Thursday, 11 April 2019

Testosterone as a Byproduct of Higher Holistic Processes

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To me, the whole western scientific approach and understanding of how the human body works, including in this the role that such like hormones play in sexuality, as indeed sexual identity, is flawed.

Yes! it is possible to make males effeminate by inundating their bodies with biological or chemical compounds that trigger changes to their mentalities or physiques, and others that affect the glands that produce certain hormones thus hampering their production of elements that make males masculine, for instance.

Where I think western science has it wrong is with cause and effect, and here one should note that it may not be all of western science that has it wrong. Some people in high places may in fact be in the know, and there is ample evidence of this.

Bobby Hemmit pictured after suffering a stroke with caption encouraging donations. Click on the image to view his lectures on melanin and the pineal gland, the first part of which includes mention of the effect of radio frequencies on the body

Like the esoteric Bobby Hemmit, I also believe the culprit for some observed changes to the male form, in this case the reduction of the amount of testosterone males are generally having today are frequencies or, as Bobby said, modems and their radio frequency emissions. I think we would all see the truth as I see it if we first of all acknowledged the fact we are all more exposed to radio frequency emmisions than our ancestors were, and not less exposed to poisons from soaps and toothpastes, whose bio-chemical composition has remained much the same over the decades.

Mobile phone communications have become integral to our lives and very few people, even in the remotest parts of the planet, don't own mobile phones. We are constantly on these phones and when we are not, then the next device we might be using also emits radio frequencies.

The computer has a modem that emits radio frequencies, and so do many other electronic appliances. Even though the variant of electromagnetic radiation home appliances without radio capabilities produce are static in nature, as opposed to dynamic and self propagating as is the case with radio frequencies, they are frequency oscillations and will have the same effect on the body once it is sufficiently exposed to them.

Let me break down how I come to the conclusion Bobby Hemmit also arrived at, albeit in relation to a different physical reality.

Ancient cultures have spoken of life and reality as a manifestation of frequencies. There is a lot of literature on this that is available online as well. And this view of reality as a manifestation of various frequencies makes sense if you consider the following facts.

The number of males in any given society seldom outnumbers that of females. It is almost always equal, except in societies that are deliberately tampering with the male female balance by, for instance, limiting the number of children couples can have. This imbalancing effect of the numbers of females compared to males in a society as a result of such measures has been observed in China, among many other communities that attempted something similar, and it occurred over a period that was too short for biological factors to have played a role.

Chances bodily processes are involved in the maintenance of the male female balance in society are slim inasmuch as the information that may play a role in controlling this cannot be immediately shared with the entirety of the community. It cannot be shared at once, throughout the population, which is what happened to the Chinese even when they were not targeting sexes, but merely limiting the number of children a couple can have.

To understand this, we have to see that nature determines the balance of males and females on a more or less random basis but gets it just right almost all the time despite the randomness of the process. Men and women having babies never know how many they have to produce to even out the number of females and males in society. We are not conscious of this balance but our bodies apparently are. You see, no matter how many children we may have, we have them in numbers that gets it right where the balance of the two genders is concerned.

What we are speaking of here is what can be considered a higher consciousness that transcends individual awareness. We are not talking of a God without, but one within the holistic creature itself, one that extends beyond individual frames, one that each and everyone of us literally logs into and use to communicate with the rest of our community.

Consider this a communications frequency for our collective subconscious selves, thus.

You might argue that if the Chinese were not holistically purging a sex, then this consciousness should have stepped in and straitened things out. And ... in fact it did, eventually. The ratio of females to males in Chinese society eventually evened out, but the deliberate control of how many children couples were allowed to have caused a shock to this consciousness that momentarily left it unable to intervene which is shown in the imbalance of males and females that resulted shortly after the law limiting how many children individual couples could have was passed in China.

Bottom line is what causes the male-female balance to be just right, or thereabouts, in any given society on earth, has to be more pervasive across the species than inherited, biological factors that are passed on by sharing matter such as genes in the progeny.

What I mean to say here is that the holistic view of existence that sees humankind as an organism conscious of itself, in which we as individuals play our individual roles, much like organs and organisms in the body do, an organism of which we are but parts, makes more sense than any other view of the reality of life. We have to be parts of a whole, undeniably, otherwise we would each possess the capacities required to be viable alone as individual parts.

As things stand, a male and female version of the same being exists, and each one of us is not complete on our own but requires the other sex for procreation to work. If we understand that procreation is the manner we live on, that without procreation non of us would be here, then we can clearly see that our individuality is functional for a whole of which we are but parts, and this whole can only be the ultimate organism itself.

Therefore us, the parts, communicate and align ourselves with this whole using a frequency we are all subconsciously tuned into, and by "subconscious" I do not just mean the subonscious mind as science has made us aware of it, but the entirety of our subconscious being. This is the whole organism's means of communicating with its individual parts, and their way of responding appropriately within it.

I believe being male or female is not determined by hormones first, but that the hormones themselves are a response to the frequency at which the core creature they are secretions of vibrates. The core of males vibrates at a frequency that requires and elicits the ubundant production of testosterone for the physical body to cope with the form of the being, while the vibration at which the core of the female design vibrates calls for less secretions of testosterone to maintain the female form and retain its viability in nature, to retain the nature that allows a woman to perform the role only she can in the whole.

These vibrations of the core being must be what determines what sexuality fertilised eggs develop. This is where it all starts and connects to the whole. This is how the biological entity we call an individual responds and develops within the greater organism. This is where the numbers of the opposite sexes are balanced out.

Affect these frequencies sufficiently and you will affect how masculine males in society become, and also how effeminate females become in that you are now dealing with the trigger of lower, not necessarily lesser, processes within the physical body.

To me, life is much more dynamic and mysterious than western science would have us believe.