Thursday, 26 July 2007

Meaning of the Title

"Coherent Madness" may seem like a contradiction in terms, but it is not when used in this context. It simply refers to how the activities that come with modern day covert warfare are perceived by those on the receiving end, the victims, as well as outsiders, those to whom the experience is related, keeping in mind that though this is in fact madness, it has logical sequence and can be deciphered or understood.

The things that happen to victims of covert warfare are very strange, which is the reason getting believed is almost impossible. This otherworldly nature also accounts for the fact awareness or certainty one is under attack does not always come in time. Some people realize immediately they are under attack, while it takes time for others. There are those who never come to the realization, going through the experience blaming everyone and everything but the actual cause for the states they go through, seeking and getting remedies that have little chance of rectifying the situation.

However, once complete awareness of what is going on has been attained, every victim must get this sense of being flung into a world that seems unreal, gratuitous, if not ridiculous, even laughable, if not for the fact it is real and has real consequences. Keep in mind here that this is a world existing alongside the real world everyone knows, a way of solving problems that is embraced and credited for much of what has been achieved, even though it contradicts, makes a mockery, and renders as mere facade the world that everyone believes is out there. In learning about the methods of covert warfare as it manifests in countries around the globe, one enters the realm of the ends justifying the means.

Unfortunately, because of the percentage of citizens who are involved or in consent, the judicial system in these countries becomes but a stage show meant to give some semblance of a civil society since, for example, a bunch of psychopaths can go about committing heinous crimes, including actual rape, murder, theft, aggravated assault; sometimes in full view of the law, and never get punished, while others within this same society are sitting out sentences for same. Consciousness itself, as well as natural emotions become a threat to the order. Knowledge and its acquisition which is the method of transmitting high culture becomes fatal if taken in either the wrong dosages, quality or at the wrong time and place. The mere thought of individual freedoms causes fear and panic to those in authority. Hidden figures in authority who are there to see to the welfare of their people, those supposed to serve, end up commanding armies of individuals whose role is to put people in line, doing to others as they wouldn't like to be done to them, all in the name of country and even race, this premise itself too weak to exonerate the depravity involved, or hide the fact this is a descent into madness in progress.

And it gets worse.

There are many established and legal ways to make a misfit shape up or leave, to punish someone who did something wrong, to bring in line someone who could cause trouble in future, but the attacks experienced by most victims of covert warfare appear designed to feed strange appetites, if not make even bigger monsters, or complete incompetents of the targets, if they were these things in the first place.

Now, this may be the whole point of the exercise. It is a rather sad culmination to witness but then stuff happens. Satisfying powerful urges that could spiral out of control and eat the community from within if left unchecked could have become the whole point of this exercise, meaning a method of killing two birds with one stone is what it has come to. To understand this, one needs to realize how easy it is to make visible to faults in any community an individual can be made to become, arousing in many the need to solve the problem on the spot. Just look around you and witness immigration, poverty, disease, environmental issues, war, discrimination, superiority complexes, territorial encroachment, exposure to dangerous substances through food forced on the citizenry, xenophobia, and you realize there are a lot of people who are being rubbed the wrong way on these and many more issues, who’ve really had it with whatever is going on around them and want to do something about it.

In covert warfare, resolution of perceived dangers is achieved through harassment, torture, and surreptitious elimination/murder. Many victims recount the satisfaction enjoyed by those tormenting them when the attacks bore results: the laughter when something valuable was lost, when the effects of the attacks were writ large on the victim's physical traits. This means there are a lot of people out there who could actually have developed an appetite for the activity, and obviously there are others who require to see proof something is happening to those they want to be on the menu, the targets of this warfare, to be satisfied.

Given the length of time a single victim is attacked; killed over and over again, it is sensible to conclude that if covert warfare was uncovered and stopped, the number of victims perpetrators would require to satisfy their murderous urge would be too much for the community to contend with, given as individuals or small groups they would not easily have access to technology that kills slowly, a situation maybe analogous with the banning of prostitution. Study has shown that the number of women who are sexually assaulted rises. In this case, the deviants and other discontented would go underground and feed their appetites, wreak their revenge or correctional activities without any central control, without much coordination, threatening the cohesion of the entire community.

Having people watch, harass, torment and torture you is something you can expect if whatever you did can bring such wrath, if by so doing some people protect themselves, property and loved ones, but surveillance, torture and harassment of the nature experienced by victims of covert warfare; surveillance, torture and harassment that is 24/7, is quite extreme, even absurd, pointless, even from an intimidator’s standpoint given the hapless nature of the victims facing an entire covert army, the existence of a system that can do very well in correcting those who are wrong, the ability of the society itself to prevent the very things that create outlandish urges in some people from actualising.

