Monday, 19 November 2007

Pitiful State of Affairs

On Monday the 12th of November this year, I was standing at the Edmonton Green bus station, after a visit to a post office that was particularly full that morning, so full, the waiting line stretched all the way to the door, and because the line was snaking, it could very well have measured a good 30 meters. An older woman standing in front of me was called by someone apparently expecting her. I recall her making it very clear she had lived in the area for a very long time, and had never seen so many people in the office at the same time.

As no stranger to stalking, there was here the real possibility this was yet another choreographed maneuver, no less because as soon as she had said this, the man standing between us looked knowingly at me, as I stared back, feigning a dumbfounded look.

I was in no mood for detective work that morning and refused to look beyond appearances.

I blocked out suspicion, settled with taking it all as it came, just one of those things. If it was indeed mobbing, then so what? It wasn't out of the ordinary. Further more, that particular morning, things had gone in such a manner there was no way I could have avoided being hounded. My phone conversations are always monitored, my phone's files always sifted through, camcorder recordings I play back on my transmitting TV screen picked up and watched, so I could really not be more careful. I had made an appointment to meet a friend at a post office that turned out to be closed and, to save us both time, had called and changed the location to the nearest one in the area. Obviously, I gave whoever controlled the zombies in this part of town ample time to gather them together for this task.

A similar situation happened in the shop directly opposite the post office about a month ago when I announced I was going over there to buy a ticket for the bus. Upon entry, the line suddenly swelled. Then, just after I had left, the shop was as suddenly empty again. I noticed this when I returned after walking a few steps from the entrance, after I noticed I had forgotten my lighter and decided to buy a box of matches. Apparently, the shop owner had noticed too, and also seemed aware of mobbing because he wondered aloud whether the sudden and unusual number of visitors a moment before had been there for that purpose.

Now, standing at the bus stop, I noticed a white woman standing with an African who by accent was a Nigerian woman. Their attention appeared directed at me, with the Nigerian woman smiling curiously as she looked my direction. I looked around me, as far as I could see and saw nobody behind me, and when the attention continued, I concluded they were on about something I could not see.

I was not judging people guilty until proven otherwise on this morning, the method that works very well for me whenever I get into suspicious situations and require to know who the perps are. Looking back, this lack of worry was in large part because my mind was sluggish, a result of a heavy attack I had just been through as I took a shower, one of the rooms in the flat that was completely unprotected.

The Nigerian woman then spoke, at pains to confirm their attention was in fact directed at me, mentioning to her friend that she didn't believe I even knew where I was going. I obviously looked a mess after the assault that morning, and felt weird within my person too. I had the classic symptoms of microwave attack. My eyes were overly sensitive to light because the iris muscles were weak, so that they did not contract timely to changes in light intensity, making me squint a lot, while my face felt like a mask due to numb muscles. Despite all this, I knew perfectly well where I was going.

I had a morning appointment, and was running late already.

This particular scene may seem exaggerated for those who see the possibility, and may look as though I was actually imagining things to others who cannot believe this. But if one were to walk with me to the Edmonton Green shopping center, especially this particular location every morning, then a lot of what I say will begin to make sense. One would even realise just why the woman would have found the courage to speak as loudly as she did, without fear others would hear and properly interpret what she was saying, without fear I might make a counter move.

The Edmonton Green bus station as well as the shopping center is a location I would rather avoid due to the large number of perps in training that are usually roaming the area, believing as I once heard from three persons sitting next to me on a bus that they are secret agents in training. Almost every morning I arrive here, there is this crowd of people who do not look like they are really going anywhere, but rather that they are waiting for somebody.

Before you jump to conclusions, I should assure you that this here is an impression hard to get at that many places in London. I have lived here long enough already and can recognise the epicentres of perp activity. This location is definitely one of them.

When I board a bus, there will always be some types who will make it a point to talk as loud as they can, with each other or into a phone, spitting details too particular to my private life, and if I have somehow made known where I am headed, then they will be privy to the same details. There are parts of the bus I avoid sitting or standing in, the favourite places where these types sit, especially on my way back to the neighbourhood because, as soon as I enter Totenham going towards Edmonton, all manner of miscreants enter and perform circuses impossible to imagine in any other part of the city. These displays of emotion are usually timed to coincide with attacks that are supposed to have caused certain results, a usual game among perps where the leaders meet themselves around corners. For the perp on the ground, the experience is meant to convince them of facts they have been told about the target.

Because I protect myself, it doesn't always work out as planned. Sometimes, the perps look all over the place looking to find something wrong, only to come up empty handed, after which I hope some bell rings in their thick heads. I know for a fact the perps would not be able to pull off what they do in this section of town without appearing insane, or invoking some kind of wrath from observers.

