Thursday, 2 October 2008

They Live

A YouTube review of John Carpenter's movie They Live

Today I watched John Carpenter’s movie “They Live”, that I saw a while back in my teens. What I noticed after watching the movie through the eyes of a Targeted Individual in a NATO country is the eerie similarity of the protagonist's experience to that of a target of covert warfare as it is known today.

The scene in the bookstore where the alien realizes Nada (Roddy Piper) can see them could have been taken from my life, or the life of many people who are TIs, if only the urgency in the situation is replaced with heads that turn in recognition of a target and a wierd obsession with a target whereby they get more attention than a star in public places, even when they are not attracting attention to themselves. The drama is the only thing that is not there in real life, unless the system comes down hard to arrest and isolate, which happened in my life and those of many others, some of whom lost their lives in the process… but the rest, the select heads in a crowd that deliberately turn your way, the difficulty of proving the truth to “others” while avoiding sounding outlandish that Nada or the fake church group goes through in their TV broadcasts, is the same.

I do not believe in aliens on earth, inasmuch as the story of such aliens rotates around alphabet agencies. It is implausible to me that aliens always know how to find their way to the front door of alphabet agencies and other characters connected to these people, rather than to many of us. Suffice to say I believe the only reason the story of aliens has found its way into modern discourse on who runs the show in the dominant culture is an attempt to pass blame for unbelievably inhumane human conduct onto an extraterrestrial life form.

Other than that, this movie is definitely a must watch if you want to get your head around the experience of being targeted, especially the difficulty and frustration targeted individuals face trying to get believed in societies where running to the police for help can get you sectioned.


Anonymous said...

This movie was ahead of its time. People took it for science fiction. Your books Mr. Toloane, are the same, too far ahead of the times to be useful now.

Mukazo Vunda said...

Destroying the intelligence of the common masses is very easy, and it is being done without cease. This is the reason so much they are supposed to comprehend with ease is futuristic.

On the topic of baiting, I am surrounded by the worst of human beings wherever I go, especially the places I like to frequent. I started filming the internet café I like and a lot of the psychos simply disappeared.

I realize being attacked a lot in places I frequent, especially the blatant nature this takes has to do with the tiny minded “man” concluding if I return again and again to the places I get attacked then I am either foolish or oblivious to this reality, rather than that I have no choice.

To tell you the truth, it is now easy for me to see how the terrible stuff we read in newspapers that happens to some unsuspecting people is forced to happen. It could just be that such events have some cult significance and are encouraged. They may give the sick ones a sense of being in control much like the intent of ritual sacrifices.

If “they” were at least a little bit smarter than they are then it would be easier to agree and maybe work with them. But then they are such idiots.