Strange thoughts must be going through the mind of the individual who thinks the stalking procedures up, as well as those who execute the orders. For example, to be lied to and convinced, because one is gullible, that a particular individual is a menace to society while, as happens in the majority of cases, he is not, is one thing, but to actually engage in activities that perpetrators are known to engage in is to cross the line that in any society separates a criminal from the conscientious, a psychopath from the sane. It does not even get anywhere near a situation where some individuals are misled into thinking they are solving the cause, while in fact they are dealing with the effects. Covert warfare as it occurs the world over is pure abuse and misuse of mental immaturity in some, sentimentalities, vulnerabilities and gullibility in others, and especially severe deviousness. It is the unfortunate result of a strategy of social engineering gone out of control, that has wandered into territory that is further from the supreme method of creating and maintaining a perfect society than it is from madness that's spiralled out of control and is experimenting in that direction.

Who would dedicate their entire day and week to watching another individual in the privacy of their home? Who would engage in the kind of activities perpetrators are known to engage in for the entire natural life of the victim? Well and fine if it is for country, but still what is the psychological profile of such a person? What is the fun, the immediate payback of such activity for those involved? If it is a job, then what kinds of people meet the criteria for employment? What’s the point being guaranteed individual freedoms if such situations are possible within the same society?

The attackers, and whoever puts them up to the task, are completely out of their minds, or they belong to some cult, in which case they are brainwashed (which boils down to a mental state). It is madness indeed. But then this madness cannot just be brushed off as such. Doing so will simply make of us the victims even more vulnerable targets for attacks because with this must also come the knowledge there is no rhythm and rhyme to what a madman does.

The method of this particular madman is not haphazard. It is not a blind hitting out at someone who is a threat to society, to some in authority, someone who has the potential to do harm, or someone who did something in the past that crossed some line. During the attacking process, there is no activity undertaken without a reason. Everything that is done serves a particular purpose, is aimed at undoing something within the victim’s life. Every single act perpetrated against the victim is connected to another. The whole is a carefully thought out method of destruction of an individual's personality, their mental and physical health, a method of destruction so organized no stones are left unturned till the victim is in a state whereby further attacks are pointless.

Now, even though the whole process is highly organized, coherent to the last detail, accounting for the capacity of the attackers to evade public exposure and prosecution, it does not make of those who think out the plans, and others who carry them out sane individuals, nor does it become a sane activity. It is, and remains madness, madness that distinguishes itself from the norm by being highly organized, by having a defined pattern. In unravelling the reasons for the mad behaviour, in deciphering the text, one gets insight into the particular covert warfare, the means, tools, methods, the fears the machine has that restrict certain activities and enable victims to prevail, etc. Only with this knowledge can one begin on the journey to self-defence, and most importantly extrication from an unwanted situation.


Anonymous said...

why don't they just kill you ???

Toloane said...

Frequently asked question, from a very uninformed stand-point, the only angle from which it can make good sense. I need to make a frequently FAQ section fast, else keep editing such questions out.

I can tell you that, in my personal case, murder was the point all along. If I had not woken up to what was going on in time, then I would be dead by now, trust me on this.

You can call those of us who are bringing such reports, who manage to get heard, the survivors of attempted, state sponsored murder/assassinations. Time still will tell how many of us will make it, though. Many are succumbing as we speak.

David Lawson, who infiltrated the low-life ranks of perps, heard one wonder, (exasperatedly, I suppose), why they have to go through all the motions, why they don't just get rid of targets. Guess most, if not all of perps, are unaware of the grand plan. Come to think of it, if they could be smart enough to know what is going on, they would not be perps in the first place. The power of thought this conveys carries the capacity to know the difference between right and wrong.

Not personal...

I give you the benefit of the doubt, but will give no strait answer to the question/statement you make, merely clues, and hopefully, by informing yourself, you will get there.

Think of all those political prisoners that sat out long prison sentences, who had a lot of enemies, and a lot of sympathizers and followers too. A lot of them lived to see the light of day even though their release was not in the best interests of their captors. A lot is going on here, obviously.

Actually, there are a lot of us out there who are sentenced to die slowly, discretely, surreptitiously, as the power-that-be struggles to maintain the status quo, as it attempts to build that critical mass of zombies who will work tirelessly in service to the plan that can only mean sealing off of the loose ends, in service to their own slavery, for handouts and favours, trinkets and what not, and there's loads of people out there who require to be kept in the dark, sleeping, because if they were ever to get a whiff of what is really going on,, they will lead the revolt against the system. They system doesn’t just take out people, it takes out a particular kind of person, usually individuals who are asking questions, doing research to discover underlying causes, standing up for their rights, etc. What is going on would be obvious if these types were to suddenly start dying in loud accidents...

Oops. Just let the cat out of the box.

Toloane said...

"let cat out of the 'bag'", I meant to say...