This game is really retarded, but it is one I have to witness every time I go out, and now it has really started to seem very much like a mental case going through the motions, banging away at the head as they repeat the same phrase…

It's as though all hell breaks loose whenever the bus turns or passes Seven Sisters Station. Where previously there had been nothing wrong, where other passengers had been just that: other passengers, they suddenly become some kind of weirdo out for a lot of psychological romance.

The age groups and sexes of those who board the buses, obviously looking for someone, confirm something, or even shake their tail feathers at, vary. I have had what I would consider babies acting very feminine towards me, in manners that are obviously staged, and though I know younger and younger kids look at grown men like a woman would, and am no stranger to such behaviour, the manner it is done in this part of town lacks spontaneity, especially when contrasted with other neighbourhoods.

These are kids, some as young as twelve, being abused by what should under normal circumstances be a more responsible body within society, used to make statements to a grown man that they only comprehend in part, the background to which they have no idea..

I am quite used to being watched, often blatantly, with a view to making me know I am being watched, and also followed around. I am used to strangers knowing what I am doing, where I am going, to realise when I am being stalked. Some time ago, I was organising the Pan-African March, and went up to Brixton, a town on the other side of London from where I live. As I was walking into an internet café, two young black males made disparaging remarks about my fund raising efforts, and though I realised they were nothing but stalkers, I noticed they took their role seriously, almost as though they were doing a job that is intelligent, necessary, respectful. I thought against offering to sell them cocaine, confessing I am the rapist the police are looking for, or the pedophile with a string of child molestation and murder cases who should be locked up and the key thrown away. I wanted to walk up to them and apologize for being the one whose image blights the land, one so unpleasant being out on the streets is a terror for others.

I could not see how such like would take the hint.

What I find remarkable about all of these occurrences is the lack of discretion expressed by the stooges to believe everything they are told about someone they know nothing about. There are even cases when people display so much hate for me I begin to believe I have committed the worst atrocity imaginable.

While training at the Watkins House, after prolonged exposure and some serious blows to my head, I got the stomach to speak with some of these characters. My first urge was to have them know what I was about so there were no mistakes. It appeared from their response that what they had been told was quite close to what I said; only they seemed to believe I was deliberately insulting/offending some people in authority, not taking hints and such like. All of what they seemed to believe didn't suffice for a location to be loaded with their kind, all for the sake of one individual, but somewhere in the universe of their greasy imaginations, it all made sense.

It is inconceivable that a government recruiting people for particular intelligence jobs would be able to find so many young people who have such low mental powers, whose minds are so set they cannot ask questions but simply hate from the bottom of their hearts someone they have only heard about through a third party, who can consistently be manipulated, time and again placed at the scene of a crime crudely made to look like it was the victim's fault after all. Such things do not happen in real life where, no matter how terrible an individual is, there will always be those who will realize or at least suspect there is more to it than meets they eye, because they realise they are only being confronted with a part of the whole story.

These people are doing a job for the man, and some of them are really looking for careers. I have had occasions where a perp who seemed to be on training made the mistake of making faces at me while somebody else was looking, after which they asked the other, who appeared to be the mentor, whether it is OK that they were seen by this other person.

Even when they are just doing a job, which some of these kids definitely are not considering their ages, the question should be asked whether it is possible to have so many people behaving so unnaturally in a given location. My suspicion is that these perps, including the young ones, are themselves victims of abuse that I believe involves mind alteration, including the use of Directed Energy Weapons to achieve the same. These children have their minds destroyed so they can be used more effectively.

It appears the crucial ingredient added to their minds to make them the monsters they become is hate. It is very easy with modern technology to instill this state within the mind of anyone. I believe perps are as attacked, maybe even more so than the target because they are not warned, therefore not protecting themselves. They believe they are playing the right cards and as such out of harm's way, while in reality they are getting holes blasted through their brains.

Children are used for such activities because they are easy to convince, are malleable and do not ask crucial questions, this itself begging the question of whether behind the scenes reigns some kind of pedophile. They are however also altered mentally to make them better at the task they have to perform, especially to foster early dependency and trust for the establishmentarian, making their association unbreakable, a lifelong acquaintance.

I once met and had a long talk with a woman who is a victim of DEW attacks, and knew she was a victim too. She surprised me by stating how she sometimes felt sorrow for the structure that can think up such routines, from the top where the orders are given, right down to the bottom where they are carried out. My surprised reaction was not so much because it is strange for one in such a situation to feel this way towards their tormentors, but because I didn’t' expect she would feel the same way that I did about the situation.

I had obviously misjudged her.

