Friday, 7 October 2016

I'll be a Cabral, Sankara, Nkruma, and all the others, if that's what it takes

His death at the hands of those he was fighting for is typical COINTELPRO MO

The time has come for me to make one thing very clear, and this should not be viewed as a wish.

Should anything happen to me at this point in time, then there should be no confusion over whodunit.

I have made sure that blame for something happening to me falls on those who have manipulated me into my current position. It will have to do with a contract, made between handlers running the COINTELPRO program in Africa, and those they control.

Here's how I did it.

I mentioned a while back how when a TI. moves house, there is every attempt made to have them know they are still under surveillance.

Little things, like the posts they make to social networking websites such as Facebook, are repeated to them along the way by total strangers, including some of those they can call their new neighbors.

It matters not if they happen to be people who would not ordinarily use social networking websites. There is someone in the area under direct control from the matrix to tell them what to do or say, for a bribe. The point is to make it clear to the target that a lot of people are under control.

I remember mentioning in an article posted before how parents were sometimes forced to use their own children to update me on this state of things. Children are used in situations where it would be too odd for adults to await my passing before blurting out something with the potential to expose their satanic affiliations to onlookers and, in Africa, this can carry a heavy community sentence.

Been through that, and I connect the assault I had at the hands of a police officer last week to that. Pity the helplessness in the situation. Belongs by the territory, perhaps.

Recently, given the fact I live in the servants quarters by virtue, or vice, of construction, they have been using a new avenue for telling me they are still there. It is ... You guessed it, the new noisy, alcoholic kaboyi, as they are called here, or servant, in English.

Every night for the past weeks, he goes out in the evening at a predictable time, returning late in the night, only to blurt out my Facebook posts, and I know this person is too ignorant for the internet.

My conclusions regarding are that the person's going out to get instructed on how to act when he returns.

It's all COINTELPRO procedure, and they have been closing in on the area while my attention was averted, while I was busy making wooden tables.

The worrying thing about how deeply they have extended an arm of control into this neighbourhood is their insistence on isolating the victim from close ones. By influencing those they keep sending to the plot of land, they make it look to me like my relatives are involved, while in reality they are not ... Just in the dark.

In the meantime, players are manipulated into positions where they start viewing me as the enemy, and the only thing that has saved me to date is my not getting into local politics.

I have as such deprived all from finding a reason to treat me a certain way. This, coupled with the truth I am new to the country, has left those who want to paint me in a bad tight with but my posts to social networking sites and Blogspot to go on.

One would think that this is enough to prevent the known tendency of former colonial powers to cause their former subjects to do it themselves. But it sometimes is not.

Case in point is Amilcar Cabral, Chinua Achebe and the horrible accident that left him paralysed from the waist down, most probably causing his self imposed exile to America,

And there are more, so many there are countries where political violence and assassinations related to COINTELPRO ops are the norm. Just Africans doing it all themselves, keeping the imperialist from blame.

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Mukazo Vunda said...

There are also the likes of Walter Rodney to add to this long list of activists who met their fate at the hands of people who were played, or, shall we just say outwitted ... Suckered.