a given race or people, and other times it could be good intentioned, for example environmental activism. With stalking, the good and the bad are not given different treatment. They are all placed under one umbrella, and the citizenry has no way of knowing whether the victim is for them or against them, what their allegiances or beliefs are, or how upright or pernicious they are.

In almost all of these situations the victim has been sentenced to die. Their departure from the city or country is what is given as the objective, while in actual fact it is the last thing those who started the war want to happen because it will mean the target will escape demise, hence the contradiction that someone who is not wanted in a given community is attacked into a silly state of mind so that they are incapable of taking the hint, and if they did then they are not capable of, or find it difficult to go away. This point is what most people are missing.

Understand that to prevent people knowing the big issue, it is dressed up in deceiving decorations. Anything convenient is utilized to that end, with ignorance on the part of the public and the perps there to ensure it sticks.

The issue to keep your mind on is what is happening to the target of such attacks in the mean time, which is where thinking people will discover the lack of positive action from the victim. Is he/she getting the room they need to think strait, to see a way out of the situation? Are they getting the finance they need to buy their way out? If they are immigrants and the attacks are racially motivated then can the victim walk back to their land of origin, or do they have to rely on air travel?

Can victims of attack get jobs easily? How intense are the attacks where they happen most, and what activities does the victim have left to them once they have woken up from their bed in the aftermath of a dark, fiery night because, if this is happening every time, then they cannot be expected to do much.

How easy it is to deceive so many people on what is really a very simple issue, how easy it is to convince people wrongly about a given situation when they actually already have the answers.

I once took a loan, and the very first thing I went out and bought was a digital set top box. Now, being a man who's got a little boy following me, there was this man within the shop who wondered aloud just why I would do such a thing. It does actually look very stupid for one in my position to waste money thusly, since anybody in this situation would be better saving every penny they get, but then only by delving into my life would you really get the info necessary to see just why I choose to buy what I buy, drink what I drink, eat what I eat, and sleep as long as I do. Most of what I do is more necessary than meets the eye, much of which has been responsible for the truth I am still standing despite what I have been through, and for such a long time too.

Unknown to onlookers are things like the dim reality of a restricted world where one has to spend most of their time while they are in the situation, not knowing when they would be able to get out and be free, the exercise that needs to be done to see the next day with the needed strength, the pummelling received through vicious attacks, the remedial measures that are countered at every turn, the ruining of the appointment with an employer that could earn me the kind of job that would quickly get my head above water, etc. Unknown to most people is the possibility the victim is stuck in one place. Unknown to most is what really results when a living body has been bombarded with microwaves for a given period of time, whether the person is pleasant or not after this exposure.

Friday, 27 July 2007

Video Recordings Showing Effect of Actual DEW Attack on a TV and Mobile Phone

The videos are shaky, but they show something that has become normal at my house, in a cat and mouse routine that sees me put up more and more defenses as the existing ones become useless when the perpetrator upgrades to a new weapon or frequency.

Let me start off by giving a few answers to some questions these clips may raise:

How do I know these are microwaves?

It came to me eventually, what with the same thing happening to various mobile phones from different providers, TV's and radio sets at various addresses, and also the reality when the sounds are heard, there are real physical effects felt too.

Also, I worked for a company that had a microwave device in the canteen that would disturb the radio with a similar sound whenever it was turned on. Ignorance is bliss? It became obvious to me years later, after I had endured a lot of DEW attacks on my person within the privacy of my home, that we all had been exposed to a leaking device in that office. Non of the workers made anything of the sounds accompanying the use of the microwave on the radio because we didn't know how to identify microwave leaks by such disturbance.

I should not forget to include expert advise that I sought and found, online or otherwise, that helped remove any shadow of doubt about what I was and keep observing.

How come I stay in the premises when under attack?

I have left my accommodation for a life of homelessness before due to such attacks, but that is no longer an option for me. I have seen too much and know that despite the truth my health improved significantly despite the rough outdoor conditions, apart from parks and other places where there aren't too many buildings, I am much safer in a faraday cage indoors, especially if this place is all mine.

I have learnt the hard way that perps do not just attack the neighbor they are assigned to, meaning attacks are not restricted to rooms, or launched from a room into another room. Individuals with DEW devices are also called upon to direct their deadly beams at passers-by, as soon as a target is spotted walking through the area.

Dumb that it took much too long for this realization to dawn on me, but then it is the logical culmination of such warfare, given the need and that DEW can go through almost anything. Targets are attacked when they are most exposed, and someone like me who has taken the effort to erect protection within their home is most likely going to be attacked when they are exposed, out there on the streets.

As I've intimated, I am now sensitized enough to microwave attacks that I can know when I am under attack, and I can tell you that there are a lot of these devices on almost every major road in the city.

