Thursday, 16 October 2008

Behold A Pale Horse

I messed up big time in my previous post. Without double checking, I linked the word "Pale Horse" to a book on Amazon that has the same title, but is completely unrelated and published by a different author.

I fortunately double checked my post and discovered this error. While searching online for the correct link to replace it with, I found this video that I feel is worth embedding below for your assessment. I think personally that a lot of what is said in this presentation provides for proper food for thought. But then, even as a TI who is constantly exposed to stuff that can blow the mind of the average citizen, I do not know what to make of the UFO sightings. I will let you be the judge on that...


gang stalking said...

This Sunday is Indigo Ribbon Day. The Ribbon has been adapted by some members of the Targeted Individual community as a way to show unity and solidarity.

Every cause has a symbol of hope, a ray of light. When people see this ribbon, it's with the hope that they will realise that there are Targeted Individual and that they are suffering.

It's a voice for those who are having to remain silent. If you have a web blog, website, etc you can paste this on your website.

If you campaign offline, you can paste the ribbon on just like you would for any other cause.

The Indigo Ribbon is a ray of hope for Targeted Individuals. Light for those in the dark. Hope for the Survivors.

gang stalking said...

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication

To all Targeted Individuals everywhere.

I just wanted to stop and take a moment to say thank you. We would not have come this far without your hard work and dedication in exposing our targeting.

Thank You from

Please keep your lights shining & keep up the fight.

Rachael O. said...

dont stop blogging!! Where the hell are you?

Toloane said...

I am still around... Suffering from a microwave induced writer's block maybe? Nah! My interests have wandered somewhat...

Attacks have been stepped up considerably of late. Most electronic attacks are aimed at my heart and brains now. The knees and feet, even face, are attacked when all else is futile, when the realization is made the shields I keep on my head and torso are impenetrable.

I get to have a swollen face, at times with burn marks, and wobbly knees and feet, but then that can heal as long as my major organs are OK.

The attackers are so desperate to get this one over and done with they are leaving burn marks in areas I am not protecting. I have documented all of this, of course. I will definitely post on a lot of what has been happening to me of late, and a lot more on new things I have learnt about the practise, and be wiser about posting too as I do not want to be the talking Gunea Pig, a God send for the sick research program...