Friday, 1 August 2008

East European Perps: Unfortunate Pawns or Babylon's Whores

More and more Targeted Individuals in the west are reporting the increased use of perps from former East European countries, particularly Polish immigrants, in stalking, harassment, torture, conditioning and elimination activities. These reports have been heard from Canada, The United States, the UK, and mainland Europe. I can verify from personal experience, having had one too many brushes with the vermin, that this is true. I know for a fact that many more people have been felled by Poles than ever before, which accounts for the rapid increase in their numbers.

They are a valued group in the business.

What’s more, due to the fact I understand their language, I know a bit more about why they have become such a preferred choice in the gang stalking world.

I understand much more Polish than I can speak, having studied Slovak in the then Czechoslovakia, and spent some time in Poland as a car salesman, as a hobby really. The language belongs to the same family group as Polish. Mastery of Slovak enables one to communicate with Russians, Yugoslavs, the Polish, and any other group that speaks what are basically dialects. I have been listening, or rather eavesdropping on Polish immigrant conversations, and am now pretty sure there is a group among them coming to the west specifically for covert stalking and elimination activities. It is not so much that they come to the west and, due to one thing leading to another, are recruited into the program, but more that they hear about the practice in their countries of origin, and, having served in the army, even as KGB pawns, come to the west with the specific intent of earning a living, making a lot of money, from covert activities.

One thing needs to be straitened out before I continue, which is that there are Poles and Poles. There are Polish people in western NATO countries whose intentions in coming here are descent, the same as the majority of immigrants, which is to earn a living. Given the economic status at home, these are economic immigrants who are often conscientious, and spend their time in the west making positive contributions to society.

The ones who come here to pursue a criminal career are a small group of miscreants who may be compared to soldiers of fortune, or bounty hunters. According to the logic behind the conversations I have heard, they know that in western countries, especially America, their services are greatly valued. There are a lot of people who need to be destroyed in their country of origin too, so there is much work to do there as well, but, again according to the logic of their conversations, that number is far much higher in the west and the returns for them much more than what they would get back in their home country.

The reason those who require their services have taken to hiring Poles are numerous, the most important being that:
- They are cheap. As with everything else, Polish people will work hard for wages that locals find ridiculous.
- They are white. Prior to the arrival of Polish immigrants, the power that be in the west had began to rely heavily on immigrants from the third world, especially the far east and Africa, who were preferred from locals because of their impartiality and the levels of ignorance. These, however, have different skin tones, tend to usually be obvious either because they utilize simpler logic than the locals or underestimate them, and stand out in a predominantly white neighbourhood. Moving them around to surround and inflict damage to certain chosen ones attracts too much attention. Unless Polish people open their mouths to speak, they are seldom recognizable as foreigners in a white country.
- The clumsiness that belongs with tricky situations is easily excused. Because Polish people come from a different, and for many people completely alien culture, they can do things that would be considered abnormal if they were done by locals, or even Asians and Africans. Some poisoning runs that are not based on creating clouds that the target inhales require skin contact. If a Polish man were to shake the hand of a local for no apparent reason, the local would attribute that behaviour to a strange culture and not be wise to the fact the Pole has rubbed poisons into their hand. They will as such not think to wash their hand before eating a burger at MacDonald’s.
- They do not need to be trained. As with most other things, Polish people are multi-skilled. Having already done the same kind of thing in their countries, they quickly adapt and can teach others to do the same.
- They usually have no permanent attachments in the country and are as such much more expendable than locals. For example, the majority plan to move on when they feel they are done, or are target workers who plan to return to their country of origin once they have raised a given sum of money. They will as such not create a negative image of the covert stalking job considering their demise from the backlash (kidney or liver problems due to self-poisoning or overexposure to RF or EMF) will occur somewhere far away.
- Their level of ignorance is higher, meaning they are much more gullible and can thus be lied to about the dangers that they face. Polish agents are known to engage in activities that are much more harmful to their life and health than their western counterparts. It is not hard convincing them their life is not in danger regarding a given target, or that, as long as they wash the stuff off their hands before eating, they will be safe, or that drinking an antidote completely protects against harm from ingested poisons. They are far removed from local news where news reports can indirectly reveal to a wary local perp the strange things that happen to colleagues. This detachment from reality in a foreign and hostile milieu happens to be one of the main reasons why, soon after arrival in the west, they are visibly in a terrible mental and physical state.
- They are good at what they do, in fact much better than most western perps I have encountered.