At my home they tend to be situated along the road I use most going in and out, so I have taken to avoiding routes where I experience the most attacks. I have taken to wearing a vest made up of foil secured in adhesive to prevent tearing and insulate my body from the metal in case the attack switches to ELF, and have noticed that the attacks now concentrate on my legs. At given spots along my route to and from home, I notice sudden warming accompanied by weakening of my leg muscles and joints in the affected area.

My experience of attacks while out and about tells me there are a number of locations within the city to look out for. In western countries the number of people used to harass others is immense, and on the increase. Naturally, many of them are equipped with these weapons, otherwise they can be supplied as need be. These people live within the community, and may even be your neighbors, despite appearances. Densely populated corridor like streets lined with terraced houses have their stock of murderous perps, and it would not be far fetched to assume every street has these people, maybe dormant, maybe actively engaged in murdering somebody near. They can be activated as soon as a target passes through the area.

I hate to say this, but I have found that social buildings, such as Libraries, police stations, and other similar locations, almost always have a powerful device in some room somewhere. I have noticed increased microwave alarm frequency and, in case these can be brushed off as coming from the many masts in the city, have also experienced classic symptoms of attack while near or within such buildings, especially the two named above. I am not surprised that libraries house such devices seeing as these cultural centers are the traditional anti-spy battlegrounds, but to enter a police station and feel a linear, dull burning sensation tear through the body is really disappointing. This is the last place one would expect something like this.

At the end of it all, I have to come back home at some time to get some rest and prepare for my next day, which I was doing in all of the videos posted here. Attacks commence as soon as I return, and will not stop even when my microwave detector starts beeping, when the sounds on the radio or TV become heavier than the heaviest bass line. The perps simply ignore these sounds until I am forced to turn the device off. Other devices in the household that operate on magnets, especially electromagnets, malfunction when bombarded with microwaves.

I once had door and window alarms installed, all utilizing the magnet technology, that would go off, from room to room, usually following my movements. Even the high intensity alarm tones didn't faze the perps. They just kept up with the bombardment, probably amused by it all, until either the batteries in the device (new when installed) run out. These devices would also soon break down completely so that replacing the battery would be useless.

As I’ve said already, parks and sparsely populated residential areas are OK, as long as I remember to turn my mobile phone off here. They will use your own mobile to harass you by making it send a constant stream of microwaves (GSM). I discovered this when I once left the phone next to the radio and heard through the speakers not the sound we usually hear a mobile make, but a much louder and lasting noise that completely drowned out other reception signals. Since then I have been deliberately leaving the mobile near the radio or TV and have noticed that such attacks are real, especially because they are timed to coincide with specific activities.

The Videos

The first videos were filmed with a mobile phone and are of poor quality. If you ignore this and concentrate on the sound, you will hear noise only a powerful microwave device aimed into the room can make, and in the case of the mobile phone you will see how reception is affected by a much more powerful signal emanating from close by. Do not for once think the phone is receiving its own transmission bouncing off the faraday cage metal within the room because this phenomenon also happens outside the bedroom, when I do something the perp was not expecting. I had a faraday cage at my previous address that was much thicker than the present that didn’t affect the phone’s signal in the same manner it does now.

Searchlight: Effect of Microwave Bombardment on TV 1-3

The videos above offer conclusive evidence of microwave beam attacks/harrassment because nothing else can cause such interference. They show what happens when a DEW (Directed Energy Weapon) meets a TV. This very same effect can be noticed with other radio equipment. Keep in mind here that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the Television set, the aerial and reception. The noise you hear cannot be coming from a misfiring combustion engine, or some other electronic device or rotating machine. These are microwaves. These attacks are clearly discernible to me, the occupant, manifesting as needle like pains in some regions of my body, heating of some parts, especially the major organs, or, in extreme attacks usually timed with events in my life (e.g. meeting with a prospective employer the next day), the entire room will heat up considerably, while the other rooms will remain at normal temperature.

Currently, attacks are persistently aimed at my heart, an obvious attempt to end my life by mimicking a heart attack. These attacks are felt when I am not properly protected within the faraday cage, but because I am constantly updating the security they tend to fade away within the protected space, and start as soon as I move out of the enclosure into other unprotected rooms within my flat. They also cease while I am out and about, as long as I avoid roots and locations where attacks occur, as long as I wear some kind of protection.

It is clear from the intensity of the sound that the device/weapon is really near, right next door, or simply very powerful if it is further than that, in which case a lot more people are getting caught up in this. I actually already have made positive identification of the culprits/perps who seem to have deliberately been selected from extremely obvious types as a way of baiting me into reacting.

The room in which the TV is placed is surrounded by a faraday cage construction that is earthed. This structure is not the cause of the noise, but a measure against attacks noticed before the barrier was set up. I really need to update this level of protection because it has been compromised.

Note: Do not rely on anyone for verification of what you see here. Consult an expert on microwave emissions and their effects on radio equipment.