It is quite a sad thing to witness, albeit from a victim's standpoint; the mental powers, or lack of them, which lead grown men and women to acts that denigrate them in the same manner that organized stalking does the entire hierarchy of stalkers. The depravation is almost impossible to bear, to have to face day in day out. One is left both disgusted and pitiful, wishing for a glimpse of normal, upright and proud humans. One is left confused about conflicting emotions, the cut between a need to help out and the notion of the enemy being the soul out of reach, that cannot be touched without that being taken wrongly, as duty is always calling; save observed day in day out, as they go through some ritual that could not be any good for anybody. The bosses are sick in a particular way, and their servants in another, both wretched, pitiful figures framed as incompetents in time, prisoners of their own stupidity spreading it around, whether induced or natural.

Is it any wonder that the most common reaction targeted individuals make is to become reclusive? This here has the potential to destroy one’s faith in other humans, if it is not recognized for the conditioning that it is.

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Mark of the Beast

I know of a man who is currently sleeping in a lead box in order to find some release from the electronic attacks being launched against him 24/7. There are people living in houses covered wall to wall in sheet metal, and still others experiencing torture so intense history's mass murderers would be in awe if they were to witness it.

We are talking thousands of people who are imprisoned in their own homes, right here in the west that boasts more freedoms than any other culture, in cities where energy weapons have been distributed evenly among civilians, along households on every street. Other zombies armed with chemical and biological agents patrol these same streets, ready to surreptitiously smear or spray them at whoever has been marked for such targeting. Neighbourhoods where high priority targets live are turned overnight into high traffic zones, with the accompanying increase in crime rates and change in population demographics, both on the streets and businesses around where employees come and go. This means victims are being attacked wherever they are; in their homes, out strolling through the streets, in especially government buildings such as libraries, benefit houses, police stations, etc.

Next time you are sitting in a library and you suddenly sense your body is heating up as though you were sitting next to a heater, you suddenly feel fatigue in your limbs, dull pains on the inside of your body, especially the major organs; you suddenly feel as sleepy as when you are short on it, and even find yourself actually falling asleep, there is a big chance someone within the very building or adjoining has trained an energy weapon on your person. Word of advise: avoid such locations if you can. if you have to be there, then restrict the amount of time you spend. This limits the harm that can be done to your system.

Use a bike, or better yet, get a car or hop onto public transportation to get around, rather than walk through narrow streets with houses on either side, as this shortens the time you are exposed to individual weapons along the way, and if you have to jog, then buy yourself RF and ELF detectors so that you can map out your jogging route, otherwise restrict your jogging to industrial areas, sparsely populated neighbourhoods and parks.

There are people living in tunnels, under bridges, in parks, who are afraid to live in houses, choosing to sleep rough where at least they cannot be assailed by invisible bullets. It is obvious that quite a number of people must be dying each year from these attacks, among them both those who are victims of experimentation, and others who live in close proximity to the targets, including their children. We are witnessing more and more cases of infants succumbing to conditions uncommon at such tender ages, such as heart attacks, this itself a strong indication of exposure to untold attacks.

The living targets, and the thousands more being added to their ranks, exist like refugees in their own countries, outlaws on the run from the law/executioner, death row inmates waiting for the final hour.

These here are life circumstances in our times comparable to those of Jews who escaped transportation to the gas chambers, only to spend prolonged periods hiding out in all manner of constrained spaces, holes dug in the earth, cupboards and basements, not knowing when they will breathe the free air, happening right here in countries that proudly display the civilized banner.

It is easy to see the devil is in control already, and has been for the longest of times, putting on a very convincing masquerade as God, holy spirit and Christ, the very definition of the antichrist. In control of the means by which information is disseminated, he has turned reality upside down, controlling how people perceive him, and those he is afraid of, those he has marked for elimination. He presents himself as the intelligent and open minded one, the magnanimous, the angel; reaching out with a helping hand, looking out for and preventing the rise of the antichrist: the evil one out to kill everyone, the foaming at the mouth terrorist who unleashes terror for the sake of it.

Lucifer has appeal. He is even a role model for many around the globe. He has power with worldwide reach that he is expanding as we speak. He is already in control of a lot of those territories around the globe from whence much of his resources are derived, and still others he has bought, run by his puppets. He is at the centre of the reality the times we live in are characterized by oppression and repression unmatched before in recorded history, not so much in degree, but scale. Worldwide, the devil has more people cornered and being done away with than the Wehrmacht had at the height of their reign. Unlike them, his methods are not overt. He is using advanced, often classified technology and his grip on the media to conceal his abuses and his connection to them.

