Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Mental Therapy

This clip simply shows attacks, and their frequencies, that follow me wherever I go in the city of London, aimed from households where cowardly, mentally deficient, defeated, sick, deviant, tuck-tailed “soldiers”, or so called perps (they are legit in the system after all) sit behind four walls all day long, their only joy to rain microwave radiation on those “Marked by the Beast” once they walk their way, sustained in life by the money you or I pay to the system when working or running a business.

A military structure has effectively been created and once the order is given to destroy a given "undesirable" element, only luck can save you. A complete metal shield worn everyday while one is out and about, or equipment that can warn of attacks such as a frequency counter or spectrum analyzer can offer protection. With the instruments in particular, it becomes possible to avoid areas where intense attacks occur, or spend less time there. It becomes possible to find resting places that are free from attacks, ensuring a good night's sleep.

Check the attack frequencies in this video and confirm that Tim Rifat described how, because they are highly penetrative, some frequency ranges are prefered for mind entrainment, and also to attack and incapacitate or eliminate. Because they can destroy tissue, beams of microwave energy of high enough field density aimed at the head can confuse, cause memory loss, cancer, leave the target mentally deficient or gradually kill. Aimed at the chest area, they can inhibit breathing when the organs in the targeted area fail to work properly. They can ruin the heart by cooking it slowly, and slow down the absorption rate of the digestive track. A heart attack, or slow death resembling many chest and other afflictions will be the result.

Should the target show signs of recovery, then perps will simply get stationed outside the hospital or home to ensure the decline in health leads but one way.

This video is not about making anybody inherently idiotic and unreachable change their minds. The way I see it our fight shouldn't be primarily about exposing anybody, as the people behind these heinous crimes are open enough about what they do. They know they can be caught committing murder, and still get away with it. They have created a system where psychopathic extremes are condoned and defended by the highest organs in society. "Damn Braces, Bless Relaxes" goes the poem. A man whose sexual appetites and other strong feelings are arounsed/involved during the chase does a better job of it than another relying on their mind, trying to make sense of it all.

What targets of covert warfare are dealing with in perps and especially their handlers are people who enjoy this way of life, and know of no other way. Waging covert warfare is to them what scouring the countryside for kids to rape is to a pedophile, if they do not belong with that gang in the first place. These activities actually make their lives worth living, make them put food on their tables and laugh at the starving, and it would be foolish to believe exposure can change anything.

This here is about raising awareness in that segment of society that matters, where it is not too late, of what goes on out here where one man living out a fantasy means daily torture for another, about knowing what can happen to YOU, about self-defense against psychopaths who somehow wormed their way into authority, rather than that they are safely behind bars.

The most important thing to realize is, with gadgets that warn of attacks, it is possible to save the mind as it seems that, apart from cases where the attacks are done for research purposes, there is a mental deficit in the devil’s ranks that can only be rectified through such methods, hence the overwhelming urge.

Make no mistake about it, this activity is not about getting rid of undesirables. This is the devil’s army fighting the same war on the home-front that the imperialist's soldiers fight in far away lands. This is an order attempting to hold on, the best way they know how, to food. This is about social control at home. In sum, it is about the maintenance of a down’s order.

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