GSM Bombardment: The Walls Have Eyes 1-2

In these videos you see what happens when my mobile's reception is affected by the presence of much more powerful GSM signals used in spying. The principle is very similar to jamming out enemy radar by sending out a more powerful signal on the same frequency. Observe the GSM reception hits the roof while 3G reception dies out shortly after I enter the Faraday Cage enclosure that is my bedroom. The effect on the 3G may well be because of the Faraday Cage, whereas the GSM reading goes against science. A faraday cage is as good as the thickness of the surrounding metal, in which case mine is blocking out some radiation. It obviously needs more layers because a stronger signal is obviously getting through as seen in the fact the reading on the phone goes off the hook.

This video shows only one instance where reception is lost after I enter the bedroom. This same pattern is the norm in other rooms, given I engage in some activities. This includes exercising, turning my laptop on, hammering a nail into the wall, etc.

My conclusion about this "conscious telephone" phenomenon is it's not so much that they want to see what I am doing for the sake of it, 24/7, or that they are worried I may leave traps for those breaking into my property; even that I may be in the process of creating something dangerous for the perp, but that these instances of increased physical activity provide for better attack moments, when the effects of bombardment with microwaves can be maximized. The perps require to know exactly where my parts are to achieve these results.

There were times in the past, before I purchased the camcorder, when I slept with my phone turned on, close to my head by the bedside chest. On several occasions I noticed that the display would be off when I awoke, given I just opened my eyes, and would turn on as soon as I moved a limb. This happened so many times I could not have been mistaken to conclude there was some kind of movement sensor attached to the device spying on me. It’s simply inconceivable for a perp to have kept their eye on me to the extent they would have known, to the second, that I was awake.

I could not provide much video proof of these incidences because this odd behavior changed as soon as I ordered the camcorder used for the footage. It would not be played out when I had the camcorder on, weird thing that but then again proof of how intensively I am being watched. After playing around with material and electric currents that block out most radio signals, I managed to make a few clips showing this phenomenon, but then because I got rid of the camcorder, I will only be able to upload these as soon as I get another, or a card reader.

Some homework for you: why do you think they are this blatant with me?

Thursday, 26 July 2007

Meaning of the Title

"Coherent Madness" may seem like a contradiction in terms, but it is not when used in this context. It simply refers to how the activities that come with modern day covert warfare are perceived by those on the receiving end, the victims, as well as outsiders, those to whom the experience is related, keeping in mind that though this is in fact madness, it has logical sequence and can be deciphered or understood.

The things that happen to victims of covert warfare are very strange, which is the reason getting believed is almost impossible. This otherworldly nature also accounts for the fact awareness or certainty one is under attack does not always come in time. Some people realize immediately they are under attack, while it takes time for others. There are those who never come to the realization, going through the experience blaming everyone and everything but the actual cause for the states they go through, seeking and getting remedies that have little chance of rectifying the situation.

However, once complete awareness of what is going on has been attained, every victim must get this sense of being flung into a world that seems unreal, gratuitous, if not ridiculous, even laughable, if not for the fact it is real and has real consequences. Keep in mind here that this is a world existing alongside the real world everyone knows, a way of solving problems that is embraced and credited for much of what has been achieved, even though it contradicts, makes a mockery, and renders as mere facade the world that everyone believes is out there. In learning about the methods of covert warfare as it manifests in countries around the globe, one enters the realm of the ends justifying the means.

Unfortunately, because of the percentage of citizens who are involved or in consent, the judicial system in these countries becomes but a stage show meant to give some semblance of a civil society since, for example, a bunch of psychopaths can go about committing heinous crimes, including actual rape, murder, theft, aggravated assault; sometimes in full view of the law, and never get punished, while others within this same society are sitting out sentences for same. Consciousness itself, as well as natural emotions become a threat to the order. Knowledge and its acquisition which is the method of transmitting high culture becomes fatal if taken in either the wrong dosages, quality or at the wrong time and place. The mere thought of individual freedoms causes fear and panic to those in authority. Hidden figures in authority who are there to see to the welfare of their people, those supposed to serve, end up commanding armies of individuals whose role is to put people in line, doing to others as they wouldn't like to be done to them, all in the name of country and even race, this premise itself too weak to exonerate the depravity involved, or hide the fact this is a descent into madness in progress.

And it gets worse.

There are many established and legal ways to make a misfit shape up or leave, to punish someone who did something wrong, to bring in line someone who could cause trouble in future, but the attacks experienced by most victims of covert warfare appear designed to feed strange appetites, if not make even bigger monsters, or complete incompetents of the targets, if they were these things in the first place.