Unknown to many, his concentration camps are right there in the cities and towns around the world, in the neighbourhoods, on the streets; reserving prison, scenarios such as outright murder disguised as accidental death, getting the terrorist label and kidnapping, for cases impossible to eliminate in the normal manner, because either too many people are watching or on the potential victim's side, or their neighbourhoods have not been infiltrated enough for complete surrounding and effective incapacitation/elimination.

He is pushing for longer detention periods for suspects of terrorism not because he needs some kind of prolonged face off with these characters behind closed doors that should serve to deter determined, hate filled terrorists, or that he lacks the methods to establish what should already have been the grounds for detention in the first place, but because of the time required to be sure the destruction of the selected individuals' personalities is permanent.

Lucifer's bane is materialism. He is more of the flesh than the spirit, and you will usually find him boasting his exploits in this area, expressing his conquests, or concealing his inadequacies. Control of the bulk of world natural and human resources is what affords him a lavish life, which is what his war is about; a war he calls all manner of convenient terms: the war on terrorism being the current fad, a war whose enemy is in reality the poor, the repressed or oppressed and dispossessed.

Is it any surprise how quickly especially the blatant, obtuse; the most obnoxious dictators around the globe have taken to the use of this ruse?

Historians will remember the western cultural, economic and political empire as one built upon and marked by a savage and sustained war against the weak and defenceless, the dispossessed and poor it created, a war that intensified whenever the poor stirred, in a bid to keep a lid on their attempts to escape the pot of decrepitude into which they were forced to exist; to make something better of their wretched lives.

The human and natural resources the devil enjoys must be sweet indeed, and they are definitely as addictive as cocaine. Letting go of the addiction is letting go of a lifestyle or perceived advantages. This is the last thing the devil will do, and so for as long as he reigns, the misery of others is his joy, their sweat and tears his wealth. He will do anything to maintain things as they are, will kill more or all children, women, the old and infirm, if this will bring him his tasty cocoa and greasy oil to burn in his outmoded machines. He will intern people abroad, if only to spare the land in which he reigns supreme, his bastion, the image of a place where concentration camps abound. The last thing he wants is to make his masquerade obvious, which will give truth to those who have been warning others about what he really is all along, and put a lot more people off associating, visiting or wanting to live with him. He needs all those blinded types who have an impression of who he is based on his works, one of which could be his land of gold and honey, the land of freedom and opportunity. This happens to be where the devil has the material he needs to put anyone out there to very good use for his cause, or mark them for elimination

This evil, oppressive house he has perfected over the years has of late been coming loose at the seams as more and more nations escape the clutches of poverty and become more prosperous, as more and more of his puppet leaders become revealed for what they are and their support base erodes, thanks in large part to positive changes in the state of those they keep in their evil clutches. What we are witnessing now is testimony the foundation of this house is other people's misery, revealed in the fact he gets problems as soon as those meant to be poor begin to get some wealth.

He is in trouble right now as China, India, and many more countries around the planet begin to flex some economic muscle, as they get wealthier and wealthier, as more and more countries opt to speak his language and take the bigger stick approach to matters, and it is imperative that he act because soon it will be too late.

He is eagerly recruiting the warriors who will wage his wars right now.

Considering the odds that have suddenly piled up against him, this time, it will not be possible for him to win outright. He has no other option than to launch strategic attacks aimed at causing as much destruction and chaos as will affect everyone, even the side he completely controls, to sink this planet into yet another dark age where wars that know no victor, loser or end will become the norm. Like wars being fought at the moment, these wars will also have convenient foes and aims, fabricated to conceal the real enemy or objective. As wars not meant to be won, their sole purpose will be destruction of whatever it is the poor have gained that is empowering them. The duration of these wars will be controlled by this factor, lasting as long as it takes to force a people into the past, at the end of which the strangle hold on resources should have been restored to the devil, or at least he hopes.

The devil realizes that this is a war that can go either way, that this is one that can see his final demise. He knows that he will eventually have to relinquish power, that he will ultimately unceremoniously be removed from the scene. He understands evil is ultimately dependent on good for its existence, while good can exist and do very well without evil, thank you. Evil alone soon consumes itself, while existence alongside good gives it the cover it needs to flourish. There are no two ways about this.

But then the devil is a proverbial scorpion. He stings on instinct, and he will get into the melee whatever is already known, said and done. On a more basic level, his instinctive stinging is an adaptation, a warped survival instinct that is more a play on time than an actual self preserving strategy. The Armageddon has him marked as the loser, a very logical outcome that even he can see, but then between now and the unknown final point of his reign he could yet win a thousand wars. His rampage is fostered by memory of wars he won, those moments of glory, and knowledge he is in large part winning the one he is waging right now, this fact writ large on his fat posterior.

He is detestable, it is true, but any other way of being is simply not his nature, so brace yourselves people. This ... is going to be one "hell" of a ride for humankind.