Friday, 16 May 2008

Four strategies of White Supremacy

In the western world, many more Africans fall prey to covert warfare than white people. This transcript from an interview with Dr. Neely Fuller Jr. suggests a motivation for this disproportionate victimization other than a mere stereotype. The deduced reality ties in with a lot of known facts about the victim selection criteria, for example the fact most of the targets have above average IQ's, pointing out a need to repress. Africans cannot be allowed to be warned, and it is precisely through those with discriminating mentalities that this is possible.

This script, as well as the title, is taken from

Dr. Neely Fuller, Jr.: What are the white supremacists doing now? They are doing four basic things: racial showcasing, racial population tailoring, racial dislocation, and white sacrificing, and these four things are designed to produce maximum sophisticated confusion among the victims, and so far it has been somewhat successful, worldwide.

Racial Showcasing
Now, start with the first one. What is racial showcasing? That means taking huge numbers of black people and putting them out front. There’s gonna be more of this, all over the planet. Many, many millions of black people that you will see will be rolling in money. They will be able to showcase the places where they live. They will be able to showcase their knowledge and expertise. See, you have television now, you have all of the mediums for doing this, for showcasing. Huge numbers, of black people, I would say it will eventually run into the millions. So many that you wont be able to count them.

Now, what is this for? This is for what? Any black person who starts talking about racism in the future is gonna be laughed at, because they are gonna be able to showcase so many black people who are what you call quote unquote successful, that it will seem that racism has been put out of business. But white supremacy is a world business, and like any other business it works on profits and losses, which means percentages. You go into business you expect a certain amount of loss. If you are in the grocery business, well you might have a load of asparagus that is foul, but overall you will make more profits than you have losses if you gonna stay in the business.

So the white supremacists know that the cost of doing the business of white supremacy is going up. They can no longer get away with Joe Luis and Nina Horn, like they did years ago. They have to have many, many, many more black people who are going to be showcased, or made up to stir, just to explain that you have to make up terms, because they won’t make them up for you.

So now that’s the first phase, or one of the first elements in the maximum confusion। And so that black people won’t be able to say they’ll say well, you know, there must be something wrong with me that I am down and out and don’t have a biscuit to eat, because there are so many millions of black people who have so much, so it can’t be race. But see, for the four or five million black people who will be showcased there will be hundreds of millions worldwide, who won’t have a biscuit. That’s the way the business operates, in the future it will be. That’s the way it seems to be going according to the evidence, according to the logic.

Racial Population Tailoring
The other is racial population tailoring. That’s number two. Meaning they are gonna be killing huge numbers, either directly or indirectly, of non white people, I say black people I mean, you know, non white. Anybody who is in the non white category. And doing this on an ongoing basis, not to try and kill them all, because when you are in the business of racism you don’t kill all of the things that you need in order to keep racism going. You are ego-tripping, which is what it really is all about. But you do tailor the population so you can keep the control. So you will kill off a few million in the Congo, then you, a few years up the road you will kill off a few million in Nigeria, and a few years up the road you will kill off a few in Mexico, and on and on and on. And you will highly select places where you do this, you will have it all computerised. Where you kill off huge numbers, or you have them, even better still, kill off each other, like you do in most of the cities in the north-western part of the world, the north-western hemisphere, having black people gun down each other, you know, non-white people the brown people gunning down each other, gangs and all that other foolishness, you see. and you kill them off, you know, and you just keep this going, you hanging on, and you put things in place that will see to it that this keeps going that way, it never stops, because that’s the mentality of the people. This is racial population tailoring.

In other places where people are reasonably sane, they don’t have the tendency to kill off each other, then you do things like drive the water, or poison the rivers, dump toxic waste… there’s all kinds of ways to do that racial population tailoring.

Racial Dislocation
Then the other, number three is racial dislocation. Keep em movin. People who are forever on the move, through imminent domain, urbanization, urban renewal, gentrification, are hemmed in, drying up the river, to the other dam 800 miles up. And the river seals off the water, behind the dam, I mean the river is sealed off behind the dam. So that means that all the people down in the valley there they don’t get any water. They need water. They depend on the fishing industry. So now they have to come and work for you, because there is no more water there, no more fish. And you give them minimum wage, and a promise for the future as long as they look up to you. So they are completely dependent. But keep them moving. If a black person in the north-western hemisphere starts getting that second generation house, then you come through and say you gotta build a highway. That’s the technique.

And these are things that you are asked about how the white supremacists operate. These are the ways that they operate.

White Sacrificing
The white sacrificing is the fourth. And this is, here again, all four of these things offer maximum sophisticated confusion among the victims, so you and I are confused. You are keeping your victims confused. So you have white sacrifices, meaning it’s kind of parallel to the racial showcasing. But these people in this case are white. Like in any army, or any military operation you know you gonna have some losses. So some white people are written off, under the system of white supremacy. And a lot of white people are aware of this. they don’t like it. But they are told that this is the cost of doing business, just like a person who goes into the army and knows full well you might be killed. But it goes with the territory of trying to defend your bigger operation. So white sacrifices means you have more and more white people on park benches, more and more white people begging on the streets. They will be greatly visible, but what you won’t pay attention to because black people never pay much attention to what white people are doing we just watch each other, see they know that, you will be passing millions of white people who are doing well on any city street, and for the handful of white people who have fallen through the crutch, you might say, sitting in front of the subways, or begging in front of these delicatessen, from the handful that you will see doing this, up under the bridge and all like that, it will give the illusion that it is not about race, that white supremacy is officially out of business, so there will be more of these white sacrifices. They will be greatly visible. But compared to the number of white people who will be prospering, it will be very negligible worldwide.

Now those are the four maximum sophisticated confusion elements.



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Anonymous said...

Good insights. The white people being sacrificed are at the bottom of the social heap and viewed as expendable by the elite. Yeah, they are con artists and it is all smoke and mirrors gullling the masses. You might find something of interest on my blog Citizens not serfs.wordpress. Regards.

Anonymous said...

Good insights. The white people being sacrificed are at the bottom of the social heap and viewed as expendable by the elite. Yeah, they are con artists and it is all smoke and mirrors gullling the masses. You might find something of interest on my blog Citizens not serfs.wordpress. Regards.