Monday, 13 January 2014

Are you the real you? You may need to get into a faraday cage to find out for sure.

Scene from Total Recall, a 1990 science fiction classic starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Is it possible that we are living the scenarios depicted in the film? A lot of the realities of daily life today suggest we are already there.
Products of our times

Part of the material of an Industrial Management degree course includes Industrial Psychology. This may sound innocuous, but it is not. Students, the future leaders of industries, are taught how to increase productivity, to make workers work harder by merely manipulating the work environment. This involves careful selection and tuning of the sounds they hear while working, careful selection of the colors of the work place interior, proper light intensity, and so on. I had the opportunity to experience first hand how effective such measures can be when I worked as a menial hand in a large chain supermarket distribution center. 

Every day, I would give my all on the work floor because I felt good. I would continue feeling good as long as I was properly fed, filled with coffee, and, crucially while I remained within the confines of the building. As soon as I would exit, however, the coffee and food would count for nothing as I would feel tired, sometimes fatigued. The good thing about my experience is the fact, as a former Industrial Management degree course student, I knew what was happening to me. Most people working in such places do not know of the mental and physical manipulation that is causing the changes they feel. The tendency, then, is to rationalize away the states, to believe endogenic factors are to blame for how they feel.

In this system, it is not just managers who are finding it necessary to tamper with the mental and physical states of unwitting people. It is no longer a secret that governments are doing the same. It is a fact that highly advanced technologies are being used to alter personalities, in fact to control the courses of lives, all done remotely, without the targets being in the least aware that they are in a program, that their current personality, how their lives have turned out, may in fact be a creation … a result of carefully timed intrusions on their person and, when necessary, on that of those in their surroundings.

Do the technologies that can change personalities exist?

Yes. The technologies have been around for longer than your mainstream media would have you believe. It is possible today to read, record, transplant thoughts and feelings. The evidence available to all of us of the state of such research and knowledge are devices on the market that can be operated by thought. Brainy people have combined the accumulated knowledge and created methods of effectively altering personalities. This works mainly because we all tend to rationalize away external stimuli as our own. Imagine a case involving a chaste individual who is intentionally bombarded with electronic energies that titillate them, to which they are encouraged to respond by manipulation. If the sequence is repeated sufficiently, then the individual who could formerly control their sexual behavior would have lost control, and they would blame it all on themselves. Various stimuli can be combined on an individual to eventually manufacture a personality.

Are you the real you?

There is in fact no way of knowing whether the trajectory of your life has been engineered, whether the changes you saw along the way were caused by deliberate interference. Do you have as many children as you would have had if somebody had not decided to intrude? Are you living where you would have lived had you not been manipulated? Are the friends who surround you of your own choosing? Are your habits your own making? But, because most of these changes are done by electronic means, usually by brain entrainment, there is a way of finding out if you are under control. This is by simply spending a few nights in a faraday cage. If you are being controlled right now, by electronic means, then cutting off the stimulation by going into a faraday cage for a prolonged period will cause “total recall”. There is nothing those who are controlling you can do to change this matter. Once they try to intervene, they will have to use technologies they have never used on you before, and the intrusion will be obvious to you.

So what are you waiting for? Get into that faraday cage. Loads of people are already into EMF shielding therefore there will be no need to seek far and wide for an excuse or fear a straitjacket.

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