For the average citizen upon whom the eye of Satan has fallen, it is difficult distinguishing a good Pole from the bad. Rather than go out and appear unstable, or overly paranoid, there are a few things you can do to protect yourself from harm in case your fears are true. The first thing to never do is eat without washing your hands after having contact that didn’t quite seem right, for example some man walked up to you and shook your hand for no apparent reason, or tapped you on the shoulders then ran his filthy hands along your sleeves (lol), or asked for your lighter. Control your breathing whenever you notice characters behaving suspiciously in your vicinity. The technique of throwing clouds in the air that you will breathe as you pass by is used a lot by Polish perps. Do not panic if you are eating or drinking and you feel they are surrounding you. Moving rapidly from one place to the next to escape the circle will require more concentration from your mind and offer a chance to throw something in from an angle. Remember here that east Europeans are actually better at activities that require quick reflexes than the average westerner.

Remain where you are, abstain from moving your head from side to side in order to see what is happening behind you. This behaviour increases the chance of an attack as your individual motions can be studied and predicted. Try to sit in an area where you can see most of what is around you so that you do not need to look over your shoulder, for example with a wall behind you, and also try to open your eyes wider, as normally wide as you can, without showing alarm, so that you reduce the blind spot. Watch the movements of those who come close. A hand gesture is as surreptitious as someone passing their hand through their hair while they are passing by you, half way through the motion, between the beginning of the motion and the time the hand passes through the hair, they will release the poisons into the air so they are either sucked into the lungs, fall on what you are consuming or fall on your skin, mostly in the gap between your clothes. The favourite location is your back, below the neck. Take a shower when you arrive back home, or wash those places where substances may lodge as soon as you get the chance. Ensure that you change clothes if you think you have been contaminated, or as a matter of course.


Mukazo Vunda said...

In addition to all that, if you have to go and take baths in public locations, such as the gym, then be aware that, while you are under the shower, water soluble agents that are absorbable through your skin can very easily be sprayed into the shower using the flowing water as cover. Be on the lookout for suspicious behaviour before entering and during showers. Try to go to the showers when they are least busy, and leave if there is a sudden flux of people.

Try not to leave clothes that you are going to wear after exercises in the lockers. Do not trust the locking system, no matter how modern or formidable, or even the presence of cameras in the locker room. Somebody on the inside can very easily do harm to you. The best policy when using such public places is: take a good shower at home, put on your gym gear, go to the gym and do your training/exercises, then leave the way you came. Take your shower and change clothes when you are back home. You may have to inconvenience yourself and seem rude or antisocial on your way back, if you have to use public transportation, for example, but better that than walking out with pains in your ankles, having difficulty walking. Besides, pre-planning to ensure everything runs smoothly is always a possibility.

This is all taken from personal, learnt-the-hard-way experience, so take it seriously.

Anonymous said...

It is not the real Poland who are doing the bad things. Most of the people who are becoming perps in the west are gypsies.

Mukazo Vunda said...

I think I can safely drop in another tip, without the risk of exposing all that I do to stay ahead of cloud and fluid contamination: when you are in areas where you figure something is going down against you and you HAVE to either eat something or drink something there and then, try using a decoy. a decoy in this case can be a plate of food or cup of some drink that you place way out in the danger zone. The perps will fall over themselves throwing stuff into that cup, while you either package the foodstuff you will consume later when it is safe, or consume that which is out of the danger zone while the attention is diverted to the decoy.

I have done this with some success. Once, while holding a cup of tea in one hand and deliberately turning to talk to somebody next to me, a flurry of activity around me ensued after which the skin on the hand holding the cup of tea literally got a burning sensation. I cannot imagine what the result would have been had I drunk from that cup.