Tuesday, 8 November 2016

If Clairvoyance Was True

Vanga died in 1996 but predicted ISIS, 9/11, the Arab Spring, Obama…a 2016 "Muslim War" and a Russian "Superpower". Read about her life and predictions here.

If all that we know about human perception and the reality within which the senses operate is correct, then the future can only be known in precise detail, as opposed to prognosticated or conjectured, from "signs of the times" for example, if it has already happened. It is realistically impossible to know how events will pan out in a future that arises from random events. This would entail following the exact convoluted trajectory of events made out of the acts of free willed individuals and a natural environment that is more random than ordered.

If the future happens "before we get there", then it would have to be similar to the past in definition, the only difference being the biological means used to access each realm. In a reality where past and future flow into the present, the past, accessible by memory, artifact, etc., defined as a period and the events in it that have gone by in time and are no longer existing, would have to substitute the term "non-existent" with "fulfilled" in its definition, while the future would have a similar definition as the past apart from the term "fulfilled" that would have to be substituted with "still to be fulfilled".

The presence in our midst of Clairvoyants aware of future events that are yet to be fulfilled would tell us that our understanding of time as a flow from past to present to future is flawed, and also that the flaw is the result of a deliberate design omittion, meaning the biological entity has overlooked or avoided developing the means with which it can enable the conscious mind of a human being access to this reality. As with so many other abilities the human animal is deprived of that it has the capacity to evolve, they are omitted or not fully developed because they are not necessary or because they would conflict with other features in the creature's design, and consequently hamper the creature's viability in nature. Examples of the latter include a deliberate inability to perceive some light frequencies, particularly those that make too many materials ultravioletly invisible, which would only make navigation of obstacles in the real world difficult given many objects would be invisible ... deliberate aging by an organism capable of living for much longer to accommodate to the reality change is constant in the universe and that the biological entity fares better in such a reality if it deals with it in the young and developing where changes are easier to make rather than the fully developed ... deliberate lack of awareness we are less individuals and more dispensable parts of a bigger organism in order to generate a stronger will to survive in the individual and a tendency to specialize that fosters the viability of the whole, etc.

It is logical to say if human beings can know some facts about their lives before they have happened, then, sometimes, it would deprive them of their willingness to survive. Imagine knowing that your efforts in the present will be wasted because of some event in the future? Would you make that effort? Would you even want to stay alive if that was all that you could do to prevent the very event with a direct bearing on your survival that will occur anyway? Food may be tasty and breeding enjoyable but the mind set upon death can override the programming designed to keep them in life, the species alive.

There is a lot that is deliberate about how we are designed, how we have evolved, that just lends credence to this argument. Consider the clever female/male design differences. Born of the same womb, of the same material but structured differently. Attraction of one sex to another would be an issue without these deliberate differences, and so would procreation and, consequently, survival of the whole of the species itself.

It is then plausible that, in our realm, Clairvoyants become people who have developed the biological organ, sense, or tool that enables an awareness of time as a reality that flows not just forwards from our point in time, but backwards towards us as well. This, would be how there would in fact be destinies that we are all merely fulfilling.

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