Now, this may be the whole point of the exercise. It is a rather sad culmination to witness but then stuff happens. Satisfying powerful urges that could spiral out of control and eat the community from within if left unchecked could have become the whole point of this exercise, meaning a method of killing two birds with one stone is what it has come to. To understand this, one needs to realize how easy it is to make visible to faults in any community an individual can be made to become, arousing in many the need to solve the problem on the spot. Just look around you and witness immigration, poverty, disease, environmental issues, war, discrimination, superiority complexes, territorial encroachment, exposure to dangerous substances through food forced on the citizenry, xenophobia, and you realize there are a lot of people who are being rubbed the wrong way on these and many more issues, who’ve really had it with whatever is going on around them and want to do something about it.

In covert warfare, resolution of perceived dangers is achieved through harassment, torture, and surreptitious elimination/murder. Many victims recount the satisfaction enjoyed by those tormenting them when the attacks bore results: the laughter when something valuable was lost, when the effects of the attacks were writ large on the victim's physical traits. This means there are a lot of people out there who could actually have developed an appetite for the activity, and obviously there are others who require to see proof something is happening to those they want to be on the menu, the targets of this warfare, to be satisfied.

Given the length of time a single victim is attacked; killed over and over again, it is sensible to conclude that if covert warfare was uncovered and stopped, the number of victims perpetrators would require to satisfy their murderous urge would be too much for the community to contend with, given as individuals or small groups they would not easily have access to technology that kills slowly, a situation maybe analogous with the banning of prostitution. Study has shown that the number of women who are sexually assaulted rises. In this case, the deviants and other discontented would go underground and feed their appetites, wreak their revenge or correctional activities without any central control, without much coordination, threatening the cohesion of the entire community.

Having people watch, harass, torment and torture you is something you can expect if whatever you did can bring such wrath, if by so doing some people protect themselves, property and loved ones, but surveillance, torture and harassment of the nature experienced by victims of covert warfare; surveillance, torture and harassment that is 24/7, is quite extreme, even absurd, pointless, even from an intimidator’s standpoint given the hapless nature of the victims facing an entire covert army, the existence of a system that can do very well in correcting those who are wrong, the ability of the society itself to prevent the very things that create outlandish urges in some people from actualising.

Strange thoughts must be going through the mind of the individual who thinks the stalking procedures up, as well as those who execute the orders. For example, to be lied to and convinced, because one is gullible, that a particular individual is a menace to society while, as happens in the majority of cases, he is not, is one thing, but to actually engage in activities that perpetrators are known to engage in is to cross the line that in any society separates a criminal from the conscientious, a psychopath from the sane. It does not even get anywhere near a situation where some individuals are misled into thinking they are solving the cause, while in fact they are dealing with the effects. Covert warfare as it occurs the world over is pure abuse and misuse of mental immaturity in some, sentimentalities, vulnerabilities and gullibility in others, and especially severe deviousness. It is the unfortunate result of a strategy of social engineering gone out of control, that has wandered into territory that is further from the supreme method of creating and maintaining a perfect society than it is from madness that's spiralled out of control and is experimenting in that direction.

Who would dedicate their entire day and week to watching another individual in the privacy of their home? Who would engage in the kind of activities perpetrators are known to engage in for the entire natural life of the victim? Well and fine if it is for country, but still what is the psychological profile of such a person? What is the fun, the immediate payback of such activity for those involved? If it is a job, then what kinds of people meet the criteria for employment? What’s the point being guaranteed individual freedoms if such situations are possible within the same society?

The attackers, and whoever puts them up to the task, are completely out of their minds, or they belong to some cult, in which case they are brainwashed (which boils down to a mental state). It is madness indeed. But then this madness cannot just be brushed off as such. Doing so will simply make of us the victims even more vulnerable targets for attacks because with this must also come the knowledge there is no rhythm and rhyme to what a madman does.

The method of this particular madman is not haphazard. It is not a blind hitting out at someone who is a threat to society, to some in authority, someone who has the potential to do harm, or someone who did something in the past that crossed some line. During the attacking process, there is no activity undertaken without a reason. Everything that is done serves a particular purpose, is aimed at undoing something within the victim’s life. Every single act perpetrated against the victim is connected to another. The whole is a carefully thought out method of destruction of an individual's personality, their mental and physical health, a method of destruction so organized no stones are left unturned till the victim is in a state whereby further attacks are pointless.

Now, even though the whole process is highly organized, coherent to the last detail, accounting for the capacity of the attackers to evade public exposure and prosecution, it does not make of those who think out the plans, and others who carry them out sane individuals, nor does it become a sane activity. It is, and remains madness, madness that distinguishes itself from the norm by being highly organized, by having a defined pattern. In unravelling the reasons for the mad behaviour, in deciphering the text, one gets insight into the particular covert warfare, the means, tools, methods, the fears the machine has that restrict certain activities and enable victims to prevail, etc. Only with this knowledge can one begin on the journey to self-defence, and most importantly extrication from an unwanted situation.