Thursday, 20 February 2014

Discovering God

This one is purposely off the usual topic, on purpose in the sense it will serve a purpose in due time, maybe help clarify in the minds of some the reason I was “turned in” for covert torture, and slow elimination. Based on knowledge I have accumulated to date, I think I can write a book worthy of consideration in this culture, a book propounding a theory that is novel, at least according to my belief, and research … a book that may just prove to be a paradigm shift where the subject matter is concerned. 

This will be short, to the point.

Cutting edge science teaches us a lot about the aging process, but, to me, there is one area where science has not delved or looked, an area or approach that may just provide not so much a definitive answer to the reason we age, but, as already mentioned, a paradigm shift, a change in our scientific approach to the subject of age and consequential death. According to the theory I am working on, we age, not so much because we outlive our capacity to regenerate, as the science of the day also teaches, but because we become superfluous to the whole, which is, I think, the point we have not considered yet. Aging is a survival strategy devised with the fact the universe is constantly changing “in mind”. Adaptation becomes necessary for survival and, as the saying goes, you cannot teach an old horse new tricks. Adaptation is a gradual process. It usually outlives the initiating party. For example, a change in the biological system designed to make a creature cope with a disease will usually only be perfected generations later. The capacity to adapt is greatly enhanced, if not made possible when the adaptation process is passed on to beings that are developing, rather than those that are already fully developed. By this I mean if it becomes necessary to develop six fingers, those with five fully developed fingers will have a harder time making the required systemic changes that will develop and be able to use the finger than those who will get the need for the change passed on to them while they are in their formative stages, ie., starting at the germ cell level.

Hope this makes sense. 

The theory I am working on is actually much broader, and this is just one of the subject matters. What I want to call it is “Discovering God: The Hidden Hand Behind Creation”. Yes! it deals with intelligent design and hopefully takes us closer to that entity of consciousness responsible for creation that has so eluded us because, as I think, we have not looked in the right places. I deal with animal and plant life, using accumulated knowledge and reasoned arguments to reveal the hidden hand that has enabled, for example,  plants to perfect seed dissemination methods that reveal awareness of the environment, or, as another example, to prove our mind (conscious combined with subconscious) is an imitation of a higher consciousness and, in the design of the “individual” whole, is in fact a primary sense, only different in the respect of primacy to other senses, for example sight, by showing why it cannot be any other way than that  its development is made by a consciousness already aware of the environment, by using as witness the development of the eye, debunking in the process the possibility trial and error made for visual discernment, and so on.

Not actually a scientist, it is perhaps my na├»ve hope that, when completed, this work will be as significant as the book “The Naked Ape” by zoologist and ethologist Desmond Morris was to science. Will greatly appreciate your feedback and also request donations as I could use some help in making this project possible. Use my BitCoin address or send to my PayPal account.